Thursday, December 8, 2016

President Trump, Reward Your Servants From God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sitting here clicking my nails together, as I do not know how to compose this post, which I have had unctions to write since the election, as it deals with Christ in the Trump Administration and Christ in the Trump victory won by America, for it was God Who stood up and delivered America, and no one else.

If there is one thing, that I would hope President Trump, would ever read in the volumes published here, it is this post, as while the President is a profound gentleman, he is in a Spiritual realm as a chosen instrument of God, for the remnant of America for Christ's return.
President Trump is in many ways like Judea in the time of Christ, in Judea was preserved not for their sake after Babylonian captivity and Greek and Roman rule, but for Christ to be born there in God's Promise. America has been preserved as a People, and it is Donald Trump's responsibility to stop the forces for American Genocide, as Americans are in the Book of Revelation as the Tribe of Joseph, for that is who this sifted people are from our exile out of Samaria by the Assyrians, planted again by God's Grace not for our virtue, but the sake of His Promise to Jacob while he laid his hands of blessing on the sons of Joseph.

Revelation 7:8

Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand.

My point is not to get Biblical in this, because for those like President Trump not having invested a lifetime in Scripture by the Holy Ghost, all of this is Greek and too wonderful to contemplate. My point is in this, is President Trump recognized this movement, but he has not mentioned that this is a Christian movement which swept through America and was sustained by God, and God's instrument in this is, Donald Trump.

I first became aware of echo of Donald Trump, as the archives will attest, when the Holy Ghost began guiding me in Scripture study to repeated mentions of Jehu, who God rose up to root out and destroy the apostates of the Northern Kingdom in the house of Jeroboam and Ahab, who caused the people to accept sodomy, other religions, other gods, post birth abortions and demonic cults.
Jehu was a man who executed the two leaders of Judah and Israel. His first real appearance as an instrument of God is when he is watched by the King of Israel and the report comes in, that a man in chariot is seen approaching in a chariot and they say it is Jehu, for he "driveth furiously", and Donald Trump is such a man.

The basis of the election of Donald Trump is God. God's active arm, and His Holy Spirit moving so many Americans to the polls to vote for Donald Trump, that even with millions in election fraud votes, Hillary Clinton could not steal it.
This is for God's sake and not America's, and it must be understood, because God made Promises recorded in Scripture that America would not be blotted out, nor our kindred tribes in northwestern Europe. Donald Trump must now fulfill his mission with the People's help and reminding him, and protecting him, because there are forces involved who are intent on his failure and upon seizing the Glory from God.

There has always been in the Northern Kingdom, Prophets sent to warn what God intends to accomplish, so there are never any excuses in the People or leaders to not be aware of what has taken place. President Trump has intrigue arrayed against him, and it is the example in First Kings, when one of King David's sons, had anointed himself to be regent over Solomon. At this, the Prophet Nathan appears, as he did in chastising David in other matters, to save Israel, as much as Bathsheba, Solomon and himself, because he knows if Solomon is supplanted than this other king, Adonijah, will slaughter all of them.

I Kings chapter 1

11 Wherefore Nathan spake unto Bathsheba the mother of Solomon, saying, Hast thou not heard that Adonijah the son of Haggith doth reign, and David our lord knoweth it not?
 12 Now therefore come, let me, I pray thee, give thee counsel, that thou mayest save thine own life, and the life of thy son Solomon.
 13 Go and get thee in unto king David, and say unto him, Didst not thou, my lord, O king, swear unto thine handmaid, saying, Assuredly Solomon thy son shall reign after me, and he shall sit upon my throne? why then doth Adonijah reign?

The Prophet Nathan sends Bathsheba, mother of Solomon to King David, to make the King aware of what is taking place, and that David's will is being supplanted, and what will follow is regicide and religicide in Israel

I Kings chapter 1

14 Behold, while thou yet talkest there with the king, I also will come in after thee, and confirm thy words.
 15 And Bathsheba went in unto the king into the chamber: and the king was very old; and Abishag the Shunammite ministered unto the king.
 16 And Bathsheba bowed, and did obeisance unto the king. And the king said, What wouldest thou?

The Prophet and Bathsheba received a proclamation from the King, and David immediately sat Solomon on the throne as Regent, saving everyone, and continuing the plan of God.

