Friday, December 19, 2014

Why you are going to hell

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Holy Ghost has directed me to these two Bible verses and they are pertinent for they point to an end and a punishment.
As of yesterday I was moved to work on the coming world war again as I have been for years in the Great Eurasian War which is coming. The confirmation verse was:

Acts 2:20

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:

Those days are not yet, but they are a matter of a reality that people are going to be half way through the Great Tribulation before they even figure out they are doomed. The sun and moon signs do not take place until the Temple which is to be built is defiled. So you get this, people will have been going through the beginning of the Great Tribulation and the majority will not be aware of it.
In other words, perhaps you should take the hint in something which only this blog has spoken of in the advent has begun whether you can see the keys or not as signs.

I point you to reality that satan which is the being full of wisdom and beauty as the Bible teaches, misplayed the greatest moment in history a second time. satan's first misstep was it's trying to rise with only 1/3rd of the Angels to take God's Throne and was cast out.
satan's second misstep was murdering Jesus the Christ.

In one of the most pathetic and sinister situations ever, remember the tempting of Christ. satan appears wise in tempting Christ in appealing to Jesus human weakness in repeating, "if you are the Son of God", but in reality there was something much more in this, in satan had no idea for certain This was The Word of God in human form. it was trying to figure out Who Jesus was, as this Redemption was a mystery that the Angels had wanted to investigate.

Think of it as what this blog revealed years ago in the mistake satan made. satan was duped into creating the very end of all it was by Jesus death and Jesus taking up His Life again, as satan's only gambit was to destroy humanity from becoming God's children, which is what happened in the Garden of Eden. Humankind in sin was separated from God by satan, and by satan instigating the murder of Jesus at Cavalry, satan healed that breach as God the Father planned.

satan is not foolish, but it is not all knowing, even in full of wisdom. it has learned and knows for certain that this is the last period before torment comes. Literally, satan fell from Heaven like lightning as Jesus stated in what Christ saw when the disciples were sent out to begin retaking all for the Kingdom of God. it has had the past almost 2000 years to try to build an alternative anti Christ group of people in a false tree of life, which is what the End Times is all about. Once this last period is over in the final 7 year cycle, satan is chained and cast into the Bottomless Pit by Michael the Archangel for 1000 years of Christ rule.
After that, it is released to deceive Gog and Magog who will be wiped out, and then satan, all demons, all unsaved spiritual traitors and all unsaved souls to be destroyed, will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternal torment or destruction. spirits can not be destroyed, souls can and will be by that fire of Gehenna Hell.

satan is not in any hurry to bring about the literal moment left in years, and be placed into torment forever. God is not about as He informed all in the Virgins and oil, to announce all of this coming plainly to warn sinners. There was that Ark with Noah for hundreds of years, and no one paid attention to it. No one is paying attention to the signs which have been taking place, and the seared and sealed are not going to change when the sun and moon signs do appear.

The second reading was:

Amos 5:11

Forasmuch therefore as your treading is upon the poor, and ye take from him burdens of wheat: ye have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell in them; ye have planted pleasant vineyards, but ye shall not drink wine of them.

I realize the rich in this world have no comprehension how heinous they are and will plead they are not stealing from poor people, but they fail to realize that their owning inflated properties keeping people from the American Dream, their using slave labor in imports and their taking double their stock prices now in Obama Wall Street money dumps is robbing the poor.

I was in town this past week and saw the cruel teacher who I had at school which I have spoken of. This is a miserable old man who stalks about scowling and trying to find people to interact with. He was in the junk store bothering people, but his task was buying pie plates for like 50 cents a piece. This is someone who has a foreign working wife all of his life, has a pension from the school, new SUV, nice home, is out for coffee every day and he is such a scrooge that he is taking pie plates from the poor to save some money.
Yes a Walmart type business in this town just closed and if this rich guy had been patronizing that business like all the rich, that business would not have closed in this Obama Super Depression. It is though the guilt of sin these rich people are responsible for as they rob people, the community and the nation.

