Monday, May 30, 2016

No more rest for the Wicked

Bernie Sanders Could Still Take The Democratic Nomination From Hillary ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On this Memorial Day, understand there has not been any war since the Spanish American War in fulfilling the Monroe Doctrine of no foreign powers possessing lands in the Americas, which has been legitimate.
The Kaiser of Germany was not evil. Hitler's Germany was no more evil than King George's English Empire. The word has been nothing but an Ashkenaz anti Christian communist conspiracy, which traitors to America named Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton and Bush drew America into.

You have wars, because you reject the Lord your God.

28 But after they had rest, they did evil again before thee: therefore leftest thou them in the land of their enemies, so that they had the dominion over them: yet when they returned, and cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven; and many times didst thou deliver them according to thy mercies;
 29 And testifiedst against them, that thou mightest bring them again unto thy law: yet they dealt proudly, and hearkened not unto thy commandments, but sinned against thy judgments, (which if a man do, he shall live in them;) and withdrew the shoulder, and hardened their neck, and would not hear.
 30 Yet many years didst thou forbear them, and testifiedst against them by thy spirit in thy prophets: yet would they not give ear: therefore gavest thou them into the hand of the people of the lands.
 31 Nevertheless for thy great mercies' sake thou didst not utterly consume them, nor forsake them; for thou art a gracious and merciful God.

Nehemiah 9:28 - 31

The time for wars of correction is over. Now will be wars of genocide against Americans and the West, of captivity, rape, murder, enslavement, if you do not get this right with Donald John Trump as President, and if you do not pray for him to be kept as a conduit in God's hand.

The world is in the balance now, not just Americans. Put in the effort now, or die in mass later.

There will either be a remnant left in this world on Christ's return or a gleaning. God is being extremely merciful now in instead of wiping away the human race as He has warned in the Bible, in giving you leaders as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to follow, over the narrowest bridge across a bottomless pit. There is one way and you either take it or the entire sinful world plunges into annihilation.

If you want to be coddled, you blew that in America after 9 11 in God winning those wars, and you slapped God in the face with this false messiah Obama creature. You people of the West are all guilty. Now the end of humanity begins as the people are going to be made to walk as adults and will face the punishment of their sodomite desires.

Nuff Said


Bern Notice To Democrats

Editor's Note: This is such vital information for democrats that this will be a stand alone post on this Memorial Day.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to preface this with a disclaimer for the brats, the non donors, to be given permission to read this and disseminate the information in the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps in this warning to them of how they are being set up, because this Conservative Christian loves many things more than the right wing. I love the free and fair election as without it, there is no free people. It is why I loathe all those who steal elections, and in that warning to the Sanders and Clinton voters, you have a bigger threat than Donald Trump, and that person is Vice President Joe Biden.

All of you are being distracted by the Hillary and Bernie show. I detest Hillary Clinton stealing primaries from Bernie Sanders and I detest Bernie Sanders trying to set up Donald Trump in the fraud debate to endanger him. So while the left is fighting amongst themselves, there has been a silent maestro directing all of this to protect the regime and legacy from prosecution.
As the veil of this comes off, I am going to tell you something which will shock all of you, in the outsider communist Bernie Sanders, is not an outsider at all, but was chosen and funded by the very elite, to first promote communism into the American presidential process and the Obama regime has been promoting and propping up Bernie Sanders in order to bring down Hillary Clinton.

image Obama knows Bernie Sanders has no chance of anything in these fraud democrat elections, and the image knows that Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to spend the next 4 years obliterating the Obama legacy, and using criminal indictments on image Obama to make the jig dance the jig. So the only protection the regime has is to not confront the lethal Clintons with all their dirt on image Obama directly, but to back Sanders to do the dirty work, and when necessary indict Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

Democrat voters thought it enjoyable when Ted Cruz who was another insider stooge was ripping the guts out of the GOP, but every democrat has been played the sucker in all of their intellectual superiority, as that is the way MK ULTRA operates, in using people's strengths to make them their weakness. A democrat could not ever be mind gamed, so they let their defenses down in the simple triggers of someone to hate in Trump, someone to feel superior to in themselves, and the slight of hand in Bernie and Hillary going at it, and while democrats are distracted, image Obama has been directing all of this to Joe Biden, as was implanted in your minds and rejected from the start of this.

