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At a Price

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......

Most people are aware enough that Davy Crockett, the American Hero, was murdered at the Alamo in Texas in their struggle for independence, but few know of all the Crockett family gave to the founding of America, and it was typical, of what almost every American family endured of Scotch, Irish and German Israelite bloodlines across the Appalachians.

John Crockett, who was Davy's father, fought in the Revolutionary War at King's Mountain and other battles. He would move his family to the Ohio country for a chance at life. It was a region of hunting grounds for various tribes and the settlers there were always in jeopardy of being murdered or enslaved by the sometimes cannibal tribes.

I desired to add this a quote from David Crockett concerning his family's experience in America.

"By the Creeks, my grandfather and grandmother Crockett were both murdered, in their own house, and on the very spot of ground where Rogersville, in Hawkins county, now stands. At the same time, the Indians wounded Joseph Crockett, a brother to my father, by a ball, which broke his arm; and took James a prisoner, who was still a younger brother than Joseph, and who, from natural defects, was less able to make his escape, as he was both deaf and dumb. He remained with them for seventeen years and nine months, when he was discovered and recollected by my father and his eldest brother, William Crockett; and was purchased by them from an Indian trader, for a price."

Davy Crockett. A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee

This was typical of Americans in being murdered by Indians put up to genocide by the Europeans. If not that, they died from disease or accident as of today, and they were born with handicaps, and they just made the best way they could without welfare payments.

The Crockett family was a family murdered, robbed and enslaved, which was at constant warfare for generations. Modern Americans who have allowed themselves to be overrun with the Greaser and Beaners from Mexico, have placed themselves in a like jeopardy of rape and murder, as their hard won nation is being confiscated from them.

It is just more history of the struggles of the Christian peoples in this world, and how it all has been squandered and a new genocide will come upon them as the non Christian world closes in again.


Books of the Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am always interested in the literature which appeals to the minds of others to compare my mind. I puzzle over these things as not a mark against me, as all have their own tastes, but how the minds of greatness work.

I hated reading as a child as I was made to read in school. It never came to my young mind, that I had a case of story books that I loved having read to me, nor that when professing I hated to read, that I had five magazines coming each month which I devoured as the subjects were something which interested me.

I did not realize that I liked child adventures in the mind and I was drawn to  the real experiences of those recording what they had done, as I could feel the writer's psychic imprint on those words. I do not like Mark Twain or any other writer of fiction. I  can appreciate Rudyard Kipling's fast style in his vignettes of Industan about people, but Charles Dickens just is a serial I have had enough of.

For me, my reading is forced now to be autobigraphies from the 19th century era as the 20th century has been taken over by intelligence operations as Mockingbird which is deflective and all modern writers are deluded and uneducated by association on what the modern is built upon in the past.
I have absolutely no time for someone writing about what it was like to be Martha Washington, if Martha Washington has her papers available.

George Washington placed this reading list on account of his tastes, which is interesting as I actually would not mind reading from this list and will see if I have time in locating them in e books.

"Charles the XIIth of Sweden.
Lewis the XVth, 2 vols.
History of the Life and Reign of the Czar Peter the Great.
Campaigns of Marshal Turenne.
Locke on the Human Understanding.
Robertson's History of America, 2 vols.
Robertson's History of Charles V.
Voltaire's Letters.

Life of Gustavus Adolphus.
Sully's Memoirs.
Goldsmith's Natural History.
Mildman on Trees.
Vertot's Revolution of Rome, 3 vols.
Vertot's Revolution of Portugal, 3 vols.
{The Vertot's if they are in estimation.}
If there is a good Bookseller's shop in the City, I would thank you for sending me a catalogue of the Books and their prices that I may choose such as I want."

I once knew a woman who was named after Jacquelin Bouvier, and her reading was the autobiography of Senator Edward Kennedy. I murmured to myself at the time and have expresed to TL often enough the simple fact, "What can you learn from Teddy Kennedy, but how to f*ck women and drown them?"

You can see by George Washington's choices he was interested in how great people governed themselves and events. He also as a planter was interested in plants. The interests of George Washington were America, making his farms profitable and how to be an effective leader. Most people hate who they are, their work and their situation. George Washington though enjoyed his life he had by duty inherited and been called to, and he sought to improve himself by reading of the experience of history and science.