I do not leave the sinful poor out of this in their wretchedness, but God was not directing me to deal with the poor masses who are being preyed upon and are witless. This is about the warning that signs are there for the advent of a situation which is predicted, and God is not making note of it in signs that should be there, and satan is in absolutely no hurry to meet it's doom.

It is not my calling to save any of you. It is not my business to warn you any more. I am just a voice in the wilderness making note of evidence for your convictions. You evil brats are not going to change. You are marked and sealed. You have proven what you are and it is recorded. I would that God was more plain in His signs for the children, but I am not bothered by signs or not signs, because I get up every day looking for what to do that day to Glorify God and when the Last Trump comes, Lame Cherry is going to be drying seeds to plant for the next year, even if I never touch them. I will by God's Grace not be caught unaware, but I am not stopping what I am doing as I have plans for land, animals, a home and experiments in home heating I am working on which is primitive but cheap. I know that electric is predicted to rise to 300 dollars per month from this cartel  regime, and I intend not to serve it, but to laugh at it as I sit in my shorts and t shirt all winter.

I am not going to be disappointed if God's finish appears He "delays", because I have a life in Him I will fulfill and I will make the best of it every moment. I pray Jesus comes back and look for Him to end this heinous evil rule of satan and it's minions and this is my Hope. I am not going to have my Faith shaken by signs or wonders or things God keeps hidden even from me. The basics are simple in Faith in Christ, Christ will return and it is my responsibility to keep myself in God's Law to not make Grace a license, and God handles all the rest as He is God.
It is why I will be changed at the Last Trump with TL and Mom, and most of you will be dead, in Sheol or waiting to be put into Gehenna. You never cared for me, never cared for the least of God's creatures, so you have not cared for Christ and that door is your execution cell you are entering in. You are known by how uncaring you are and that is your testimony and evidence you are delivering every moment.

That is the reality. It does not make any difference how much porn that poor sap is jacking off to. What matters is what sins you are guilty of as you preen in the mirror lying to yourself how precious you are.

For the poor, they will make the Way in Christ. Some have mechanical skills to get junk and fix it up to pay the bills in resales, others have abilities and skills in computer or whatever. It will all be a refining of the Good to become better offerings to the Father.

This ends at this as my head hurts from a second day of sinus in a cold house and my eyes blur when that happens, so the pony has run your lazy asses around the track enough today for another ride building your debt.

agtG 293yy

day of disaster

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The prostitute of America has fallen, fallen, fallen
The cadaver will not be helped
She no more shall ever rise.

A day of disaster is coming upon the West. America will not rise from this, but as the aged whore serving the necrophiles in the morgue ejaculating currency upon her, she rots on her couch, a tool of the ghoul.

It will be a day for the rich to become poor, a day for the living to become the dead, a day of anguish and tears for money, and not for their rich people's sins.
You sit in your wealth like pigs covered in their own excrement, oinking away at another rainfall of Wall Street wealth, adding to your sty. The finest of things you can not find away to squander upon yourselves, and you think your pennies of generosity should give you the worship which only God deserves.

America is ruined. You replaced Jesus with the image of Obama. You replaced the fruit of the womb with the canker of infanticide. You replaced your Niggers with foreigners. You replaced your wealth with debt. Yet you do not mourn, but only sigh over the pile of money you have which is eaten by the moth of inflation. Yet it only moves you to accept more bribes in your dividends, stealing more from the poor.

God hates your pride and in the day of disaster He will shove you over to the masters you have sold yourself to as He did Judah and Israel.

Listen, but do not be warned, you apostate trash. The day of disaster, will follow upon rumor, and the rumor will spread to other days. There will be a day when nine out of ten people will die. The one will be left in the house to answer a refrain to the question, "Is there anyone left here?", and the reply will be, "No."

Does a jet fly in the ocean? Does money grow on trees? Yet you Americans have changed justice into poison killing the nations.
You are corrupt and bankrupt in purse and heart. There is no good in you. You are vile and evil cancers from your places of leadership to your computer screens. One pervert leads the mob by a ring in the nose, and those who do not have the ring, put one in each nostril and a chain upon their ankle to prostitute themselves for serving debauchery more.
How perverse you are, the Governors of Alaska, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Texas, all led to the political slaughter, so the orgy of the monarchs of America can sully the bed of whoredoms more at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You brag of your victories in battle. What real army have your crushed? You might as well claim Battle Star Gallactica as your great victory too for all the bin Laden stage theater of your acting conquests.

