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The Proven Crossfire of Shots in Las Vegas

Map Featuring Four Catalogued Directional Shots in Las Vegas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is an explanation of the above. I apologize if this is hard to follow, but the above map is from a series of eyewitness accounts or journalist account of eyewitness accounts of the Las Vegas Shootings.

The primaries in this are:

Rick Ardito
Gary Holland
Brand Thornton

What you are looking out in the above photo is the North is the top, East is right and West is left.

Mandalay is on the left, with the red and yellow lines coming out of it.

Center is the STAGE with a red circle around it. To the top of the state is the MEDICAL TENT in a red circle.

To the far left is the airport and the two white fuel storage tanks.

From Mandalay, one sees the firing line to the STAGE and the TANKS.

At the TENT Gary Holland reported a woman was shot in the back from the Northwest, the bullet exited her stomach, blew it out and killed her.
His report is exclusive and the Lame Cherry is exclusive in for the stomach to have been blown out, this woman was shot with a high velocity HOLLOW POINT OR SOFT POINT BULLET, at close range, and this would be larger than the 223 caliber. The AK 47 is not chambered for those types of bullets traditionally. This is a 308 type round and designed to transfer huge all energy to the victim.

Rick Ardito in this reported shots hitting around him. His group then moved northeast. He then reported shots from behind the stage. This would be shots from the Southwest and shots from the South.

Brand Thornton reported his nephew was shot in the back, from ground level, as he was facing northeast. When this group then ran, a woman with them was shot in the face from the Northeast.

There are not any excuses in this in Tom Gresham discounting videos and acoustics or Sean Homo Hannity lamenting that not more information was forthcoming. These are actual accounts of victims and professionals on scene. In this, we have three different accounts proving the following:

  • A woman was shot in the face form the northeast
  • Brand Thorton's nephew was shot in the  back from the southwest
  • Rick Ardito stated shots were coming from the southwest
  • Rick Ardito stated shots came from the south behind the stage
  • Gary Holland reported a woman was shot from the northwest.

The first volley of shots rattled off the top of the stage and over the crowd. This was the M 60 slap machine gun fire. The second volley about thirty seconds later was multiple shots over each other, a heavy slap and a more metallic lighter sound.
Nowhere in this are single shots being recorded, as in the woman being shot in the face or the stomach. This would point to suppressors to muffle the sounds.

This post limits this to not other stories of other shootings at other locations. This is confined to three accounts of actual events, of people with wounds in proof of trajectory. In the above, there are four shooters from those four different locations.
We know for absolutely certainty now that there were two different calibers and types of bullets. Brand Thornton's nephew was hit by a 223 full metal jacket bullet, with no expansion that exited his body. This was a close shot, as close as the kill shot on LaVoy Finicum which exited his body.
Gary Holland's reported victim was a woman shot in the back, and blew out her stomach. This would be more than a hollow point in a large handgun. This was a 30 caliber type rifle, firing a fragmenting or expanding soft point bullet.

This Holland wounding report, is not what was found in the wounding and kill shots, or this would have been reported in heads blown off like John Kennedy or gaping holes in corpses. Hence this northwest shooter was unique.

As stated, Jeff Rense has engaged in a Tex Marrs effort in cataloguing and finding all of these stories of people willing to go on record to save themselves and not disappear as the Kennedy witnesses began dying.

Ballistics do not lie, even though there are numerous cover stories now trying to make Stephen Paddock a lone gunman.

Gary Holland as a former Marine, theorized about various teams sent in and extracted. Jeff Rense has theorized that those in Mandalay, vanished into the top 5 floors of that hotel as they are Saudi owned. None of this is being connected, but the evidence of the ballistics leads to the correct conclusions.

Eric Paddock in an interview stated, STEPHEN WAS AN ARM.....(PLEASE DON'T. I WAS ABOUT TO USE A COLLOQUIAL TERM) Arms Dealer.

He was an arms dealer as much as the money he was dealing with point to money laundering.

