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Gary Cohn: Money Can't Buy Happiness or Morals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gary Cohn is the perfect reflection of the Jewish elders, who sold out their poor ghetto people, for Nazi caviar, as he has absolutely has no principles........well he is like Jared and Ivanka, in Gary Cohn's principles list as follows:

  1. Filthy Lucre to use Trump to make more Filthy Lucre
  2. Self Preservation to gain more Filthy Lucre
  3. Keeping your position to gain more Filthy Lucre no matter the holocaust

See if Gary Cohn had principles, he would resign over Charlottesville, but doing the right thing would get in the way of Filthy Lucre, Getting more Filthy Lucre and using that position to get more Filthy Lucre.

NYT reporters cite thre people who are familiar withe the matter...

This photo just tickles me, as in it, you got no principle Gary Cohn with all his liberal high fake morals  standing their by President Donald Trump,  and you got the Munchkin, who is quite the Jewish character in true Russianness, in being amused by it all. 

Come on Gary, be more like the Munchkin, as the Russian Jews 
have a good time with CIA Nazis and Soros Atifa commies
 with Nig tow causing a Civil War 

See Russian Jews know how to suffer and hand out suffering. That is why Munchkin is grinning as he can not believe the sideshow, but it does not bother him, as he has seen worse and his Stalin Jews have dished out worse than Charlottesville.

Cohn though has that New York Values going on. He likes to hate the goy and use them Blacks and Muslims for the Jewish dirty work, just like Soros did in Charlottesville, but they won't give a dime's worth of damn for all of their fake morals which they soothe their moneychanger hands with in those lies, that tell them they are better than all these Nazi activated goy of the Alt Right, which is socialist left.

See I get the Munchkin, and like him. He is my kind of Jew. He gets the joke, unlike Ivanka and Jared who are always miserable, and Cohn who believes that bunk about his being better than the goy and the ghetto Jew.

If I were the Munchkin, I would send over a jar of Orange Marmalade, as that is what the SS handed out to starving Jews in the ghetto to haul out their cripples as a reward. That way Gary Cohn would get something out of this, and have something nice for his melba as he Cohn needs to be patient for Jeff Sessions to start violating Alt Right rights in hunting them down, because they are already shutting down the CIA and FBI paid for sites and accounts online.

Look Orange Marmalade soothed the elders of all the souls they sold to Germany and Russia for profit. It must have a narcotic effect, because they don't feel a thing when they arm Muslims to slaughter right wing Jews in the Israeli state. Hell they are busy now taking out Netanyahu and endangering setting off a nuclear war with Iran, just because that damn Orange Marmalade is such a Novocaine to the soul.

Who knows, maybe these other terrorists have their own marmalade. We know that Afroids like that fried chicken and watermelon. Maybe rubbing some chicken on Stonewall's boots will have them singing and dancing like the good old days. I don't know what really is not illegal that they could rub on the fat, ugly white terrorists.

Well enough of this perspective, as satire can only take you so far with such a reprehensible subject of no one smiling without Orange Marmalade.
Frankly, I like blueberry, but then I have a sense of humor. 

Nom de Deus, could it be that easy, in all we need to do is rub some jelly on Ivanka's toast and Gary's crackers, and they will all smile like the Munchkin?


Rock the boat baby Kim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are signs that a major operation is being planned, or an action by the United States concerning North Korea, will spill over to a direct war, with North Korea, and digress to China with Russian  entanglement.

Like  Daniel Boone, you have to read the signs to know the trail.

The most interesting is Sidler Mike Pence was sent to  South America over McMaster's killing off all the Patriots of Venezuela, and has been ordered to America a day early, to consult with President Trump who is moving to Camp David again this weekend.
The President hates Camp David, and CD is a bunker of protection. Pence is being recalled to not become a a target or hostage rescue problem in some type of military attack on the US mainland.

 Pence being recalled, has nothing to do with Pence. It has to do with continuity of the executive.


Then the conflicting reports of North Korea standing down over Guam, and yet the missiles are still being prepared on the launch pads. Mixed messages mean the Chinese have been told this is a line in the sand, and the Chicoms have informed North Korea, which is talking deals, but is moving to hedge their bet, in if the US strikes over a provocation, the North Koreans will retaliate with what they have to make this a vaporization issue for the White House.