The day of disaster will envelop you with a foreign army and what of it, when you have already been invaded by millions of foreigners to serve the rich in forced labor.
The day of disaster will encompass you from the Aleutians to the Keys, from Bangor to Baja.

"Go away Prophetess and tell us not these things. Go to a people who will pay you for your Prophesying. Tell us not the doom of our leader and the overthrow of America. Tell us not that the West will be a graveyard and our coffers will be coffins overflowing with our own rotted stench.
Let those others pay you. Do not Prophesy here and touch our hearts with your Prophesying, for we are good."

If your goodness be good, then disease, plague and pandemic, are a virtue to the dead and dying. I came not for pay, but a Spirit of the brier patch, where I minded the small herds and tended the small herb.
I was moved with the Message, not to save, but as a Witness, and you, yourselves have provided the testimony.
I was poor and you stole from me. I was devout and you made a whore of me. I was light and you made me twilight. I was free and you made me a slave, by stealing the 30 pieces of silver from the poor in making them donate for you rich.
The records of your actions are cut now in a sheet of steel, with a pen of diamond and are open for Judgment.

Listen to your sentence, for it is by your own actions and words. A thousand fold more will it be visited upon you, twice over, till there is none of you remaining. You who plagiarized will have no reply from God when you call, and you who bribed once, will have one reply from God, and the answer will be, "No".

Perish in your luxury. Perish in your streets. Perish in your gated organized communities. Perish in your boughten advantage. Perish as you flee in your cars. Perish, Perish, Perish.

Hide from it, and it will visit you. Flee from it and it will catch you. Be aware of your nativity for you have seen your grave at your door, and there will no shroud of dirt to cover you. Your shroud will be a swarm of flies. Your dirge the buzz of their wings. Your mourners dogs howling in lament over which corpse to choose, and your last supper the feast of the fowls perched upon the carrion you are.

You will be whores. You will be slaves. You will be dead.

Cleanse the land Lord of the offal, for the people you have raised as your own, have been consumed by the satanic mob, to make an excrement of the land. The day of disaster multiplies to the days of disaster.
Come quickly Lord Jesus for your children who are called by Your Name. Amen and Amen

agtG 268Y

david limbaugh's fool

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have discounted the Jesus on Trial book by David Limbaugh, for the simple reason, Limbaugh's promotion has sounded brain dead, and he is no expert in any of this and presents little understanding.

This though is not to rough up a Limbaugh, but a reality which I have experienced and it is one which affects all people, so it does not make any difference how many proofs a person assembles as David Limbaugh attempts, because from my understanding, God put doubt into every person in order to make this almost impossible to become a child of God, even though it is easy as confessing Jesus as your Savior and to stop sinning by choice.

I am someone who has been rescued by Angels. I have known the Holy Ghost intimately. I have heard conversations in Heaven I was not supposed to. I have Spiritual gifts and understanding in being a conduit of God. I have seen the light of Archangels, the Light of God, heard God.........recognized the darkness and had an Angel pull a brier from my eyelid to things that I have forgotten at the moment. By all accounts, I have all the proofs, but in me there is doubt like that of Thomas in "I must first place my hand in Jesus side".

The point in this, that even in doing that, it would not be enough, and that too would fade as it is all a matter of Faith.

The disciples grew indifferent to Jesus miracles. They doubted He was going to take up His Life again, and were huddled in seclusion.
The religious leaders were forever pestering Jesus to have Him tell them who He was, and He already had. He performed miracles and it was never enough.

In that, those who seek proof, it is by design from God, that it will never be enough for David Limbaugh, as God put doubt into people, for the expressed purpose He will only have Spiritual children who are refined.

The only real change in any person is when they have a near death experience or see the Light like St. Paul did. When one is raised from spiritual deadness, then one has the change proofed upon them and then they know, but that is not a physical thing, but a Spiritual one instead.