Arms Dealers do not shoot up country music crowds. They are in the regime employ and are monitored by the federal government for the Narco Latins and John McCain Muslim ISIS they are dealing with, and being supplied cash to launder and pay for these weapons.

As an additional note in this, perhaps the 20 overseas trips on ships that Steve Paddock ventured on, were not for money laundering alone. Perhaps that is how he was bringing weapons in out of the Mideast, from the same Saudi, Turkish, and Qatari conduits that the Obama and McCain CIA were arming ISIS with Khadaffi's weapons out of Libya.

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To Loose, To Bind, The Key

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On my daily Bible verse there appeared the following verse in the Apostle Matthew as Inspired by the Holy Ghost, recording the Words of Christ to the Apostle Peter in the Authority Christ granted to all Christians.

Apostle Matthew Chapter 16
19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The depths of this verse is not fully understood and this is an examination of the Power Christ has bestowed on the Faithful in the thoroughness of God.

The first words are TO LOOSE, an action, but this is not just another untying of a shoe string, or letting a bird fly free. The type of LOOSING that Christ is defining is to go against the rules of law, of things set in Newton law as set in stone, to break, shatter, obliterate, so that TO LOOSE prevails, over everything else.

To Loose is Christ walking on water, ascending into Heaven, rising from the dead. There are absolutely no limits to this loosing, and this loosing is so complete that everything else vanishes, has absolutely no bearing or authority on this Authority.

The Miracles of Christ are To Loose, the Creation of all from nothing is To Loose, this is not an altering event, but an event which defines everything and everything else gone.

To Loose
luó: to loose, to release, to dissolve

Short Definition: I loose, untie, release, destroy
Definition: (a) I loose, untie, release, (b) met: I break, destroy, set at naught, contravene; I break up a meeting, annul.

annuls (1), break (1), breaking (1), broke down (1), broken (4), destroy (2), destroyed (3), loose (2), loosed (2), putting an end to (1), release (1), released (7), removed (1), take off (1), unbind (1), untie (8), untied (1), untying (4).

Cross References
Isaiah 22:22
"Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.
Matthew 18:18
Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
John 20:23
If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you withhold forgiveness from anyone, it is withheld."
Revelation 1:18
the Living One. I was dead, and behold, now I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of Death and of Hades.
Revelation 3:7
To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of the One who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What He opens, no one will shut; and what He shuts, no one will open.

The next word is KEY, which is beyond the type of key you think of in just opening a lock, but it is also to SHUT, so permanently, that it is welded, frozen, unable to be opened, a fused, an absolute. There is absolutely not any way to open this as it as if there never was an opening, and there is not any way to place a barrier in this, as it is forever open.

That is the Authority of the KEY, an absolute once open in Christ it stays open and once shut in Christ, it never can be opened.

From kleio; a key (as shutting a lock), literally or figuratively -- key.

 (Luke 11:52; Revelation 3:7), accusative plural (Matthew 16:19; Revelation 1:18; cf. Kühner, § 130, i., p. 357; Winers Grammar, 65 (63), cf. Buttmann, 24 (22); (WH's Appendix, p. 157)), ? (from Homer down); a key. Since the keeper of the keys has the power to open and to shut, the word is figuratively used in the N. T. to denote power and authority of various kinds (cf. B. D., under the word ), to open or unlock the pit, Revelation 9:1, , to shut, Revelation 20:1,  the power to bring back into life from Hades and to leave there, Revelation 1:18;, the ability and opportunity to obtain knowledge, Luke 11:52; under the end), Matthew 16:19; , the power of David (who is a type of the Messiah, the second David), i. e. of receiving into the Messiah's kingdom and of excluding from it, Revelation 3:7 (apparently after Isaiah 22:22,  is given to the steward of the royal palace).