So you understand this, in MK ULTRA terms of those who are administrators, this is called "mind rape". See it is akin to jamming an erection to invade by shock thrust. Biden replacing Clinton and Sanders is rejected in revulsion, and it is withdrawn, and it becomes a passive memory of pain, but when it is repeated, there is less resistance to no resistance by the victim, and they accept it.
That was the mistake of the Cruz campaign, in their controls, in they raped with penetration, but kept jamming in, which in return triggers "fight mode" and hardens the resolve of  the voter being assaulted. It is why Cruz trolls are such wicked losers, is because their rape was rejected, and they keep trying to make Americans accept the rape and not reject the rapist.
The Cruz agents were a unique e-triggered group, who by revelation, reveal that there is a lurking rapist in their dark matter, just as the democrat operatives are comprised mostly of wife beaters and assassins in their dark matter.

For those in the Bernie and Hillary camps who doubt the forensic psychology of the Lame Cherry expertise, behold the evidence as Obamatown in the Chicago Tribune has been laying the framework to steal the election from Hillary and Bernie voters, and the process has already been engaged in, in the conditioning process. 

Joe Biden would be an excellent 'slip-in' candidate if Hillary Clinton falters

Vice President Joe Biden, 73, agonized last year before deciding not to put himself and his family through the rigors of a presidential bid. Vice President J…
SouthtownStar2 days ago

One has to appreciate the "slip in", as in slipping the cock in, is it rape or is it not? See Donald Trump used "slip Joe Biden in", and it was changed for mind conditioning from the CIA Obama faction to slip in, to remind everyone of Bill Clinton rapes, and the reality that Joe Biden has been up every male's rectum and every woman's vagina, in the first penetration.

If Clinton's email-related problems get worse or other developments sink her popularity far below even Trump's, causing her to step aside, Biden, as a more establishment figure than Sanders, would be the party's likely choice as a "slip-in" candidate and an almost certain winner against Trump.
Sanders' die-hard supporters would be outraged, of course, but they're already outraged.

It is very important for all of you trusting Sanders and Clinton supporters who have been herded to paranoia against Donald Trump to understand, that while you were distracted, you have become the joke. So you understand the joke in this mind fuck, Joe Biden gets the girl from Bill Clinton to slip it into her, while Bernie Sanders' supporters are dismissed as just some more Islamic fanatics to be droned on their outrage.

I did not write the above. That comes from the Obama Tribune in women are just an ass prize to mark with a Biden cum dump and Sanders voters are just some more DIE HARDs for President Joe to shoot like LaVoy Finicum in Oregon.
You liberals who cheered that murder for Hillary Clinton have just been notified you are all going to be next in this jihad by the Obama regime.

Yes the Obama Tribune has been busy. Out with the old Hillary and in with the new Poco Warren.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Southern California

Hillary Clinton's Private Server Does Not Look Like An  Honest Mistake

How do all of you brilliant democrats feel at this moment in having your eyes opened to being played easier than a 5 year old to a piece of candy from a pedophile perv? That analogy concerning hair sniffer Biden and dancing little boys Obama is not far off.
It is shocking to find out how easy it all is when it happens to you, but the shock is your one chance to shake it off, but the warning is, if you ignore this and return the veil, you are never getting out of this menagerie, because you gulped Obama and will drown in Biden.

This is now a problem for the now discovered Sanders and Clinton supporters, in they are in the free zone. The paradigm has been demolished in their minds, and it is being rebuilt in forward motion, as Sanders, Clinton, Obama and Biden, will not allow these minds to construct their paradigm in stability. From this moment inside of them, as it has always been, the foundations of themselves will be eroding like a sand castle in the waves, filling them with fear and terror, as they flee inside of themselves.

See I know what is inside of all of you. Your tormentors do too.

Democrats do not have a choice, as you did not tear down your party as Republicans did in throwing out Cantor, Boehner, Bush, Cruz, standing by Donald Trump and now primarying Paul Ryan. What democrats have is to be a whore with Hillary or dead in the morgue with Bernie, until President Joe comes to collect you, to return you to the Obama gulag.