I have listened to the intellectual promote the proofs of Christ, stating that it was Law that required proofs, but it is written, "He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved", and not  "Those that have proof and are smart will be saved".

It is always a matter of Faith, and Faith is what it always comes down to by God by design. The Father seeks only those in Spirit and Truth to unite with  Him. That has nothing to do with proof. It has to do with the same thing which made Abraham righteous and that was Abraham believed God.

If you have to resort to facts to be saved, then you are never going to be saved, as Salvation is hearing about a Promise from God and believing God will deliver that Promise fully.

God reveals Himself in everything of nature. That revelation is though not enough for those too ignorant to comprehend that scientific proof.  Knowing that the moon is perfectly placed  for tides, eclipses and absorbing most meteors and could not be there, unless it was placed there, does no good for those seeking proofs, as they are too ignorant to understand the evidence.
God made this all difficult in many are called, but few are chosen, as He will only have those perfected in the daily struggle in Faith. That is the only way Spiritual Growth takes place.

I would hope David Limbaugh would find Faith, but he approaches Christ from an idol Limbaugh worships in being a mind intelligent in the ways of twisting the law. One only finds Christ by Faith.

This entire life I have in God, is based upon Faith. I know that God has given me proof and I know that God has placed doubt in me, so I trust in Faith. The Faith that Jesus will save me, just as there is nothing which can save me which I can do, and this is all about trusting Jesus.

Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. It is not about proof. It is about Faith, and those seeking proof are in denial of Christ in not completely trusting Him, but being deluded their minds are so superior to God's...........when God informs the wise they are caught in their own trap, and that the Thoughts of God are higher than the thoughts of people, from the sky above to the earth beneath.

I feel pity for David Limbaugh as he has approached this all wrong. St. Paul was one of the most elite legal scholars of his age, and the message he preached, Inspired by the Holy Ghost was one of Faith.
Hebrews is written about Faith as  St. Paul proves Christ in the points of the Law, to a people who doubted Christ and in Revelation, one finds Christ recounting the early Churches not measuring up.
That measuring up was not for a lack of proof, as these people had the Apostles who had seen Christ, they had the Prophets writings, they had the miracles, the speaking in tongues and witnessed the workings of the Holy Ghost, and it was not enough, because they came not in Faith to sustain them, while growing in the Word of God.

It is about Faith, and Faith alone in Christ.


cukes in a pot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an update my children in the experiment I was forced into in exile, with the results of growing things on a deck in high heat, humidity and unpleasantness.

I started off with a gallon pot which I put into planter, which contained one Kuri squash and one Armenian cucumber. The squash was spiritually attacked, and the first fruit was not pollinated, but I did get the second one done. It produced a small softball size squash and then gave up the ghost.
It had several attempts on the bud ends, but they yellowed. Simply could not water enough to make this variety produce.

The Armenian, I pollinated by God's Grace two fruit which did set on. There was not enough root room to keep others on and they self aborted. I picked one and got seed which surprised me, and was good enough to eat. The other I was saving for seed, I picked as the squash died, and the plant started to grow again, in setting on two more cukes.
It was very hot though, and even with watering four times a day, growth was not that robust in the melons, but the vines are still flowering.
I think these Armenians which people do not write enough about, are a dependable "cuke" for fresh eating. I have been putting apple cider vinegar, some sugar, pepper and celery seed on them for fridge pickles and they are lasting until the quart and a half sherbet container is eaten.

Thing is with these Armenians is you wait too long like cucumbers, they get soft, and in their case, they get this squash flavor in being tangy. TL likes it, but I prefer flavorless cucumbers.

It was possible though to grow some cukes in the Armenians if one does not have a garden or access to ground. They do not go weed wild in growth either.

I find the apples seedlings with fertilizer will grow continuously and robustly, in heat or cold, in plastic 16 ounce or larger containers, providing they are watered enough.

Sugar Maples are like weeds, in just watering they grow constantly.

The Slippery Elms I found, grow well, but not of the vigor of the maples.

The oaks I have........well even if a fast growing variety, they are alive and not growing after one leaf spurt. It is possible though to keep them growing.