The Independent1 day ago

In all of this, Kim Jong Un has intelligence that he has been shadowed by  an assassination program. He has been busy weeding out the South Korean, American, Chinese and Russian agents in his regime in killing them.
His going gopher means the US has the South Koreans operational on an assassination attempt, and his moving rockets again, is another warning that nukes will fly if Kim Jong Un goes ground temperature.

Kim Jong Un's disappearance sparks concerns missile launch ...

Aug 14, 2017 · North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has vanished from the public eye for two weeks, South Korean media reported, prompting fears that he may be preparing to mark ...

A deal has been made with Peking to stop doomsday exchange with the Chinese, as things are this close, and China does not want a confrontation over Korea yet, and America does not want to have the Chinese misstep in any actions the President is in the process of taking.

China, US Agree On Direct Military Communication
Rusi - New Korean War 'Real Possibility

We are in a world that the junta has been given free hand. The globalists are in full control, with Tillerson and Mattis preparing the world for war, that McMaster and Kelly have primed it for.

Hillary McCauliff 2020 is to blame for this over their staged political event in attacking innocent James Fields jr in Charlottesville, as the President would benefit from a game changer and mixing it up with North Korea is a game changer.

 Bolton 'Appalled' By Tillerson-Mattis OpEd N Korea
Policy Which Contradicts Trump Entirely

Lastly, watch these two in Kusher cuck and Kushner Trumpenfuror, who klusterfuked Charlottesville for the President, so fag Shep Smith could show his cock lips to the world. It is not any secret that foreign intelligence would watch this opportunistic duo, as the Kushner's were apparently off to Croatia again over more hacking intrigue, but something stopped them on their vacation from the golf course from putting them in jeopardy in Europe, which means Russia, so they are hiding out in Vermont as a safe zone.

Always look for the cowards, as they will bird dog a point in confirming something is in the works, as they will save themselves first.

Glenn Thrush on Twitter: "Big error in my story tonight that ...

Glenn Thrush Verified account @GlennThrush. ... Jared and Ivanka in Vermont not Croatia ... Who are Jared and Ivanka again?

So those are the headlines. Something is locked and loaded, and once Pence hits US soil, it will be unlocked, and if events continue on unabated, whatever is the operation will be unloaded, for a headline you all can be chirping about, instead of the fake news headlines.

The Telegraph2 days ago

Let's sing.........

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version HD sound/picture ...

Don't Rock The Boat Baby-Original Version Lyrics: So I'd like to know where, you got the notion Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion To rock the ...

 Oh that's right, once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Time to return you to your non donations, stealing things from this site you rich people, as would hate to break that Judgment pattern coming with things getting interesting.

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What is the FBI hiding - What is Robert Mueller covering up?

What do you mean the emails were not deleted........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tarmac tarbaby during the election?

Something has popped up in this in Jay Sekulow had filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for the documents related to this meeting, and the Obama officials, who are the Jeff Sessions officials, who are the Andrew McCabe officials, all replied that no document trail existed............until now.

The FBI literally lied to the Courts and to Jay Sekulow on this issue, which is a crime, because the FOIA has been reopened and over 400 documents came bursting out. There is something though in this which the Sekulows are working on, in the FBI redacted the email addresses of who exactly was in the information chain flow.........meaning they are hiding who in the FBI was involved in this cover up, because the  fact is  the agents involved KNEW they that they had informed,  and this FOIA act was in process, and they said nothing. 

While we appreciate that the FBI has “reopened” the case file and is now “searching” for documents responsive to our duly submitted FOIA request from more than a year ago, it stretches the bounds of credulity to suggest that the FBI bureaucracy just discovered that “potentially responsive” records “may exist” on its own accord.

The Sekulows think one of the email addresses is James Comey. There is something else skirting around in this from evidence, and  I believe in another Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that one of  the people emailed is Peter Strzok of the FBI, who Robert Mueller just hired to his witch hunt of Donald Trump, and who just quit and Robert Mueller's office refused to comment.  

“Let’s all recall that this leads up to within one week of all of this, the Hillary investigation for the first time is closed,” Jordan said.
This timeline is just incredible. The flurry of emails showing the internal panic and how high up these emails went is more proof that this meeting was not about grandchildren and golf. Conservative watchdog groups are now pushing to have the documents unredacted. The American people deserve to know exactly what happened during this tarmac meeting.

If this is the case, Robert Mueller besides being involved with  crooked James Comey, hiring nothing but political stooges, just hired someone who  was involved with the Clinton Lynch cover up, as Peter Strzok closed the case on this criminal contact.