If your idea of reading is Harlequin Romance, crossword puzzles, comic books or books ghosted by Bill Ayers, that is nothing derogatory to you compared to someone reading Burke, Tolstoy or Goethe. Each person has their own tastes. I would counsel though that making a steady diet of heaving breasts, puzzles or fantasy has a ruinous effect in developing he base natures in people, as much as reading intellectual books ruins people's minds in there hiding in their college degrees.

It does reveal  though in George Washington how well suited he was to be the father of America as he was being moved to prepare for it. I know I am reading far too many books in the teaching aspect of this blog as reference material. It is from an evolved point now that the Holy Ghost can not have me  reading more than a few pages of any book, before I am moved to another post in attempting to have you my children ponder for a few moments who you are, measure someone who is above reproach to yourself, and to be more fully informed of who you are, and in that comfort you will find yourself saying things like when someone mentions a book, "You know George Washington read a great deal on successful leaders of Europe, military campaigns and biology while leading the Continental Army, I doubt anyone in this current regime has read anything of consequence in educating themselves nor improving their condition nor the conditin of America."

You will get either blinks and some "Yeah" remark or a vacuous stare, as the person attempts to show how bright they are based in their finite expertise of their reading list.

If anyone is secure enough to ask you a question on this, just say, "I do not know that is why I read Lame Cherry."

"At Washington's death the appraisers of the estate found 863 volumes in his library, besides a great number of pamphlets, magazines, and maps."

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington, Volume II



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vet for a Human

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I grew up with Scarlet oil and taking animal antibiotics just like the Soviets used to dispense to humans. I am making a record of this salve, as it suits me and might when health care shuts down, be of use to the sick.

Maybe I will make the stuff for............well cuts on saddles and leather.

Scarlet Oil,
peters jelly (vaseline-I think),
butt rash zinc (zinc oxide)
and butt powder (baby powder) to thicken.

Mix and put in tin can. Put on cuts, boils, rizen's (I think are boils becuase my old indian friend called boils riasens), water sacks (blisters), black moleskins (black moles), black sunskins (sun cancer).

I do have this old tin I found in the neighbor's junk pile which was pine tar based. I think I might run this together and have it on hand.

That Scarlet Oil I will give you the three four on that one too as it is complicated, but it does work.

Active Ingredient

0.3% (w/w) PCMX (Parachlorometaxylenol)

Inactive Ingredients

Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Biebrich Scarlet Red.


Ebola Cure

Just an observation........

A number of years ago I noted that the old phrase, "Wash and be clean", was one of the most prevalent treatments to stop epidemics, and people rolled their eyes at that solution to stop most diseases.

In the current stage Ebola spread, the talking points in Africa are volunteers will be searching out homes in nations under quarantine, and they will be be handing out soap.

Huh? The cure for Ebola is soap and water and like all diseases not existing like a filthy wretch.

There was a soap sale at a grocery this past summer and TL in my odd nature succumbed to my smiles, and agreed to purchase something like 50 bars of soap for 10 dollars.
There is a method to what I do, as hard soap is far too soft to use when you purchase it. It is proven that buying soap and leaving it for a few years, makes it harder and it will last far longer.

You want to stay healthy and be healed? Wash yourself and stay out of those septic humid hot and cold clammy areas. Soap is based in lye, which is potash or wood ash. That is a nice fertilizer for plants, but fungus, viral and bacterial types die in that environment and being smothered in fat. That is all soap is in lye as a poison and fat as the smothering agent.

Now I have been proven right again, they are handing out soap to cure Ebola.

  1. Al Jazeera America ‎- 2 hours ago
    In a sign that West Africa's Ebola crisis is worsening, the World Health ... Volunteers will also hand out 1.5 million bars of soap and deliver ...


In Defense of Adrian Petersen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This sudden discovery of the American Afroid professional athlete is someone who beats on women and children and requires legal and NFL punishment is an issue which has nothing to do with the American Afroid, but it has to do with the glaring hypocrisy of James Brown media in dancing a jig with Obama, but calling all other white men jigs for watching football.