Black Mulberries....they grow ok, but nothing like feet in a few months. I fertilized one and almost killed like the Linden variety.......think it is a basswood I jerked out of the ground is in this heat trying to decide about living and dying in too much watering. I will hold back and see now things straighten out with that.

If I needed trees for a lot or a property, I honestly would look for curb trees growing the cracks. People are so stupid now in being needed to be told things, but if you are in an area where you know the people or people will not care, a screwdrive stuck in the soil without making the crack bigger will pop a tree out which you can put in a planter immediately and have a tree.
I am surprise the green nuts are not advocating a Lame Cherry policy of cities mandating their parks departments to try and save most of these trees for other plantings. State agriculture forestry services could literally obtain thousands of trees for rural plantings, by simply gathering them in.

Safety sake, you can just pick up the seeds as I have, and sprout them yourselves.

Oh I have what turned out to be two cottonwoods which I found growing in a crack by the car. They too now are growing well......not as robust as the maples, but they will find a home at the brier patch the Lord Willing.

I was watching Tomatoe Gal, the neighbor, and I do not think she has tomatoes, but basil growing. The German Frau who keeps watch here, gave me some basil the other day, and the stuff grows well in pots on concrete in the heat. I just do not know how Tomatoe Gal can eat that much basil as it is like a salad.....I plan on trying it for a herb container garden next season.

It seems to me though that these Armenians if you keep them watered, fed and picked, they produce enough to eat in being more weed like.

I see it is about time to phone Mom, but the reason I post things on these plants specifically, is so you will have something that will probably grow and you can eat. It is one thing for someone in Eden to post pictures of all they can grow, and it is another thing in some cold or scorching patch to be disappointed in. Most people live in places where life sucks.

I honestly believe that what I have done would work in Arizona blasting heat, providing it was only morning sun exposure and not concrete bake oven....and it should work in New England cool as the pots would collect sun heat.....but it would be longer due to the cooler temperatures.

Yes the tomatoes in 7 plants have  about 25 tomatoes on them........they are planters, and they tomatoes are smaller in Roma.......and yes I have now several with blossom end rot, as it is impossible to water enough in this heat to keep a constant supply of moisture to the plants which is what causes end rot.
See you can do everything right, and things still suck. I can though look at this as a blessing in perhaps the plants not having end rot, might be the seeds to these Roma's are auditioning as San Marzano's in some of the reverting of these hybrids.

Thankfully the hibiscus only had 2 of those nasty green worms I jarred up to kill them, which were eating holes in the flowers. Must be a once a season moth that has no repeats, unlike those cabbage worms.

Oh and the Asian Lily that TL got is still green in the pot with watering......and yond Coneflower is now defunct, but should be good for transplanting this fall.

Yeah time to check bread rising and call Mom.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

This means World War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the economic war now in full engagement against Russia and the Russian people, so they will rise up and assassinate President Vladimir Putin, in order to install a National Socialist of the cartel order, the reality is now that the stage has been set for World War, centered in Europe.

President Putin stated plainly that 2 years is the window. This time frame if Russia weathers the economic terrorism from the cartel, is based upon the reality of the Saudi led Islamics are initiating another war starter against American Big Frac in shutting down the wells in the American oil boom, as American oil barons will not pump oil as they shut it down in the 1980's when the Reagan inspired oil deflation took place.

The WashPo words are the basis of this:

But, in general, he (PUTIN) blamed “external factors, first and foremost” for creating Russia’s situation — accusing the West of intentionally trying to weaken Russia.
“No matter what we do they are always against us,” Putin said, one of a series of observations directed at how he said the West has been treating Russia.
Putin attributed Western sanctions that have targeted Russia’s defense, oil and gas and banking sectors for about “25 percent” of Russia’s current difficulties.

So the stage is set in America and Western Europe against Russia, and this means China who is benefiting from low oil prices and their faux economy being built by the cartel and the Obama regime.
We now are faced with the next steps in this, and they have already started. Examine the Russian nuclear sword rattling and the Chechen terrorism, in both sides are probing each other. The logical next step in this war is LAND LEVERAGE, and as it is an arena of control, it will not be the Mideast, but eastern Europe where this contest will take place. This means the Slavic lands will be the friction point in terrorism as assassination will according to the Catholic oracles erupt this into a global war.

