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The Blackonaut

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On this inauspicious Genetic Day which liberals have degraded America into, in honoring not the American Race, but a genetic group headed by Martin King jr., in which John Lewis of the uncivil rights movement is sowing sedition in stating that President Trump is not legitimate and with Ashkenaz Bill Kristol adding to race hatred against the Russians in stating that Mr. Trump hates blacks and loves Russians for defending himself against Lewis, it is time to provide some history, real history which all of you can proudly remember on this MLK Genetic Day in an attack upon the American Race.

This history begins in 1961 at Edwards Air Force Base, where an American Hero named Chuck Yeager had been chosen to be Space Kommandant or the commander of a program to produce space pilots for he US Military, in which numbers of them went on to huge salaries at NASA.

The screening for the school was thorough in out of all the pilots in America, only 26 made the list by the selection committee as this group had to have the Right Stuff.

Race played no part in the selection, as this mandated ability to fly air and spacecraft in every person's life depended on the ability and study of the other.

The List of the best though published had 11 candidates on the list and all were Americans who were White.

Immediately, the Chief of Staff's Office phoned Edwards and wanted to know if any of the candidates were black, and the reply was that only one officer had applied and he had finished number 26 on the list.
General Curtis LeMay was Chief of Staff and knew Chuck Yeager personally, but got on the phone and informed Yeager, "Bobby Kennedy wants a colored in space. Get one into your course!!!"

Yeager informed the General that this would be a bit difficult as the list was already public. The General understood and said he would tell the White House that they were too late for the first class, but there would be another class following.

Yeager barely hung up the phone when the General was back online informing him that the Kennedys had ordered him, ":BY GOD YOU WILL HAVE A BLACK PILOT IN THAT PROGRAM.......NOW!!!!"

General LeMay said, "Do what you have to do, but get that colored guy in".

What Yeager decided upon was that the class would take in 15 candidates, instead of the 11, if the General would forward more money for the extra students and in that way, they could get the black pilot into the program.

All was agreed upon and Ed Dwight, the first black astronaut appeared on the training list in 1961.

It was then the real problems started with Kennedy Affirmative Action with American Prestige on the line in the Space Race with the Soviets. The problem was Ed Dwight who was average. He was a not very talented pilot who was not very bright academically.
Yeager though brought in tutors for Ed Dwight to help him, in the same way an Air Force genius Jack Ridley had tutored Yeager in his supersonic flights. Ed Dwight though was no Chuck Yeager.

Dwight worked hard, but even with tutors he was failing, and he was not keeping pace with his flight time training, and it was becoming a huge problem.

General LeMay was kept informed during the entire process and at an Air Force banquet brought up the subject of Ed Dwight to Yeager, already knowing the answer that Dwight was a washout.
He stunned Yeager in telling him that if Yeager thought Ed Dwight could not handle it, then to boot him out of the program, and the General would back him against the Kennedy's.

Dwight though continued on some way and received his diploma and was carted off to NASA where they would have their first black astronaut. The problem is when NASA tested Ed Dwight and looked at his ratings, they booted him from the program as he did not have the right stuff.

All hell broke loose again, because the power corridors in  Washington demanded to know why Ed Dwight had not been chosen. NASA pointed the finger at the Air Force and Chuck Yeager, with new charges from Ed Dwight that Yeager was a racist and so was the Air Force.

Then appeared black Congressmen to launch an investigation, along the the Pentagon's counsel on charges of discrimination.

Yeager told the lawyer that there was discrimination from the White House for forcing the Air Force to take an unqualified guy.

So in flew a group of Civil Rights Lawyers and black Congressmen, to review the Ed Dwight records and as Chuck Yeager walked them through the details, the Kennedy folks mouths hit the floor. They had absolutely no idea that Ed Dwight had been pampered with tutors and still had flunking grades.
It was disaster for this group and they backtracked like a hound dog to skunk smell.

Yeager was furious and demanded to have charges filed against Ed Dwight for insubordination for the charges brought against Yeager. The Air Force was not about to let that happen as they had been scorched on this political issue.

Now, you know on this MLK day the Truth about the first blackonaut, a mirror image of Birther Hussein affirmative disaster action and a racist loud mouth like John Lewis. Ponder for a moment if the Kennedy's pet designer negro had been on Apollo 13, and his not being able to pull his own weight would have doomed those astronauts to death in their never returning home when Houston was informed they had a problem.

Martin King was a socialist communist who wanted an equal chance for blacks. What America was burdened with was a Barack Obama who blacks on this MLK Day in 2009 could not trample over Martin King fast enough to get to Obama, and now suddenly Martin King jr. is once again to be revered to only promote sedition against President Trump.

Remember the history of the First Blackonaut, as that political infection now has image Obama making pedophiles a race to be championed.

Remember the first Blackonaut, Ed Dwight an unintelligent, whining, backstabbing, no skill, affirmative action racist who smeared an American Hero.

and this is the propaganda lies of Ed Dwight.

Ed Dwight | The HistoryMakers

Ed Dwight, the first African American to be trained as an astronaut and the sculptor of major monuments, was born on the outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas in 1933.



Brother can you spare a terrorist or a million more?

And who paid for this building, the fairies?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog monitors media content in various locations, and when I learned of the following, I simply was stunned concerning the legacy of terrorism importation into America by the Obama regime and Lutheran Social Services.

The source of this is from Fargo, North Dakota, which has had hundreds of Muslims dumped into their community.

What is taking place in North Dakota is the typical commerce terrorism where you pay tens of thousands of dollars for terrorist Muslims to take your jobs, as the welfare you get cut off from, goes to Muslims which then spend the money to Walmart making all these conglomerates billions of dollars.

Lutheran Social Services states and restates that they make no money from this.......yeah and bigger budgets from Obama money dumps, "donations" from conglomerates who profit off this slave trade and salaries being raised are not slave profiteering.......just because these traitors say so.

What this post is about, is not that background information, but on a new slant which blows the mind. Now if I were to ask you, if on your taxes you file the IRS asked to see your costs, and you answered, "Sorry I never keep records, but if you give me a grant, I will be sure to assemble those records for you", how long do you think you would stay out of prison?

That is the reality in all of these charities making money off of Obama terrorists in THERE ARE NO RECORDS. We know this because when the public has screamed loud enough, politicians start asking and so do the media, but the reply of the head of LSS in North Dakota was, "Sorry we do not have that information, but we are waiting on a grant and will then get that information for you".

Jessica Thomasson, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota ...

Jessica Thomasson is Chief Executive Officer at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota. See Jessica Thomasson's ... Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, ...

A grant?????

They are operating on FREE MONEY out of your pockets that Obama has been handing out to them, and they do not keep records in who is on welfare, who is in jail, who is scamming the community, but will for more taxpayer money, be happy to pocket more money off this terror trade.

I have a suggestion for President Donald Trump, and that is to nicely have Attorney General Jeff Sessions inform Jessica Thomasson of LSS, that she hands over detailed records in 3 days, or she can complete her work at Gitmo. I suspect that all of this would be accomplished AS IS HER JOB in one day, and without any grant money.

The advice from the Lame Cherry is for President Trump to stop all payments to the terror importers, instruct OMB to audit every last one of these human traffick traders, and then demand every dollar back connected with these Obama terrorists, and those who do not repay those millions, end up in prison for 20 years.

So you understand this, the Obama regime uses your money to pay for these terrorists plane tickets to America, then dumps them into your communities where these "charities" assist the invaders in American genocide, as the federal money stops and it becomes the responsibility of your county and city.

In Fargo a few months ago, hundreds of these terrorists appeared by Obama and LSS, and the community stated they had no room in the schools to educate this illiterate mob of Muslims.

As has been stated, and is repeated here, ALL OF THESE OBAMA TERRORISTS are to be apprehended and immediately deported in January 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, to safe zones in Syria and other locations.
ALL of these terror charities are to be audited and their activities suspended indefinitely and when the facts are known, this ilk gets a ticket to the safe zones to "do their god's work there" for the next 5 years, as America seizes these charity's assets, and follows right up to the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim religions these charities are associate with.
America did not recoup her 2.5 trillion dollars in losses for two wars in Iraq, but let that begin and President Trump must make absolute certain that the American taxpayer recoups every penny which Obama handed out for terror invasion.
These terror charities are all traitors and must come under the full force of the United States Department of Justice.

LSS rejects call for stop of refugee resettlement | INFORUM

LSS rejects call for stop of refugee resettlement. ... Lutheran Social Services on ... The CEO of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, Jessica Thomasson, ...

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Loyalty to the Legend

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Belief is a matter of what one chooses, it has nothing to do with reality or fiction.

- Lame Cherry

My purpose in writing this is to fill in some information about a period in history where numbers of the best in America were sacrificed in overt operations, for the black projects which were being advanced in the fields of avionics.

The American test pilots, the best of who is General Chuck Yeager were this group, and it honestly bothers me that Chuck Yeager was never a part of the zero gravity engine flights, but was instead creating astronauts for NASA which was nothing but a cover for the advanced technologies.

I am not here to prove saucer craft nor the technologies involved in them. This is about the reality of General Yeager who should have been a part of all of this, but a decision was made in 1957 AD in the year of our Lord, that General Yeager was too well known, had too many Soviet spies monitoring him in America, that his purpose was to become a focal diversion like NASA to challenge the Soviets to competition in what was released to the public, while zero gravity, which the man who Yeager made a fortune for in Laurence Bell of the X 1 Rocket Plane, was involved in all of this, and with Yeager as a diversion, all he got was risking his life, his face burned off, eating dirt in the desert in a 3 room shack with his family as the Air Force refused housing for him and other pilots, and a fur coat for his wife from the industry as a booby prize.
Astronauts instead were rewarded with CIA fed Life magazine kickbacks in order to keep their mouths shut for being chimps in an electronic can called space flight.

There are things which are called top secret and things which are simply the reality of advanced technologies. Once Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, and the Air Force tried keeping a lid on it for months and the story broke, he simply became too prominent to be involved in the advanced technologies, as the Soviets would have wondered where the top pilot had disappeared to. So the ruse was put into place, the egg head engineers would be flying the zero gravity devices and Chuck Yeager could be the visible Air Force, while the military industrial complex of General Dynamics handed him cookies as rewards.

The old man deserved better than that, better than being set up inside the Air Force and his being a Darwin candidate to be augured in to bury the legend. He got his rewards finally with AC Delco commercials and the F 20 with President Ronald Reagan, but it was all a smokescreen while Star Wars was being assembled in space.

I do not know if the old man was ever given a ride over the plane. He should have had that as he kept his mouth shut about everything else. I though do not deem it worthwhile to have numbers of the best test pilots killed in experimental craft testing the limits of the metal hydrodynamic friction wave, when anti grav skins had rewritten Newton and Einstein's laws to make them theory in dimensional forces cancelling them out.

I doubt I will ever get to go fishing with General Yeager or fly the wind, but I will speak the facts about situations in analyzing data, as I detest suits who sit in conference and decide things about people like they were sheets of paper, and never take into account loyalty to the man.

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Time for President Trump to educate John Brennan with an Indictment

ISIS terror Creator and Director John Brennan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

CIA Director John Brennan AKA Obama State Theater Operator John Brennan violated all protocols in daring to lecturing President Donald Trump on Russia, with these two ludicrous examples.

Trump does not yet have a full understanding of Russia's actions, Brennan said, noting its seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, its support for President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war and Moscow's activities in the cyber realm.

The full understanding is this:

The people of Crimea, Russian People, voted to join Russia, exactly as all 50 American States have. Russia did absolutely nothing wrong in this nor did the Russians in Crimea. It is their manifest destiny to join any nation they choose as free determination.

The people of Syria had peaceful stability, until the Obama regime engaged in training and army foreign terrorists, as they did in Libya, which brought about the destruction of 500,000 lives, and the obliteration of Christians in Syria by these ISIS terrorists.
ISIS began in Iraq, and was first trained by the Khan's son who raged against Donald Trump at Hillary Clinton's DNC rallies. The fact is that ISIS was nothing but a dope and oil laundering group of drugged Muslims, who were to genocide Syria and use Syria as a Muslim front against Vladimir Putin in Russia.
The facts in this are plain in President Vladimir Putin understood completely what the Obama regime was engaged in on a two front war against Russia, and Russia responded in her legal self defense. It is Obama, Clinton, Carter and Brennen who are the guilty parties in this.

It is President Donald Trump who seeks to TRUST BUT VERIFY with Russia on Ronald Reagan's detente which began under Richard Nixon. President Trump like all Americans desire peaceful cooperation with President Trump and all of Russia.

Russia and America both have the right to self determination and Russia and America both have the right of the PEOPLE to choose their leaders, and not have their leaders in Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump have endless coups performed against them, as the John Brennen spews a fiction of innocence about their criminal activities around the globe in the worship of globalism.

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В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Директор ЦРУ Джон Бреннан AKA Обама Государственный театр Оператор Джон Бреннан нарушил все протоколы в смея читать лекции президента Дональда Трампа по России, с этими двумя нелепыми примерами.

Trump пока не имеет полного понимания действий России, сказал Бреннан, отметив его захват Крыма от Украины, ее поддержка президента Башара аль-Асада в гражданской войне в Сирии и деятельность Москвы в кибер-сфере.

Полное понимание заключается в следующем:

Жители Крыма, русского народа, проголосовали за присоединение к России, так же, как все 50 американских государств. Россия не сделала абсолютно ничего плохого в этом, ни делали русские в Крыму. Это их судьба манифеста присоединиться к любой нации они выбирают, как свободное определение.

Народ Сирии была мирной стабильности, пока режим Обамы не занимается обучением и армии иностранных террористов, как они это делали в Ливии, которая привела к разрушению 500000 жизней и стиранию христиан в Сирии этими террористами ISIS.
ИСИС началась в Ираке, и впервые был обучен сыном хана, который бушевал против Дональда Трампа в DNC митингах Хиллари Клинтон. Дело в том, что ISIS не было ничего, кроме дурман и отмывание масла группа мусульман под воздействием наркотиков, которые должны были геноцид Сирии и использовать Сирию в качестве мусульманского фронта против Владимира Путина в России.

Факты в этом просты в президенте Владимире Путине понял полностью, что режим Обамы был занят на два фронта войны против России, и Россия ответила на ее правовой самообороны. Это Обама, Клинтон, Картер и БРЕННЕН кто виновники в этом.

Это президент Дональд Трамп, который стремится Доверяй, но проверяй с Россией о разрядке Рональда Рейгана, который начался под Ричарда Никсона. Президент Трампа, как и все американцы желают мирного сотрудничества с президентом Trump и всей России.

Россия и Америка оба имеют право на самоопределение и России и Америки и имеют право народа выбирать своих лидеров, и не имеют своих лидеров в г-на Путина и г-н Трамп бесконечные перевороты выступили против них, как БРЕННЕН Джон извергает фикцию невиновности об их преступной деятельности по всему земному шару в поклонении глобализма.



Do You Know Where The Secuirty Check Points Are?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Time for IBG, Intelligence Back Engineering.

This from the Daily Caller:

On the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration protesters are planning an anti-capitalist march, road blockades and disruptions to inauguration balls. The protests will likely include property destruction, a source with intimate knowledge of the protest plans told The Daily Caller Friday.
The blockades are not limited to roads but will also be at every security checkpoint, the source said. The source added that the protesters blockading each checkpoint will represent a different liberal cause such as climate change or money in politics.

Now answer the question, do you know where the security check points are in DC for the Inauguration?

They are not listed online for easy access, so the question is, who in security and intelligence was provided a security list of check points in DC, and handed this information over to these terrorists, for the expressed purpose of fulfilling the FIRST VIOLENT TRANSITION OF POWER IN AMERICA, due to liberals led by Hillary Clinton and image Obama.

This is more than George Soros funding this with Michael Moore whoring for attention in attempting to hijack this anarchy for profit. This is..........

Revisit a very wealthy Chicago father who owned the power grid in the Midwest, and was connected to the CIA, who just happened to have a son, who was in place to mind the Helter Skelter, the way other FBI assets were assigned in the "counter revolution" designed by the Tavistock and Stanford Institute to mind blacks the way Jesse Jackson fulfilled his role for great financial gain.
This son managed the radical student anarchists in the Obama revolution of the Latin Liberation of the Jesuit Black Robes of South America. His group murdered law enforcement, and this Weather Underground was about to assassinate groups of Military people at a dance, but the bomb was detonated by this son of the industrialists and killed all the followers.........except of course the son in Bill Ayers and his wife, who could refine the techniques of having black cocks rape little Jewish girls infatuated with a minder  named Bill.

Project this out, in you have Martin Sheen and those Hollywood nuts, joined by the Snowfreaks like McConaughy   and Amy Adams, coordinated to produce videos about this to affect off balanced minds, and these deranged people are now being herded to DC to violently riot, as the black civil strife leader John Lewis is praised by another Ashkenaz flame thrower in #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol to inflame all of this.


No it is more than riots.

This is Bill Ayers bastard, which is being employed for Obama 2020, exactly as it was exclusively reported here. These off center Snowfreaks are being minded by political directors, who are going to make sure they get  "seasoned" under fire, to hate the Secret Service, FBI, DC Police, National Guard etc... and in vitriol against the President, will then go home to tweet their wounds, and fester in them, to form a network of homegrown terrorists, which will of course ally with Mexican and Muslim rape cock, to bring terror all throughout America.

Terrorism has been monitored and minded by the regimes of America for decades. Director J. Edgar Hoover made it an artform, and it was allowed to fester to bring in the worst to ISIS....oh sorry that is Obama's version in Islam, but you should get the idea, that the regime creates terror networks to manage the terrorists, and kill them off from time to time, as it allows for the progression of policies.

We have heard from Holder, Lynch and Clapper about this "rage is good" in protecting the anarchists and terrorists for the past Obama 8 years. This is nurtured by Soros funding, but someone is psychologically grouping these unstable minds, and someone is minding every single one of these groups, with the full intent of creating a militant terror network across American colleges and choom dens, all to listen to their image Obama to flick their programmed minds with e pulse to transform them to Bill Ayers Neo Obama Panthers.

Step back and observe the stories in what they are telling you. You do not have information on Inauguration security and these terrorists do. If you tried to get it, the FBI would be interviewing you, and yet these terrorists will be flying on jets into DC and moving about in plain sight protected by the Obama state, so as to put an emotional exclamation point on this, that the Trump police state is now violently evil and must be resisted.

This NGO is creating the same terror revolution as destroyed the Mideast and Ukraine, and now it is aimed at assaulting you to get you to back off from Trump policies making America great again.

The Lame Cherry has a solution in this, and it is simple in handing the NGO Peace Corps over to the US military, and President Trump making mandate appointments to serve overseas in the heat and isolation of MUSLIM SAFE ZONES, so all of these black Congressman can be at home in Sudan, under military control, and if they violate one law as in no cell phones and no communication, they will be handed over to the Muslims for trial.

General Franco of Spain had the cure for liberals.  He drafted them all into the army, put them in the scorching heat of Morocco where years of that burned the anarchy out of them, and they returned home glad to be not bored to death literally.

Someone who has been dogging President Trump with coups for almost 2 years now, is assembling a terror network to be seared in DC for the Obama 2020 campaign. Beating up idiots will only activate them more. Counter measures must be carried out to neutralize this to bring peace to America in the order and law of a harmonious society.

Logic dictates those behind this already have attacks planned for the next few years into the future, and DC is their excuse.

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The Foundation of American Exceptionalism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been educating all of you concerning the Ashkenaz obliteration of the Assyrian German, and those Anglo Saxon peoples comprising the Western Peoples for over 100 years running.
Their candidate Obama was their gutter spittoon to the genocide of Americans and Germans in the Final Solution.

I desire you to read the following intelligence files, now that the Cold War has ended, and American exceptionalism is not such a passionate mantra, so that you will be able to understand that while the Americans, via the German Anglo Saxon immigrants produced the geniuses of the 1800's, the Germans or Assyrian Germans were in the intellectual arts as Goethe and the industrial arts in that the myriad of Germans who invented and perfected almost everything, created a Solomon nation in reality of a people who literally were as advanced culturally as Americans are over Africans today.

Read the reports of what Germany really discovered and what American plundered after 1945 in hauling the German genius into America, along with German wealth and societal order to produce the advancement which has changed the world.

This was not Bill Gates with high technology from IBM. This was horse and buggy era labs which were producing lasers, anti gravitational devices, ICBM rockets and fighter jets.
The following is not CIA planted conspiracy, but actual American military files in shipments of tons of paper out of Germany which contained patents from everything from industrial dyes to electronic tubes.

I have stated before that it was Germans who solved the atomic bomb fuse problem and it was German uranium the Americans used to attack Japan.

Special agents  from  the  U.S.  Field  Intelligence  Agencies  (Technical)  scoured
Germany for vacuum tubes a tenth of the size of the most advanced  U.S.
devices,  and  condensers  made  out  of zinc-coated  paper,  which  were  40
percent  smaller  and  20  percent  cheaper  than  U.S.  condensers—and,
instead  of "blowing"  like  the  U.S.  vacuum  tubes,  were  "self-healing"-
in  other  words,  they  could  repair  themselves.  Such  innovation  would
later prove invaluable to the postwar U.S.  electronics industry.
The  teams  were  also  on  the  lookout  for  German  textile  and  medical
advances—and  found  them  by  the  ton-load.  At  the  German  chemical
giant LG. Farbenindustrie, notorious for its role in the development of the
gas  chambers  of  the  Holocaust,  investigators  found  formulas  for  the
production  of exotic  textiles,  chemicals  and  plastics.  One  American  dye
authority  was  so  overwhelmed  by  the  discovery  that  he  declared:  "It
includes the production know-how and the secret formulas for over 50,000
dyes.  Many of them  are  faster  and better than  ours.  Many are  colors  we
were  never able to  make.  The  American  dye industry  will  be  advanced  at
least ten years." German biochemists had also found ways of pasteurizing
milk using ultraviolet  light  and  their  medical  scientists  had  discovered  a
way of producing synthetic blood plasma on a commercial scale.
Hundreds  of thousands  of German  patents  were  simply  removed  and
brought  back  to  America

Study the following realities in the Americans found a jet powered helicopter which was flying and perhaps the discovery of what the Foo Fighters were in World War II. For those unfamiliar with these orbs, American bomber crews found these strange high speed lights which followed them. The author of this information, Cook, discovered that most of the Foo Fighters appeared in one triangular shaped sector of Germany in a special night flying unit of bombers. The Germans had radio controlled aircraft or drones, but had not perfected their ability to "switch off" American bomber engines, which was the purpose of these advanced craft.

The Germans in 1944, during the war, were working on Star Wars technology.

Among  them  were  a  jet-propelled  helicopter  "in fly able  condition  ac-
companied  by  a complete  set  of documents  and  detailed  drawings";  the
Lippisch  P-16 tailless rocket-propelled research aircraft whose advanced
construction  indicated  "possible operation  at high  Mach numbers  in  the
vicinity of 1.85";  and the Horten Ho  229 twin-jet flying wing bomber.
Nothing comparable  existed  in the American inventory;  or anywhere
else,  for that matter.

The  files  detailed  the  growing  number  of
shipments back to the U.S.  "Hanau:  50 tons of documents ready for ship-
ment.  Munich:  30  tons  of documents  ready  for  shipment.  Teisendorf:
Approximately two tons of documents pertaining to flight-path studies of
guided rocket missiles are on location ready for shipment..."  From all
over   Germany,   documentation   was  being   gathered,   marshaled   and
hauled  back to  the  U.S.

a  "research  station"  near  the  town  of  Eib  See,  assessed  primarily  by
the  British,  curiously,  on  May  2,  1945,  it  said:  "Over  400  evacuated
Peenemunde  personnel  held.  Excavations  made  in  the  mountainside
close  to  lake  for  underground  workshops.  A  very  important  target."
Nothing else.
Mysterious  as  hell.
Next  page.
 Luftfahrt forschungs  [sic].
  Radio-controlled aircraft.
 April 21-24,  1945.
 Action  Taken:
 Team has been dispatched.
  "Evidence of radio-controlled aircraft."
I scratched some notes. Another potential foo-fighter technology.
Next  page.
  87,  Weimarerstr.  Vienna.
  Experiments  with  antiaircraft  rays.
  "Research  activity  is  conducted  in  a  house  at  the  above  address.  Research  personnel  were  not allowed to leave house (reported hermetically sealed)."
The Germans had been working on directed energy weapons and had
sealed those working on it from the outside world.
So many radical technologies and so long ago. I had no idea.
Next page.
Secret weapon.
 April 25,  1945.
  "Said to stop ignition system  of a  petrol  engine.  The  apparatus  has  succeeded  in  stopping  a motor  vehicle w/magneto ignition, but not one w/battery,  at a range of
2 or 3 km."
The report went on to say that the technology had been insufficiently
developed  to  have  been brought  against  aircraft,  but  it  made  clear  that
this was the goal.
The  Germans,  then,  had  also  been  working  on  devices  that  were
designed  to  "interfere with the engines of aircraft in flight,"

After reading the evidence of German superiority, it is the greatest crime in holocaust history which has been carried out against Germans three times now in World War I, World War II, and the Obama Merkel Muslim rape of Germany.

The Americans took the German advancements and over the decades perfected them in putting men on the moon and creating a television mind control industry. Everything was sound in America when it was German reich based. The problem took place when the community organized Obama types seized feudal power and turned the state against the people.

America now has the Anglo Saxon German Israelite Donald Trump as President and by this the world may be saved from oblivion, if the cartel arrayed against the world is degraded. It is the reality though of the facts of the real German technology which existed in 1944 and is still coming online in the 21st century.

The Assyrian Germans had built a Solomon nation, with a nation of Solomons, which was obliterated to the great harm of humanity.

There is an order, a Godly order, a genetic mindset which brings advancement to the human condition. It is peaceful order, positive direction, and the flourishing of the genius to know all is possible, when that orderly progression of thought is focused to create solutions.

May God bless Donald Trump in his Heavenly Order. Amen and Amen



and who is the mystery billionaire who smeared President Trump?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As ZeroHedge was busy rattling the Jeb Bush SuperPac in Right to Rise as the funding source for Fusion GPS in the Christopher Steele smear campaign...........Steele apparently was a British double agent in being paid by the CIA too, no one has been looking at who it possibly could be that funded this, as Bush is in denial, and yet the original story pointed to a billionaire GOPliter who did the deed.

There is a finite list of billionaires, as Jeb seems to have had about two dozen according to reports.

Nearly two dozen donors gave at least $1 million to Right to Rise USA, which reported in a filing Friday that it raised a whopping $103 million in support of Bush’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Coral Gables healthcare mogul Mike Fernandez topped the list of major donors with a $3 million contribution.

Other million-dollar contributors included Rooney Holdings, Inc., of Tulsa, Oklahoma; California investor William E. Oberndorf, a board member of Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education; San Francisco investor Helen O. Schwab, wife of financier Charles Schwab; North Palm Beach-based Nextera Energy, Inc.; Republican mega-financier Al Hoffman, the founder and former chairman of WCI Communities Inc.; hedge fund billionaire Louis M. Bacon; Raul Rodriguez, president of Miami-based Clinical Medical Services, Inc.; and Hushang Ansary, a former Iranian ambassador to the United States and his wife, Shahla.
Other contributors included U.S. Sugar’s Charitable Trust and Miami Heat owner Micky Arison. The owners of the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and San Francisco Giants also contributed to the committee.
Karl Stenstrom, a regular Bush golf partner and the former CEO of a Swedish consumer-products company who made a fortune launching Pergo floors in the United States, gave $130,000.
Ronald Krongold, a real-estate investor based in Coral Gables who contributed $100,000 to Right to Rise, called Bush the “best candidate running.

 In New York, private equity heavyweights Lewis Eisenberg and Henry Kravis sponsored a fundraising dinner for Bush. In the Bay Area, venture capitalists Bill Oberndorf and Bill Draper have hosted Right to Rise events. At the Right to Rise’s luncheon in San Francisco in early April, we identified Ron Conway, an investor to Twitter and Facebook, making his way into the event.

Trevor Rees-Jones, the billionaire head of Chief Oil and Gas, and his wife, Jan, each gave $1 million. Fellow billionaire Fayez Sarofim, an octogenarian heir to a major Egyptian fortune, coughed up $500,000, as did John Nau, the head of a major beer distributor. Ditto for Midland oil man Javaid Anwar. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair gave half a million to both the Bush group and Unintimidated PAC, the Super PAC supporting Scott Walker.

In the above list though of billionaires, there is only one who stands out, writing editorials, driven, a Bush insider and a man who just seems to know something about Donald Trump.

A Donald Trump that Mike Fernandez went out of his way to endorse Hillary Clinton for President as a #NeverTrumper.

Remember this was a time when all of these billionaires were disgusted with Bush in having been conned out their money in the disaster of JEB!

"Vote for Hillary Clinton and then every single Republican on the ticket," Fernandez wrote in the Miami Herald. "I harbor no illusion that Clinton is perfect; none of us is… However, Clinton is, without doubt, a superior choice to Donald Trump."

Hernandez had no "illusions" about Hillary Clinton, which means Fernandez had illusions about Donald Trump. But what kind of illusions?

"As a Republican who has contributed millions of dollars to the party’s causes, I ask: Why has our party not sought a psychological evaluation of its nominee?" Fernandez added.

Fernandez was calling for a psychological evaluation of Donald Trump. Might that not sound like a billionaire who had received intelligence from an MI6 and CIA asset, talking to Russian agents, about a certain billionaire who had whores pissing in beds and taking dumps and calling the shit pile Barack Obama.

Psychologically the vehemence of Fernandez against Donald Trump, to being covered by Sputnik in the Russian press which is a faction that did not appreciate Donald Trump either, points to Fernandez as being the unnamed billionaire, with very close Bush intelligence ties, who could off load a fortune to Fusion GPS and get the big name in MI6 and CIA intelligence to perform a coup on Donald Trump.

That is what the evidence points to in the identity of who paid for this smear job.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mike Fernandez appears to be a man with morals who was taken advantage of by this scam. Without knowing a great deal about Mr. Fernandez, I would hope that he would join with President Donald Trump, for creating a real Republic in Fernandez's Cuba, and be President Fernandez as the first President in the Republic of Cuba.