Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilliputian Horse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Elizabeth Custer noted that both her husband, George Armstrong, and Nelson Appleton Miles, both Cavalry men were of the same lithe build in weighing in at 160 pounds and approximately 6 ft in height.
This was the prototype of an American Cavalry man in not being a burden to his horse, athletic in saddle, and having reach with saber, rifle and pistol in dealing with an enemy.

I discovered though a piece by Sir Richard Green Price of Britain in this late era, written under his pseudonym, "Borderer", a treatise published in the Baily's Magazine which was advocating an interesting use of British flesh.

To understand this, the British had suffered greatly in America due to exposure in 1776, Burgoyne being an example. Their horse was equally a problem in every war outside of Europe afterward. The British Thoroughbred or Shire was a pampered type, and it simply could not survive heat, no water, being underfed and exposure to disease.
To this the British started purchasing Syrian Arab crosses and later American Western horses for their wars. Save the American types, the Asian horses from Crimea to Mongolia were 14 hand horses, which were mere ponies.
A typically tall Cavalry type like Custer would be too much leg for horses as this, and a Napoleon was instead more suited.

That is what Sir Richard seized upon in calling for a Lilliputin Horse or Brigade, of light Cavalry, who could readily be dispatched over great distances quickly and be chosen from this prototype.
The Lilliputin would be a Trooper who was under 5 feet in height, and under 5.6 feet tall. They would weigh not over 11 stone, which would be again in that George Custer prototype of 154 pounds as a stone is 14 pound.
They would have good chest measurement, which might sound odd, until one knows that the chest is where the lung is, and a fighting man must have a good oxygen provider for endurance.

These would be nasty little stout war implements who would put the bugger into any wog.

It certainly made sense to put short people onto short horses, as their little legs would require twice the step in marching and shoe wear. It was a perfect fit really and the economy of feeding small men and horses was a great savings in keeping them in the field.

These horses could out distance the upbred horses of modern cavalry and time and again bested the British in the Boer War.

It was a brilliant military strategy, but of course where has brilliance ever been adopted by any military by the ruling regime.

In the study though of horses for husbandry of service, in most cases the 14 hand package and the short person are superior to the giant eating itself to death.


Monday, April 20, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As CBS is all NCIS or those power twat shows preparing the way for Hillary as Prez, I want to star in a new Bellisario production, NCIS IO.

No this is not Hawaii Five O, but in suggesting this to TL, TL shook TL's head NO, when I said I wanted to star in a NCIS Moon. Then I thought NCIS Mars, and then I thought, why not combine it all into a Martian Moon in IO, so I will star in NCIS IO, if Donald Bellisario will see the light in this and put it on the story boards.

What could be more intriguing than NCIS, a Naval investigative unit in the future in near space eh? Sounds like a the coolest program with ion engines and all sorts of sundry crimes out in space suffering from stellar madness.

I want Joss Whedon to cast this though, as that guy just has a nack for finding talent. Then again, I like old broads from Hollywood who are cast to the wrinkle pile and that talent is going to waste.

For the Director, no not the person directing the cameras, but the NCIS Director of Io operations in crime control, I want to have Rosanna Arquette. She is the perfect sullen creature with presence.
I want to steal Adam Baldwin to be the Jethro lead, as he was great in Firefly.


Sorry as I am writing this offline, and it takes too long to find characters in their real name, but I would cast Kevin Baldwin from Young and the Restless.


As this is taking a Baldwin flair I see, I would cast that Conservative Baldwin brother who is not Alec, or, I like that latin from the Closer.  He is a powerful actor and has great presence.

Am thinking about the babe as all people like armed women, and Summer Glau would be great or would Amy Aker, both were Whedon's discoveries.


In the morgue and forensics, I honestly would dig up that kid from the Disney b grade movies who starred with Kurt Russell. Last time I saw him, he was doing some credit card commercial, but he is the guy.

 Michael J. Pollard, greatest actor ever.

That is NCIS IO. Oh crap I forgot to cast myself in this............maybe I could be the Wol Fat nemesis......just show my legs in my space cruiser as I was the ultimate naughty girl.

Maybe I can go online and look for something as we are waiting for a plumber, who is off to a funeral as one of his relatives went tits up. Small Brier Patch community here  in everyone is related or you know the person who is related to the person who died.
For me I went to Confirmation classes with his ex wife and once talked to him while  goose hunting and noted he had a taped up stock on his shotgun as it was broken.

Nuff said


The New Obama Taxes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking was telling me how the IRS was so generous in grabbing money that was their's that apparently the image of Obama was just allowing him to hold onto for borrowing purposes......