Now you democrats, have the adult information which my children play with and do so quite well through the looking glass.
I do this quite well as you might learn if you stay around for the Truth by Inspiration by the Grace of God, which is a foundation you do not believe in........if you did my democratic brats, you would not have been down the rabbit hole chasing Hillary and Bernie with President Joe hunting you.

You do remember Obama in Japan, manipulating the American elections in trying to degrade Donald Trump, which all of you were so pleased with as you hate Mr. Trump..........problem is image Obama has been doing the same thing to Bernie and Hillary in the Chicago Tribune.

You are through the looking glass. For now I am Alice and if you will listen for the first time in your life, I will by God's Grace bring you back to reality.

Or you can have this.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bob Doles should be Honored and not Heard

Image: Bob Dole: Trump Should Apologize to McCain, Make Gingrich Running Mate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bob Dole is attempting to obtain a payback for his endorsement of Donald Trump and it is a miscalculation which will ruin the last chapter of the Dole legacy.

Former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole said Saturday that Donald Trump needed to apologize to Sen. John McCain for attacking his Vietnam War record — and that Newt Gingrich should be presumptive nominee's running mate.

"One of my best friends, closest two or three friends, is John McCain," Dole, 92, who served in both the Senate and House for 35 years, told Ana Cabrera on CNN in a telephone interview from his Kansas home. "I am going to try to get Trump to issue an apology.

Yes the above was featured on the pro Hillary Clinton site of Newsmax in Chris Ruddy, the neo clinton apologist.

Senator Dole is out of touch with the American future and attempting to drag it back to the Obama abyss. In the first rebuttal of this to Bob Dole, is the fact that John McCain will probably be primaried as everyone hates him in the Republican Party right after that traitor Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump can not show weakness and an apology is weakness to a dying candidate. If John McCain would choose to apologize to Donald Trump, Americans and Veterans, as Senator Marco Rubio did for his remarks at Mr. Trump, then that is the proper measure for the past in John McCain to apologize to the future in Donald Trump, for Mr. McCain attempting to derail America's salvation.

As for Newt Gingrich, putting an old, pasty, southern misogynist, who has been a puppet of the conglomerates and posing with Hillary Clinton for photos, this would be an absolute disaster for the Trump campaign.

This is disingenuous of Bob Dole and his loyalties would only install Hillary Clinton as President, as Donald Trump apologizing for one thing, would have the scent of blood in the water and it would be rapist Bill Clinton and Hamrod Hillary demanding their apologies next, with terrorists and invaders.

Bob Dole, you are someone who should be seen and not heard. Like John McCain and Newt Gingrich, you should have kept your mouth shut.

America's future is not in the grave, where Dole, McCain and Gingrich in their past 3 score and 10 will be soon enough residing.


Canada By Popular Demand

Notre bien-aimé Amérique

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not just the Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, Obama, Hillary policy of genocide of White Americans, in their suicide and death rates are through the roof in the psychological assault and soul rape these Americans have been under for a generation, it has now progressed in Canada to the regime there handling the "Canadian Problem" in nationally sanctioned suicide or more to the point genocide of the White race in Canada.

Canada's Trudeau defends assisted suicide bill as deadline nears...

Yes liberal Canada is implementing the Obama policy of genocide of the White race, with a twist, that instead of sending the police state out to gun down LaVoy Finicum, in Canada it is more civil like Planned Parenthood, in murdering Canadians will be regime sanctioned, and for those who do not comprehend the reality of Trudeau, Obama and Clinton, that once the state has powers to do something like taxes and war, what started out as a choice, becomes a mandate, and then a penalized dictate.
What liberals in Canada are laying the foundation for, is the regime in Canada to decide next who should be put to death for the good of majority who rule.

That majority is now filling up with Chinese Asians and Muslim Asians. No Christians in this paradigm shift, so the humanity and safeguards are all gone. The races who brought the world Moa slavery and cannibalism, and Muhammed terrorism and suicide bombers will soon have Canadastan assisting the mass genocide of White Canada and those pesky White French who think they have the right to be in Quebec.