The last word is BIND. This is a declaration that all things are out of order, and can not be put into order, as they are forever disorder. This does not sound like tying something together, but one has to comprehend the dual extent and the extensive nature of this entire binding.
It is unbreakable bonds, as in heavy chains which none can ever be ordered open again, as it is that extent of there being not any remedy. This is permanent.

 deó: to tie, bind

Short Definition: I bind
Definition: I bind, tie, fasten; I impel, compel; I declare to be prohibited and unlawful.

bind (7), binding (1), binds (2), bound (23), imprisoned (4), prisoners (1), put...in chains (1), tied (4).

 1. properly:Matthew 13:30 (Tr WH brackets G probably omit, cf. Buttmann, 150 (131); Winer's Grammar, 225 (211));  a sheet bound by the four corners (to the sky), Acts 10:11 ; an animal, to prevent it from straying around, Matthew 21:2; Mark 11:2; Luke 19:30; with  added, Mark 11:4; with the accusative of person to bind, to fasten with chains, to throw into chains

This is the study of this Authority from Christ. To Loose is a shattering of all barriers, and To Bind is to create a bondage which there is no pardon or ending of it, and the Key is so permanent in that Word that there is absolutely not any way to undo the Word of Christ.

The Christian must speak with Care in that which they fuse with their words in Christ, for it overcomes the laws of gravity, medicine, life and death. There are no limitations in any of this. It is permanent.

This ends this study on Loose, Key and Bind.


Harvey Weinstein has the Evidence while His Accusers do Not

Just wait until I bring my evidence against my Accusers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sorry to have to inform all of you, that criminal justice and civil courts, are not the cheerleader squad calling the fat boy stupid or the stupid girl fat, and that gaggle running them off to ridicule, because they do not like them.

That is the case with Harvey Weinstein, in all of these women who Harvey Weinstein REWARDED with money, gifts and jobs, along with the fag boys, have absolutely NO EVIDENCE against Harvey Weinstein.


British actress becomes fifth woman to accuse of rape...

Harvey set for fiery showdown with brother...

A woman like Kate Beckinsale saying she was up in Weinstein's room, offer her at 17 some champagne and asked for a massage 300 years ago is he said she said and nothing more.
Women tweeing Weinstein raped them are women tweeting on Twitter they were raped. There is not any evidence.

Mira Sorvino saying Weinstein showed up, she called some guy up to come over and pretend to be her boyfriend, and Weinstein leaving before he got there is HEAR SAY. Even if the guy had seen Weinstein, unless Weinstein was gnawing on Sorvino's undies in his mouth, there is NO EVIDENCE.

Just because you do not like fat old pompous Jews, does not mean you can lynch them on the charges of a group of women.

Weinstein is a far cry from Bill Cosby, who admitted he drugged women, which again is a situation WITHOUT EVIDENCE and is why his trial went to poorly.

Weinstein is a far cry from Bill Clinton, but you will remember that no charges were ever filed over the women Bill Clinton raped and assaulted as it was all HE SAID SHE SAID. The only thing Bill Clinton got into trouble with is lying under oath, not for having his cum on Monica's dress.

It is the same issue of Donald Trump having charges brought against him in some beauty contestant saying he kissed her and grabbed her. Whether it happened or not, that is not evidence of him talking about pussy grabbing another woman. It is not evidence just because some woman, man or child cries foul.
Rape is not being kissed. Sexual assault is not someone grabbing your butt. Rape and Sexual assault are acts of violence, where physical force is deployed.
Feeling a woman's breast is unwanted, but grabbing her arm and pulling her into a room is more than unwanted, it is a physical action of violent intent.
Again, one had better have bruises, more than the fake news bruises of that woman who accused Donald Trump of being forceful with her in public, because without evidence that is factual, it is just ACCUSATION.

The much touted charges by some skirt in New York, and the DA not filing charges, was not because Weinstein paid him off or because he was the liberal elite, but was because there was NOT ANY EVIDENCE. It was a woman talking to Weinstein about unwanted attention, not criminal rape.
Prosecutors have budgets and mayors and the people to answer to for wasted money. A DA can prosecute a child molester or murderer, protecting all the population, or he can waste time on a marginal case, which he might lose, that protects 20 pretty girls with an attitude who have been conning men to open doors for them since they were teenage manipulators. A DA will opt for the real crime as that is what the Law mandates.