You know like that Minnesota gal bawling at the State of the Union after image Obama bragged her up for going into massive debt to be educated, to work a 30 hour nursing job, wiping geezer butts with a 250,000 dollar loan so the real estate blood suckers could get their 15% closing fee..........you know how it is, the regime is our friend and always looking out for the best interests of all.

None of this is making it on Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin or Matthews or whatever twat lesbian is on the left pretending to be mind conditioned Bruce Jenner fag, as to how in the last two years, the Obama regime in letting the Bush tax cuts expire, have Americans who are not rich, rolling their eyes in disbelief in the massive tax bills they are now being extorted by.

I wanted to share something about this blog, so you richtards get it, who steal information from here and think this is all free. God will make you pay with your immortal souls in the end, because this blog in order to "work" has a bit of Red State and Michelle Malkin retaliation involved here.

See the shill blogs which are funded by the corporates to herd people, got successful, and with that the regime retaliated and started taxing the hell out of them. I will be plain in this. I lose money in the little farming operation I exist in. In that, I do not on years when I go broke, do not have to pay to Social Security. That though has now all changed with this blog.

I am not a Mother Jones, non profit, like that front is operating at, which is most likely a shell game in the employees are the owners and get paid a wage, with all the IRS and Social Security removed for the pure profit from the shadowlands.
The Lame Cherry is just a blog, the best on the net, but it is a blog. By that, it is classified as a small business and I am classified by it as "self employed". That little title means the IRS and Social Security come after me with fillet knives. I am not going to state what my bill was for the IRS, nor will I state what the Social Security assessment was I owed, because someone might think about paying it, and that makes me uncomfortable.
I will state though that what I thought I would get hammered with was 3 times less than what the actual regime bill was. I do not have to tell all of you tax payers what the prices are, as all you need to do is look at your paycheck and see the amounts going out to taxes and Social Security.

This all got so bad that I considered taking a trip to Mexico, coming across the border as a Mexican so I could get all the freebies the Obama hordes get. It is a dilemma as I do like guns and being an IS operator for 1600 Penn Avenue has it's allure too. I just am not much in eating Mideast food as it ........well tastes like the crud off a camels hoof. Not that Mexican is that great either in that tastes like what comes off of Pepe's foot after stepping in dog crap.

I digress.

Thing is, no one has mentioned the immense amount of money which is being extracted from the poor, because the Limbaugh crew is under orders not to make an issue of this, and of course what would multi millionaires know about what kind of taxes the poor are getting gouged with.

I was informed that I would get most of this back in retirement. Yeah and I am sure a Mexican voting majority with armed ISIS terrorists enforcing their protection are going to allow a popular girl to collect on what was extorted from me.
I am paying it, to not make myself a target. I am though subsidizing all of the richtards and Mexicans now and doing it all in poverty levels.

I would that I could pay your tax bills. I would that in writing a blog I am not now the best pimped popular girl on the internet. There is though a hell of a difference in a multi millionaire hiring a tax lawyer, to start businesses to pimp your books and tea like Limbaugh does in tax deductions to give the wife something to do, and a Viking who knows that thousands of dollars mean something when it comes to tax time.

I am all for this fraud nation led by pimps going bankrupt and the mob rising up or the Russians invading, as there is no difference between Homeland spying and intimidating Americans, than some KGB agents handing out favors to their comrades as DC hands out favors to those it keeps as a mistress.

I will let this end with a verse I have written down here that God brought my attention to.

Commit thy way unto the Lord. Trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass.

It worked with a little covered cake pan, so it will just have to work with things that the poor Christians require too.

I told you I could tell donations were off and it is because the poor are being raped financially. Ask yourself why you never hear about the expired Bush Tax Cuts and the Obama tax increases for the working poor? Why is it this widespread event, which even my Mom's banker was upset over in having to pay a huge sum in taxes beyond what this teller was used to paying.....why is it this widespread gouging of Americans is not even making a blip on Matt Drudge?


WD 45 3 Point Hitch


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have mentioned that I was working on a 3 point hitch assembly for a WD 45 Allis Chalmers, and I thought I would place the work here, as I do tend to forget how absolutely stupid all of you are. Most of you will have no idea what a 3 point or WD is, which is fine.

To explain Allis Chalmers is an orange colored tractor manufactured in the United States. In order to lift heavy machinery which it pulls on being hooked up to the tractor, an easy way is to use a 3 point hitch which uses hydraulics instead of your back.

The WD is a tractor in a series which began with an A, B, C, WC, WD and then the WD 45 which is 45 horsepower. These tractors with the Farmall M, are what built America after World War II.

Allis Chalmers made lift or rocker arms for their tractors, like Henry Ford did with his Ford series. The AC though just had snap couplers for this, and all of that is obsolete and expensive. Just like one can find a cheap 3 point for around 400 dollars or online for 800 dollars plus shipping in other sites.
That is a great deal of money for a pile of iron and is why most people either try to make their own hodgepodge or do without and hurt their backs.

I have very little experience with Allis Chalmers, but in my world that is of no matter, as you have to become one. The Holy Ghost assists me a great deal in knowledge and understanding. I will not go into details in the Farmall International had a 2 point, as that is Greek to most of you. I will state the reality of those that will do search engine results in looking for an Allis Chalmers WD 3 point hitch, that I assembled this one for just over 200 dollars and that included shipping. Even that price should appeal to someone who is a richtard or knows nothing of math.

I place the links below on what was ordered. I can not assist on the top assembly, except to provide the one which I found online for 30 dollars, which is not what I have. I had some old couplers for an Allis Chalmers rear mounted cultivator, and simply put this on, with bushings to make sure it slips when the rocker arms are moving, and bolted it together, with the welded on burrs to attach the top mount arm to.

These parts are Category or Cat I, meaning not for extremely heavy things, and that is the point in this, as I am not going to make this geezer tractor break into pieces lifting things that a modern tractor would be called on for. What this is, is a tractor for gardening and utility work, which is what a WD or WD 45 is best for, like the Ford 9 N which also has a 3 point system.

So I could put on a rototiller, a brush hog, a digger like the one I built, or any other bunty things in the 8 to 15 foot range of implements and this will do the work which is required.

I saw a tractor in Ohio with a 100 series loader on it for 4500 dollars, so that is expensive, but they can be looked at for 2800 to 3200 without the loader. A loader lifts things and it makes your muscles so grateful you are not a slave in the cotton patch any longer.

Here is the list


Double HH Lift Arm
Length: 34" overall
Blain # 028354 | Mfr # 24198

Double HH Lift Arm Leveling Assembly
Length: 19-1/4"
Blain # 028360 | Mfr # 24182

Double HH Category 0 Seven Hole Drawbar
Length: 24-1/2"
Blain # 471131 | Mfr # 22718

Double HH Category 1 Forged Lift Arm Pin
Length: 5-1/2” overall
Blain # 028368 | Mfr # 21226

Double HH Category 1 Top Link
Length: 16" body
Blain # 028352 | Mfr # 22510

Double HH Manufacturing Category 0 Top Link Pin
Length: 6"
Blain # 471065 | Mfr # 21250 

Understand in this, that you are still going to have to nigger rig things in this, meaning you will require two bolts with burrs to attach the lifter arms to the drawbar assembly, and you will need 2 bolts or pins to attach the leveling arms to the rocker arms, plus an additional pin for the top link arm to attach to whatever machinery you are hooking up to.

This though is the simplest way I have found and the cheapest, without having to cut metal bars and weld things to overdone. One post I read stated the person did their 3 point for 90 dollars. This one with 20 dollars shipping which is fantastic for this heavy of metal, was just over 200 dollars. For 100 dollars, I can deal with not having to cut metal or weld it, and just use a wrench to bolt things into place.

The top mount I did weld, but that is because I did not want the 30 dollar one found online or the 130 dollar one which I did like on Ebay. I need a vertical mount like the expensive one, so I built it, like the link assembly I had to build for the digger. Sometimes you have to be a blacksmith, but if you can get buy with just buying parts, then you can get buy with it and put it together yourself so it will serve from blowing snow to whatever else you intend to do.

After being Inspired by God in all of this, I honestly do not know why someone else has not arrived at this, as most of these tractors are all just hitches and people are miserable with them. I intend with this one to be miserable no longer. 

I think that is enough of this, as I will have the pictures that if you carefully observe where things are attached to, that even a mass of ignorance can figure this out. The thing is, by putting a 200 dollar pile of metal on a WD you will increase the value by 1000 dollars, like building a deck on a house increases it's value.

I leave it at that.

PS: As an additional note, I wrote this before I actually built the hitch, so it was in theory. The photos are the result and the reality is this cost around 220 dollars, and a quote I received for this 3 point was 450 dollars with shipping.

What I wanted to add was the top mount bracket, I made from an AC cultivator attachment, which fits on the rocker arm main post. It has bushings in it, so that it will slide when the hitch is lifted up and put down, so it does not break the tractor casing which is close on these WD 45's.
I...wrote more but the NSA ate it all