I realize that President Trump has a great deal of information and decisions to make in this transition time. I also realize that people who crunch numbers like to take credit as Kellyanne Conway for victories which were God's and people like Jared Kurschner like taking God's victories by having Forbes validate computer manipulations of people, as it suits egos, and it drives those Christians out of the spotlight, as those Christians make these Conservatives and Ashkenaz uncomfortable.
It was the same effect in the Berlin Wall falling. History gives credit to the Pope and to Ronald Reagan CIA operations, but the Truth in it, is those were East German Lutherans on the line with their political lives, and by God they brought that wall down like Jericho, and all of that has been cleansed from history.

None of this Christian vote activation was accomplished by one person. It was Christians like David Lane, who has been organizing for years. It is people who do not want to be known in working even further behind the scenes than Mr. Lane. It is Black Christians in meetings at their Churches to get out the vote as much as the Latin Christians. That is the damning reality in this, that the Trump campaign had little voter get out, and it fell to Christian volunteers who brought home the votes in vital swing states that came into play in such numbers this election could not be stolen by Clinton, Soros and Obama.
This was not Kurschner algorithms. This was God's Arm and God's Spirit working a miracle in turning the People's hearts to Donald Trump as God turned People's hearts to King David to establish him as King of all Israel.

President Trump does not have to understand these workings. He does not have to be led away by false teachers in Christianity who are raised up by the CIA to mind the masses. President Trump though does have a responsibility to God, in knowing every day he is where is, due to God, in the greatest American miracle since the Civil War.

Awareness is appointing God's instruments into key positions in the Cabinet and Government who will faithfully serve God and God's President, Donald Trump.

For those who have appeared with false witness against Donald Trump, Donald Trump is not a false messiah like Obama, nor is he the anti Christ. Obama was allowed to happen to give the people their heart's stupid desires, to set the stage to see if Americans would make the right choice when God rose up His candidate. The anti Christ as Scripture teaches will arise out of Europe in a new Roman Empire of 10 nations there. So for those false teachers, beware on what you tread, for you war against God as false prophets.

There have not been any Christian Conservatives appointed to any key offices nor is there one Holy Ghost Inspired Christian counsel to President Trump. This is unacceptable, and God's Holy Ghost has been vocal to me in personal readings in being displeased, as God does not give His Glory to another.

I am not here to provide counsel to President Trump. Here am I though here, to point out something which has only been discussed here, in President George W. Bush created Faith Based programs in America, and in one swoop the Obama regime bastardized there programs to help Americans, and turned them into genocide by bribing Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish charities, with huge bribes to States for these diseased, raping, murdering Mexican Jesuits and Islamic Muslims to be sown as wolves among the American sheep. This must be stopped, those profits seized, and these traitors put into prison, as this is the treachery which America is.

The entire Christian community has been community organized overthrown on the same Saul Alinsky protocols, in the same sodomite operations which have molested our children in colleges to the abomination they are. The pulpits are void of the Truth of God, the sheep have been scattered, and they need a national leader in Donald Trump as President to establish Christianity and protect Christians with President Vladimir Putin around the globe.
As the anti Christ will use the glue of world intrigue Vatican as the glue for the Beast empire, then should not two Christian leaders in President Putin and President Trump, utilize the adhesive of Christian protections to be the basis of all Russian and American cooperation, as it is in both nation's interests?

Christianity is a National and International policy. Christianity is a congregation of goodness and a goodness in the individual heart. God will bless and protect the Christian leaders today, as He has proven Himself in the election of President Donald Trump.

The Christian Conservative belongs next to Mr. Trump, serving God, the President and the Nation, for the establishment of God, for the Good of all, that the effects of the Great Tribulation will be decreased in miracles too wonderful to understand, like the election of Donald John Trump as President of these United States.

There place at the table Mr. President is vital. God can not bless them if they are locked behind the barricades again, as they were locked out on election eve. Many people around you, have stolen God's victory and are taking a 6 figure salary of Judas dollars for the work of God through others.
Trust in the Lord Mr. Trump. Profess Him at times, and the Lord will bless you and perform miracles in all you do, will be as easy as every victory for Solomon in his infrastructure renewal.

Every Presidency has one if not several moments which crush it or by God's Grace they are lifted up to heights not believed possible. There are those who are plotting against you Sir, and you do not have the shield which will serve you best in the Christian Conservatives as instruments of God surrounding you.