It makes sense, in why Peter Strzok fled the scene of Mueller, because Mueller knew this was going to taint his witch hunt in trying to frame Paul Manafort and Mike FLynn, AND IT JUST DID, because Robert Mueller is involved in his own cover up, in keeping silent on who on his staff were named in the  Sekulow FOIA request.

As chief of the FBI's counterespionage section last year, he helped oversee the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and he took part in the FBI interview of the Democratic presidential candidate.
Within weeks of the Clinton probe ending, Strzok found his office facing a new challenge: investigating Russia's alleged efforts to influence last year’s presidential election, including a cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee.
A spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment.

Robert Mueller must be investigated by a  new Special Counsel  for crimes against the state in this cover up, as there is a reason Peter Strzok fled this group,  and a reason Mueller is covering this all up, which is a crime on Mueller's part.

It is time for the President to appoint a Special Counsel, and if Jeff Sessions refuses, along with Rob Rosenstein to appoint from a Trump list of candidates, they must be fired too for collusion.

This will bring Robert Mueller down and into prison if this trail runs into his office in this cover up. There is a reason Peter Strzok fled the Mueller witch hunt, and that reason is being hidden from the American public by Robert Mueller. Only a Special Counsel with full Grand Jury investigatory authority will assure the American People their complete protection along with the President, because the question is now, "What kind of Mueller crook do we have in charge of this fishing expedition?"

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The Cannibal Buster

Cannibal Buster Justin Calhoun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is so much better in a Seth Meyers society of Trump hating, that all of the left utopia is before us, so that we all can be more like them. Take for example the most recent sodomite relationship out of Florida which was a real insight, as we have not Rosie millionaires not being able to be wed together, but a stripper.

But this is not just any stripper on the left, noting like those KKK or White Supremacists which are so derided, now this stripper got it into his head that his sex partner was a cannibal.

Yes a cannibal. Now we have not discovered how this revelation came upon Justin Calhoun, but Calhoun was engaged in an argument with his sex partner Mar Brann aged 67, in this Geezer December romance.

Now I personally thought the left was all tolerance. I mean except for roaming Charlottesville   Virginia in animal packs, armed with bats, trying to club Ohio boys to death like James Fielding jr., because I would think eating people would be something the homosexual and democrats would be a voting group they would want to aspire to in their fetishes not being understood like smelling like feces penis.

Anyway as words were not working, Calhoun grabbed a gun from Brann, who apparently thought he had a crazy leftist on his hands, and then Calhoun did not turn the other cheek, but tried to shoot Brann for being a cannibal, in being absolutely a Cannaphobe.

Anyway the gun jammed, so Calhoun did what any abnormal leftist would in he picked up a pen and started stabbing the old man in the eyes. I am not familiar with the things of how to deal with cannibals, but it must be something like a silver bullet in the werewolf heart, because apparently if a cannibal can not see, he can not eat you, so as long as you have a Bic pen, you can rest assured as a leftist that no cannibal is going to be chowing down on you.

Apparently being a Cannibal Buster gets noisy as the cops arrived, but unlike James Fielding jr. who surrender to the police for safety from the black  terrorists in Charlottesville, Calhoun ran away. Calhoun though was out of the closet and easily found and arrested while Brann was taken to the hospital on Obamacare, without eyes, and in critical condition.
See, there is a lesson in this, in if you got cannibals, stabbing the in the eyes with pens does not save you, as they must have special powers to jam guns, so you are pretty well the main course, as no one knows the secret like with vampires in how to deal with them.

It is so refreshing living in the post Obama world of wonderful Seth Meyers moralism judging Donald Trump. All this unity in sodomite relationships, unless of course one is a cannibal, then democrats want no part of advancing that voting block.
Frankly, I would think Herbert McMaster would want the gay cannibals in the army, as they would be better than transvestites, in you wouldn't have to feed them, in the Chinese and Russians would be smorgasbord time for the cannibal gay soldier. The army gives a gun, a mess kit and a knife........hell these cannibals could eat their way through China in a few years.......granted, as long as a stripper named Calhoun was there and did not have a Bic pen in his pocket, then I don't think the cannibal army would be such a good idea.

Then again, maybe safety glasses are the cure. Sure every cannibal should have a pair of Obamacare safety glasses as part of their Charlottesville civil rights.