I place before you the following examples:

Adrian Petersen took a stick and whipped a disobedient 4 year old child and drew blood.

Ray Rice took his fist and cold cocked a fiance who had spit in his face.

In both cases the National  Football Liberals have protected the woman and child who brought on the disciplinary ire of the Afroid male.

I ask the question, is it a bad thing to whip a child and draw blood, and is it a bad thing to punch a woman in the face and knock her out?

If this is a bad thing, and Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen are bad men, then is it a bad thing to shoot the father of a group of children, drag the father and other dead men into a pile, and leave a house full of children exposed to that, and then go on television and brag, "I got Osama bin Laden?"

As the comparison is now fitting as those children in Pakistan were more innocent than Adrian Petersen's child, was it a bad thing for Barack Hussein Obama to do what he did to those children? Those were Barack Hussein Obama's orders, he had the live feed and took responsibility for it all. Was it bad?

Was it a bad thing for Barack Hussein Obama to drive Col. Khadaffi from a legitimate government in Libya, when the Colonel was advocating leaving, and then having the Obama folks there shoot over 50 Khadaffi followers, including women, and beat on and murder Col. Khadaffi, and then display his corpse as a trophy?
Is it a bad thing for Ray Rice to punch a woman who spit on him, or is it a bad thing for Barack Hussein Obama to arm terrorists to brain shoot women, men and children in Libya?

Is it a bad thing for Barack Hussein Obama to use a Predator drone to blow up an American teenager in Yemen?
Is it a bad thing for Barack Hussein Obama to arm terrorists who use a bomb to blow up the brother in law of Bashir Assad or used chemical weapons, murdering men, women and children?

We are told certainly that Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen are evil. We are told certainly that Barack Hussein Obama, taking credit for people like Ambassador Chris Stevens at Benghazi who was sent in on Obama's orders to be there, and was raped and murdered, was of no consequence.

So what is the difference between Obama good and Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen bad?

No one in this is bringing up the reality that Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen have over a dozen children between them in being young men. Ray Rice stated the best advice he could give new NFL players was for them to wear a condom.
This is being missed by everyone, as these Afroids are being exploited by a host of women, who seeing those millions, seduce these Afroids prone to being oversexualized, have unprotected sex with the agenda of getting pregnant and living on easy street on child support payments.

In a question in this, is it bad for a group of women to entice a black man to have sex, so that they can use a child to extort money from that man, and live in luxury for the rest of their lives?

In reality, Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen, have been victimized by women and the children they have extorted money from these men with. I use the word VICTIM correctly, as a victim is someone who willingly indulges in some activity to their harm.

I ask again the question in the reality of Obama Islam lands, people have their heads cut off and hands cut off, people are sold, and people are imprisoned for believing things, and we know that Barack Hussein Obama and his image enable this, as does the Obama regime in John Kerry. So is it bad that Americans enable the Obama regime which enables punishments where people have their heads and body parts cut off, if it is bad that as punishment that Adrian Petersen draws blood on his child with a stick?

Ray Rice is one of the most abused people in America in his rights being violated. He was extorted to marry his current wife whom he hit after punching her. He has been extorted by whores who got pregnant to get his NFL money. He is being lynched now in a deliberate campaign by liberals to get at white NFL males to psychologically brainwash them, and unless this blog is effective, the NFL commissioner is on the skids to be replaced by some black liberal.
Adrian Petersen has equal status in being a scapegoat in his rights violated. He has been extorted in child support payments, and what is the real reason behind NFL Texas in the whipping incident? Is it the female leveraging for more money or is it another matter that a weak Vikings NFC team helps an NFC Cowboys team?

I ask again as I have been asking before James Brown became the shoe shine boy for the Letterman Cocktail crowd of liberal elite, if it is bad, criminally bad in Ray Rice punching a woman who spit in his face, and it is criminally bad in Adrian Petersen whipping a 4 year old child, then why is it not criminally bad for Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters to shoot people, murder people, and leave women and children in the offal pile, as the latest Eric Holder and Obama regime injustice is the burning down of Ferguson Missouri in deliberate political manipulation by the Barack Hussein Obama regime for the midterm elections?