I am sincere in this, in advocating a Trump White Paper on this. Just as the British had rights to protect the English in North Ireland, just as Adolf Hitler had right to protect German nationals in Prussia and France, just as Vladimir Putin has right to protect Russians in Ukraine and Georgia, these United States have a right to protect the French in Canada in American Illinois and Louisiana connection, as  much as the area of Canada West of the Red River, which is inhabited by American immigrants promised land in the 1900 settlement of Western Canada.
Stopping the Genocide of Canada is as ever bit as important as stopping the Genocide of America. This must be a priority of America, in the protection of Americans and French in Canada, from this despotic and murderous Trudeau regime.

The White Race, the Caucasian Race is not second class. The tan skins of Islam, Jesuit Latin and Asians are not the Master Race to replace the native species like Norwegian rats  replacing the American Deer Mouse.

Prime Minister Trudeau like image Obama has implemented war, genocidal war on the Canadian and American race of Peoples. This is a reality which will be addressed in hands united across the Canadian American Border in defense of the lands our parents tamed and built to great nations. Genocide by Trudeau and Obama is not policy, it is a crime against humanity.

America and Canada are one People, one Faith, one Destiny. We are a People of Life and not of death.

- Lame  Cherry

Red River Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Red River Colony ... he was an American special agent and Winnipeg consul who used his political power to shape the destiny of the ... United Canada New Caledonia
Lord Selkirk in the Red River Colony envisioned not two nations, but one America, for we have always been one People.
America must rise now to protect our kindred in Canada.


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

Il est non seulement la politique Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, Obama, Hillary du génocide des Américains blancs, dans leurs taux de suicide et de décès sont à travers le toit dans l'assaut psychologique et âme viol ces Américains ont été sous pour une génération, il a maintenant progressé au Canada au régime il la manipulation du «problème canadien» au suicide sanctionné au niveau national ou plus au point le génocide de la race blanche au Canada.

Trudeau Canada défend assisté projet de suicide comme échéance se rapproche ...

Oui libérale Canada met en œuvre la politique Obama de génocide de la race blanche, avec une torsion, qu'au lieu d'envoyer l'état de la police vers arme LaVoy Finicum, au Canada, il est plus civile comme Planned Parenthood, à assassiner les Canadiens seront régime sanctionné , et pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas la réalité de Trudeau, Obama et Clinton, qu'une fois que l'état a le pouvoir de faire quelque chose comme les taxes et la guerre, ce qui a commencé comme un choix, devient un mandat, puis un diktat pénalisé.
Qu'est-ce que les libéraux sont au Canada jette les bases de, est le régime au Canada de décider suivant qui devrait être mis à mort pour le bien de la majorité qui gouvernent.

Cette majorité est maintenant remplit avec les Asiatiques chinois et musulmans Asiatiques. Aucun chrétiens dans ce changement de paradigme, de sorte que l'humanité et les garanties sont tous partis. Les races qui ont amené le monde Moa l'esclavage et le cannibalisme, et Muhammed terrorisme et kamikazes auront bientôt Canadastan aider le génocide de masse de White Canada et ces satanés blanc français qui pensent qu'ils ont le droit d'être au Québec.

Je suis sincère dans ce domaine, dans la promotion d'un livre blanc sur ce Trump. Tout comme les Britanniques avaient droit à la protection de l'anglais en Irlande du Nord, tout comme Adolf Hitler avait le droit de protéger les ressortissants allemands en Prusse et en France, tout comme Vladimir Poutine a le droit de protéger les Russes en Ukraine et en Géorgie, ces Etats-Unis ont le droit de protéger le français au Canada dans l'Illinois américain et une connexion Louisiane, autant que la région du Canada-Ouest de la rivière Rouge, qui est habitée par des immigrants américains terres dans le règlement 1900 de l'Ouest canadien promis.
Arrêter le génocide du Canada est comme toujours aussi important que l'arrêt du génocide d'Amérique. Ce doit être une priorité de l'Amérique, dans la protection des Américains et des Français au Canada, de ce régime Trudeau despotique et meurtrière.

La Race Blanche, le Caucase Race est pas deuxième classe. Les peaux de bronzage de l'Islam, jésuite latine et les Asiatiques ne sont pas la principale course pour remplacer les espèces indigènes comme des rats norvégiens remplaçant l'American souris sylvestre.