There is a huge problem in this, in America, and it not just women with words. It is Jeff Sessions at Justice parading around America championing sexual deviants and worse yet, promoting that law enforcement can accuse some Citizen of some crime, and then law enforcement can steal all of that person's property without a trial.
Literally according to Jeff Sessions mandates of accusations, on what this last woman accusing Trump of kissing her, Justice can seize Trump Tower and every Trump asset, as that is what Jeff Sessions is promoting and what has been enacted in far too many States.

Courts of law require evidence. Harvey Weinstein has stated he never engaged in non consensual sex. Just because Harvey Weinstein used you as a fuck toy, rewarded you with a great deal of money to make you feel like a whore, and you do not like it, does not mean Harvey Weinstein is a criminal. Just because some people hate liberals does not make Harvey Weinstein a criminal for being around the Clintons who are criminals with evidence to prove it. Just because you hate Jews, does not make Harvey Weinstein guilty of sex crimes.

Each of you had better wake up to this, as America is fast cementing lynching by accusation. Harvey Weinstein has been removed from his company on accusations. Harvey Weinstein has his marriage destroyed on accusations. Harvey Weinstein has been removed from the Academy on accusations.
Yes out of control courts lynch people when the liberal mob gets into a frenzy as Scooter Libby proved as Rod Blagojevich proved in just hanging someone to satisfy the public. The reality is though in Harvey Weinstein is there is not one shred of evidence. There are no admissions on recordings nor acts recorded. It is all rich women who benefited from Harvey Weinstein and rich men who are trying to hide their own criminal acts. That needs to be stated in Ben Affleck, there is EVIDENCE of his criminal actions. There is proof in at least one case. The rest though is accusation.

One can not have a free society when accusations are what drive with hunts or one gets Pissgate, Pussygate and whatever that cripples the political process, weakening America for the 1% control, but places America into jeopardy with enemies who are emboldened.

The Law is not about liking someone or hating someone. The Law is not about accusing someone. The Law is about EVIDENCE, and in Harvey Weinstein's cases there is not any evidence. No Judge would ever allow a parade of weeping women to sway a jury on their word alone as once again there is not any evidence.
Civil Trials and Criminal Cases are different in scope in evidence, but in that there is not any evidence against Harvey Weinstein, and in that I see a 100 billion dollar lawsuit for Harvey Weinstein against the Academy, where he can force all of the members to pay personally for what they did to him. Harvey Weinstein has been harmed financially, and that is important in this, as those are the grounds for slander, and with that all of these women with their stories, are now legally in jeopardy, where Harvey Weinstein can haul them all into court, along with the publications who ran their stories for millions of dollars in crushing all of them.

There is a golden thread of the law for everyone that every person, accused with evidence and innocent all are innocent until PROVEN GUILTY by a Court and not Twitter or an E Lynch Mob. Harvey Weinstein is the one with civil cases against his accusers, and not the other way around, as he has been damaged financially and his reputation ruined for business. That is what the Law states and has always stated.

Harvey Weinstein has the evidence, his accusers do not.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Please Blake Lively is ready for her Close up

Will someone please pay attention to me!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is very sad to see women looking to gain the spotlight who have absolutely no experience with Harvey Weinstein, any more than Jimmy Kimmel has with character.
The subject of this is Mrs. Ryan something. I apologize, but her husband was that Green Latrine star who made a career out of impersonating Chevy Chase, a real bastard when it came to humiliating women. Which begs the question why is not Chevy Chase being investigated by the Justice Department if Harvey Weinstein is, as with Chevy Chase there is PROOF of how hostile the work environment was around him.

This though is about Mrs. Ryan something, the ball gowner of the Obama white tokens at the White House and her trying to get her 15 minutes of fame with Harvey Weinstein and having absolutely no experience in the subject.