President Donald Trump, open your books of memories, as King Ashasuerus did and reward your faithful servants and be further blessed by God.

Esther chapter 6

 1 On that night could not the king sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles; and they were read before the king.
 2 And it was found written, that Mordecai had told of Bigthana and Teresh, two of the king's chamberlains, the keepers of the door, who sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus.
 3 And the king said, What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai for this? Then said the king's servants that ministered unto him, There is nothing done for him.

May the Lord God of Israel, bless His servant, Donald Trump to guide him, to promote and protect His Christian heritage for the Glory of God and that President Trump will be renowned as President George Washington, the greatest of God raised Christian leaders, in the Name of the Father, and of His only begotten Son, the Christ, and Their Holy Ghost, Amen and Amen and Amen

Nuff Said


North Dakota Oil Contaminated with Radioactive Waste

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This was brought to my attention by an Auntie I have that lives in the middle of oil boom USA in North Dakota. She is a bit of an activist and for some reason likes her state to not be this Whore Oil cesspool.

The thing is, that is the thing in this, in you got Standing Rock and those damned terror Indians, who nobody gives a shit about, except the liberals who like thinking Indians are pets, like missionaries keep blacks about in Africa, or some people have dogs, transferring all their hurts onto something that scalps them, rapes them or bites them if given a chance,  and the real issue are the headlines below in the miracle of Watford City.

If you do not know what a Watford City is, think of it as an expensive oil ghetto, which North Dakota built up, and now is emptying due to low oil prices, but there is a peach of a prize left behind, like the smouldering nuclear waste dump in St. Louis from the Atomic War, in North Dakota does not dispose of radioactive they just dump it along the highway to let it glow in the dark.

Yes North Dakota has apparently high radiation oil.

Health Dept., engineers: Oil field waste landfill safe | The ...

Health Dept., engineers: Oil field waste ... "I'd hate to have North Dakota become a waste dump for ... "I drive Highway 85 every day and I can't see how this ...

Now I would think this "safe" landfill according to the experts would be an issue to the environmentalists if they cared about North Dakota and those "fightin' Sioux" (The NCAA made the University of North Dakota take that name off that school, but sure as shit stinks, there is Obama raising hell with those fighting Sioux again on Standing Rock)

I digress.

From what I have been told, and that is the real data, which Jim Kirwan would probably be interested in, if he was not fixated on Indians and posting about that Dakota Access Pipeline, is this radioactive oil field waste dump is emitting picocuries above "safe" levels now, after the media was telling everyone it was other words Watford City, now has on a busy highway, not only a stinking oil waste field, but it is emitting glow in the dark radiation hazardous to humans and all other life.

Who needs nuclear war, when you have Obama and Buffett frac'ing in North Dakota, and making a Hiroshima in the land of Teddy Roosevelt. Make no mistake about this my children, Obama is like ugly on Michelle over methane burning off and puddles as lakes in North Dakota, but when it is their Big Wall Street oil investors, they can dump radioactive oil all over North Dakota, and the EPA or NRC do not show up to shut  things down.

Second radioactive oil waste site found in North Dakota | Al ...

Second radioactive oil waste site found in North Dakota. ... North Dakota this week confirmed the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling.

Of all things, I will let Al  Jazeera explain, as they want American drilling for oil and gas stopped for Saudi Terror Oil, but this is something none of you know, and it is IMPORTANT, and that includes President Donald Trump.

North Dakota this week confirmed the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling. And separately, a company hired to clean up similar waste found in February at another location said it had removed more than double the amount of radioactive material originally estimated to be there.
The twin disclosures highlight a growing problem from North Dakota's booming Bakken oil development, and for other oil and gas operations across the country: the illegal disposal of radioactive material from drilling sites.
Rocks deep in the earth contain naturally radioactive material, and when those rocks are drilled for oil and gas the drilling equipment and water can become slightly irradiated. As more drilling occurs across the nation, experts warn of a brewing crisis of leftover radioactive materials.

So you get this, there are natural uranium etc.... pockets of radioactive rock across America. Some are concentrated in the deep earth, as in some western states where mining was a boom, or where LaVoy Finicum was murdered, as Russia had Clinton Foundation uranium mining interests there........but the drills for oil or gas, penetrate these hot spots, and then bring up the slurry. In most instances, it is filtered and concentrated, and then dumped in only where satan knows where illegally.

