Thursday, August 21, 2014

gopher hole

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While I do not amuse myself with hick, rube and patrician comedy, the following is a fitting necessity to remember for survival.

The Washita Campaign, as so noted was brought on by the gang rape of 2 white women by 200 Indians in Kansas, along with other predations, was one in which God provided plenty of cold, snow and blizzards to pin down the Indians for effective punishment and capture.
In it though, the men and animals were ill prepared for this kind of Arctic winter existing or fighting.

Humans in America though tend to be led in invention, and one of these which General Custer learned from his men, was Libby Custer's much loved, 'snug little dugout".

A dug out is what it sounds like, in one finds a hill and digs out the dirt. You would know it as a root cellar. The point being that mean temperature is 58 degrees in the earth soil, so it is why gophers, bears and snakes hole up and survive.
I have been in snow shelters, and you can have them. Snow is always cold, and besides keeping you from winds and zero degrees it is still radiating cold in them and there is no comfort in an igloo.

I place here General Sheridan's account of the gopher troops with there "cleverness" of barking at each other like prairie dogs, which I find just idiotic like most things Jon Stewart and David Letterman.

"For this they had contrived many devices, the favorite means being dugouts— that is, pits dug in the ground, and roofed over, with shelter-tents, and having at one end a fire-place and chimney ingeniously constructed with sod. In these they lived very snugly— four men in each—and would often amuse themselves by poking their heads out and barking at the occupants of adjacent huts in imitation of the prairie-dog, whose comfortable nests had probably suggested the idea of dugouts. The men were much better off, in fact, than many of the officers, for the high winds frequently made havoc with our wall-tents."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

If one uses a spade to cut cleanly the dirt, it will wall off quite smoothe and compared to freezing to death, the shelter is quite acceptable.

Of course improvments are using poles, covered overwith cottonwood bark on the plains, and then sod placed on top. The tent would help in times of thawing and snow from dripping on the occupants.
The door should be on the side, and with care can be cut out retangular so as to build up the front slope with sod.
Always and I mean always place these structures a few feet higher than the bottom of the slope for two reason. One so they do not flood and two, cold air sinks. You do not want cold air pooling into your dugout  but naturally flowing out.

The sod fireplace and chimney I will go into a bit more detail as there is million dollar knowledge in them. In the Civil War the Soldiers often made their own ovens, which were interesting in taking a wooden keg, they would pack clay around it, and then fire it, which the staves would burn away and leave a hard pottery oven.
I realize that winter is not a fun time to be playing with damp earth, but packing clay around bark or a hollow log which will burn out will provide a fireproof oven and chimney.

If you are astute in digging, with a spade you can place a bench to sit on and a bed bench to sleep on, providing of course insulation under your butt or body as the earth is cool.

All of the above sounds like I have experience in this type of warfare does it not eh?

I have noticed that even at this 58 degree temperature that entering such an area, it almost feels like it burns your face compared to below zero cold one is used to. Yes in long term you make better accomidations, and that includes either split boards or a clay lining woven with willow shoots or grass......recall the Israelite's bricks without straw. I would suppose with the soot and all if it could be cleaned out, one could fire a dugout like an oven and it would seal up like a porcelain dish to water.
I would not trust the roof though unless it was arched, as that would mean strength while a flat roof would be weaker.
If you have cement which is lime and sand, you can make a ferrel cement roof and interior out of chicken wire and thin sheets of cement. You would be surprised how strong this material is.

Too much priceless information again to have you surviving.

I guess one barks like prairie dogs or watches Jon Stewart when you have nothing intelligent to do.

I was just thinking of General Sterling Price due to the word Priceless. It would have been interesting if the General would have named his children Platinum Price, Gold Price, Silver Price and Priceless Price......I think Chromium would be better though than Silver and Paladium nicer than Gold.

Yes my children over there in the gopher barking are Captain Paladium, Majors Palatium and Chromium and you know my cousin, Stainless Steel Price who is a Colonel.

People have always had odd names, but in the 19th century their names were nicer odd than the 21st Barack names.

Enough of this prairie dog barking in trying to educate you to save your lives. What do you think you are in the army?