Are dead Muslim babies and mothers less than whipped black children and knocked out black women? Is this the case, that only when Afroids are of political value is there a "bad" value in this, but when it is the Obama value, it is priceless in crime as mass beatings and mass murders are then legalized and defended.

When are these predatory women, which does include Michelle Robinson Obama, going to be held accountable to the same standards as these Afroids, as Kobe Bryant got away with raping a white girl in Colorado, because these women had conditioned him into thinking that all women want sex with Afroid males.
In that age, the NBA overlooked all, and the woman was assaulted in the media and the courts, all because Kobe Bryant like Birther Hussein has "value" for the plantation elite.

What of Randy Moss? Serial brute in beating on women, running into a Minneapolis traffic policewoman with his car, spraying referees with squirt bottles and verbally assaulting NFL backers on a team bus, will he be voted to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, in that was just Randy Obama, or, will some real justice begin in these Obama criminals protected by Eric Holder being penalized for their real crimes?

I asked previously, the words of Pontious Pilate, "What is Truth?"

I ask James Brown of CBS and every David Letterman liberal, in, "What is bad?"

This is a legitimate question, as it is not bad for Equalz Obama to have people murdered and beaten, burning down Ferguson Missouri, and chest thumping about it, as weapons are dumped into Mexico for Gun Runner, but it is bad for Adrian Petersen to whip his child and for Ray Rice to punch a woman who spit in his face.

What is bad as hordes of women using prostitution and extortion on Afroid males brings no charges, but Adrian Petersen does face not only charges, but the public lynching by Minnesota pro sodom, liberal Governor, Mark Dayton, in denying Petersen the right to work, before he is convicted of anything, and the anything is whipping a child, to keep that child from growing up to be a Giant Brown in Ferguson Missouri bashing in the skull of a police officer who had to shoot the Giant to save his own life.

What is bad?

I do not need the Wisdom of Solomon to answer that question. It is bad for James Brown to be a Letterman political whore for the forces destroying America in blaming football fans for beating on women. It is bad for a parent to be so emotionally charged they draw blood on a child they are disciplining. It is bad for a man to be so angry by what a woman is doing to instigate a response to hit her. It is bad for Barack Hussein Obama to be a Birther, use Drones to blow up Americans in Yemen without a trial, to arm terrorists to murder Bashir Assad's brother in law, Col. Khadaffi and his followers, have Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt, to dump weapons to Mexican terrorists getting people murdered and to leave children exposed to pools of blood and excrement in the bin Laden compound in Pakistan and brag about it.

That is bad and there is too much bad not being punished by the laws already in place in these United States of America.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This probably does not need explaining but I will.

When Equalz Obama keeps calling ISIS as ISIL, he is deliberately differentiating between his good terrorists and the bad terrorists. It is exactly like al Qaeda was full of George W. Bush bad terrorists, until Obama started murdering via the US military the "bad" terrorists who would not sign onto being opium dope lords who became Obama's good terrorists, that just so happened to have anal raped Chris Stevens in Benghazi to death.

"ISIS" started out like the Tea Party for example, until it was sodomized and overtaken to do the political bidding of the cartel. ISIS just happened to be a faction of Muslim militants who were against Sadam Hussein, but not under the umbrella of al Qaeda.
Touching on al Qaeda again, Sheik bin Laden was a "bad" terrorist, because he was a fascist, while Dr. Zawahiri who was a KGB stooge and got bin Laden to instigate 9 11, is now the vanished terrorist in he is running "al Qaeda"  as a Marxist and the Obama regime could care less about one of their own.

Same with the hash tag Muslim little girl rapists in get virgin Christian pussy, if you are a good terrorist, running dope, gems and arms in Africa for the right cartel people.

So "ISIS" is something which Equalz can manage, but ISIL is something the Fang Jinn can not manage, as that is a competitor group, inside this group.
ISIL is inside ISIS, and is armed by Qatar and the Obama regime to be terrorists against Syria and Iraq.

Do not mistake Jihad Johnny who works for MI6 marxist wing and the cartel for ISIL. ISIS has as you can see factions. ISIL is armed Islamocommunists, and they do not want to be proxies or stooges for stage theater. They have their own caliph agenda, and that is why Equalz keeps calling them ISIL, as he is  speaking to ISIS employees, making certain they know, that he is not talking about them.