Le premier ministre Trudeau comme l'image d'Obama a mis en œuvre la guerre, la guerre génocidaire sur la course canadienne et américaine des peuples. Ceci est une réalité qui sera abordée dans les mains unies à travers la frontière canadienne-américaine pour la défense des terres de nos parents apprivoisés et construits pour les grandes nations. Génocide par Trudeau et Obama n'est pas politique, il est un crime contre l'humanité.

    Amérique et le Canada sont un seul peuple, une seule foi, un destin. Nous sommes un peuple de la vie et non de mort.

    - Cerise Lame

Red River Colony - Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre

La colonie de la rivière Rouge ... il était un agent spécial américain et Winnipeg consul qui a utilisé son pouvoir politique pour façonner le destin de la ... Canada-Uni Nouvelle-Calédonie

[Recherche domaine]

Lord Selkirk dans la colonie de la rivière Rouge envisageait pas deux nations, mais l'Amérique, car nous avons toujours été un peuple.

L'Amérique doit se lever maintenant pour protéger notre famille au Canada.

Trump White Paper: The Minute Men

The Minute Man will be known by their Ranger Hats
in being of the People, by the People and for the People 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this continuing series of suggestions for Anticipated President, Donald J. Trump, the Lame Cherry puts forth the reality that the Citizen of these United States feels intimidated by the police state. It has become a matter that some official terrorizes a landowner in Wyoming for building a pond on his own property, being fined millions of dollars by the regime agencies, and it requires a pro bono attorney for two years to save the distraught family.

These types of things must be redressed for the people, and the Lame Cherry suggests that the People of these United States require a Guard to protect them, whom they can turn to and complain and this Guard will initiate a Federal response to protect any Citizen under duress who calls out.
Think of this as an asylum for the people, a catching hold of the horns of the altar in the Temple, the Priests sanctuary in the Church, a Constitutional Law enforcement agency of Federal Sheriffs sworn to uphold the protection of the People first and last, with precedent over all other bodies, in the Golden Thread of English Law, that ALL are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

These should be called the Minute Men, answerable only to the elected President.

The checks and balances of this would be a tribunal of Justices, headed by someone as the fine Judge Janice Rogers Brown.

File:Janice Rogers Brown.jpg

Justice Brown with two other associates would oversee the Minute Men, along with a network of offices in all 50 states, led by a Praetor, the Magistrate of America. I would suggest this office be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

There would be 50 Federal Magistrates from the People, being over 18 years old, natural born Citizens, with no criminal felony record, would be the only qualification for all of these posts.

A Minute Man decree takes precedent over all other legal papers and findings.

In this any American under duress in facing siege could file asylum, and immediately come under the protection of the President, and all agencies actions would cease and desist by the mandate of this High Court of the People.

The Minute Men would not be limited to asylum pleas, but any American could file a complaint against corporations who were involved in human traffic, and the Minute Men with evidence found would arrest immediately the most powerful corporate heads in America if the charges were correct. That would include any agency heads and operational conduits involved in actions against Americans would be arrested, tried and if convicted face the full weight of the Justice system, including the death penalty.

As in Hanging Judge Parker of True Grit, there would be no appeal to the Praetorian Court, except to the President, and barring any intervention from the Office of the White House in 3 days, full sentence would be implemented, including death, and any attempts at interference by lower courts would enlist an immediate apprehension of these usurpers of American Justice.

That is what this is. American Justice. Americans have been so assaulted and intimidated, by a ruthless and super charged police state that there is no way to fight back. The Minute Men would stand with every Sheriff's Office in every county, separate and not over them, in protecting every American, and it would be confidential, an interview by the Minute Men, and when crimes are found, there will be immediate action to protect Americans.

This is a necessity now of a terrorized people, to free itself from institutionalized tyranny. This is the People's Check and Balance, from their Chief Law Enforcement Officer President Donald John Trump.


Mentally Hostage to Bernie Sanders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all the glorification of "Give Away Bernie" in the socialist Bernie Sanders, no one seems to have noticed a glaring reality in the racism, bigotry, misogyny of the Sanders Campaign, which lurks like a reptile, ready to devour Bernie's desperate masses.

Here is the campaign of Bernie Sanders, to give you a hint at what you are looking at, it is all void of the imported Muslim and Jesuit's of color, and blacks, but reflects nothing but Asheknaz Bernie and the penis.