Oh if you have stock, you can do the same thing for them so long as the wind does not hit them, that is what is important and not being a closed space or they get pneumonia.
Posts in the ground with just sticks across them like a corn crib will keep wind off them. Pretty simple and is what Sheridan did not do for his stock and numbers of them died....shelter an animal and they do not have to eat as much.


George Washington on Slavery

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have made no secret that in ridicule of the Age of Obama that it has exposed a real question as just how far the American black has advanced from slave status in their 98% voting in two election thefts instigated by Barack Hussein Obama.
Those are the facts in this, in if an American Afroid can not discern the end of their race by Obama genocide in  the Obama position of importing Mexicans to replace the Afroid in America, then what difference is there in duck not comprehending a hunter with a gun is a danger even though it sounds like a duck?

Education and the American experience should have evolved the slave to what was the persona of Nichelle Nichols, Martin King and Bill Cosby, but it did not. This is what George Washington espoused was unless the black was educated that turning a slave over to freedom would be a disaster.
It is best to have John Bernard the English actor in his 1 1/2 hour conversation with George Washington on every subject to relate the substance of the clear vision of President Washington.

"When we profess, as our fundamental principle, that liberty is the inalienable right of every man, we do not include madmen or idiots; liberty in their hands would become a scourge. Till the mind of the slave has been educated to perceive what are the obligations of a state of freedom, and not confound a man's with a brute's, the gift would insure its abuse. We might as well be asked to pull down our old warehouses before trade has increased to demand enlarged new ones. Both houses and slaves were bequeathed to us by Europeans, and time alone can change them; an event, sir, which, you may believe me, no man desires more heartily than I do. Not only do I pray for it, on the score of human dignity, but I can already foresee that nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our Union, by consolidating it in a common bond of principle."

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington, Volume II

George Washington admirably desired to end slavery. He had a well thought out plan, and the subject arose from a slave appearing with a jug of springwater for Mr. Washington and Mr. Bernard on a hot July day in which the Englishman smiled at the slave and Mr. Washington speaking of liberty for all men. It was the above answer which clarified this, in Europeans took the African Arab slave trade and made the market America.
The Americans were stuck with this and attempting to deal with it in time. You will note that George Washington predicted the reality of the Civil War in slavery would have to be rooted out and by that it would bring common bond to America.

There is nothing wrong with the logic of George Washington as I agreed with it, but reality has shown the black took on father Abraham Lincoln, then ran off with father Kennedy by the Martin King railroad, where it then trampled on Martin King in mass to get at father Obama.
The black has an ethnic trait toward tribal clan and not for individual liberty.

Emancipation took place in 1865 in mass for the slave. That approaches 150 years of Christian training, education, skill development and assocation with Americanisms, and the first Designer Negro presented to them, all that effort was of no effect and by visual stimulation, they went Barack when even their own disappoints and genocide were the reality.

A new assessment must be undertaken for the American Afroid as they are tribal oriented as herd creatures are and respond by instinct to such.
There is not any way to rectify this. The Afroid responds to tribal leader no matter to their emancipation or their re enslavement. It is a distressing thing for a free people can not choose minders like Jesse Jackon to herd the blacks for the FBI as new agents of control will raise up an Obama and they will like lemmings plunge over the cliff without reasoning it out.

A 98% voting block is not a voting block, but a sledge shattering the machinery of the voting machine. It can not be legally negated without changing the Constitution, so it represents no more than Pavlov's dog barking at a light to be fed. There is no cerebral reason, only brain stem function.

When voting in the west arose, it was restricted to those of caste and property holders. It is a reality that the democratization of the mob has degraded to legalized theft of life and property of those strong for wars and those who have assets for welfare.
Voting must be re examined to explore what condition brought about the best advancement of society at it's foundation in only educated, income earning and property owners appear to only have the safegaurds of a nation in their voting ballots, for they in protecting themselves, protect an entire nation voting in 98% blocks.

I pause in this to reflect upon George Washington as this is probably the only surviving description of what it was like to experience him in person.