Weinstein Company co-founder Harvey is alleged to have assaulted or harassed more than two dozen women in the movie industry, including major stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd. The allegations against him include rape and forced sexual contact.
Blake said she had never had any personal experiences of Weinstein behaving inappropriately. 

What is most noticeable about Blake Lively is that Harvey Weinstein does have standards. I mean who would not want Mira Sovino wearing spiky heels as she danced Geisha on your back, but it comes to a time that there is not enough kosher alcohol or cocaine, which would make Blake Lively attractive.
See this is her impersonation of pollen.

I have never had sexual contact with a real man or lesbian,
but I feel I am an expert because I pick out my own clothes

It appears that Harvey Weinstein's standards are somewhere near that unattractive Gwenyth Paltrow and Blake Lively. I tend to believe that a number or the substandard females who are claiming contact with Harvey Weinstein were due to his suffering from a hormonal cocktail of horniness brought on by an 8 martini lunch. That would explain a great deal about some of these women and of course why Blake Lively was never propositioned, as Harvey Weinstein has taste and his vision is accurate, as would any male really desire to rub up against what Ryan what's his name who built a career as Chevy Chase jr.?

We are most fortunate in this though for Blake Lively, that the authorities have now reached back almost 40 years to go after Weinstein.

Weinstein's legal problems are not just stateside either, with Scotland Yard currently investigating five allegations of sexual assault which have been made by three women across the Atlantic.
The earliest of these alleged assaults dates back to the eighties.

The positive in this is the authorities will soon reach back to the Biblical Jews, in that son of King David who raped his sister, as that one there is proof in the writing and I am sure they can link Harvey Weinstein to that one. How this will help Blake Lively extend her 15 minutes is she can fake Biblical knowledge like she can have a judgment on Harvey Weinstein, as all of this is as old as the beginning of time, and WHILE BLAKE LIVELY DID NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO NAME THE MEN AND LESBIANS WHO MADE ADVANCE ON HER, PROTECTING HER POSITION IN THE INDUSTRY, she will of course speak out about everyone else, unless everyone on the planet has had the same sense to not want to sexual anything with her, except of course Ryan what's his name.

I wonder what kind of laws were broken when Blake's husband was invited to the White House, so the Obama children could get wet over him, and pose lusting after him.

Never mind as perhaps we are blinded by the pollen sun of the all knowing, rather anti semite sounding actress with her 15 minutes of fame.

 Poltroons in glass houses, have not learned from Buttgrab Ben Affleck to keep their mouths shut.

 Sudsy for Ryan
Is there something immoral about a liberal woman allowing her husband to
let underage girls get wet over him in public?

Marchesa was a Hollywood staple and a preferred choice for celebrities to wear on red carpets. 
Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Renee Zellweger, Blake Lively and Kate Hudson are all among actresses that have worn clothing from the fashion label.

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and like Mitch McConnell had Velveeta for snacks and I had Cheez Whiz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mitch "The Dead Weight" McConnell was up at the White House with the politically meandering Donald Trump today and had an interesting comment, in the Propaganda According to Mitch.

Mitch McConnell: The goal here is to win elections in November… My goal is to keep a senate majority. The way you do that is not complicated. You have to nominate people who can actually win because winners make policy and losers go home. We had one skirmish in 2016. We kept the majority in the senate. So our operating approach will be to support our incumbents and in open seats to seek to nominate people who can actually win.

To place this in perspective, you remember McConnell and Cornyn's leadership in cutting off funds to Sharon Angle of Nevada, and other Tea Party candidates from Alaska to Colorado, and giving millions of dollars to that ditz, Carlie Fiorina so that Conservatives would not be able to come to power in the Senate right? Then you heard that lie that Conservatives can not win, which is what we were told by Jeb Bush to Rand Paul that you did not need the base to win..........and Donald Trump won as a Conservative as did all other Conservative Candidates in 2016, because this is the same group of corporate liars who we hear again in McConnell in "we have to nominate people who can actually win".
The reality is Americans do nominate Republicans who can win, but it is McConnell who sabotages them.