Do not miss the reality of the Vatican brokering a Cuban deal to appoint new controllers in that island crime regime. The Pater Pope is dividing lands, and is overseeing control exactly like the Holy Roman Empire. These are the signs of the start of all of this. The Pater Pope will require a sword, and as the Vatican does not have an arsenal, they will need to hire a leader, and the Bible points to the political leader of the age being the anti Christ, which Obama was a prototype of in mass hysteria.

For the next two years, Vladimir Putin is going to be put on a more cutting edge as he is honed in fury over those cartel forces trying to cut his head off. The entire Russian focus will be on issues of how to weaken America, survive Russia, and then when the moment arises to strike itself.

The Kremlin mindset is formulated, as Vladimir Putin is focusing upon the taking of Texas from Mexico in being American fair. The reverse of this is the reality of what America took, can be returned to Mexico backed by Peking. That is the hidden threat in what Mr. Putin was really stating.

“Taking Texas from Mexico is fair, but whatever we are doing is not fair?” he said, in comments seemingly directed at the United States."

This is what the Asians in control of Europe are angling for. Pitting the powers against each other, to their destruction, while the minority few rule the world, all from their political head at Jerusalem.

Mr. Putin is the best at this in the KGB and FSB is expert as cold war terrorism to advance their agenda against the west. Yes they make mistakes, but they do massive amounts of damage, just like the Ashkenaz sponsored al Qaeda war.

None of this has to do with fair. It has to do with the implementation of world war in establishing an old satanic order.

nuff said.


Hale Merry, Full of Cuba

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As none of you are going to get this right on Cuba, the answers will be found here, and for those with more than dimwits will be reminded of an entire series on the ousting of Pope Ben for the Pater Pope, and how Jesuit installed Obama was involved in that.......and how all of that black liberation of Jeremiah Wright was what weaned Obama and is what the image has been part of.

USA to release three Cuban spies...
'Normalize' relationship with Castro...
Shockwaves through Miami exile community...
Protest In Little Havana...
'Traitor, traitor'...
Travel Industry Eyeing Cuba Tourism...
RUBIO: 'Terrible setback for the oppressed'...
Dem: Rewards 'brutal behavior'...
Pope Heavily Involved...
Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City...

That is why the Pope was here...........ah you remember that comment from this blog when the Pope showed up in America, and how it was recorded about what the Pater was dividing up?
Yes the Lame Cherry told you in Inspiration all of this, and now you see from the headlines that the Vatican was busy dividing up America as the Jesuits import millions of Latin slave laborers to be exploited by American Chamber Choir boys as the political controls are placed into permanent Feudal State Power.

The thing no one is going to write about is what this was all about and it is about NARCOTICS. You have to know that Cuba was olde mafia in the Sicilian and Jew mafia........same patriots who kept the docks Nazi free in FDR and J. Edgar Hoover's World War II. Same patriots who were fingered for shooting John Kennedy when the cartel crew was behind it all.
What you do not comprehend was that was about DOPE then, and the replacement of those old world dope lords for Marxist Castro dope lords. The days of Bob Vesco running CIA fringe is what this was all about. Fidel Castro was the biggest dope lord in the western hemisphere, and all that money ended up in Rockefeller banks.
Now you should be able to figure this out, as this blog informed you in 2008, that Obama was building a new dope pipeline into Europe out of FARC South American communists. It was why Hillary was all tight pussy about the Hondurans ousting their damned cowboy dope lord el presidente in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.
 A change was coming and al Qaeda was getting the mule routes into Africa out of South America for European dumping, and by passing the British London Heathrow drop points. The Brits were upset over all of this, but this all went into the Balkans as I told you, and has as of late gone directly through Spain.

Now what is taking place is the Castro's have been replaced and a more Obama refined dope ring is being put into place in Cuba. The old order is gone and the Obama image order is in place, and the center of this hub is now Vatican City, Washington City and Sin City Havana for playtime of the elite.
Cuba has a history of being the most notorious place on the planet and it now is going to be open season as this Islamocommunist Iranian, new Havana and Vatican group which the Obama regime is managing out of 1600 Penn Avenue rapes the benefits.