"In conversation his face had not much variety of expression. A look of thoughtfulness was given by the compression of the mouth and the indentations of the brow (suggesting an habitual conflict with, and mastery over, passion), which did not seem so much to disdain a sympathy with trivialities as to be incapable of denoting them. Nor had his voice, so far as I could discover in our quiet talk, much change or richness of intonation, but he always spoke with earnestness, and his eyes (glorious conductors of the light within) burned with a steady fire which no one could mistake for mere affability; they were one grand expression of the well-known line: 'I am a man, and interested in all that concerns humanity.'
In one hour and a half's conversation he touched on every topic that I brought before him with an even current of good sense, if he embellished it with little wit or verbal elegance. He spoke like a man who had felt as much as he had reflected, and reflected more than he had spoken; like one who had looked upon society rather in the mass than in detail, and who regarded the happiness of America but as the first link in a series of universal victories;"

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington, Volume II

There is a difference between races, and Henry Cabot Lodge as much as George Washington knew that there was a difference between English self rule, in the genes of the Norman English Anglo Saxon in what Americans resolved in 1776 and how the Bourbon French were incapable of controlling the revolution on their soil to the murder of 11 million French and the burning of Joan of Arc's artifacts.

The emotional ilk in America, and the uneducated, were led by the feminine Thomas Jefferson to be blind to France and create the democratic party. George Washington was fiery man in emotion, but was self disciplined to contemplate with his mind in governing his passions.

The Asian by contrast in the American Indian and the group, appear to vote not for race, but instead for the best economic gratuity they can receive.

The latin by contrast votes not as group, but by economic character in chosing if poor the best welfare and if affluent choosing who will protect their possessions.

All of this would indicate that only allowing the productive to vote as the protection of economic interests protects a nation from voting block self interest.

I would that George Washington had not reached the conclusion that the slave would react with education, Christianity and skills as the Norman had in individualism, but as there was not the data in understanding the Negroid and the sub group of the Afroid in America, it is reasonable to assume that a Black Labradore dog was going to fetch ducks when taught as readily as a Yellow Labradore, but that was not the case.
The French should have been a clue in this in the coming Obama voter, but any plantation owner having trained a slave to fetch water would conclude the slave would respond in voting for themselves when taught this way, but the tribal identity of following a father was too strong for the Afroid to overcome like a horse bolting for the barn.

I do believe that silence is the worst enemy to the black in enabling them as much as any race. Only by ridicule and being made aware of their instincts which are preyed upon, will they perhaps at least hesitate in the voting booth from voting their own genocide.

It at least is a start in saving black people from themselves and America from the sledge of voting block destruction by bringing this forward as an issue to be aware of.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thank You

Thank you sincerely for the car repair payment and all of your kindnesses. It is humbling to have this done and words will not express what the Spirit would say in appreciation.

May God bless you a thousand fold in Goodness and Grace, and in His Way express what I have difficulty with in words now, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Save when there shall be no poor among you; for the LORD shall greatly bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it.
Deuteronomy 15:4


Not Strong Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a simple question the Lame Cherry puts to all people to answer, and it is, how many white people do you observe burning down their neighborhoods like Ferguson Missouri for Hillary Clinton?

Seriously in this, how many Canadians do you see pouring into New York for Andrew Cuomo?

When one does not see Canadians or white people reacting on the northern border, nor for violence sake in reaction to police shooting a Caucasian, in the vehement following there is for liberals like Mr. Cuomo and Mrs. Clinton, but one observes this for the image of Equalz Obama in Wisconsin blacks wilding against Wisconsin whites, and Treyvon Martin attacking a latino, and now the Giant Brown instigated political case, it is a matter of Afroids being manipulated by the Obama regime to threaten others.

I do not blame the Afroid in this exclusively, as from 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, I have been assaulted, stalked and bothered, not just by blacks at Microsoft attempting to phish me, Fogbow slandering the Christian message here as an LSD dope trip, but some of the most malevolent occupations have been from whites in unbalanced psychological attacks on Birther and Tea Party realities.

Once again, we know the reality of how Hillary Clinton and that group laid waste to their own from Ron Brown's assassination to the assaults on women like Paula Jones, but we never once saw Mario Cuomo, the father of Andrew Cuomo of New York, even in all their abhorent rhetoric unleash this type of inappropriate misbehavior as is kindled inside the Obama regime.