This disconnect and lie of McConnell is what fueled the destruction of the NFL. Those billionaire morons thought that allowing protest in the NFL in that same Obama resistance would be good for Negroid ratings and hype. It never occurred to them the American majority does not want any part of this shit on America protesting, and yet here is McConnell again spouting off again about running more treacherous trash like himself.

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon announced his plans to replace the deadbeat Republicans who trash President Trump and stall the conservative-populist agenda in Washington DC.
Last week Steve Bannon warned the GOP elites, ” We’re going to cut off the oxygen to Mitch McConnell.”

I don't trust Steve Bannon, because he is another "wait around and see" failure. If Bannon was serious, they would put money into Kentucky where McConnell is at 15% and recall him, and in the same race put in a Tea Part  Conservative Woman, and send a message to DC to get things done.

The fact is the House has passed a pile of bills, and McConnell has for the corporates sat on his ass, along with John Thune for this entire year to slow down the Trump agenda. So it is completely TRUMPTARD for Donald Trump to sit down with that fraud McConnell, who Trump put McConnell's wife into  the cabinet to get things done, and it got only that homo loving Gorsuch on the court who is giving speeches trying to get his ass impeached off the court.

Until Donald Trump starts proving beyond rhetoric, now that he is in dire trouble politically, that he intends to DO SOMETHING for Americans, as in building 50 coal plants in America, creating a national coal reserve to get coal miners all back to work and to withdraw from these ghastly wildlife treaties which are all about predators eating innocent wildlife, the only word for the condition Donald Trump suffers from is TRUMPTARD, as no person with a brain would invite that liar Mitch McConnell to the White House who kept around rationed death, lied to every American about getting things done, and is not cutting taxes on American poor BUT RAISING THEM.

Donald Trump started out ruling for Trump Brand and cut off every Christian, and then every supporter. He is now in the Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Gay Ear Graham amnesty mode. No one voted for any of this Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton policy, but Mr. President engaged in this against the voters. He is now in trouble and with Clinton voter John Kelly, Mr. Trump is  busy making himself into Jeb Bush, as Herbert McMaster finds new ways to humiliate America while starting nuclear war with North Korea.

The buck stops with Donald Trump in all of this. This is his doing, his action, his fecklessness and his failure of his voters. He did it by choice and every choice he had made has been nothing but TRUMPTARD.

No more excuses about lipstick on his collar. He either brings home the bacon to Americans in honest days work, or it is time to move forward and primary Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who is equally responsible for his cult in the White House in betraying this President and every voter.

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Minority Report

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Those who rule this world practice all of our existences, and predicate their actions upon the Forces, as they mock those tools of divination, to keep the mass of society unaware, and promote crackpots on Coast to Coast AM to bring it all to ridicule.

The ruling world though of empires, as of today, based all of their decisions upon signs, oracles and divination. Joseph had his cup in Egypt, the Israelite had the Ephod and Solomon had his rods to gain insights.

The Babylonians had along with the Persians their divination of animal sacrifice. The Greeks and Romans their oracles. In the Scripture though is a reference to the Agagite Haman, who moved to destroy the Benjaminites as King Saul was a son of the Tribe of Benjamin, destroyed most of that apostate nation.

In this Haman, counseled the Emperor of Persia, and sought to settle the old score by wiping out the captive Benjamintes, Levites and Judahites in Persia, with Esther the Benjaminite as Empress.

I have dealt with this previously in the 'throw' in what Haman engaged in with the sign readers, in how this went on for days and months until a pattern emerged, and that pattern pointed to thee day when all the forces would be at their most powerful to carry out a target event.
Haman was searching for a day to exterminate the Benjaminites, Levites and Judahites which was in the matrix for best effect and result, and he eventually found one.

Esther 3:7

In the first month, that is, the month Nisan, in the twelfth year of king Ahasuerus, they cast Pur, that is, the lot, before Haman from day to day, and from month to month, to the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar.

 I have mentioned how different events reset which track from the matrix. I have been mentioning that a dual event was tracking the past few months, but in the resetting at this time is only trending financial, after the interesting events on October 1st.