To quantify this if you are Equalz........

ISIS are your armed and trained thug Muslims who are Marxists who will manage the Mideast for you. ISIL are your armed and trained thug Muslims who are Islamocommunists who want to manage all that dope, oil, guns and terror for themselves.

You have to get this, so you do not skew it, in ISIL is Vladimir Putin friendly, or friendly to the "out in cold" terrorists who are friendly to the Russian FSB, after Obama's regime cut them off and did not make them rich or give them countries like Libya.
See Obama good terrorists get anal sex with Chris Stevens or get to finger bang rape Lara Logan. ISIL is allied with terrorists who got shot and just got to watch the rape from the window.

I know this is difficult to understand, even with a half brain like Rush Hudson Limbaugh III explaining things like FOX calls Osama bin Laden as Usama bin Laden, like it is some Ghadaffi to Khadaffi linguistics thing, but it is not.

The faggots in the Obama military have informed Congress that after Equalz informed Assad not to shoot down US pilots, that the US is going to bomb Syria.........ISIL positions, and when US pilots are shot down, then the US will put booties on the ground........and not just advisers with boots on the ground.

So you get this, this is US Special Forces now imbedded with ISIS terrorists for a second round, as these same contractors were imbedded in the first Syrian Civil  War and now they are going to "john mccain" this......

I realize this is too much to get for wee minds, but the pisser in this is, this.........

John McCain was hosed out of the skies in Vietnam and became a political prisoner. Does this sound like Chris Stevens sent into Benghazi before 2012 elections to whip Mitt Romney in which Stevens would be hostage taken and then rescued, but he got butt raped first?
Duh, the programme now is for some pilots to get blowed out of the sky....which sounds deadly to me, and the body tissue will then have to be rescued. I suspect that the Obama stooge is already in place like the bombing runs, and will eject over Syria or wherever and a SAM will then touch off, for drama.

Then you got this election hostage rescue for Equalz to preen about......blame Assad and you get to assassinate him and blame ISIL and you got your boots to do a Khadaffi in Iraq and Syria for the Obama good terrorists.

If I left anything out in this, or this is too hard to understand, just forget about the border invasion is off until Hillary can make it a 2016 issue........was nothing to do with Equalz, but about someone in MIC going to touch off some ISIL drama on the border to really torque up the elections and have the Fang Jinn by the short and curlies.

There is allot of blackmail going on in this, from all side and is why the Obama regime is so toothless. It is not what half brain Limbaugh is trying to pedal that the "adults" have taken control of the regime in John Kerry and Chuck Hagel.
Kerry is a moron and Hagel is brain dead. This is as I stated, the marching orders of what the regime is supposed to complete in destroying America and about factions blackmailing the regime again.

This has no allure or appeal to me, but I would appreciate them just blowing things up, so that the real drama could begin.

nuff said

agtG 393YY

Booger Etiquette

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It occurs to me in a lengthy in depth search of my mind, that no one has ever issued a decree, proclamation or handbook, concerning the use of boogers. Miss  Manners has not delved into this subject and of course one can not find any finishing school on the subject of these ignored salty tidbits, so it befalls to the Lame Cherry in setting the record straight on boogers.

The booger is a hardened mucous secretion formed in the nasal passage for those who do not know. For the purpose of the more refined exploration of this, we will refer to boogers from this point on in the same way that honeycomb is a hardened manifestation of honey, and as no one refers to honeycomb as Bee Boogers, there of course should not be a stigma attached to boogers, which now will be refered to as Boogercomb.

And what is honey, but a secretion of bees from pollen and as snot or mucous is but a human secretion due to mixing with pollen, of course we now can remove the stigma and the distasteful stereotype that human mucous is snot, but let us all rise to the occasion in comprehending that snot is but human honey secretions, so from herein snot will be refered to as Humoney.

My first experience was with Boogercomb in school, where I found deposits of it under desks of school children. This all took place in ignorant parents demanding their children not eat Boogercomb, where as the children did not have Kleenex which has made a fortune from wasting Boogercomb from the diet, it has been left to become Jerky Booger on the bottom of desks as amusing play toys for bored children in classroom.