All of this is poignant in the study of history, as President Theodore Roosevelt, had unleashed upon him in his Progressive Bull Moose presidential run in 1912 AD in the year of our Lord, attacks from what is now the Boehner right, the Pelosi left and the Obamarixists, and it ended on an eve of that autumn in one of the "lone nuts" of the left being instigated by press and politics, shot President Roosevelt in the chest with a 38 long Colt.
I will make the point in Republicans McKinley and Roosevelt were shot, but there was never a move to restrict guns by the democrats or left, as their assassins were inflicting the policy of murder. It was not until 1968 AD in the year of our Lord, that the left in seeing a way to keep itself from being shot, moved for gun control.

The following message was spoken by Theodore Roosevelt in Wisconsin, with a bullet in his chest, his speech having bullet holes in it, as it was the reality that Roosevelt was Palinized as Sarah Palin and other women were after the 2008 election theft in which political rape was a mode of operation to ruin Americans, in which the left cheered.

"Friends, I will disown and repudiate any man of my party who attacks with such foul slander and abuse any opponent of any other party (applause) and now I wish to say seriously to all the daily newspapers, to the republican, the democratic and the socialist parties that they cannot month in and month out and year in and year out make the kind of untruthful, of bitter assault that they have made and not expect that brutal violent natures, or brutal and violent characters, especially when the brutality is accompanied by a not very strong mind; they cannot expect that such natures will be unaffected by it."

Oliver Remey; Henry Cochems; Wheeler Bloodgood. The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt

After the political disaster of the Clinton's in the 1990's, I am not in favor of anything Hillary Clinton, but in noting that, it was absolutely wrong what the Obama 2008 campaign inflicted upon Hillary Clinton as  much as Sarah Palin. That type of hateful language is what assisted in the shooting of Gabriel Giffords. Once again, in the horror of the Bimbo Eruptions of the 90's and the hard edge of Geraldine Ferraro in the Walter Mondale presidential campaign along with Ann Richards of Texas, women were not being politically raped in America and not one of them was being shot as Gabrielle Giffords was.
All of this is Obama era manifestations, and it is directly associated to the cultus of the Obama image, from children being brainwashed to chant Obama slogans to the reality of the riots in democratic held Missouri by Afroids destroying Ferguson Missouri.

"Black Rage has taken center stage and the catalyst in all of this, is the image of Barack Hussein Obama."

-Lame Cherry

As Theodore Roosevelt correctly analyzed just as Bismark stated about John Wilkes Booth in being a stage assassin from the Europeans, it is always easy to find a lone nut to pull a trigger.

The study of this is of interest, because it opens the analysis of, as the Europeans were backing a world war to genocide Germany, and had a complete understanding of the Booth manipulations to murder Abraham Lincoln, then was it not a matter that if enough incindiary press comments were made public, that someone would be triggered to pull the trigger on outsider Theodore Roosevelt.
It is the same reality that the American Afroid has been lied to by the Obama puppy press, and lied to by the Obama regime, in they were all going to be in mansions and millionaires, and after cocking off for years thinking Obama made them all feudal lords, the reality is, they are still Niggers on a leash of the DNC, without any hope, as Sharpton and Jackson get the bribes, and all the Giant Brown can do is beat up on small Indians and get a lead checkout from a cop in Missouri as the same remedy Africans have been lynched upon them, since other blacks sold them to Europeans and Arabs centuries ago.

There was not ever one case of a Tea Party nut, a Sarah Palin violent outburst, a Hillary Clinton riot or if you want the reality a Jesse Jackson mass murder. Yet when it comes to the image of Equalz Obama, all of these violent outbursts of crime begin manifesting among the ghetto green black and the pasty pale white.

The not strong mind and the unbalanced, being drawn to the image of Obama, have acted out on command, while these same creatures never went postal under a John Kerry, Mike Dukakis or Al Gore.
That is the historical fact.

John Edwards was destroyed on the same Eric Holder justice department schemes which Rod Blagojevich was thrown into prison for being a contender against the Obama regime. It was Obama's thugs who were roughing up the Clinton people in Nevada literally.
One can see as in Theodore Roosevelt's time, the "establishment" of the left and right joined, and in the modern sense the Rovians, have joined with the left to destroy politically women like Christine O'Donnell, to the driving from office Sarah Palin to Chris Christy's charges to neutralize him, as much as Rick Perry of Texas now being indicted to stop his political aspirations.

There is an organized thuggery operating in America, and it is equal to the 1900 era which saw political leaders assassinated. In the 2000 era, it has been Afroid males being shot for political spiking of events.

