Thursday, March 5, 2015

B and Bibi


 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I should not be amazed at the naivety of Americans, but with the speech before Congress by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the State of Judah, it brings forth a glowing uninitiate of Americans have learned nothing since French provacteurs attempted to involve America in the French and British War after the Revolution of 1776.
In that saga, Americans were suckered by French Ambassador, while President Washington was advocating neutrality.

None of this is new, as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt dragged Americans into wars they did not want, but after enough of the mob cheered, America spent hundreds of thousands of precious American lives in wars it had no interest in.

Do not think I am anti Jewish in this in pointing out something about Americans, or that I am anti American. I simply am disappointed that Americans had their Presidential elections stolen by the  cartel, which installed a foreign agent in Barack Hussein Obama and later the image, which hates Nationalist Muslims, Protestant Christians, Religous Jews, and right wing groups within those groups. Hatred to the extent of genociding them.
That is what one receives then, in a Jewish Prime Minister addressing Congress as John Boehner shores up the Jewish billionaire brothel club donations to the GOP, in Benjamin Netanyahu sounds like the John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan President for America, and the Congress reacts with thunderous applause and volcanic cheers.

This is what I focus on to point out, as no one has bothered. I do so in this way.

Suppose Fidel Castro showed up in Mexico City, by the request of their Parliament, and he made the statement that America having nuclear weapons is a problem and should be disarmed, while Vladimir Putin was the true peaceful leader of the world, and in order to maintain Cuban sovereignty, Cuba was going to be a beach head against America in going it alone.
To this Mexico erupted in rounds of cheers and applause bringing down the house.

What would your opinion of Mexico be if you were an American?

That is what the American naivety misses, because that speech with Congressional Republican and Democrats cheering the leader of an armed Jewish nation, while showing absolute contempt for the leader of Shia Islam in Islamocommunist Iran..........what would you think of America for all her posturing in being pro Islam?

Was the Saudi King invited by John Boehner to speak before Congress?

As stated I am not anit Jewish. I supported Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking before Congress, as what he said needed to be said. I alone informed all of you, that only Mr. Netanyahu has been the President of these United States in protecting American interests during the entire Obama occupation of 1600 Penn Avenue. What must be understood in this in Henry Kissinger diplomacy is America just sent a message to all Islam, that it supports nuclear Jewry and is against Islamic ascention of nuclear power.

That is what that entire cheering in Congress sent as a message and the entire world heard it and saw it. Jews are the rulers and they allow Muslims to manage oil for that big deposit in their Ashkenaz banks.
The Kremlin saw this and smiled, as it gives them inroads, as much as Peking, and every Berlin crown in Europe to all of Islamic states.
Just like Americans would be growling over Mexican applause to Cuba in a nuclear confrontation, so are the radical majorities which form all of these Islamic nations.

In diplomatic circles, this is a foreign policy disaster. Never mind that the image Obama regime has been pro dope terror Islam for their entire occupation, in being anti Jewish, anti National Muslim and anti Christian, and preparing to hand over expanded legal manufacture of illegal nuclear bombs to Iran, who will then send them out to all Shia radicals in Paris and those 49 other ISIS cells in the 50 American States, but mind the reality that this American schism of wearing it's heart on it's sleeve or selling it's Obama genitals to the highest cartel bidders.

American policy for the entire Obama regime has been one of prostitution. Obama sold America to the cartel and terror Isalm bidders. Now the little tart has lifted her skirt for her true love of the state of Israel, and the entire neighborhood has seen you yelling out love pledges to your beau, while your owner Mullahs who paid for your services have just been humiliated.

What requires understanding is the facts and they are these:

Fact 1: When the Clinton group, built upon the Bush41 group, humiliated and looted Russia after the Soviet fall, the KGB retaliated and sold nuclear weapons to Iran and Iraq. Iraq received one large Satan SS warhead, and Iran received over a dozen assorted nuclear bombs.

Fact 2: To counter this, Saudi Arabia funded Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, and thereby obtained nuclear weapons.

Fact 3: There has been a nuclear triad in the Mideast of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel for almost two decades.

Fact 4: Iran has been manufacturing large Fat Man type bombs during this period, and has been for their Shahab intercontinental ballistic missiles, been converting them with difficulty to the Dr. Khan of Pakistan, miniatures cone shaped warhead.

Fact 5: All of these nuclear bombs, do not allow for the European cartel to control this region, but it endangers Europe. The European leaders of the cartel, gave Birther Hussein Obama a mission, and that was the image's legacy, to provide overt nuclear ownership of bombs to Iran, which will then create a "MADD" policy between Jews and Muslims, which is what Obama's image is to have as it's legacy, in forcing Jews and Muslims to both disarm of their nuclear weapons, and as Obama undid Reagan, Obama disarmed America and left the Russians with a nuclear advantage.