The campaign staff will continue to grow and likely won’t be fully set until early July. Here’s an early look at many of the key players in Sanders’ political orbit:

• Jeff Weaver is Sanders’ campaign manager. He served as the senator’s campaign manager during his successful Senate run in 2006 and served as chief of staff in Sanders’ House and Senate offices. He first began working for Sanders as a 20-year-old on his 1986 gubernatorial campaign.
• Phil Fiermonte, Sanders’ longtime state director, is the campaign’s field director. Fiermonte, who has worked for Sanders for 16 years, has long been in Sanders’ inner circle and helped manage his past campaigns. Most recently, he was heavily involved in coordinating the senator’s upcoming trip to Iowa. He was also previously listed as the treasurer of Sanders’ leadership PAC. In April, he joined Sanders, Sanders’ wife Jane and another adviser, Tad Devine, in Vermont for a planning weekend to discuss his bid. He’s a former member of the Burlington City Council and previously worked as executive director of the Vermont American Federation of Teachers. Both he and Weaver are Vermont natives.
• Tad Devine, a longtime Democratic strategist, has helped shepherd Sanders’ political efforts. Devine is a big name in Democratic politics: He has worked for several other presidential candidates, including John Kerry, Al Gore and Michael Dukakis. He also has a rapport with Washington reporters, giving Sanders’ early political efforts some cachet. His exact role with the campaign remains undetermined, but he has been an important veteran Democratic voice for Sanders, the longtime independent who has said he will run to win the party’s nomination.

• Mark Longabaugh, one of Devine’s business partners, has played a central role in helping to organize the early stages of Sanders’ campaign, serving as an unofficial campaign manager of sorts before Weaver signed on. He ran former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign operations in New Hampshire.
• Pete D’Alesandro is Sanders’ Iowa campaign coordinator. The Des Moines Democratic operative has worked on campaigns for two decades, including for former Govs. Chet Culver and Tom Vilsack.
• Kurt Ehrenberg is Sanders’ New Hampshire field director. He comes to the Vermont senator from “Run Warren Run,” the draft effort that was pushing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president. He has also previously worked as a political and legislative director for the AFL-CIO’s New Hampshire branch.
• Digital firm Revolution Messaging runs Sanders’ online fundraising and social media efforts — big for a candidate who’ll rely on small-dollar contributions and benefits from a strong social-media presence. Four members of the team worked on Barack Obama’s insurgent 2008 campaign — Scott Goodstein, who ran Obama’s social media efforts; Shauna Daly, who was deputy research director for the campaign; Arun Chaudhary, who ultimately became the first official White House videographer; and Walker Hamilton, the site architect for Obama’s campaign. Kenneth Pennington, who ran Sanders’ Senate social media platform, and Keegan Goudiss, a Revolution Messaging partner who has worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will also work on the digital team.
• Nick Carter, managing director of Sanders’ campaign committee, is working full time on Sanders’ presidential campaign, playing a role in fundraising and communications efforts. Other communications staffers in Sanders’ orbit include Jeff Frank, Sanders’ press secretary, and Michael Briggs, his communications director, who is handling most of the press for the campaign so far and may transition full-time.

Yes those are the facts of  the Sanders campaign, in one woman is enough, with two lesbians in Huma and Hillary, so why should Bernie Sanders trust anyone with a vagina or a different skin color or religion than Bernie.

This is the most damning thing of many things about Bernie Sanders in the betrayal of the people who trust him. Sanders hates women and women hate him. His former wives...........there were like 4 in all, have nothing to do with him, because he is such a prick.
As you can note by the above, Bernie Sanders is the ultimate racist, ultimate misogynist, and all by the proof of those he only allows to serve him.

Compare this to Donald Trump, who has a long history of hiring women to power positions and promoting them, along with his two most media profile people in his campaign are Katrina Pearson and Hope Hicks.

It is a fact that the Sanders voters are moral people in their own secular way. They are terrified of the crimes of Hillary Clinton, and have glommed onto Bernie Sanders in the propaganda that he is an outsider and believes just like they do. The fact is Bernie Sanders has more in common with the pasty white Jeb Bush GOPliters than with the affirmative action of the democratic party.

All of this has been under the surface of what and who Bernie Sanders chooses to have around him. His supporters have Nazi on the brain, and can not draw enough cartoons or post enough pictures of the SS in trying to smear everyone, or engaging in political rape against women.