That is the reality. People were not being shot under Bob Dole and cities were not being burned for Hillary Clinton. It is not the police shooting blacks, but blacks shooting and attacking others which has spiking under the Obama regime.

When black and white leftists chose to enjoy the political rape of women and the intimidation of white people as Benghazi was staged, to these leftist's leg tingling thrills, it is their swisher sweet roach mobile, but the problem in all of this is, it is the Lara Logan's being gang raped in Egypt and it is Giant Brown being shot...........AS ERIC HOLDER DEMANDED THE VIDEO OF MIKE BROWN WAS SUPPRESSED TO KEEP THIS AS A POLITICAL EVENT TO ENDANGER MORE BLACK AND LIBERAL WHITES for the coming elections.

That is criminal by the Holder and image of Obama regime.

As Theodore Roosevelt rightly blamed the thug politicians, the same political thugs of the Obama regime have been implementing the same manipulations to engage more criminal assault upon Americans.

Learn the lessons of history. The Obama regime with the Rovians have cleared many Conservatives by intimidation and judicial assault, but it is not the Romney voters nor communities being shot or their communities destroyed. It is the Obama voters and Obama ghettos being destroyed by what the feudalists have engaged in as policy.

I am a Christian, so therefore I inform the Obamaniacs to educate them away from their own demise, as they are the targets.

The are also the not strong mind which voted for a messiah, with a halo, who allowed hisself to be called a god.

The not strong mind.




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The issue is the Washington Redskins.

In what is bizarre as reported by Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, is the story that the Skins owner will not change the name of the Redskins, and the fans want the name remaining as the Redskins, but the Redskin players, in the Afroids, arrived in the stadium with arms raised in solidarity with Giant Boy Brown to more than football players.
Tony Dungee, will not utter the name Redskins.

As there is no difference between Pale Face uttered by Indians, I would like to know if Tony Dungee and every black or quasi black like Obama ever uttered the derogatory term, whitey, cracker, honky or whatever the red, brown and black skinned races resort to in racial epitaph.

You know that every one of these Nigs and Bucks has uttered things about white folks. You know for a fact that none of these high moralists has a problem with using the DEROGATORY name of Yankees for the New York Baseball team.
I explain as I have that Yankee is a slurred form of two words, JAHN and CHEESE. It is the term the English gave the American German or Dutch, because these people in being merchant farmers created cheese from their milch cows. Jahn Cheese became Yankee, and the English Yankee Doodle as I have pointed it is based on the phrase, "stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni".
That might sound odd in what Italian noodles have to do with a feather in a cap, but you have to know history as Lame Cherry does, and MACARONI is the epitaph for being QUEER, SODOM, HOMOSEXUAL, FAG.

What the English diatribe was mixing was a slur against German Americans, and then calling all Americans cross dressing homosexuals.

Odd is it not that Americans in being stereotyped as cheese eaters and as pansies, as if you did not know this, Italy was the place all the English went to, to get reamed up the arse by Italian cocks....but yet Americans went out with Christian pride and turned victory after victory into a name that Yankee and the song is the dread of all of these foreigners.

I have stated that I want the Redskins named the Whiteskins, as white people who are normal, never have a problem with any of this. Odd how North Dakota has to change it's redskins name, but the Indian Hoosiers, Arkansas Razorbacks, all race related names like Yankee, never is a problem with all these liberals, as long as it is aimed at white people.

Yeah the Redskins players have all their arms in the air, to not get shot by cops............odd how now the police have interviewed 12 witnesses which all back up exactly what the cop who shot Giant Brown stated took place.
I suspect this Giant Brown was smoking more than weed. It might have been a good batch which brought out aggression, rather than the normal mellow nature of weed. That is the reality of this group of plants in some produce trips like LSD, some mellow the addict, and sometimes someone sprinkles PCP onto the roach and the dope head goes nuts.

I stopped watching football.........have stopped watching all of this circus, as it has been designed now to get at the NASCAR crowd to indoctrinate them on political issue of diatribe. Fixed games, rich creepy jocks and billionaire liberals for Obama have no interest in the least for me.
I used to enjoy the cheerleader fashion  the Redskin uniforms were superior to the Cowboys........the 49ers tended to have the pretties cheerleaders......but then that was after the Chicago and Green Bay women were no longer allowed to pom pom the games. That interest though on what was pretty has waned. I cringe now in contemplating how many hours I wasted in life on something so worthless as sports, in jerks who cared nothing for me, and partially validating myself that this was "my team".