This is what is behind all of this, and it is a reality of the American Congress being the dupes they are, swung in behind the Jewish American President of Netanyahu, and became tools in this friction which has just escalated.

Just as eastern Europe and bribes were not enough to keep Vladimir Putin tempered, the same is the fact with these dope Islamists which Obama installed. There is only so much money and flea market power a Mullah will indulge in, before they want the big Caliph couscous bowl.
These Obama empowered terrorists are going to want more, and their lust has found a reality of an American Congress cheering their blood enemies, that comrade image Obama has been trying to unseat from power in the coming Jewish elections.

Consider that Americans, in if Boehner just had you back a loser in the coming elections, you will have antagonized all of Islam and will have in charge in the Israeli state, a pure Obamite secularist Jew of the cartel.
All you did was lift your skirt, disarm yourself and end all of your allied support against terrorism.

If Mr. Netanyahu survives, which is the likely case, you have one ally, in field of Islamic nuclear dreams, where everyone is looking to Moscow, Peking and Berlin, and not you, and that includes Mr. Netanyahu, who knows the Obama regime is out to destroy right wing religious Jewry.

You should now comprehend how absolutely horrid you Americans have played all of this out.  You have solved nothing, and compounded everything to more terrorism and likely nuclear events.

You do not understand that Iran has nuclear bombs. It has manufactured those bombs, and all that is holding Iran back is a stockpile from South America being refined, so when one of their terror planted bombs in America goes off, it will point to a South American source and not them. That is one reason John Kerry is hedging time and it is the Obama regime legacy as the carrot before the image to keep this going, for a European leader to take credit for the treaty which has already been signed.

This is a catastrophe for America. It is John Kerry looking like a whore, image Obama looking like an Islamic pimp, with John Boehner looking in the Congressional brothel like a fickle prostitute.
The Saudi's bought you nice presents and you spit on them. The Saudi's think they can break your Big Frac and have in making an oil war on you. How long do you think it is before the terrorists which the Obama regime bought off, start a final solution on Americans for all of your bi polar disorder policy?

I warned all of you of this on Newsbusters before I was shown the door there. Obama promised the world to all, and has been assassinating all the competitors, leaving only the cut throats in charge. Attempting to tell you what needs to be done, with the cartel in charge of foreign policy, Obama's image bending over for Islam and Boehner putting America into a nuclear Pearl Harbor stand at the Netanyahu Alamo, is something which is by design.

Does that cheering Congress or those leftist representatives who did not show up to fill the seats in supporting Obama Islam, all seem like such a great policy now?
The Obama regime undid Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. America has not had a pro American policy or a pro Rockefeller policy for lining their own pockets. What America has is a foreign agent Obama for the cartel looting policy of America and bribes for the American money men, and whore payments to investors.

This is not how adults conduct foreign policy. It is how cartel adults manipulate naive children for their own genocides at the hands of an image which had childish dreams to be president of some country.

It is obvious in President Richard Nixon doctrine, the Lame Cherry would have not been suckered into this policy sewer which is floating to a nuclear flush.

If you invite the Jewish leader, you invite the Egyptian leader to cheer before Congress.

- Lame Cherry

Not so hard for a George Washington Continentalist to conduct foreign policy now is it, if one has more than half a brain tied behind their back.


Droning the Dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not waste any time quoting any modern individual or groups, as all are worthless in regurgitating the vomit of the craw of Mockingbird. I do though desire to quote the words of Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper USMC, for the simple reason, a dead man is something yet the regimes of this world have not been able to drone into silence.

Mr. Cooper is a legend and he states the facts clearly in what requires stating to educate the herd of gophers now calling themselves free people in this gulag Obama world.

“It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.

We remember the refrain from the Phillippines: ‘Underneath the starry flag/Civilize him with a Krag /And then get underway for home sweet home.’ But you have to civilize him first, and how you do that with the ragheads is the problem.

The decay of the late, great country of South Africa is beginning to become apparent. The name of the Transvaal has been officially changed to ‘Gauteng.’ (One of our friends has suggested that in view of this its inhabitants in the future should be referred to as Oranggautengs.) … And now there is a move afoot to wreck the Kruger National Park, one of the wonders of the world, on the notion that a good bit of its land was ‘taken from the blacks.’ This idea is somewhat akin to giving Yellowstone Park back to the Blackfeet.

The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.

I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as “ninja” … Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.