No one gives a damn about those pesky Florida Cubans. No one cares about a free Cuba, as this is all about laundering money and whatever else will now be overt mafia criminality, but the old mafia is not going to be getting the cut they should have.

That is what is behind all of this, and can be found in the archives of the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter. This is the Vatican black robes of the Jesuits, the international Islamic dope mules and how it is all managed out of 1600 Penn Avenue by the image of Obama.

The world has been divided again, and you just witnessed the latest prize which is not for Americans, not for Latins and not for anyone but the same cartel feudal lords and priests gnawing off nations caught in their clutches.

I leave that at that as Lame Cherry does not live by donations alone as who the blessed Virgin could eh on what you rich people involved in this Vatican state of Obamerica are raping the Latins as slave labor, genociding the Negroid and murdering off the white classes who built all of this competition to the old world order.

nuff said


cuke sex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been upset as my Kuri squash arrived a female blossom, but all the male blossoms had given up the pollen days previous...........

I know a great deal about pumpkin and squash sex, as I have been involved in their procreation for years, but when it comes to cucumbers, I really had no comprehension in how to deal with any of this.

For those unaware, vines have male and female flowers. The females have little melons on them, and the males just profusely appear in record numbers, weeks before the female event to lure in bees and then constantly afterwards.

In squash and pumpkins, the pollen is often so full that there is absolutely no worry about it if one arises early enough in the morning. I frequently use the leaf stem of a pig weed or a lambsquarter to dispatch the pollen to the female flower.

The problem with cucumbers though is one can not see pollen if one has access to the pollen, and in that a new system was to be worked out for these Armenian cucumbers or melons as they are called.
This was my first attempt at this genus, and I was surprised how the first melons were on a runner off by themselves. It certainly made locating them easy.

What follows is the million dollar knowledge again, as I soon learned that the best way to deal with this was to carefully pinch off the male flowers from the vine, and then expose the male flower part by removing the petals and lower covering.
This along with the stem attached provided the best sexual intercourse with the female flowers.

In this, the older the male blossoms were, the more prone they are to snapping off at the flower, not leaving the stem for handling the fertilization part most easily, so that is part of the nuance of this which is most important.

I believe it is best to pollinate with a few male blossoms, and it does not hurt to reuse them on other female flowers. This worked very well in I successfully have two cukes now set on with two more hopefully pollinated today.

Out of necessity, I had to use a planter this year, which God provided in the trash. I am watering about 1 gallon a day, in half a gallon in the morning and half at night. I have been fertilizing once a month with an organic fertilizer which smells like animal lure from trapping, and the little flies like it immensely too. The point being in one can grow things in earth boxes or planters, but it requires a reservoir watering from below and above, along with fertilizing so the plants are growing like hydroponics wards.

I had no idea if this would work as the container is like 2 gallons and I have one squash and one cucumber in it. They seem to be behaving and the only problem I have had is the missing male flowers on the Kuri.

The roots are poking out the bottom of the planter and growing in the reservior soup and there is not the least problem with any of this. I fill the gallon milk jugs, and allow the chlorine to evaporate and do my deluge twice a day.

This has worked out exceedingly well and I am thankful and pleased. The tomatoes in planters need a bit of a catch up as I look for little blossoms on their barely 6 inch plants. It is all in the learning and I am hoping for a burst of growth from them soon.

Without bees this is the only sure method of pollinating vines, in the melon class of cucumbers, watermelon and cantelope types. I am thinking of maybe trying to leave the first one for seed, as if this works out, I do see two other cukes appearing on the vines.
I think TL and I ate five meals off of one last year, so is not like we are going to be short on these which is extremely nice in having this type of production.
It reminds me one year when I had 4 Collective Farm Women melons started early and I think we were blessed with like 16 melons, and some were very large...left them on the lawn for a month and they kept as good as the grocery.

I am going to re examine planting and paying attention to things as husbanding these crops definitely has an advantage.

nuff said.