What the Lame Cherry points out is reality. Reality such as if the Redskins were in solidarity with the Afroids in Ferguson Missouri, like the Black Puss Party from Oakland sent in by Equalz, and if Eric Holder was in union with blacks..........they would be arming these blacks and having them take over their communities with guns.

Now why is it that Holder Obama only armed Mexicans and Commie Muslims? Why is it that blacks in America are never armed by the Obama regime? Do you conclude now in being asked these questions, that this Ferguson like all Afroid events is about lining up Nigs to be shot down, have them chant for a story which is designed for a political gain to those Nigs who serve the the cartel does not want any armed Nigs around starting Helter Skelter.

You should get the point that all of these Afroids are either morons or they are morons. The Holder Obama regime lines them up for thuggery and getting killed, using ghouls to parade around their dead for political gain, and the Afroid shouts and riots like Pavlov's dog on cue.

That is the reality in this. If this Obama regime was interested in black rights, they would be arming blacks like they do Mexican mafia and Islamist marxists. The Afroid has only one purpose to the Obama regime. It is to peddle dope and whores for the cartel. It is about Afroids having money laundered through them in the welfare state for the Chamber of Commerce. It is about Nigger dicks and twats producing babies to be aborted to fund that industry.
The dope industry is Obama run as he sent Hillary to Honduras to save the dope lord and dope production is up in Afghanistan. The money dumps to Obama benefactors in the welfare state is immense under Obama. The aborting of the Afroid race in America is immense under Obama.
Blacks are the money industry for the cartel. The black produces nothing of profit, but the Afroid produces profit in feeding, breeding and dying.

The reason blacks are disarmed under Obama is so they do not rise up, and start a revolution in which white people will end the problem, and then march on state capitals and then the national Capitol.

So now you understand the reality of this more than Lou Alcinder in Time Mockingbird Magazine......that would be Kareem Abdul Jabar for those who do not know his Cassius Clay name.

Historical reality in this does not matter, no more than reality matters. The Lame Cherry informed you first this Ferguson was OCREEP operation, and there came the reports that Holder with held the recordings which indicted the Giant, all so this could rile up the brownskins...........but just to raise money off of their carcases and never to arm them.

Eric Holder can stoke this up, show up as the Equalz phalse profit in Ferguson, and it all goes back to the fact, that the Afroid is a pawn of last gasp political and monetary value, compared to the replacement Latins and Chins which the regime is importing.
If these high paid NFL solidarists were not bashing in their brains on a football field, they would be serving their purpose in the dope trade and prison.

Now you know.


the non diest founders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how easily it was to dupe Americans into the lie that none of the Founders and their leaders were Christians. The common fabrication is that most American Presidents did not believe in God and were just "deists", which is another world like fetus meant to confuse people too dense to open a book and read what the American Founders were like.

I will give you the definition of DEIST:

"A person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it."

Huh? You mean even Thomas Jefferson believed in God and that Benjamin Franklin believed in God? Of course they did and it does not make a difference whether they believed God had an active hand or not, the point is the lie of Mockingbird has told ignorant people that the Founders were some kind of atheists and that is not the facts at all.

Thomas Jefferson used government money to build a Church. No separation of Church and State there.

I bring you to another example in a quote to George Washington after his victory at Monmouth. It is common for General Washington to speak of God and His workings. General Washington being involved in the battle like President Lincoln, could note that a higher purpose was being worked out.

"It is not a little pleasing, nor less wonderful to contemplate, that, after two years' manoeuvring and undergoing the strangest vicissitudes that perhaps ever attended any one contest since the creation, both armies are brought back to the very point they set out from, and that the offending party at the beginning is now reduced to the spade and pickaxe for defense. The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligations. But it will be time enough for me to turn preacher when my present appointment ceases."

Henry Cabot Lodge. George Washington

At Monmouth, an English General named Lee was given command of the American front which was pursuing the British under General Clinton and his subordinate General Cornwallis. Lee demanded the command from LaFayette as it was too large a body of men for someone of lower rank. Lee was not in command as he was not in favor of attacking the British.
When he came up to the British rear, he did not attack. Lafayette and Mad Anthony Wayne did not know what to do, and sent urgent dispatches to General Washington to come up.
By this time Clinton had moved his stores to the front and Cornwallis to the rear to attack the Americans which he did.

The American Continentals had no orders and no idea what to do, so they fell back on their own and started to retreat. It was not route as Washington had drilled them from Valley Forge and this was the first American Army to enter the war.

Soon General Washington heard the firing and knew something was not right. He rode his horse hard to the front and started meeting stragglers speaking of defeat. One never puts much stock in stragglers, but soon more came and they were all speaking of being defeated.
Washington was furious, as the one thing which he would not condone was any Soldier not attacking the enemy. He found Lee and rode up to him with a scorching fury which demanded of Lee what he was doing.
Lee had no answer and Washington dismissed him. It was the end of this English Lee who face court martial and the thought was of treason for he did not attack the British.

It was at this point that Washington stopped two brigades and got them to turn around and hold their position against the British. George Washington was most interesting in riding in battle in full sight of the enemy while having volleys shot at him.
The position was sound in it was a small gap which could be defended, and it was here that Washington made his stand and checked Cornwallis. By this time the American main body had come up, and a sharp contest ensued, with the Americans driving the British back and taking the field.

Darkness came and Washington slept like his men on their arms, expecting to take up the fight the next day. The British though in the night had moved off and went to the protection of New York.

This was all God's hand. This moment needed to be a victory for George Washington and America. Intrigue had been plotting against Washington in his not being given credit for his work in delaying Howe from gaining access to help Burgoyne at Saratoga, which  Burgoyne surrendered to Gates the American.

If Lee had won the battle, it would have been all intrigue. Instead Washington came at the exact moment, the field was at the exact place for a check, and the American main came up at the exact moment it had to.

This is what the Lord of the battle does and George Washington could see it.

American Presidents were men of Faith in being Christians and believers in the Christian God. Their conduct was one of Gentlemen, except for the serpentine types of traitors beginning with Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and now this Barack Obama foreigner.
Even Bill Clinton in his demons engaged the Bible.

All of the Founders were great Christian men and women. History shows that Theodore Roosevelt while Vice President on a hunting trip for mountain lion in Colorado, rode for hours Sunday morning to attend Church. Richard Nixon was a man of Faith and Ronald Reagan was the greatest example of God's preparation for someone in the breach at the right hour.

George W. Bush was mocked in saying, "What would Jesus do?". The reality is Jesus was doing as Creator for America and the Founders in choosing leaders for America up to the 21st century. I stated from the start that George W. Bush was America's last chance, and that has been proven absolutely correct in this abyss which Obama has dug for the American corpse.

I return at this point in these Americans as men of Faith, and the Vision of George Washington, depicting three major trials for America. The first was the Revolutionary War. The second was Civil War. There is a third to come which will gather the world against America and lay her waste.
Washington saw cottages springing up afterwards as the cities were gone.

When America has a moral people and moral leaders, God blesses America. When the opposite is the case, then the curses come upon America.

nuff said


Gun Cotton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There once was a time when things were knonw and spoken of as all were scientists.

It is a miracle of invention modern smokeless powders if one knows that in 1858 according to British gunmaker William Greener, that gun cotton, aka nitrocellulouse or smokeless powder actually created an instant explosion and was quite as dangerous as nitroglycerine.

Amazing things in the progression of man, but I will not tell you how they settled it all down so people could play with it.

Gun-cotton has been before the world for some years, but, except as a curiosity, it has attracted little public attention; neither has it gained any reputation as a projectile force. It may be prepared by steeping cotton wool for a few minutes in a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acids, thoroughly washing, and then drying at a very gentle heat. It consists chemically of the essential elements of gunpowder: viz. carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen; but, in addition, it contains another highly elastic gas, hydrogen. The carbon in the fibres of the wool presents to the action of flame a most extended surface in a small space, and the result is an explosion approaching as nearly as possible to the instantaneous: in consequence of its rapid ignition it produces a violent kick; sufficient time is not given to put heavy bodies in motion, hence it cannot be usefully employed as a projectile agent. No one who values his limbs should trifle with it, for fearful accidents have resulted from its exposure to the heat of the sun, and other very simple causes.

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms 

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