Radioactivity does not "wear off", as it stays in slurry, water and even steel drilling rigs. For economic reasons and for plunder reasons, North Dakota simply handed out above ground toxic waste dumps, along major highways, and lying to the people there that everything is safe, when it is a hazard to humans.

Now I desire for each of you to focus on something in Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania, who have oil and gas production in quantity, in each of you have the same toxic nuclear waste in your states, unless of course they are dumping it into another state illegally, the Great Lakes or the oceans. None of this is an issue, and the reason it is not an issue, is because the cartel funds these eco terrorists in order to squeeze out American energy producers, and then to swoop in and buy up the bankrupt companies.

Is it not amazing that in all of these states there has not been one politician or EPA official who shut any of this down, or fined anyone? Not when the People do not matter, and it is all Wall Street super bucks.

This is the huge story in North Dakota and other energy producing states,  as this is going to expand as America needs more oil and gas to get off of OPEC terror oil. We have to not allow toxic concentrations of radioactive waste to be dumped in our back areas, where they are going to cause billions of dollars in problems later, like that inferno next to St. Louis, which was another government disaster in which corners were cut.

Once again the Lame Cherry brings to you the real story of what matters, and exposes why the Indian terrorists are frauds with their rent a terror allies, as none of them care about the environment of this would be the focal issue. This is about their oil bribes in trying to extort more.

A Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



Ass Hat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I miss the good olde days of Grandfather, when working with wogs meant screaming loud in English at foreigners who could not speak English, and when that did not work, a handy stick communicated immensely well.

That is why when .............ok I can't say what the job was.

How about this, there was this program harvesting two legged potatoes who had interesting ideas on how potatoes should be, and my job was answering the phone, sort of.

For some reason the tops all thought in affirmative action that putting this Yank in charge was a good idea, and that in 3rd world shit hole, it would be a good idea to put a foreigner in charge.

Let's just say that my job was boring. I mean dialing up long distance and completing a call was not the most interesting occupation on the planet, and since childhood, I had this penchant for livening things up. Sort of like Jonathan Winters creating characters.

My boss was named Poh Asshat, pronounced Poe Uhshot. For some reason every time the front office called though, someone answered the phone that this was Ass Hat's office, and kept calling him Pooh.
For some reason Ass Hat did not appreciate the dialect problem I had, nor my explanation that Pooh was like Winnie the Pooh and not excrement. I remember a loud lecture as Indians go that went something like this:

Lame, are you calling me Pooh or Poe?

I don't know what you mean.

I mean, it sounds like you are calling me Pooh and not Poe.

Oh, well I am calling you Pooh, and I apologize if it sounds like Pooh.

Ass Hat was rather confused by this and apparently filled out some forms to DC on this which I was questioned on again, and provided the same answer.

For some reason Ass Hat just did not get things in his super Asian intelligence, as all Asians are super intelligent. Like the time we were out on.......a long distance call, and I happened to regale him on the Darwinian Theory of life.

It started blandly with me saying something about, "You know Indians really have no purpose in life as they are just there taking up space."

That really impressed the boss, as he was so stunned that he could not reply. Not waiting, I continued with, "Science has proven this, that the Indian was best suited as tiger food in India, and when the Brit sent the wogs to Africa to build railroads at Tsavo, they were best suited as lion chow.
The world would be a better place if India just fed Indians to tigers instead of selling their little girls to Muslim to ass rape, as the tigers would increase in population, as I always wanted to go on a tiger hunt, not so much an Indian hunt.
Thing is though, the Indian has to stop eating that damn curry, as it makes them too spiced up and gives tigers and leopards stomach ailments from that hot food".

I think that got two forms filed on me back at DC. I think I replied something about testing a psychological theory I had and was working on submitting a paper on it to raise in the ranks from the field to wow the superiors.

Ass Hat never really took to me though, even after all I tried to help him with humor and his scientific education. He really would have been better off  though in keeping me around, like the time he was reporting some serious intelligence on "banging a girl" which came in, and I was not around to tell him in Yank it meant sex.
Filled up a filing cabinet in surveillance on that one. Lots of good video too of the sex. I think it made it into the top 10 of the most viewed security files to study that year. Just something about monkeys, organ grinding and blue parrots doing commentary that American porn never discovered by the NSA did.

It was the last thing though which sort of cemented my relationship with Ass Hat. Like all Indian males, he thought he was the testosterone gift to women. As we were sitting in his office one day, I asked where he got his tampons from, as overseas they were just impossible to get, and I had to ship them in by the casket literally, as no one ever looked inside caskets.

Ass Hat was puzzled by my queery again, and said something about him being a male. I countered with the ethnical observation that it was hard to tell with Indians, in the women had beards and the males were fag hairless,  and with the jammies they wore you could never see their little dicks any way, so I said it was ok that Ass Hat was trying to pass as a male as in India women were second class and he did not stand a chance to advance, unless he was passing as a man.

Thing is with Indians, they go into freeze when they are emotional, and then comes out this jibberish, so you reply something like, "I don't understand that monkey talk"........or maybe it was, "Your tone is making this conversation uncomfortable Ass Hat, and I will have to file a report on this incident even if he was a transsexual".

His report made him sound insane, and my report was compassionate about Ass Hat being a woman trapped in a man's body in over compensating spying on sex pervs dressed up like Johnny Depp, discussing tampons with me, and of course having an inferiority complex in  thinking his people only had one purpose in life in being road kill.

That is what it is like working with foreigners. It is  an ok job answering phones and after awhile they develop a healthy fear of you for being that square peg in the round hole.

I think the last conversation I had with Ass Hat was something about when the tigers come back, I was going to invite him along as the tigers would be used to eating Indians by then, and he would make good bait, but he could trust me to protect him from the hay rick, as I always hit what I aimed at.



Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Lame Cherry Mini Skirting the Subjects

Trump picks pro wrestling mogul McMahon for administration role

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Congratulations on American Business Woman, Linda McMahon, being nominated to run the crucial Small Business Administration. The McMahons are self made people in the American Dream and Mrs. McMahon will serve America well.

Note to Mrs. McMahon........the moment the liberals try and smear you about steroids in WWE, just ask them how that Rooney from the Steelers got to be Obama Ambassador, with the Ben Rothlesberger raping women and the chronic thuggery in the NFL.

Trump cuts ties with Flynn Jr.

I am liking General Mike Flynn more and more. The Bush insiders bitched about Bill Casey at CIA meeting with the snake venom cowboys in the White House basement, but that is where the world turns, and NSA Director Flynn is a voice for the conspiracy advocacy groups, and that is something which is missing far too much in the Trump Trans.
General Flynn's son is a molotov ally and Michael Flynn jr, has accomplished as much as Jeff Rense in keeping information flowing and again giving voice to the forgotten men and women in America.

Nom des Deus, we are coming out of 8 years where Obama was pictured with halos, called a messiah, called a god, and took credit for killing an actor portraying bin Laden, and Andrew Breitbart was murdered in the intrigue, and people are worried Mike Flynn jr. was tweeting about Pizzagate?

It was revealed by a popular girl that Pizzagate was retribution on Brock and Podesta, and designed to expose the pedophiles in that Clinton circle around these two. That circle is connected and wants this shut down, and is shutting it down. It does not matter the chatter that Gordon Duff is being fed as in Clinton mode he swipes at the buzzing of the insects in James Fetzer and Alex Jones, because it all gets worked out as whoever sent the message to those who received it, were successful.

Mike Flynn jr. belongs at Voice of America. With the right budget and Lansdale operation, could have the Chicoms hiding behind their chopsticks in 6 months.

This has been a Lame Cherry mini skirting of subjects which need attention, but not complete posts.

I have yet to receive my White House super duper top secret clearance, six figure salary, two assistants, an office in the cellar, and tearing out Lurch Obama's garden, and putting in a gun range there, where Baron Trump can relax with his dog Patton, shoot off his various airguns, as he holds court in no diplomat gets into see his dad, unless they meet the Baron test.
Baron Trump can not be groomed soon enough to be President.

Note to Hope Hicks, get the kid his dog, and let the kid and the dog run wild and free inside and outside the White House, as young boys should, as he was picked on by that fat Rosie O'Donnell. Let the boy have his dog, that sleeps in his room, gnaws on antique furniture and pisses on the carpet. He has been through enough, is a fine young gentleman, and it is time he had Baron time.

PS: Have brother Don take Baron and Patton out to some caged bird club and let the dog go nuts doing what they do in chasing birds.