We need to understand this from the Boogercomb afficiendo, as while no one likes eating snot or Humoney, there is a real market for Boogercomb.

Boogercomb comes in three types:

Type 1: The wet stringy taffy type, which is defined as Booger Taffy.

Type 2: The nice formed and chewy type, which is defined as Booger Chew.

Type 3: The well seasoned crunch type, which is defined as Booger Jerky.

Each person has individual tastes like eggs in some prefer poached soupy eggs, some prefer sunny side up and some prefer hard boiled. It is just human taste and as eggs are nothing more than mucous secretions from the ovaries and reproductive system of chickens, and as no one has a problem with that as much as eating the reproductive discharge of vegetables and fruits known as lettuce to apples, the Boogercomb can now take it's place in the realm of non stigmatized foods.

Boogercomb is quite healthful as combination of food groups. They are naturally salty, unlike the peanut or popcorn, so no one has to bring a salt shaker to flavor this delicacy of the human nostril.

Being the result of a reaction to human allergens in the host, the consuming and digestion of Boogercomb would aid in the treatment of allergies in the immune system of the body would naturally react to the offending matter housed in the Boogercomb.

Providing Boogercomb is not contaminated with rabies, ebola or the plague, it is as safe and nutricious as any other product from orange juice to tomatoe juice, which are nothing but snot secretions from fruits and vegetables.

The wonder about Boogercomb, is that it does not rot. There is no bacteria which renders it unwholesome. It simply will remain in state forever. The Boogercomb in the tombs of Egyptian mummies would be as delightful today as it was in the day of King Tut. Oh what a treat that would be to after a nice Vegan salad to offer up to your guests some of King Tut's Boogercomb as a delicacy instead of caviar, which again is a secretion from female fish in their reproductive tract.

The nice thing about Boogercomb is it is completely Vegan and Vegetarian. It exploits no animals, and it is a non meat, fish, dairy or animal product. Vegans and  Vegetarians could indulge in this of their own manufacture, and think of it as the "new bacon", because it is naturally salted, and all that would be required is a good hickory smoke to make this new culinary delight of Boogerbacon, the other white meat.

Boogercomb does come in different colors, but is non racist. It is clear, it is yellow and it is green in the healthful forms. As the black form is pneumonia or blood, everyone knows by instinct to stay away from black things as nature points to that color as a danger to all in once you had black, you never go back, as you are dead from food poisoning.

I sincerely hope this disceration upon Booger Etiquette has removed all the stereotypes and stigma from the consuming of this delicacy, and to understand the nuances and the complete culinary palate which is discerning in this taste as any fruit juice, caviar or yes, morel, as all know that the mushroom is nothing but an earth booger, and in fine restaraunts earth boogers abound in so many different varieties as human boogers do.

So let us all join to the new healthful cause of Boogercomb, where honeycomb is sweet, the Boogercomb is nature's natural salt balance for a delightful taste treat.

This really should be marketed as an E Bookas the first in a series of the 21st Century Etiquette of Humankind.

Some kind person complimented me about "my mind" and followed with.......Good Lord.

*I was just pondering in Henry pig nose Waxman, Democrat California, should be mined for Boogercomb as his deposits must yield a Doritos size bag a day. Could we not all join in this, in making it mandatory that those blessed with large nasal cavities be made in retirement or as blacks in welfare, daily have have a Booger Bus arrive and take them to a Booger Drive Center, like for blood donations where this delicacy could be recycled and not wasted, as a way to repay the world for all the benefits being received in entitlements.

Perhaps there is finally a use for all those 50 million Mexicans after all......their noses are petite, but they do have large hombre nostrils. Yes Boogercomb mining. Let the run wild and free, but chase them down with pick up trucks, throw a bolo on them and remove the boogers, and let them off to graze again for the next harvest.......sort of like pearls in a humane way.
Yes Mexican Pearls, perhaps in the extreme dried state to be worn around women's necks as neclaces and on fine engagement rings.........Mother of Mexican gun grips for Obama Gun Runner, but that would take some might big Mexican nostrils and boogers for that rare artistic expression.

Boogercome joins the ranks of all the other human delicacies all from the mind of Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter.