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The Meanness of it all

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Over a decade ago, I was enlisted by Elizabeth Custer to begin the work of bringing out the Truth of what was staged at the Little Big Horn, where hundreds of Americans were mass assassinated by the Grant regime of Washington DC and the New York financiers utilizing Indian terrorists, the very people whom Lewis and Clarke defined as "the pirates of the plains" in the Sioux.

An Indian is nothing but a savage, a deceiver and a liar. Before the 20th century, they were terrorists who robbed, raped, tortured, enslaved and murdered Indian, Asian, Black and White alike, as an Indian had no concept of moral or immoral, and only understood that something was bad if they suffered, otherwise all else was good.
It is why written here, that they are not allowed to be in a niche of "noble savage" as the current 21st century has them nothing more than communists on reservations working with those agents to destroy America, as they smugly are paid BIA and casino moneys, being the worst kind of racists.
There is no difference between the Indian of the Little Big Horn and the Obama Indian, as they are still deluded and if they could get away with it, they would in a moment, be off looting all the white people off the land, burning their homes, raping the women and murdering the children of today. Nothing has changed and one can see that by their arrogance as they know they are still protected by the socio conglomerate and welfare political state as the modern American Terrorist.

It is past time the Indian be made responsible for what they are now and what they were then, as 200 terrorists gang raping two women in what started the Washita Campaign, whereby in the Indian camps there a white boy was gutted of 10 years old, a mother murdered with her child to silence them of what they had endured, was what the Indian was and still smugly through propaganda is held up as some innocent.
The Indian was committing genocide on their own other genre races and if the white race had not arrived, America would now be 7 tribes instead of the many, as the dominant Indians would have murdered out the others.
The Sioux in the 19th century had already destroyed the Pawnee, Arikaree, Hidatsa and Mandan to vassal status, and had driven the Crow from "their" Black Hills as much as the Cheyenne. The Omaha, Kaw, Ojibwa would have all disappeared by genocide if this had not been arrested by the Indian Wars in which the Indian started the murders as that is what a savage did.

In comprehending that reality, the two camps in this were white people who either felt remorse over hundreds of their people slaughtered at the Little Big Horn or those who were assisted in cartel propaganda who hated their race and vented upon General Custer all sorts of venom as they could not hate themselves.
This was the arena I entered with my monumental first works on this subject, exposing the conspiracy by Indian Ring financiers and Grant regime assassins, which led to the mass murder of the Custer group.

So you comprehend the Little Big Horn, Tom Custer, brother of the General, was literally butchered alive by a Sioux named Rain in the Face, for the retaliation of arresting Rain in the Face for murder.
Tom Custer was gutted from pelvis to throat. His entrails were scattered on the ground. His arms were hacked off. His head was cut off. His face was so disfigured from being bashed in and scalped, that the only way his body was identified was by a tattoo on one of his scattered arms in TWC.

This is what the Indians were in heinous terrorists. Yet they smugly are emboldened to call the Little Big Horn the Greasy Grass Battle, and set up monuments to their terrorists there.
This is akin to Muslim terrorists setting up their own markers at the Twin Towers at Ground Zero, the Japanese at Pearl Harbor for their dead, or the Nazi setting up memorials at concentration camps to commemorate their dead.
That is how utterly repugnant all of this is, and to read markers at the Little Big Horn of Indians who died, for the Cheyenne way of life. What kind of life was it, but murder, rape, torture, robbery and the intent of genocide on Americans.
You might as well set up a marker by John Kennedy's eternal flame for Sheik bin Laden, who died for the Muslim way of life, as it is equally out of place and repugnant.

Elizabeth Bacon Custer, I believe has been running a flanking operation over the past decade in order to defeat the evil and the lies which have been against her husband and the other Troopers who were assassinated. She has been successful in turning the tide in this, as I recently noted there are numbers of intelligent minds now examining the Little Big Horn, and are in process confessing the facts which I first started to espouse in the blame was on the Grant regime, the cowardice of Major Reno, the malice of Captain Benteen, and that General Custer and his command fought bravely and in projection actually saved Reno and Benteen's position.

Recently as I have written of, I was startled and perplexed in reading over some texts from the 19th and 20th century, composed by Annie Yeats, wife of one of the assassinated there, with military aligning of facts by the Hero, General Nelson Appleton Miles, and added in discourse with Mrs. Custer.
The startling part was that she mentioned two events which have not been known.

Event 1: The trio of Mrs. Yates, Mrs. Custer and General Miles, mention that all was in order at the Last Stand Hill, except for one lieutenant who did not do his job that day and fled.

Event 2: When the first relief arrived, they saw 9 dead Indian scaffolds of chiefs, and were met by some Troopers who were still fighting in the woods who cheered them.

We have all been told that everyone died at Last Stand Hill, but that was not the case in the least according to these facts, as Mrs. Custer would not have known there was an officer who fled which caused the collapse of their lines, if there were not survivors, and those survivors were those in the woods still fighting when the relief column came up.
I should have known that these women would not have let one detail be left out and would have examined everything to obtain closure on this in knowing completely what took place.

As I have reviewed the records, the Custer command had specific companies. C company which was figureheaded by Tom Custer, had at it's head a Lieutenant by the name of Henry Harrington. Mrs. Custer lists all of the brave Officers who died, but does not mention the coward who lost his head which started the disaster.
The reason deduction points to Henry Harrington is 3 wounded Troopers from C company are listed on the roster of surviving. That concludes that it was Lt. Harrington who bolted, and his men fled from the field, and as he probably bolted off the field with a horse, his men probably regrouped in the timber to save themselves, and that is who the relief column discovered cheering them after the battle.

Henry Harrington was never found on the field by his much distressed wife, and he is just listed as dead.

No one knew where Harrington was and it opens the door to if he was dispatched off field, or if the officer on point bolted as part of a plan, in which Indians safeguarded him. That is speculation, but riding through 3000 Indians is not exactly a safe thing to do and yet he did just that and the Indians did not kill him in their lines.

It was this Lieutenant who the trio were focused on for his shameful lack of duty which led to the mass assassination. Libby Custer had written previously that Reno or Benteen had let her husband down, but they are not mentioned in this memorial, the focus is on the this officer who was  either a coward or a conspirator.

What the purpose of all of this groundwork in defining Indians for what they were as much as what the Grant regime was along with the financiers and old Army gaurd, is to address the evidence of one of thee most heinous of things.
Imagine for a moment if the people at Ground Zero on 9 11, had just been hastily buried in a pile of rubble, and that all who went by that site, noticed the dogs and cats were digging out the bones and gnawing on them as noted leaders came by to tour the site.
Imagine then the dead were reburied on site, and a heavy rain washed them out of their graves, for more exposure for the animals to chew on the dead.
Now take this out to 2 years of this desecration, and the government had not done anything to rectify the situation, and refused to provide funds. Would that bother you at all?

That is exactly what took place at the Little Big Horn. The Custer command was buried in shallow graves, except the General was placed 6 feet under, as they had but two or three shovels and most of the digging was done with tin plates.
These graves were dug into by wolves and other predators immediately.
We know that the military had money for a "revisit tour" of the site to examine it, but the Grant regime moved not in the least to bring those dead Heroes home, and numbers of them were children of noted Americans.

A detail finally was sent again to bury the dead "deeper", but Providence soon sent a heavy rain storm which washed the graves open again. Do you understand this was not chance, but that it appears the Spirits were not allowing something to be covered up, which they fully knew was a conspiracy which had them all murdered?

After 2 years of this, with Elizabeth Custer pounding on this issue to all authorities, General Phil Sheridan, who was the department commander, and the officer which George Custer adored as he fought under him at the Shenandoah, wrote a timid letter to the Secretary of War over the subject, stating his department had no funding to retrieve the bodies nor for coffins, and would the Secretary of War provide funds for this retrieval, where most of the dead would be brought to a military reservation in Kansas, but Mrs. Custer would have her request fulfilled as her husband's last request was to be buried at West Point.

Two years of this, with money for military tours, and finally the regime made money available to bring the dead back to be buried properly.
General Sheridan dispatched his own brother, Colonel Michael Sheridan, who oversaw the duty in the most respectful way. While the bodies were in storage at a warehouse, he undertook the last act of kindness in opening the coffin which George Custer was placed in, and cut off a lock of Custer's golden hair, to be presented to Libby, so that she would have closure in all of this horror she was enduring.
Libby stated that was the greatest treasure she ever held and she never forgot the kindness of Michael Sheridan.

There seems written between the lines, a great deal of people not saying things which they knew, and being moved to do things to make up for "that something which was wrong". Phil Sheridan it would seem would have raised holy hell over this, but was quite silent, and it appears he knew he was not to bring up the Custer issue and leave it lay on those plains to be buried.

There is much in this to be examined, in the two principle Generals in George Crook and Alfred Terry were a duo of one was incompetent and the other had never fought an Indian war in his life. Crook would fail at the Rosebud and retire from the field, instead of aiding General Custer. Crook instead went hunting and Alfred Terry sent messengers to him at the Big Horn Mountains, so while Sheridan was saying it took two weeks for dispatches to reach Chicago headquarters, Libby Custer wrote she knew of Crook's retreat as did Terry.
Lies mean people are covering things up, and lies mean by these actions that people were setting the Little Big Horn up for a horrific failure all aimed at General Custer.

General Custer had testified before Congress the previous winter over the corruption of Indian Affairs in their not feeding Indians, but arming them for profit, and the Grant regime's part in this scheme. Grant and Sherman were furious over this, and relieved General Custer of his command, after he attempted to return to Fort Lincoln.
It was so mean, that when he left Washington, he paid his respects to General Sherman "who was busy" as he was ordered to, and left his card stating he had been there.
When on train, he was immediately recalled for "leaving his post without permission" which was the start of the retaliation by the Grant regime and the old gaurd of the Army.

Upon leaving Washington again, this time with "permission", he was then relieved of command when General Sheridan was notified by General Sherman in the most petty of retaliations by President Grant.

By the time General Custer reached Minneapolis, he was simply begging his commander, General Alfred Terry to simply allow him to accompany his men into battle, while not in command.
Terry  who had absolutely no experience in Indian warfare was pleading with Sheridan, Sherman and the Grant regime to allow Custer to go out.
What took place was Custer would not be in command, but could go out with the 7th Cavalry.

In the meantime in this for the Campaign of 1876, the Sioux  Indians from Minnesota reservations started pouring west as much as the reservations in what would be South Dakota. Libby Custer notes the crooked Indian agents had no problem arming the Indians, and did not report them missing, as they could sell the Indians supplies for profit, but I ask in this the question of, just who was it in the regime who was telling the Indians to go to Montana for a fight to swell the ranks of Indians from 1000 to 3000?

General Custer was in preparation for the campaign, and his intelligence made him aware that the Indians were well armed and were pouring off the reservations. So many people do not comprehend the underlying intrigue in this campaign, as George Custer was having his career destroyed. He was not involved in this to be President, as that was nothing he was interested in, in the least, What he was trying to do was restore his honor.
There was not a Plainsman who in reality did not believe that 1 white man was not worth 50 Indians, as an Indian only pressed an attack if they had advantage in superior numbers and they would not attempt an attack if they would have to pay for it.

As an example of this, Col. Richard Irving Dodge, one of America's finest Heroes, was out hunting in Kansas with a Pawnee scout, and the Sioux had been busy afflicting them in burning off the grass etc...
A party of about 50 Sioux moved on the Colonel and the Pawnee. Dodge knew the situation and remembered that there was an open plain 12 miles in the distance on which he could make a stand, so he rode to that location.
The worst thing any white person could do was panic, because panic caused you to ride your horse into the ground and then you would die. As long as it was a flat open space, with no brush or depressions for the terrorists to get at you, a person could HARD SELL or take as many Indians with them before they bit the dust.

Dodge arrived at the location, set things up, and the Sioux arrived. He never fired, but would take aim and the Indians would throw themselves off their ponies and scatter. One must understand that an Indian did not respect being shot at, as it meant an empty gun. Dodge holding his cool, showed these 50 Indians he was  going to be a problem in costing them dearly.
This went on most of the day, with three charges, all repulsed without a shot fired. The Pawnee finally said at the end, "Damn coward Sioux, we go now, they gone!"

So it was not a boast for the Plainsmen to say a white man was worth a dozen or fifty terrorists, as those who kept their heads kept their scalps and the Indians died.

General Custer therefore had been in two other Little Big Horns in Washita and Yellowstone and prevailed. He knew if he did not attack, he would be ruined by the Grant regime for cowardice. There are "ifs" in this, as the General's battle plan was sound, but it required officers to follow orders, as in Reno to not retreat as a coward. As in Benteen to bring reinforcements when ordered, and as this Harrington to hold point and not run away, so the Indians could not get into the 7th's lines.
As General Nelson Miles assessed the situation in 1876 and others now have, you can not win a battle when your commanders are not following orders.

The meanness in all of this is the stupid Indian thought they had a victory, when it was handed to them, and they would have botched it if not for the treachery of Reno, Benteen and Harrington. The Indian was fighting for the way of terrorism and belongs nowhere near the honor the Little Big Horn.
The meanness in this was the murderous vindictiveness of the Grant regime with General Sherman in not honoring the dead they murdered, and in the worst of it, the spiteful little tortures they inflicted on Mrs. Custer.

There was a monument carved for George Custer's grave, and as Libby said, "I cried it off the foundation", and she eventually received an appropriate one. To literally set up something over a dead man's grave to humiliate him is par for the course in this, in guilt did not cause any shame in this regime, but filled them with worse venom in which they turned loose the Indian lovers who were exploiting the Indians for profit and religious collection plates in smearing General Custer, and then had agents in the press blaming General Custer for something they staged for this mass assassination.

The venom of this can not be allowed and these fangs require being pulled, so the entire story will be known to give these people peace.

I once heard a electric voice print from the Little Big Horn battlefield of a Spirit there. The voice was that of a woman, and she asked one question, "Do you love him?"
I believe that is Libby Custer's voice and it was part of her mission to not allow murderers to get away with any of this from white or Indian.

It was all meanness and it still is meanness. One can not change the event, but one can indict those responsible for the murderers they are and one can not allow the Indian terorrists to dance on the graves of the dead American Heroes.

George Custer before Congress exposed organized crime and organized terror for profit in America, and for that he and his command were deliberately assassinated by the terrorists, as in one of thee most venomous orgies of terror, the Grant regime in DC and commanding elements of the Army,  literally left American Heroes to be left in exposed graves and gnawed on by predators.

All of this should be assembled into a book, and it should be made into a completely correct historical reinactment with correct verbiage of regime murderers, criminal profiteers, Indian terrorists and Hero 7th Cavalry men who died there, along with civilians.

George Custer and his men were assassinated as certainly by conspiracy as Abraham Lincoln or John Kennedy was. The difference is, this was a mass assassination hidden in public view.

Father Custer in one note to Libby, laid blame for this all on President Grant, and it is the only written document I have ever found expressing this, while the rest of the letters are a series of nuance and hints as evidence is spoken of, but not stated.
It is in a way like the GI Bill after World War II, in you had a population of a million armed Soldiers who were paid off to keep them from acting out. America was still filled with a million armed Civil War Soldiers, and it had to have been factored in, what would be the danger in igniting the flame that commerce and regime had united to assassinating a Hero in George Custer.

So it is left to the 21st century to rectify the situation as more evidence arises concerning Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy in who was really behind their demise.

The pieces of Truth begin to assemble, rooting out the propaganda hiding all of this.

What took place in the murder of the Navy SEALS over the bin Laden actors being terminated and United States Soldiers deliberately left in the Afghanistan slaughter pits in the Obama regime balancing the scales for terrorists, is what took place at the Little Big Horn, and unless these events are exposed for the cartel agents and traitors within the regimes and commerce, they keep repeating themselves.

The meanness of it all is incomprehensible to civilized people, but denial of it only causes it to repeat. I am gratified to have had a part in exposing more of this in the investigative journalism produced here as none of these events are stand alone events, but a series of events by the same regime and financier syndicates.

These were Christians murdered for doing their duty. Each one died for each of us, and even so the Indian would not be exterminated, but put on reservation to be civilized, so they could live.

"Lieutenant Smith's skirmishers, still holding their gray horses, were lying in groups of fours.
Lieutenant Calhoun was on the skirmish-line, and Lieutenant Crittendon and each of the company had fallen in the place to which the tactics would have assigned them."

This is the story of the Assassination of the 7th Cavalry in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Over hills and plains the thought remains
Upon heart and breath the chorus refrains
Of the love which beats within and exhales from me
There is only one outcome and that is glory
I live, I live for her name
In duty and honor for this I came
By the spirit of love I will sustain
Holding her in heart tenderly
The girl I left behind me.

agtG 304Y

The Good Brother

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There seems there was this Brother named Wells who got the Methodist calling to be a preacher. His salary figuring on a laundress earned a good 10 dollars a day in 1880 and a good soldier earned a dollar day in wages, was that a Methodist Preacher got paid fifty cents a day.

Well, there came along a good steward, who informed Brother Wells that is he would show him about, that he would raise for his entire year's wages in one day.

As the steward went around, he fell into fellowship with a well to do man and after some eating and conversation the subject came about as to a donation to Brother Wells.

The rich man fingered through his pockets and found nothing.

He next instructed his wife to do a search of his pants, hanging close by, where upon she searched and found as she said, "Nothing but a 20 dollar bill here", which was a month and a half's work on Preacher salary.

Hearing that, the rich man said for the wife to go search their sons pockets to donate to Brother Wells.

She came back and said all the boy had was 10 cents.

"Well, " said the rich man, "Give him the 10 cents as that is better than nothing, and we will try to do more for Brother Wells at another time."

Yes why donate 20 dollars as what would a poor person do with that any way like a rich man would.

Brother Wells moved on to a new area where he was met by a Methodist Elder, who informed him they should stay with a Brother G until their possessions arrived and a house could be found for them.

When the Brother arrived with wife, and children, one of whom was ill, Sister G was not the most pleasant in the reception. When the wealth Mr. G arrived home, it became even more frosty, in they fed the Wells by themselves, and then the G family sat down to eat by themselves.

The next morning was a repeat with clear indications they wanted the Preacher and his family gone. So off went the Preacher with his family and found another Methodist member who said things would be sorted out, but to return to Brother G's home to wait.
On the way they met the wife trudging through the mud, and who informed them that their luggage was on the step outside, and for them to be gone.

The house was locked as if against thieves and the Preacher and his family left, and came upon a poor man with a very large heart and small house, he invited them into royally.

It did not take long for the G family's mistreatment of the Well's family to spread through the community. The Methodists now all opened their doors as did others to the Wells, and Church goers and not, vented their indignation upon the G family of shrews.

In short, Mr. G lost friends on all sides, left the Church and soon after died.

*Yes Jesus I gave him 10 cents when I had a fortune and yes Jesus, I threw them out of my home as I did not want to be of course I expect to get into Heaven as we were rich.

As a final note, due to the cold weather, the sick infant died.

The best advice for getting rich.........

"I keep money for investment, unless I spend it, then only on myself,
and what is left over, I give generously to God,
providing I get a good tax deduction for it."

.......and the best Judgment of ending up poor in hell.


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u 2 can b lame cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well my children and brats, it is time to divulge all the hidden secrets of being the best blogger in the matter anti matter and to produce thee best blog anywhere, so that all of you can be famous and if you sell your skirt to Mockingbird like Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge, you can be el richo too.

It all starts with a friend of mine from secondary school, who writting a report, quipped on day with, "Two pages is nothing to write. You just have two good sentences, and the rest is filler."


"Ask not what your Obama can do for you, but ask how you can bend over for Obama!"

Great speeches and great movies have one great line you delight in, and the rest is, "I'll be back", in Arnold Schwartzenegger Austria accent.

Next my children and brats, you have to mould yourself into the immortal genius creators of those creators of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota in the Rocky and Bullwinkel Show.

A cartoon?

Why yes Mam a cartoon, as the original good cartoons, were built to make ignorant children laugh, and had humor in them that went over kids heads, to the adults to make them laugh at the stupidity, so they would let the children watch them. Great manipulation and Go Go Gophers, Dudley Doo Right, Fairy Tales, Commander McBragg all provided multiple levels of humor.

Now we come to the hard part. The human mind is insane. Yes you are unbalanced and that is what bothers those who do not get this blog, as the human brain has about a 30 second attention span, and then it is off thinking about porn or knitting. The mind wanders and people do not retain a thing really. It is why St. Paul repeated things constantly to drill it into wandering minds.
If you watch successful music videos, commercials etc...., you can literally chart them by saying about 1 second timing, and the images change. The human mind likes also likes what you could call Rush Limbaugh fondling in the mind conditioning that is performed there.
It is nothing knew as the best stage acts like Red Skelton did the Frostbite Falls combination, in you soothe people along, make them feel emotional about things, and then make them laugh, so like a good song, you get them up and down on that roller coaster of emotion.
Never though bitch slap them as Sir Alfred Hitchcock warned, which is what movies do all the time now in alienating and frustrating audiences all the time. Hitchcock stated you put a bomb in the drawer, and then talk about all other things to build audience suspense, but you never let the bomb go off, or you alineate the audience.

You hate The Shootist and the The Cowboys by John Wayne, because he dies, and no one likes that shit. You like Rio Lobo and McClintock, because he lives and things are all happy ending.
Liberals are all f*cked up in their minds though, and that is why Mark Levin is around, as they like getting the Ray Lewis treatment to punish them for being such sinful asses.

One of the feeders of this blog is some old crumudgeon in which no one reads his posts or cares, unless it is about Dr. Kate, me or someone interesting. The best these Obamites can do is the same old Limbaugh is a fat ass stuff........the charges of LSD as they are too dopey to figure out what goes on here.
Old folks produces nothing original and TL showed me a post where he earned like enough for a tofu dinner or something with whatever zombie stepford is stuck with him. That is the deal with the left in they never pay out. Soros gets the big bucks, and unless you are like Ulsterman bending over for pocket change, there is not money in it for them.
So you should be like Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Greta or that new blonde tartie at FOX in pretending you are right wing, and then Peggy Noonan going hard for Obama when the chips are crucial to make the money. Always remember to be a fag lover.......yeah be like Limbaugh and Levin with that "god bless you" stuff like Obama does, but spew all that right wing stuff, and then stick one up the ass once in awhile to make the audience uneasy and condition know be pro marriage and then say you got married 4 times to show your Viagra suitcase of how you really are.

That is the reason I do not make money at this in the mansion figures, but I do get a donation for a steak dinner at times, but I save that money as Almanzo Wilder's dad told him in Wisconsin back in the 1800's that he could buy a glass of lemonade for 5 bucks or buy a pig and raise it up for more money. Almanzo was bright and bought the piglet as the old folks all were in horror of a parent giving a child that kind of money to decide on.
See I will save money, and in time I will get a Scottish Highlander moo cow, and then I will have the beef to eat and the cow too, and not just the steak with nothing but one meal.

Got to get this, I was listening when my teacher was reading the Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and not mind wandering......I got the lesson on economics by paying attention, and being frugal is part of it.
It pleased me greatly in some friends from Texas were saving plastic containers for planting seeds next season for the garden. To read that children I care about benefitting from my existential experience is the reward in making life better in the little ways which mean big results.
A penny saved is a penny earned. Franklin economics will make people secure and wealthy in the long run, instead of long shot lottery tickets.

As you are not aware, I just taught you something again which will stick, because you linked Little House on the Prairie in good emotions, with learning to invest in non breakables, and using junk in secondary ways, so you do not have to drop 20 bucks on specially made, but inferior, sprouting containers. That is how you make and keep money.

People like personal stuff too. That will bite you as too personal and the pervs want sex or too familiar and they prey on things they think are weaknesses. If you growl at people like a cat or dog, that keeps most of them on the other side of the fence.
Growling is things like TL has a big pistol sitting by the bed or evil people tend to drop dead when they bother me.

If you are unInspired, then you got a bit of a problem in being me or a popular girl. You can read Drudge like Limbaugh does daily and then steal ideas from blogs like mine.......or you can be a tartie like Michelle Malkin in running that Czar scam to distract people from the real Birther issue which will never go away, and having that staged fodder from Mockingbird, you then get the attention from FOX and all chatter about it, but content is what makes the blog or program generate buzz.
There is only so many times you can look up Meghan Kelley's skirt, before you want brunette. Sex only goes so far, like molotov commentary. You still have to do the work, and that involves using what most idiots do not, in a search engine, or doing that mysterious thing in actually reading material that is not Mockingbird generated.

I had to resort to history for the intelligent to re expose people on thought patterns and situations of conduct which were productive, as what is being conditioned now has turned people into jello brains on a leash.

A great deal of this should be easier now, as by God's Grace, I have reset the borders of thought and removed the barricades. By this, by overtly doing all the things which are tabboo from the Nigger word to profanity to dealing with the Birther issue to writing about God, suddenly all those thought police fences are torn down, and you can scamper around the playground without the NSA and police state paying that much attention as I get to be the popular girl running them as rats in the maze.

That last part is something one should not do. Always say how much you love the NSA and hope they had more power to rule.

I have taught you again now a few of the basics in refreshing your memories, so that when you see, hear or read something, you will now see how it all works. If there were 50 of me, all of this would change for a bit more least in that, the moneychangers would buy me out, and not just utilize the blog as a crash test dummy to monitor how brain dead the public is to reality.

You will notice that I am the only one left now. No one has been doing this as long as I have. Those who appear or are set up, will burn out in a short time too, as this is really impossible without finances. Life just gets in the way of it all. I will be pleased if I have in the coming months some time to not be living in two places at once, but Mom's place has gone trampled under since I was gone, and all of that has to be fixed.......and before winter.

As I write this, I am on the second week of packing up all of the things here into boxes and TL and learned to get heavy boxes down stairs..............I now see why God moved me to buy that 250 dollar outboard motor at an estate sale for 50 bucks, as it had a dolly with it that is heavy duty and that is what is banging down the steps or will be done hopefully by the time you read this.........thankfully my back is healing up from a few days ago, and I am looking at taping things shut for the garage, where we can then load, unload, reload, unload, reload and unload........yes when moving on the poverty scale it requires a bit more than just the 2000 dollar pissed to the wind cost.
I will try and let you know what we did, so that others will gain by the experience, when it is done, but if things seem lagging.......that is why as this is a major operation that I never want to repeat again.

There once as a dog named Bowser
Who pissed on the General's Howser
But one day he dry humped
And the cannon ker thumped
And that was the end of 12 Marxists with 1 captured German Schnauser.

I hope God does not hold me accountable for the crossed T's in that ditty.


The Three Faces of Eve IL

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought I would share with you a stunning observation by Herbert Hoover, over a man which Hoover admired in Woodrow Wilson.

The first photo is perfect in exhibiting the arrogant intellectual who smugly in his genius and acadamia had all the answers to mould the world according to his leftist mandates, as the world would of course in 1914 accept peace so save themselves.

The second photo is three years later in 1917, just as Woodrow Wilson was asking Congress to declare war on Germany with an expression of benevolent executioner uncertain of his task. It is a grave Woodrow Wilson, who stated he did not desire war, but had in his university degrees and brilliance, been maneuvered into progressing to the idea that if the world did not desire his mental peace, then Woodrow Wilson would make the world under American military might be made to accept his physical peace....and then of course after violating every George Washington and American Doctrine, Wilson then could return back to his ideals as all would be a league of peace.

The third photo was take in 1921 at the end of his regime. The smugness is gone. The arrogance is gone. The resolve is gone. What remains is the expression of grim fear in a man who started out with such lofty ideals, prostituted himself to snatch his ideals, and after all of that found himself in a reality that he no longer had any basis to recognize himself.

Literally in 7 years, you are looking at  Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. It is disturbing to see this arrogant man transform into some Peter Lorie ghoul looking creature chanting "Master".

The only thing more disturbing is witnessing that the image of Obama has only smiled more smugly in enacting global rapine and murder from his intellectual crimes.

"He was the most extraordinary compound I have ever encountered of the noble visionary, the implacable and unscrupulous partisan, the exalted idealist and the man of rather petty personal rancours."

-Prime Minister Lloyd George of Great Britain on Woodrow Wilson

"If Mr. Wilson had been either simply an idealist or a caucus politician, he might have succeeded. His attempt to run the two in double harness was the cause of his undoing. The spacious philanthropy which he exhaled upon Europe stopped quite sharply at the coasts of his own country.

In the Peace Conference—to European eyes— President Wilson sought to play a part out of all proportion to any stake which his country had contributed or intended to contribute to European affairs He sought to bend the world-no doubt for its own good—to his personal views.

He consumed his own strength and theirs in conflicts in which he was always worsted."

-Winston Churchill

"President Wilson, by his League of Nations, has been the most responsible factor in setting up barriers between nations."

Prime Minister Francesco Nitti, Italy on Woodrow Wilson

"President Wilson, the inspired prophet of a noble ideological venture,... had insufficient knowledge of... Europe."

French Prime Minister Clemanceau on Woodrow Wilson.


Human Breed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking at this photo the other day and at first glance I thought it was a deer, due to the size of the animal, but on confirming it, it was a diminuative antelope, which sort of gives a scale of the size of Indian ponies, and why they were called ponies.

The reason I bring this up is the other day I walked through some 6.2 foot giants, and the reason I state this is, there has been a genetic "growing" in testing on Americans for some time. It began in full scale sometime in the mid 1980's, based upon the Ralgro, or bovine growth hormone injected into beef cattle to get more size out of them quicker for profits.
This began a trend in these growth hormones which started turning out giants. I have a godson whose parents are the normal squaw of 5.5 and the buck is a Swede of like 5.8, who is a little guy. This son though is like 6.4 and his voice is deep.
The source of this growth is the genetic testing on Americans and it has created this race of monsters.

George Washington was a rare item at 6.4 feet tall. The common build of George Custer, Wild Bill and Nelson Miles in 1870 was a male about 6 feet tall and weighing at 150 pounds for the upper nourished classes, with numbers of these bunty people around from Europe and imported into America who were "Indian size" in that 5.5 foot Napoleon range with the women in that same size ratio.

There was a time in America where 6 feet tall was a large male in an XL. Now one sees this endless supply of XXL, 220 pounds and six feet is considered small.
Nutrition played a part in this, in the advancement of diet after World War II, but in the 1960's the NBA and NFL were a class of people who were normal sized.
Forest Gregg who was the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals of football, moved out all his offensive lineman in the 80's for 300 pound males and this was a shocking cut off line as previous to this, an offensive lineman was considered very large at 270 pounds. In the 21st century, one can not find anyone who is "small" who was literally a normally large man just a few years ago.

You can track this, in the first testing was engaged in exactly the guinea pigs who were expendable in the American Afroid. They were bred as Jimmy the Greek said to make large draft humans for picking cotton, as Muchelle Obama is of that class. They work well for organized sports of today.
This then progressed to key region white people for testing, in appearing in the immigrant German and Scandinavian areas of the American midwest. Oh yes, these Israelites were expendables too.
Ever notice you never see a big Jew or one of the patrician families ever of giant size?

Now I have you thinking in this.

It is a simple process of adding growth hormones in public school lunches, junk foods in mass markets and in the directed welfare purchases in select foods only go to poor people or it appears to even now the "working classes" in rich suburban areas.
That is where I ran into my carpenter giants. These were white males, residing in one of the richest counties in America. They are breeding a larger servant class for the elite.

There is a problem in this, as my experience informs me, for when you build a bigger animal, it wears out faster, and it eats one out of house and home. You get as much work out of a little man as a big one for less cost.
Two examples in this are the high output beef, hog and chicken, which one does not notice the large size or hormone feeding, because the animals are dead in 2 years to 6 months. In terms of life, that is like a beef dying by the time it is 20, so no aging problems would show up.

Want to know what happened to my godson and his class of growers? Why they all had their gall bladders sucked out. My sister did too. Now what do you suppose it was they were all exposed to, that was making that body part go haywire?
If you notice in this, there is an epidemic of diabetes now starting in young. You do not suppose it is that Monsanto algae corn, wheat and soybeans do you, with infusions of growth hormones causing auto immune inflammation in the children do you?

Of course it all is this frankenfood and genetic experimentation. Algae is bottom feeder material of poisons. It is not to be eaten, and that is all people are being fed now, and as I keep telling you, when all those preservatives and poisons which you are eating are killing bacteria and weeds, what do you  think that is doing inside of your bodies?

I much prefer looking at old pictures and seeing a man with a Winchester in which the gun looks like some cannon, the Indian pony looks like a toy and a small antelope looks like a deer, because everything was in the right size.

My intent on starting this was to show those "wild mustangs" for the nags  they are in being genetically inferior to horses, and how it would be a good thing to turn them into Belgian steaks as Europeans like eating horse.
But what you have there is an Indian pony, much like fat Padres in the Catholic Church, Mexicans and Indians, in if you do not feed them, they looked like coyote bait, and if you did feed them, they got fat and were worthless.
Those are the horses the Indians abused and the Mexicans abused. They were small creatures, rode like a jackhammer and looked 24 hours a day, like all they wanted out of life was to die.
The guess is, this nag was probably acquired off a dead Indian. There used to be great profit in that occupation, in the Indian would murder some white dude from the east, and some borderman would shoot the Indian, asking no questions later, and acquiring a nice gun, field glasses or knife.
That is not to say that all these ponies were worthless, as Buffalo Bill in an Indian battle, snuck out to a bush that he saw a chief of the Sioux riding by all the time, and shot the terrorist as Bill appreciated the horse the buck was riding.
That horse was a very fast race horse and Bill won a great deal of money off of him.

Thoroughbred horses tend to be hard to keep, and have gut problems. While these mustangs eat tree bark and live. I wonder what kind of problems all of these giants are going to experience when they start dressing out in their 40's. Those joints can only take so much pounding before they wear out.....that though in replacement parts was part of they cyonics developed in how to borg a body.

I have had enough of this, and am going back to looking at my picture.

I saw in another photo the Cavalry had a double set of reins on their bits. Those horses must have been awful rambunctious in battle, with all that leverage to control them.
It looks like I have 40 more posts to deal with. Lord I do rattle on about things.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The new statistics of the Obama years have been published and they are quite startling. At the same time, I have proof it is not just me, as one starts to wonder if your skirts are too high, when the rich people with all the pleading which goes on here for just one 350,000 dollar donation prove they are not all heartless Scrooges in just one of them having a I we do need the money...........have not just left Lame Cherry to fend with the Mexicans for crumbs, but have cut back 4% to Lazarus and the dogs.
(That would be a Biblical reference for the rich who are ignorant of such things in Jesus stating you are all going to burn in hell for not helping the poor.)

The statistics are that the people who earn from 1 dollar to 100,000 dollars have upped their donation to charity by 4% the past Obama years, while those earning more than 100,000 dollars a year, have cut off from giving by 4%.

How much more damning evidence needs to be proven, beyond what God records in the book of the rich person's life to send them to hell, than the reality that when an Obama Super Depression hits, the rich instead of giving, cut back in helping others.

I can base a Sherlock Holmes deduction on this, as every person reading this has found out the past years, as Obama taxes hit all the poor people, in the rich people are getting hit too, but instead of cutting back in trips for kiddies around the globe or cement ponds to swim in......they just become Scrooge and claim they are poor.
Oh you do not get this, even though Charles Dickens explained it in the Christmas Carol? See when the rich people are having their stock prices skyrocketed by Obama Geithner money dumps.......their eyes gleam, but they are still poor, because they are being hit with taxes in other areas in cash earning. Yes rich in assets, but they claim poor in money, as getting a tax bill of another 50 grande to a million does make the rich sit up and take notice.

The rich then looks around like they have been robbed, and instead of blaming the Obama they blame all those poor people getting government entitlements, so in revenge the rich conclude, "You got my money in Obama spending, so I am not donating any more to poor orphans."

Problem is the poor orphans, poor Lame Cherry's, poor unemployed, and the poor cutting their damn lawns or waiting on their tables serving them food, are not getting the entitlements, so the very people in need, are the ones told to let a dog lick their sores for their Obamacare medical coverage.

You look at the rich in the favorite Mockingbird mic head in Rush Limbaugh, and he has like hundreds of millions of dollars.......and he is still selling books to poor right wing kids mind raping them.
Just look at the National Enquirer........I did because the democrat neighbor throws it away in the trash when she gets it from her daughter who subscribes..........but it is like you see just millions of dollars in the back of all of these people's names in divorce settlements.

The big faves at the Enquirer are sodomite backers like Joan Rivers. Only people they really hate are Muchelle  Obama and Jon Voight. Joanie had a massive estate, and you can bet that even though she knew what poor was, that she never gave until it hurt......none of them ever do. They just keep on voting Obama and then blame poor people for daring to eat, the way Rush Limbaugh was always bitching about.

My personal experience on donations is what the reality is in that 4%, in people who are in that 100,000 dollars and way under, which most are, are the ones who are donating when it should be going to their baby girls as they are working themselves into sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
I am like the Viking in the rich in his neighborhood, in I just can not figure out what the devil they are doing with all that money. It is like, "Oh if I give 50 grande........well I will only have 9 million, 9 hundred, 9 hundred 50 thousand."
Yeah until it comes to dropping a million on some tax deduction thing, which will get them a plaque on the wall saying how great they are, then they find money for that.

The statistics had no hard data, but figure if someone had 100,000 and was giving away 4000 dollars to charity and then upped that to 8000 dollars. That is a big chunk of cash, even with tax deductions for it, in people who are not any richer now than someone with 30,000 dollars a year giving 1200 dollars a year.

I do not get it, any of this, in how if a rich person gave away a million dollars a year........say they had 50 million......and in that, they would die before the 50 year were up, in how they would consider themselves poor in only having 30 million and not 50.

I mean Lord God, literally, a rich person could start and Olive Garden for a million dollars with some hard working poor people as lesser partners......get a nice place to eat for free and be waited on........make that money back probably in not that long of time, and make so many people's lives better, but the rich will not even do that. They just sit there and haul in the cash and money dumps, get nailed on Obama taxes after voting for him or being suckered for some fraud like McCain or Romney, and then not give to people who need it, because taxes went up. Only to a rich mind would that make any sense at all.

I though at least know this popular girl is not alone, in the millions of other poor people having our crumb rations cut back as dogs lick our sores, as the rich have shown themselves for the Scrooges they are in cutting back 4% and nothing will get them to open that purse.

Maybe they are waiting for the dead rotting corpse of the person they cheated money out of, to show up with 3 ghosts at Christmas, but with ebola and other things being ramped up, I doubt I would wait around for a fairy tale to show me what a damned Scrooge I was.
Don't know why a rich person would want to visit their miserable youth, as they are going to do that when Jesus opens the book of their doom, and all of those horrid things come spilling out like a movie for all to see.

Just would think a rich person would like having at least a few moments of them being humane in all that selfishness and least to point to it and say, "See Jesus I was not such a bitch 4% of the time."


150 million dollar loan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have been tracking how these United States were manipulated into war, I found that there was money to be made in humanitarian aid, as the Belgian Relief Commission under Herbert Hoover, had been granted a 150 million dollar loan from New York Bankers. This loan would be guaranteed by the English, French and Exiled Belgian Governments.

You have to catch this as it was American bankers who were thrown the enticement of this enormous sum to make profits over people's misery. In other words, the most powerful men in America, had just put up money on January 21st, 1917 AD in the year of our Lord, which meant that when a few Americans had died in the Lucitania stated event to draw America into war, that now America has a fortune invested to protect, and as bankers do not have armies, that meant pressure would be brought to bear on the Woodrow Wilson regime.

Herbert Hoover noted at this time, that the English and French were unleashing intense propaganda to get America involved in this world war. Wilson though did not believe the American people would go for this war, and he was still not in favor of it.
Hoover though stated that if America was not willing to pull it's share of the burden, would the allies be expected to pull their share? Wilson winced at this.

By February 2nd, both the military adviser to Wilson in Colonel House and Ambassador Page were pressuring Wilson for war, along with that British and French propaganda.

At this venture the Germans sank the Belgian Relief vessels, which prompted Wilson to recall the US Ambassador on February 3rd.

At this point, Colonel House asked Herbert Hoover what steps the United States should prepare for, in going to war. Hoover is not even an elected official, but instead is running this relief organization, and he replies with the following 8 points:

1. No political alliance with the Allies, but America confined to naval and military cooperation.

2. The bringing to bear all of the United States shipping to supply the allies with munitions and food. (This is the key part of the Gentleman's Agreement.)

3. Open all facilities to the Allies, to enable financing of purchases.

4. To reinforce starving out Germany in the blockade.

5. Join allied shipping and by extortion of withholding coal refueling to have neutral nations only ship goods for the Allies.

6. Employ the French Government to recruit more American mercenaries into the French military.

7. The creation of an immense "defensive force" to protect America and to enforce an American peace upon the Europeans when the war is ended.

8. In order to deal with a global food shortage, rationing should be enforced on Americans.

The above should really give pause in how well this was thought out. The connect the dots in this are the smoking guns. We know that it was the Ashkenaz finance cartel which ran the money exchange, and due to Jekyl Island, it was JP Morgan and others who were tied into this, as who was rewarded, but New York finance with that high stakes loan to the allies.

We see in Herbert Hoover's writings to President Wilson, an almost exact replica of the Gentleman's Agreement from encirclement, the provision of food and munitions, and the direct involvement of US citizenry into the French Army.
Herbert Hoover did not dream this up, but he has been privy to the counsels of all the European and American regimes, along with a direct tie in to New York finance.

You are seeing the floodgates of profits being opened, and the way to force America into this global war by entangling her. I seriously in starting this research never contemplated that Republican Herbert Hoover would be advising Democrat Woodrow Wilson, with his internationalist ideas, and how step by step America was walked deliberately into this war, appealing to the "protect our democracy" idea from Theodore Roosevelt from German militantism, and the "peace in our time" idea from Woodrow Wilson.

I never would have believed that a relief organization led by Herbert Hoover for humanitarian reasons, would be the tool used to drive America into this war, while Henry Cabot Lodge was doing his utmost to keep America out of the war in the United States Senate.

Oddly into this Ambassador Page had cabled Sec of State Lansing stating that the Belgium Relief Commission should be terminated, but Hoover objected to this, as he had already made progress after his ships were sunk to have England and Germany, both observe the neutrality of these ships.

In a third meeting with Wilson, Herbert Hoover, floats an idea, that since the loans to the Commission had necessarily failed, that perhaps Congress could grant an appropriation of expenditures in America for this operation as the Europeans would meet this organizations currency outlays in Europe.
Woodrow Wilson agreed to approach the subject.

Hoover believed the Germans did not desire America in the war, but stated in their "madness" anything could happen and indeed it did, as if by design.

The relief ships again started, and the relief ships were again torpedoed by the Germans. By March 12th, Hoover recorded that the British intelligence with the cartel Marxists had overthrown the Russian Monarchy for a "republic".

By April 6th, America declared war on Germany.

Wilson then requested that Hoover oversee the food organization in America, and Hoover agreed providing he could still oversee the Belgian and French relief.

Let us now focus upon the Belgian Relief Commission which was the tool in starting this international war.

Herbert Hoover was approached by the urgent request, as Mr. Hoover relates, of the people in Belgium and the government in exile at Le Havre in October 1914 in order to feed 10 million people in Belgium and Northern France.
Hoover makes absolutely no mention of these Belgians by name, and as they were a tool of the English and French, it is obvious by what Mr. Hoover records that when he was underwritten at 90 million dollars annually, and this jumped to 300 million dollars annually by 1917, that someone was making fortune in this food market. After America entered the war, the sum was 360 million dollars annually with America funding the relief in part.
As it makes absolutely no sense for England to be feeding people who were not their own, this Commission was the chosen wedge to get the Americans involved in this war as a first step.

Deducing in this an obvious source, it was America which was being gleaned of her crops, as it was Americans who were facing rationing.

Herbert Hoover then reveals something which sound rather disturbing in stating that the Belgian Relief Commission was the precursor to the World War Food Administration, which literally was a fascist department as it imported food, controlled food processing and stimulated food production.
It literally was Head Start in providing for 2.5 million children, and it gave to families, food, medical supplies, clothing, fuel and housing.

The very thing that Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson unleashed on America, was literally a lab experiment in a Haliburton type entity of nation management.

Hoover lists the international body, sanctioned by the American Department of State which he was managing.

"With the approval of our State Department I secured as "patrons" of the Commission Ambassador Walter Hines Page in London, Ambassador James W. Gerard in Berlin, and American Minister Brand Whitlock in Brussels.
We also secured as "patrons" the Spanish Ambassador in London, Merry del Val; the Spanish Ambassador in Berlin, Luis Polo de Bernabe; the Spanish Minister in Brussels, the Marquis de Villalobar; the Netherlands Minister in Brussels, and the cooperation of the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, J. Loudon."

On May 19th, Hoover was appointed United States Food Administrator, reporting directly to the President. All of this will sound most familiar to agrarians until Ronald Reagan removed all the facist controls of what farmers were allowed to plant, as this minute control over food supply was instigated in World War I before the United Nations was even created.

What Hoover next reveals in this is the genesis of the transformation of America to a fascist state. By this I explain in government enforces the decrees, it is managed by departments to increase production and retard citizens from using their own resources, the financiers make money by an organized inflating of prices due to "limited supply", but to stop profiteering and speculation, which would compete with those who have the monopoly control.
Mr. Hoover does not put this all in these terms, and has a more patriotic note to this, but while Americans and Congress resisted this fascism, Wilson was busy hiding this in commissions so it was not an absolute dictatorship. They were by Hoover's direction to be called "Administrators" and he states all of this was based on the trials and failures of European models.

This is the list Hoover provides of all the President's fascists.

"The President made appointments irrespective of political faiths. No more splendid men could have been found than Bernard M. Baruch, who directed the War Industries Board; Secretary of the Treasury W. G. McAdoo, who was also Railway Administrator; Harry A. Garfield, who directed the Fuel Administration; Charles M. Schwab, who directed ship construction; Edward N. Hurley, who managed the overseas shipping; and Vance M. McCormick, who directed the controls over imports, exports and blockade matters. Mr. Wilson was fortunate in having David F. Houston as Secretary of Agriculture and Franklin K. Lane as Secretary of the Interior.
divisions, Arch W. Shaw, Alexander Legge, Judge Robert S. Lovett, and Robert S. Brookings. In the Coal Administration were heads of divisions, Mark L. Requa, Walter Hope and Henry Taylor, Sr. On the War Trade Board were John Beaver White, Alonzo E, Taylor and Clarence M, Woolley. In the Food Administration there were heads of divisions, Joseph P. Cotton, Julius H. Barnes, Judge Curtis H. Lindley, Edgar Rickard, Gertrude B. Lane, Ray Lyman Wilbur, George Rolph and Robert A. Taft.

I may add that after having served in the organizations which I directed, four became United States Senators, four governors, one an ambassador, one a minister, one a Federal judge, and two Assistant Secretaries of State, and many became leaders in the professions and industry.

Herbert Hoover. The Ordeal Of Woodrow Wilson

Mr. Hoover was the food police. He immediately faced a crop failure in an Act of God upon declaring war, as one might conclude that perhaps God did not appreciate Americans joing in a German Genocide against His Lutherans, but Hoover overcame the drought in rationing food to Americans in such a stringent manner, that he was making huge exports from a statistical vaccuum as he noted.

From the above list, it appears if one served the beast that all sorts of grande things happened, including becoming a future President.

This went so far that Colonel House, wanted Herbert Hoover to FEED THE COMMUNISTS IN RUSSIA in order to calm the waters.
Yes German Genocide was not enough, but feeding the Soviet Empire while depriving Americans was a grande thought from Wilson's closest adviser.

As a most interesting point of the time line in this, the cartel led overthrow of the Czar in Russia was in 1917. The Russians were the eastern front fodder for the Germans. It was 1917 that America then entered the war, replacing the spent Russians.

It was an immense boon as America was exporting 3 times the amount of food as before the war, which  George Washington would approve of, but what he would not approve of was the violation of the Monroe Doctrine as America was exporting 3 million US Soldiers.

The friction came in this in the Congressional elections when Wilson released a letter demanding the Republicans be turned out of office. This shocked Hoover and it was not approved of by four Cabinet Secretaries in Lansing, Houston, Lane and Attorney General Gregory.
The culprits in this were his personal secretary, Joseph Tumulty and Postmaster Albert Burleson.

Hoover actually desired a pro Wilson Congress, believing it would strengthen Wilson's hand in treaty negotiations, and, when Hoover's letter was made pubic, he was excoriated by the Republicans.

Wilson though was handed a defeat in Congress and embarked upon his 14 points in dictating peace to Germany.

"Mr. Wilson began the enumeration of the principles which should form the basis of the peace which must follow the inevitable victory over Germany and her allies. These were defined in four*major addresses from January to December 1918. The President subsequently, for negotiation purposes, unified them as the "Fourteen Points and subsequent addresses/* They were Woodrow Wilson's proclamation to all mankind of the New World ideals of peace."

Yes this was the first time the New World Order was spoken of. For those who did not comprehend it when this blog stated George H. W. Bush speaking of the New World Order was speaking the New World as in American, that this is what Wilson was enveloping from the start, from the old world order.
It was the delusion of the Americans that they were in control when were but pawns.

Thus in lying to Germany which does not seem to be noted by Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson released his new world order order.

"We believe , . . in a new international order under which reason and justice and the common interests of mankind shall prevail ... [25] Without that new order the world will be without peace and human life will lack tolerable conditions of existence and development."

The mechanism was  built and put into place, making American power a fascist state to be exploited in being impoverished, killed and looted.

This is the hidden wedge in this which steered all of this forward as it was as deeply plotted as the Patriot Act after 9 11, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the coming dollar reset plotted under Birther Hussein Obama.

nuff said