Everybody does not have to be as uptight as Hope Hicks pouncing on definitive statements about puppies like it was Malia Obama huffing dope at a whore concert.

Nuff Said


A Different Approach

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Now that there has been a break within the ranks of the Alt-Right, some are looking to re-brand themselves as they furiously backpedal due to a highly-publicized Roman salute given by a sojourner who appeared at the movement's gathering. For those who are backing off from the racial purists, it is crucial to widen their influence, in essence to recruit and/or gain sympathy from the normies and civic nationalists, not to mention the evangelical block that just flexed its muscles as the silent majority by turning out in droves this election cycle, overcoming the various elements of vote fraud, and electing Trump. So, from an outsider's perspective, I would suggest they adopt the same tactics as their adversaries.

It is time to embrace your true heritage as a descendant of the lost 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. (Kind of difficult to believe, I know, but it completely makes sense that evidence of our rightful identity as Americans would be discredited, stricken from the record, and hidden by those who stand to gain from being the only Israelites in town.)

Not only do I actually believe this to be true, but it would be an extremely powerful tool in neutralizing those who enjoy using their privileged racist-exempt status to shove the invading, raping hordes down the throat of the West. They try to shame you for wanting a country to call your own? Call them an anti-Semite. They try to label you as a racist for wanting to enforce your borders and severely limit immigration? Demand to be afforded the same rights as your Judahite/Benjaminite brothers in Israel. It is the ultimate trump card, as you can use it to both distinguish yourself from the Ashkenaz/Khazarian Talmudic non Semitic race and endear yourself to those who are part of the Jew-worship subculture permeating throughout American mainstream Christianity. You are, in essence, "the good Israelite".

This is a win-win situation. You displace the MOGs operating under the label and replace them with yourselves. You would be both saving your country and helping to protect the future course of the country for yourselves, your children, and Western civilization as a whole, as well as adopting and reviving your true history and purpose as descendants of Manasseh, son of Joseph, kindred of all the Semitic peoples in Europe, the British Commonwealth, and embracing our kindred in the Syrian, the Persian, the Arab and the Egyptians, as Joseph was wed to an Egyptian royal.

For those of you who think it's all BS:  give it some thought, and I hope you see how well a different approach would serve your ultimate goals.


The Needs of President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sean Homo Hannity was making a good point, and again going the extra mile concerning a story by 60 Minutes centering on Joe Max Higgins.

How an economic developer is bringing factory jobs back to ...

Joe Max Higgins is credited with generating about 6,000 manufacturing jobs in Mississippi's Golden Triangle, ... bringing factory jobs ... 60 Minutes correspondent ...

What this Golden Triangle is about, is not Obama opium in southeast Asia, but about how an Arkansas headhunter took the wastes of Mississippi into a 1.5 trillion dollar new steel factory, 2 aircraft manufacturing plants and the Yokohama tire manufacturing plant, where people are earning around 100,000 dollars a year.

This was the rotten crotch of America, an area where the company once had to steam clean the parking lot every day, for all the leaking junkers coating oil over it, and now they all drive new cars, and it is now the land of the American Dream.

The American South was genocided by Lincoln in the American Civil War and in reconstruction it was occupied by the federals for a decade and left  for dead. It had education in engineers at the University of Mississippi, and able workers, but they were never able to connect the Tennessee Valley Authority to industry.

That is what Mr. Higgins accomplished in a simple plan. It was a plan which is Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Duluth and Houston. In each of those locations, Americans simply mixed water, energy and manufacturing, and a little thing like Detroit was born, whether it was fur or Fords.

That is what Mr. Higgins accomplished. For 16 million dollars, they built an electrical plant, water sewage and plugged into the transportation system of river and interstate, and the end result was no longer the Okra Queens, but was a modern steel factory, turning out the best steel in the world.

Sean Homo Hannity, after seeing the 60 Minutes report, wrote letters to the Trump children, and was concerned as all of should be when Paul Ryan is talking about 500 billion dollar infrastructure projects, which money is going to disappear faster than the Obama stimulus bribes disappeared.

Paul Ryan has absolutely no intention of helping Donald Trump. In fact, Ryan hopes to cripple Donald Trump with Mike Pence, as this blog has been warning you about. This is about Ryan embezzling for the same capitalist cronies that Sarah Palin warned you about.

Now what we need to do, to help Mr. Trump as President, is to not allow these GOPliters to steal this money from us as they let Obama get away with. Think of it this way in we can line Big Koch's pockets with 500 billion, or we can instead put into these 50 United States, the same seed money, double it, so that is 20 million, and that is just 1 billion dollars, and  then we let the tax revenues pay for the infrastructure renewals, instead of us.

Mr. Higgins thought they would get a quarter of a million dollars a year in taxes. What the Golden Triangle is generating is 1 million dollars a month. That is 12 million dollars a year in new taxes, which are being pumped into infrastructure.
Literally for the original investment, it was paid for in a year and a half by production and not government handouts.

That is what North Dakota did in their Frac Oil. They had to build roads and septic systems.  Now for that oil to run our engines and warm our homes, the Dakota Access Pipeline is bringing that to the Midwest, as soon as these Sioux Obama terrorists with Soros terrorists are removed. It is all about your products being shipped to other States and nations, so you can have that 100,000 dollar a year job.

The General Accounting Office must conduct and Audit of the TARP money which disappeared and the Obama stimulus, and seize those assets as the majority of it, ended up in personal bank accounts in embezzlment. Seize that money and we do not need the Ryan stimulus scam.

What America does need though is someone in a special 4 year appointment, to manage this money for coordinating with states to remodel the necessary infrastructure in targeted economic zones. As stated, Americans were quite adept at already having located all of their successful population centers on main waterways, ports, next to coal or now natural gas, and all that is required is to put in new plumbing not for just kids to not drink lead water in Flynt, but to have Flynt Michigan involved in manufacturing again as American Business is made to come home.

Warren Buffett purchased plastics in Ohio and sent those jobs to India, along with tool companies. It is time to reward American plastic manufacturers and retroactive penalize Warren Buffett, the notoroious Obama nation rapist, in forcing him to bring back those industries for 100,000 dollar a year jobs in America, instead of exploiting Indians for 17 dollars a day.

America can be made great again, but it must be made great in spite of these traitors in Paul Ryan, Warren Buffett and Big Koch. Seriously as a note to President Trump, he has Justice, and Justice can fine and seize assets looted from America. Just put OMB, IRS and Justice together, and Mr. Trump has more than enough funding, as I would bet all of these Obama crooks would find all sorts of billions to invest in America, providing it was their "do not go to jail card".

What the Trump Administration needs to understand is the wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt, who stated that America could have spent all her government wealth on attempting to turn Ohio from a wilderness to a state, and ended up with a wilderness. Instead American Government, when it cared about America, turned Ohio over to exploitation and a state was built by people's natural desire to prosper.

In the 21st century, it simply is President Trump, OMB and the IRS, taking Obama stolen money back that Paul Ryan voted for, and then placing a manager to direct this funding to 50 golden triangles in each America least the ones not threatening to secede like California.

President Trump is already attracting huge investment into America. It simply needs to be managed properly.

Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Bank, $50 Billion ...

... $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs for Americans; ... Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Bank, $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs ...

The Lame Cherry nominates for the job of overseeing this remodeling of America, someone who is a proven performer in the former Governor of North Dakota, so he understands oil, understands management, understands economic progression, saved the University of North Dakota, and was Secretary of Agriculture.
These North Dakotans know business and prosperity.

Place Ed Schafer over this national construction project and it will be built, so all of these businesses will have the infrastructure to come home to.

Ed Schafer - Wikipedia

Edward Thomas "Ed" Schafer (born August 8, 1946) is a business leader, former Governor of North Dakota, former U.S. Agriculture Secretary and past university ...

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Gun Ballet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Across America there are numbers of gun courses in which a shooter can practice in various Dirty Harry scenarios, and in listening to one shooter run through the scenario of being in a mall where their child was in daycare.........I immediately thought, "Why are you going toward the gun and not security your child?"

In that, the Lame Cherry desires to point a few facts out in you are not Bruce Willis. You are most likely not a dumb ass liberal either who stands around waiting to be shot by terrorists. So when you hear gun fire, think you see someone who might be a problem, you immediately begin backing away from that zone.

I realize some of you have some spouses or children who think they know more than God, but the first step in gun safety is that when you or your spouse grabs you, and starts gently pulling, you or them do not be dumb asses and start pulling away in attitude and ranting, "What are you pulling on me for!!!!", making yourself a huge target.