This week is a Pur week for financial upheaval or collapse in October. That is what the matrix is trending. There are always "premier" days in every period and cycle, and this happens to be one or in this case several, as the dates beginning Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and Friday the 20th, all point to a series of days in which the markets will drop around 1500 points.
I am not predicting this. I am stating as a teaching lesson and a study, based on a situation recorded in the Bible that this week has a series of financial vulnerable or weak spots which can produce an event.

In what is interesting in Persia is Haman meant for a Benjaminite holocaust, but it was turned by God to a holocaust of enemies of the Southern Kingdom of Israel. The Pur stated a genocide date, and that date had to be fed, and it was fed, or it would have reset to another date and a greater event.

This week has financial collapse dates as the primary trending points in the matrix. If it happens, the markets appear in flash read will correct to around a 6000 point drop, and the weekend will have the Treasury "fixing" the situation artificially again. If not on this week, the date will reset to a greater collapse.

Just a teaching lesson on the matrix as financials are not earthquakes. One requires human action and the other is natural force.........most of the situations.

End line.

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agtG  Mediums 100's, 204,  308y


World War Las Vegas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On July 17th 1996, in the year of our Lord, Iranian sponsored terrorists downed TWA Flight 800 as it departed New York, with surface to air missiles. The event triggered in the Clinton White House an operation where the FBI engaged in witness intimidation and the Mockingbird media went into full smear mode to cover up this terrorist attack upon the United States, as at the time Clinton knew it had to be one of two sources in Iraq or Iran, and noting it was probably Iran, the Clinton regime initiated a cover up, as admitting this terror event would have meant the American public would have demanded a declaration of war with Iran. A war followed on September 11th, 2001, in another terror event. 

The situation in Las Vegas Nevada in the massacre there, involving another cover up of growing proportion and a like story falling apart, is a like reality of TWA 800, as the reality has pinpointed the following:

In reverse speech on this event, Donald Trump referenced world war connected to this event.

David John Oates Reverse Speech: Trump links Las Vegas to Mideast and World War

A Trump campaign official who was correct on Paul Manafort, stated that Stephen Paddock had posted a video of being pro Islamic ISIS.

Former Trump Campaign Official Reports Las Vegas Shooter Made ...

... House that Las Vegas massacre gunman Stephen Paddock made an ISIS propaganda tape and that ... a video, this video ... Trump supporters. Just ...

There are more than enough eye witness accounts to prove that there were more shooters than the one being blamed on Stephen Paddock. Las Vegas was a coordinated event, with an immense cover up, as the industry there is protecting it's tourist trade from falling off and those involved in this in law enforcement are protecting their connection to this event.

To put this all plainly in a what if scenario, equal to 9 11:

What if Stephen Paddock, whose foreign Filipino girlfriend was immediately cleared by the FBI, meaning they knew who she was, that the FBI was at least aware of who Paddock was, was involved in a sting operation against terrorists, as the Clintons were in the Oklahoma City bombing, as the Obama regime attempted to set up Hutatree innocents, and as Eric Holder was gun running to Mexican mafia, and his Boston Bombing "got away from him" in this being a North Korean operations a World Net Daily reported and two Chechens had to be scapegoated to stop another nuclear war, and in this operation Stephen Paddock might have been an asset, moving these guns and laundering money for Eurasian groups into American casinos.
What if this operation like losing the 9 11 terrorists "got lost", and as it had been tracked and planned for other venue from Boston and Chicago, that this time a disconnect took place as the terrorists figured out they were being played.

What if in this Stephen Paddock, being unaware of other shooters, was busy delaying the operation by drilling holes, and went across the hall to open a door, which would trigger a security alarm, so Mandalay Security would arrive, and Paddock would fire at the guard and call the police.
Instead the guard ran for his life and hid, and on the strip in Las Vegas an assortment of Mexican mafia and John McCain's ISIS were awaiting the signal of firecrackers to open fire.

Paddock was pressed in the rooms into action, perhaps warning the crowd as Aldean was in the last set. What if Paddock which evidence proves, shot over the crowd in an attempt to disperse it, but instead what took place was a triangulation as in the JFK assassination which started a murderous fire on the crowd, which reported multiple shooters.

We still do not know the fate of Stephen Paddock, as the photo released was staged, and appears to place a scenario in the press that he is dead, and thereby those criminal elements he was involved with would not be looking for him or his family.

What if the above is the scenario as the actions of Stephen Paddock, were like he was two different men, like he was not intending to do any harm, but to keep harm from happening.

All of this compounds as every "new" story contradicts the original story. On the orginal series it was reported that Stephen Paddock had two BUMP STOCKS, which appeared to be found at his residence in the raid there. A week later though, the last report was 12 bump stocks in the hotel rooms.
It is this continuous litany of "crafting information" to fit the number of shots fired, is like the Warren Commission's JFK report in the magic bullet, but with Stephen Paddock, it is the magic bump stock.

Gunman Had 'Bump-Stock' Device That Could Speed Fire

The gunman who unleashed hundreds of rounds of gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas had two "bump-stocks" that could ... AP that Paddock had two bump stocks.

Stephen Paddock Had 12 Bump Fire Stock-Equipped Rifles in His ...

From cnn.com: Twelve bump fire stocks were found on firearms recovered from Paddock's hotel room, said Jill Snyder, the special agent in charge of the Bureau of ...

Stephen Paddock's private life fits a government mole. His brother defended him as being a private person and a person who was not posting three hundred photos of himself on Facebook every day.
If one looks at Stephen Paddock from an undercover persona, his wiring 100,000 dollars to the Filipino, and his closing things down, could be a suicide, but with an agency photograph of his death, been preparation of shutting this operation down, where Paddock's death would be faked and the terrorists would have all been apprehended.
When one begins looking at this from a law enforcement operation, Stephen Paddock's actions all fit into a profile of an undercover asset who was about to move on after a dangerous operation.

We know from the Trump supporter who stated he was told the government had a ISIS video of Paddock, like the fake John McCain ISIS videos of beheadings, that the reason this was clamped down on hard, was there were other operational cells which would be triggered over this operation, meaning the FBI knows of active cells of Muslims inside America.

Hackers Claim John McCain Knew ISIS Execution Videos Were ...

Hackers Claim John McCain Knew ISIS Execution Videos ... The video appears to be an attempt to replicate one of the "Jihadi John" beheading videos ... Why fake a ...

South America is overflowing with Iranian, Hezbollah and Latino Narco communists. This group tried to bomb the United States under George W. Bush in FARC with a nuclear device, and the Bush administration under Dick Cheney sent in hit teams to end FARC over this. The California burnings of 2009 are another example of Muslim Mexican terrorism in America. It is not that far of  reach in Venezuela using sonic devices in Cuba to harm Americans, with Iranian involvement, that Las Vegas was another Flight 800 operation, and that Mr. President is aware of it and if this information was to get out, it would mean a nuclear war, so what is initiated is Mr. President rescinding the Obama Iranian nuclear deal to weaken Iran and another cover up of a terrorist event.

The public is being lied to again, and this is again shattering public trust, as the police state is providing cover for commerce again, instead of protecting the American public in preserving the public trust.

Why do too many facts make it appear that Stephen Paddock was an employee as thousands of moles are by the police state and why are the conclusions in this that this administration is involved in a cover up of a terrorist event which would spark a world war, if the details came out. What if not one war, but two. What if this was Mexican terrorists and Muslim terrorists, and that would mean instead of a wall, there would be US troops across the Rio Grande and US troops fighting not a war in Afghanistan by Iran. what if the money interests only meant to sell security equipment, but again just like 9 11, the bad guys got intelligence from all the Muslims and Mexicans inside the swamp Mr. President has not drained, and tied this to the tail of the US government again like TWA 800, and America is involved in another cover up, by the evidence.

Just keep watching the girl, instead of asking the questions.

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