I wonder if this is terrorism though.......have to wait for Herb McMaster to weigh in on this, as in Charlottesville an innocent White boy from Ohio, being hunted by tribes of Afroids with bats is White people as terrorists.
Things have sure changed since George W. Bush told us terrorists were the ones attacking people, and not the people running away from the attackers.

I am still trying to figure out how Justin Calhoun arrived at the understanding that he was having sex with a cannibal.....maybe the old guy just was eating gummy bears, as they do look like people.

Oh but this just in from another source, a sort of x rated version, as this is more Michelle and Barack Obama things you can believe in, as apparently Calhoun knows something else about cannibals, in instead of doing vampire stakes into them, he shoves parts of wooden dressers into the mouths of cannibals, as I guess if they can not see you, then they can not eat you with a mouth full of splinters.
Apparently the leftist cannibal buster, also takes out drawers and beats old gay dudes with them.......oh and stomps on the wood in their mouths to keep them quiet. I thought perverts were into stuffing underwear into people's mouths as gags, but then this is a cannibal, and apparently Calhoun was without his fruit of the looms, as he then robbed the duffer fag, and jumped out of the second story window and naked himself away.

Then Calhoun stuffed a piece of wood from a broken dresser into Brann's mouth "to silence him," he told police, the report said.
Calhoun "stomped" on the piece of wood to lodge it further into Brann's mouth, grabbed a drawer from the broken dresser and used it to hit Brann, the report said. Calhoun said he locked the door to keep Brann's roommate from entering, grabbed his money and backpack and jumped out of the bedroom window while naked, the report said.

That old Brann must have been a pretty spry cannibal, because he had a roommate and the stripper. No mention of Viagra so maybe that human meat diet gets the old erections up, Maybe that is how Calhoun knew he was a cannibal in Brann had a constant erection and no viagra around.

Thing is, I don't remember Bill Murray in Ghostbusters going naked. Grabs his money and a backpack, but not some clothes. Guess he was a stripper and maybe that is where the gummy bears were the backpack.

It does seem that everyone would have been better off having gummy bears, instead of the gay sex as instead of erections coming up, the conversation goes to the suspect cannibal accusations.

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A male stripper from Tampa is accused of stabbing his partner multiple times in the eyes with a pen after he suspected he was a cannibal, according to WTVJ and a report acquired by the station.
Justin Calhoun, 24, is being held without bond on an attempted second-degree murder charge after he attacked Mark Brann, 67, in his Key West home, the report stated.
Calhoun told police that he and Brann were in a relationship and that the incident started because Calhoun suspected Brann of being a cannibal. The two then got into an argument and Brann picked up a gun, according to the report.
Calhoun managed to take the gun away from Brann and tried to shoot him with it, but the gun jammed, the report states. Calhoun then stabbed him in the eyes with a pen and stuffed a piece of wood in his mouth, police said. He ran away as officers surrounded the building. He was arrested shortly after and Brann was taken to an area hospital in critical condition, WTVJ reported.


The Photographic Evidence James Fielding jr. Is The Victim

Why are these terrorists not in prison?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have absolutely no hope for Jeff Sessions neo Billy Budd in James Fielding jr., because this is a deep state lynching of an innocent man, in two sides either Sean Hannity trying to save themselves or Terry MacCauliff and democrats using this frame job as a political run  for president in 2020, because when offered the chance, Mr. Trump chose Ivanka talking points of attacking the Alt Right in his supporters, instead of exposing the framing of James Fielding jr.

The Lame Cherry has invested the time and limited internet it has to download a 12 second video of James Fielding jr's day, and the evidence is not damning against Mr. Fielding, but damning of the terrorists who were on that street chasing this innocent man with bats, seeking to murder him.

Did James Fielding jr. hit people with his car? Yes he did, but those people were NOT on the sidewalks, but were in the street as human barriers, deliberately placed in the street to stop any vehicle, so that the White occupant could be pulled out and murdered.
As a digression point, there is another video of a maroon van, from drone footage, engaged in a like incident which stops in the middle of a street section, to prove that this was not the only event that day in Charlottesville, in this was organized.

As seeing is believing, there are screen grabs in this video which tell a damning story and prove that James Fielding jr. was being set up to be murdered, as this was a kill zone, as certain as LaVoy Finnicum was herded into a kill zone and ambushed.

To set the stage in what you are about to be shown, Fielding was on another street driving slowly, when he was attacked from behind, which caused the initial panic in his car being struck by what appears a lone black male.
Fielding drove forward a few hundred feet, swerved right to avoid people, then swerved left as he turned the corner, meaning the street was blocked off and someone had planned to bring a specific person in being a White male, into the ambush zone.

Fielding runs into a vehicle at this point, again it is concluded he was trying to avoid hitting people who are in the street, placed their by the police, as Fielding was 2 blocks away from the protest gathering and was leaving the area.

It is at this point that the viewer begins the sequence of photos, as Fielding is again driving slowly in attempt to make his way to safety, when the initial collision in the street takes place where is does "drive through" people on the street, but it is important to focus on the red circle, as it reveals that these terrorists have blocked the street off with dumpsters, meaning to trap James Fielding jr,  at that point.
Fielding in the digital appears to have attempted to drive into the dumpsters and push them forward so he could escape, but is stopped.

 Dumpsters have been prepositioned blockingoff the street for attack

In the next freeze frame, this is after the car has stopped, and it is a fraction of a second in the initial crash. What appears though are two individuals, already with bats raised and they are converging on the car. This is important in most people are stunned yet, but these terrorists were expecting that car, and were already moving to what they were there for, and that was to beat a White person to death.

Fielding's car has just stopped and two terrorists are already moving to attack him

 Now in noting that the two black terrorists are beginning to immediately charge the vehicle, while the majority of people are stunned, look at the reaction to the two white people. Remember now the action and horror is a fraction of a second in the Fielding car ramming the dumpsters to escape, but these two white males who are part of the protest, are immediately focusing on some other action which is gaining their attention coming from down the street.

Protestors looking down the street at some other action rather than Fielding
The following is what was drawing the two white protestors attention and this is the damning reality proving that James Fielding jr. was running for his life.
This photo is important in this 12 second digital, because Fieldings car is barely stopped 1 second, and this mob of armed terrorists which has been chasing him from behind, is there in mass, swinging their clubs.

Terrorists swarming Fielding's car

It amplifies because by second two a second wave of armed terrorists converges on the Fielding location, with the intent of beating him to death in pure murder. It is at this point of being in this kill zone, ambushed from the sides and behind, blocked in by dumpsters, that he slams the car backwards through this wall of terrorists and attempts to escape with his life.
If James Fielding jr. had not taken the action he did at that moment, he would be dead, and not in prison on these trumped up charges.

 More terrorists swarming Fielding's car and no leftist helping Fielding

If one notes in the above, dozen armed terrorists with murderous intent, what follows is the last frame in what a perfect kill zone this was, as this was a gauntlet of terrorists, human roadblocks and brick canyon. By the armed terrorists, the terrorists immediately attacking the vehicle, this was a pre planned set up by this Soros funded group, now protected by Jeff Sessions and the police state, to cover up the democrat 2020 presidential campaign this was engineered for to separate the President from his vocal voting base, as the Virginia police state stood down to allow this terror event to happen......and the happening was that a White American was supposed to be murdered that day in being beaten to death, as Trump supporters have been bloodied, including Mike Cernovich in the past year at Trump rallies.

And do not miss as Mr. Fielding is backing away for his life, that a terrorist is in the street clubbing at the Fielding car.

Terrorist striking James Fielding's car as Fielding attempts escape

We are not being shown the Truth in this James Fielding jr. scenario, as he was innocent, a LaVoy Finnicum, as innocent as George Zimmerman. It is disgraceful that rich people on the right in Sean Hannity and Tom Gresham have abandoned the Truth to save themselves, and have joined the coup plotters in expediently lynching another innocent man for the good of a nation.

James Fielding jr. is the character Billy Budd, who was hung on a British ship, even though he was innocent, to protect the British dictatorship. When President Trump agreed to the Ivanka talking points in throwing all of the Alt Right which is littered with MOGS reporting on the members, with Jeff Sessions  targeting the people on the "right" involved, it sealed the fate of James Fielding jr.
The Truth though is something for all, whether it is Black Lives Matter or the Alt Right. The intelligent thing would be to keep quiet in this, to allow the MOGS run the false flag scenario, to allow this lynching of James Fielding jr., because he is expendable, but I hear the words "NEVER AGAIN" in allowing tyranny to prevail. I think of John Adams defending British Soldiers who were attacked like James Fielding by another American mob long ago, and contemplate how alone anyone would feel whether in Pyongyang or Charlottesville when the entire system is in motion to crush you, and nothing is going to be done to save you.

It is always the point, in what they are doing to James Fielding jr., they will do you eventually when you become expendable, and your name appears in the press, with people you barely knew, divulging things about your life which is a lie, but by then no one will care about you, as everyone abandons you.

The above photographic evidence is proof that James Fielding jr. is not guilty and should never have been charged with any crime. Unless of course running for your life is now a crime in America, and what the law expects is you to have your life stolen from you in being murdered, so an American no longer has the right to protect their life, liberty or dreams. That is the reality of America, and each of you has to understand that in the gulag is back. That you can not fight this. That all you can do is wait on Jesus return, obey the laws, pay your taxes, not make yourself a target and stay home, because the Truth no longer matters.

Herbert McMaster stated the Fielding incident fit the definition of terrorism. That would mean a woman running from a rapist is a rapist, a child screaming to resist a pedophile is a criminal and according to McMaster's definitions, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were all terrorists then too. So let the Soros terrorists level Mount Rushmore, in the same way they are destroying Civil War Monuments, as this is the McMaster doctrine.

New Video Evidence Proves James Fields, Charlottesville Car Wrecker, Was Attacked By Antifa (3/3)


The Confederate Liberators

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For Americans, they have been conditioned at the point of a bayonet to accept that the Confederate States of America were all racists and everyone loathed these Americans as traitors.

There are some facts though that after Abraham Lincoln was installed in a divided Democratic party in the election of 1860 AD in the year of our Lord, that the American electorate swung overwhelming against Mr. Lincoln in 1862 AD in the year of our Lord.

There were Cooperheads in the North who were against the invasion of the South, and the American people were not in favor of this war against Americans.

The reasons were many, and one of the chief reasons was Lincoln's dictatorial response of martial law in Union States. States like Tennessee and Maryland were occupied by federal troops. Maryland for example had the houses of it's Citizens burned by federal troops, exiled Citizens for not agreeing with Abraham Lincoln's War, and by the point of gun, federal troops removed the elected representatives of the People of Maryland and replaced them with Lincoln dictators representing Abraham Lincoln.

Understanding this, General Robert E. Lee issued this proclamation as the Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac and entered Maryland, not as an invader, but as the People of Maryland viewed the Confederates as liberators from the dictatorship of Abraham Lincoln holding their sovereign nation  hostage.

It was the last paragraph which General Robert E. Lee promised as did General George Washington in the Revolution, that his Army of Northern Virginia, would liberate the People of Maryland, protect the People of Maryland, and then enforce the People of Maryland's will in abiding if Maryland joined the Confederacy or willed to remain with the United States.
Unlike Abraham Lincoln and General Halleck, President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee, would mirror President and General Washington, would abide by a Government of the People, by the People and for the People.

No constraint upon your free will is intended ; no 
intimidation will be allowed within the limits of this army, at 
least. Marylanders shall once more enjoy their ancient freedom 
of thought and speech. We know no enemies among you, and 
will protect all, of every opinion. It is for you to decide your 
destiny freely and without constraint. This army will respect 
your choice, whatever it may be

There was nothing in this about slavery nor property, this was about Constitutional Rights being violated by Abraham Lincoln and his police state. This was about the 10th Amendment Rights of the States to not be infringed upon by the federal which was in the Constitution limiting everything the Federal Government could engage in.

Nowhere does it state in the Constitution that States or Individuals can be deprived of property or rights without due process of payment or trial by jury. Nowhere does it state in the Constitution a State can not enact the same process of voting to join the United States, can vote to secede from the United States. Nowhere in the Constitution was any mention made of making war on any State due to slavery, which was legal at that era.

The promise of the Confederate Liberators to the People of Maryland by Robert E. Lee to rescue these Americans from the bondage and slavery of Abraham Lincoln.

No one ever notes that Abraham Lincoln degraded Americans to the same status as slaves in making Maryland and Tennessee one large Lincoln Plantation.

Head- QUARTERS Army of Northern Virginia, 

Near Fredericktown, Md., September 8, 1862. 

To THE People of Maryland: 

It is right that you should know the purpose that brought 
tlie army under my command within the limits of your State, so 
far as that purpose concerns yourselves. The people of the Con- 
federate States have long watched with the deepest sympathy the 
wrongs and outrages that have been inflicted upon the citizens of 
a commonwealth allied to the States of the South by the strongest 
social, political, and commercial ties. They have seen with pro- 
found indignation their sister State deprived of every right and 
reduced to the condition of a conquered province. Under the 
pretence of supporting the Constitution, but in violation of its 
most valuable provisions, your citizens have been arrested and 
imprisoned upon no charge and contrary to all forms of law. The 
faithful and manly protest against this outrage made by the ven- 
erable and illustrious Marylander, to whom in better days no 
citizen appealed for right in vain, was treated with scorn and 
contempt ; the government of your chief city has been usurped 
by armed strangers ; your legislature has been dissolved by the 
unlawful arrest of its members ; freedom of the press and of 
speech has been suppressed ; words have been declared offences 
by an arbitrary decree of the Federal Executive, and citizens 
ordered to be tried by a military commission for what they may 
dare to speak. 

Believing that the people of Maryland possessed 
a spirit too lofty to submit to such a government, the people of 
the South have long wished to aid you in throwing off this foreign 
yoke, to enable you again to enjoy the inalienable rights of free- 
men, and to restore independence and sovereignty to your State. 
In obedience to this wish, our army has come among you, and is 
prepared to assist you with the power of its arms in regaining 
the rights of which you have been despoiled. 

'This, citizens of Maryland, is our mission, so far as you are 
concerned. No constraint upon your free will is intended ; no 
intimidation will be allowed within the limits of this army, at 
least. Marylanders shall once more enjoy their ancient freedom 
of thought and speech. We know no enemies among you, and 
will protect all, of every opinion. It is for you to decide your 
destiny freely and without constraint. This army will respect 
your choice, whatever it may be ; and while the Southern 
people will rejoice to welcome you to your natural position 
among them, they will only welcome you when you come of your 
own free will. 

R. E. Lee, 
General J Commanding

How novel, in a military actually protecting an American's Right of Speech and Thought, and using it's weapons against those who violate the free choice of the Citizen to their destiny.

Instead there is LaVoy Finicum murdered in Oregon and a new Attorney General violating the Constitution further in confiscating Citizen property on the charges of the police state.

There is absolutely no difference between the American Civil War of 1862 AD in the year of our Lord and the American Civil War of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, save the reality that the Americans of 1860 America had champions in General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis. No one represents Americans any longer from the reincarnation of the ghosts of Lincoln's regime.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Alt Trump

To Trump or not to Trump, that is the question
Whether it is to be a legacy or a legend
But in any history, it must be written in pen of the present
for the tomorrow dictated to

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I noticed that 25% of the Americans would go to over the abyss if Donald Trump would simply lead them, and stop being Ivanka's left brain on McMaster.

That is an interesting statistic about the Alt Trump.

The left has Afroids with bats trying to beat James Fielding jr to death on the street, they plugged with human left fodder to feed to Dodge Chargers.
The left has Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon whiters, and mics.
The left has coup plotters like Paul Ryan and John McCain.
The left has cash whores like George Soros using rent a terrorists.

Donald Trump has the DIA, the Junta, which would be a pretty good group if they would ship McMaster to Gitmo........and Donald Trump has a 25% group of Americans who are just begging him to lead them, with all their gun majority, to set the situation right in America again as the Founders intended, if Mr. Trump would just order the police state on vacation.

The victors of revolutions do not write the history with pens. The victors of revolutions dictate the history at the end of gun barrels.

I remember an interview with Guns and Roses, who said they were playing a banana republic, and had those kids so hyped up, that all they would have had to say is REVOLUTION on that stage and they would have changed the regime. Donald Trump had Ivanka squander his momentum in Trump Trans. He has a base which does not trust him after he has been allowing it to be abused as in the Bundy's, imprisoned like Sheriff Joe, and terrorized like James Fielding jr. None of the above is ever going to be at home in New York Values, but that is the stuff that Andrew Jackson beat the redcoats in New Orleans with.

All Donald Trump has to do is tell his Americans to storm the gates, order the military to protect them, and tell the police state to go on vacation, and this nation will straighten out to a nice Franco polite society .

Donald Trump has proven he does not have it in him, up to this point to be the leader who unleashes his forces on his enemies, instead of destroying his supporters. He will not have many more opportunities to regain his leadership or his trust, as after Jeff Sessions starts dragging the Alt Right out into the streets in their underwear as the Afroid terrorists are protected by Sessions, that 25% will not come when they are called.

Let's sing.........

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