That is never taught in gun safety, but the first line of defense is to have the people you are with not having their heads up their asses resisting you, but knowing if you touch them in a spot, they are to immediately not decide that sorting through bras is the most important thing in life, but that just like dancing, you follow the lead of your partner, and sometime in the next safe zone they will explain what is taking place, and you do not need to be writing an encyclopedia at that moment.

Most of you will never take a gun safety class from someone who knows something, so I will repeat a reality in, if you are in public and you see something dangerous or you hear shots, you move away from that danger with a haste, but not causing such a disturbance that you become the focus of the danger.

I would that most of you would practice some basic things in entering rooms or buildings, and that is to scan the area with your eyes to assess where people are and if you notice anything that does not look safe.

In a room, you should always know the entrances and exits, but equally, you should always have your back to a wall, as no wall ever knifes you or shoots you in the back of the head.
No matter what, a human's head does not pivot like an owl's head, and you have at least a 40 degree blind spot, which is your danger zone.
For your best advantage in being armed, a corner is your safest location, because all you have to secure is 90 degrees. Have something to block your profile or bullets and you are 100% secure, except for your body parts which are exposed.

I will repeat this, in you can not get shot or stabbed if you are not in a dangerous situation. So you do not get into those situations and I repeat, you begin moving away by instinct from danger.

I am going to walk you through a Lame Cherry defensive mode though, for the worst case situation, because again I will repeat, you go away from danger, because the last thing you want is your gun pulled, having to explain to trigger happy police who you are and worse yet, having fired that gun, you have a DA who is going to bankrupt you for the regime in making a George Zimmerman 2.5 million dollars in attorney fees.
You are not John Wayne and this is not John Wayne America. You move from danger. When out of danger you do the 911, and you are not an asstard taking selfies to post on Facebook or Twitter, so you let the people with the pensions and Internal Affairs hose down criminals with bullets, and you go home and have pizza and a beer.

If your firearm is every drawn, it is up, as in 45 to 90 degree position. People tend to fire at things when their guns cover things, and in public situations you do not want to be pointing firearms as the public in making mistakes. When the firearms is up, you have to make a conclusion of assessing the danger, then acquiring the target which requires a few seconds, which are motor functions and conscious acts, and not reactions which trigger pulls are.

In a Jeff Cooper gunfight, you have primaries which you must be aware.

First primary is you keep your back to a wall if at all possible by instinct.
First primary is you obtain cover for your profile, between you and the danger.

That is what is termed a fox hole, and in everything you do, you look for a trench to link you to your next fox hole to take up position. You do not expose yourself. I will repeat that you are not John Wayne or Rambo, immune to projectiles moving at high speeds.

Now second primary in your position, from cover, you create poetry.

Poetry is:

Target set
Right Left

I told you this was dance and that is what it is, it is ballet. You see the danger which is the target, but to keep other criminals from sneaking up on you, you look right, look left, and then on your strong foot piroette 45 degrees to check what is in back of you, and then you piroette back to the target.

It does not make any difference if you have fired, if you are covering or if you have moved to a new position, in your home or business, it is always the same in your mind, Target set, Right Left, Piroette.

In moving into a room, or extricating yourself from a room, it is the wall in your rear guarding you, and then you progress to your advantage. I explain in entering a room or building, it is of benefit to always slide to your strong side with the wall behind you, whether you are right or left handed. It is a comfort situation, and it allows right or left eye dominant to peripherally protect you, while both eyes are frontal and weakside protecting you.

As stated you are not Angie Dickison in Police Woman, so you are moving away from danger and not toward it.

Retreat is always to the best safety of no danger or to a 45 degree field, of your back to a secure area, your front behind something solid, and the danger must approach through a hall or door. In most cases, unless dealing with a lunatic or a doper, announcing you are armed from your secure position, convinces by instinct the criminal to seek easier mutton to flay. Once again, you go have a pizza and a beer, and do not need lawyer fees as you are not Clint Eastwood.

Most of this is instinct if you watch a cat, they move in the same manner, and all you have to do is go away from danger, use cover to extricate yourself and let the police earn their pay.

So that is your Gun Dance class. You can practice this in your home with your cell phone or a bottle of Dawn. It is not that hard, as that is how Soldiers are all conditioned. But your first conditioning is to move away from danger. Then the rest of this does not matter.