Sanders last stunt in plotting with Jimmy Kimmel for the "Trump debate" was typical of the malevolence of Bernie Sanders, in the entire intent of this was not a debate, but Sanders was ranting about a coliseum, to be filled in a big event.
 Ask yourself what 35,000 Bernie Sanders voters would do in a stadium, after you have witnessed a few hundred of this rent a mob beating up on Americans and rushing barricades. Do you think for a moment that Sanders had not planned to have a human wave surge that stage and attack Donald Trump, as the Sanders stalkers have before?

There is an immense disconnect between who the Sanders voters are like a Susan Sarandon caught in the trance, and the campaign staff and thugs who Sanders surrounds himself with, by evidence of what his campaign is up to.
Sanders likes playing the victim in whining about rigged elections, but he is the one who started praising Hillary Clinton over her crimes, and created this abuse of his followers. Sanders should have been more interested in America, instead of his thug pasty white crew of provocateurs.

I know that the Sanders supporters are not going to want to hear this, no more than Ted Cruz supporters could believe what a thug Cruz was. The fact is in this race, that Cruz and Sanders are not outsiders. They were both picked to split the party for the conglomerate rule. Thankfully Cruz failed, but Bernie Sanders is still viable in his machinations, because Hillary Clinton is such an unsavory character.

When is Bernie Sanders going to be held accountable? He is a racist and a bigot. He is a plotter and hater. He has no women, no minorities and no affinity with Americans, as his grand scheme is like Lenin and Obama to promise free stuff to everyone, in another cancerous regime which devours nations.

That is the reality of Bernie Sanders. The Lame Cherry was content to leave Mr. Sanders in his Bern, until he engaged in a conspiracy against Mr. Trump concerning this debate which was a fraud, and meant to harm Mr. Trump physically. As Hillary Clinton is incapable with all her criminal problems and being of advanced age, to deal with Bernie Sanders unAmerican activities, it falls to this blog again to expose exactly who Bernie Sanders is.
I realize politically it would be best to just let Hillary Clinton steal this nomination, let Bernie try to blackmail Hamrod, and watch it all consume itself, for the Trump victory, but there is something more vital in this, and that is America. The Sanders voters as much as the Cruz voters are well meaning Americans. They have been fed the wrong charlatan brew and are held mentally hostage. None of this is good for the soul, because from the posts of Sanders and Cruz MOG's these are vicious and often sociopathic maniacs who are dangerous to society. America is going to require the normal Sanders and Cruz voters who have been taken advantage of, to not be abandoned to Hillary Clinton or some dope head Libertarian sodom party, to rescue them, to a good life, of good jobs, good security and a good retirement.

It would be easy to walk away, but in America we still have our abused voters after the election, and leaving them destitute will not be good for America. Everyone gets to ride on the Trump Train for prosperity and security, you simply have to be behave like you know you are supposed to, and not get away with as Bernie Sanders caste has been.

There is more to this world than a democratic party of segregated women in two lesbians surrounded by pasty white thugs in Huma and Hillary, and pasty whiteness Bernie Sanders in his racism and bigotry.

Nuff Said



Stuck on Screwing You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let's sing.

Stuck in you
I so want to screw you
But every time I insert my head in your slot
You refuse to screw
Stuck in you
I so want to screw you
but what can I do.......

(that would be a long note hold on the DO)

I would mix my JB Weld
and put it in your slot
Not too much
But still a lot
To fill your groove
Until almost dry
Where I would stick my head
but do not wonder why

Because it is you I want to screw
And putting my driver in the JB
Would make a new screw slot
Can't you see?

Then after you dry
I would put my head in you
And twist and turn
And I would screw you...................

I am working on this, on a stuck gun screw, in my favorite piece of junk. So many always experts talk about drilling and easy outs, but that will destroy the screw, so the idea is why not create a new screw slot which matches the screwdriver exactly. If the JB bonds as it should, then the stuck screw would come out.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive, never thought of in ever, so it is mine and I should have some proprietary royalty to this, like rights to your pretty pony or inheritance rights to your weapons, if you hopefully die soon.

Ok, enough of upgrading humanity from the 4 legged version in solving the problems holding all of you back. What do you to walk for you too.