The 1911 pistol remains the service pistol of choice in the eyes of those who understand the problem. Back when we audited the FBI academy in 1947, I was told that I ought not to use my pistol in their training program because it was not fair. Maybe the first thing one should demand of his sidearm is that it be unfair.

The Germans gathered together ethnic divisions from all over Europe in which men of the same linguistic and cultural background could serve together. The Georgian SS division conducted itself with distinction in normal military action, but a good many people seem to think that anybody who was ever a member of the SS was automatically a war criminal.

The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition."

 — Col. Jeff Cooper


"An American is not an indigenous animal as of the 21st century in Washington DC or any federal post in the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary.
This endangered creature is also approaching extinction in every state government and as sick as every propaganda media and indoctrinated education outlet."

- Lame Cherry

"There is much lament about the reams of dead by community organized criminals in leftist enclaves as Chicago by gun violence in gun control regimes, but this should instead be celebrated and encouraged as Darwinian natural selection, and allow the selectors to make a more ample harvest with RPG's."

- Lame Cherry


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks for my Cut

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It requires to be stated that it is a crime to force humanity to wince constantly at ugly black women, as even Paypal in Jungle Fever, proves that an ugly white woman is far superior in beauty to what passes as an "attractive" black woman.

It is just the way God made things. I do not have a reason, as God makes all sorts of non attractive things like saiga antelope, wildebeests and all of those little dogs people who are emotionally disturbed have to have to validate their need to have the illusion they are loved.

It is not that all black women look like Muchelle Obama or Oprey Winfra. Breeding has proven that if you cross a Negroid with kidnapped and raped Europeans in North Africa, you get some attractive specimens.

Take for example that fag show White Collar, the lead is a sodomite and the chief black FBI agent is an attractive cross of blackness without the Obamaness.
Marsha Thomason is a pretty woman. You can see that her parents were not Afroid odd in they named her a normal name like Marsha and not some Mahrshaw or some other damn stupid thing Afroids come up with to validate themselves.

Note though that when Marsha brings out her lovely white heritage, she is pretty, but let her afro her hair, and she immediately begins looking repulsive.

Look most American blacks are unfortunately from the drainages of Africa. Those people were too stupid to run from slave trades who were black and were sold to slave traders. Sprinkle some millet outside a cage and next thing you know is you had a ship load of merchandise.
There are attractive Africans like the Zulu, the Egyptians once they got Semite blood in them, the North Africans and then some specimens like Mrs. John Heinz Kerry who comes from Tanzania and is wed to John Kerry, Sec. of State of the Obama regime, and of course who once served in Vietnam, gaining 3 Purple Hearts, one for throwing a grenade into a rice pile and blowing it up, and the rice shrapnel into his arse.........

I digress in all of this beauty.

Do I think that gorillas are pretty? Of course, but I would not desire to mate with one or put one into the White House. Little of this has to do with Barack Obama or his image, as Obama was like 80% Chinese, 10% Semite and 10% Horn of Africa, so this is not racist in the least, it simply is a reality that black women are still uglier than an ugly white woman.

The crosses were pretty. Lena Horn was pretty. Diane Carroll  was pretty. The black Idaho twins of Playboy in the Tennisons were pretty. It is just that most other Oprah types are not only ugly but repulsive and they make one wince and become nauseated.

Even Marsha had the sense to marry a white man, as that is what all black women really want and desire is to marry a white man as a status symbol, in Craig Sykes.


It is though Marsha just could not help but digress in coming from England and sullying herself in Afroid America with naming their child Tallulah Anaïs. Granted Tallulah is something novel as a Bruce and Demi Willis name of novels.........but then she is playing a black lezbo on White Collar in allowing herself to be prostituted for Obama wet who knows how white power goes to one's black brain.

I just return to the reality of this, in people have the right not to have to have ugly black people shoved in their faces non stop. I pay for products and I do not want to have this sort of thing bothering me, like I do not want to see dog shit in a spaghetti commercial of "Spaghetti tastes better than fido poop", as Obama's image is in the White House so everyone wants to buy things blacks are waring.

Black pollution of the eye and ear is simply atrocious. Like that Afroid on CBS' new uninteresting drama is really a mouth full of mush and some blonde is supposedly hot for him, as all he does is just stand around and be we all know being Afroid is so cool that is solves everything, by watching Obama blow up the world and kill piles of people.

I leave this at that, and thank you for the cut as it is appreciated, but as Prophetess, I repeat that Christians do not need insurance, and bad things do happen to people due to satan and towers falling on them, but the Just shall live by Faith, and a Christian has no fear of death as the sting has been ended.

There is no insurance against ugly black women though, as one develops a nervous tick on the remote control as Muchelle Obama keeps popping up in all sorts of venues, invading my pleasures.