Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 9 Lies You Are Using Up

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was interesting that George Nouri of Coast to Coast AM just happened right after the lesson on the 7 Seals in the 7 Trumpets that the cartel chose to put on an "expert" who was completely incorrect to sow a false version of the Revelation.

That is the part of this which is interesting in why would it matter to the cartel to promote a counter lie in this fabrication which seems to indicate the Armageddon of Christ is much closer than it is.
What benefit would there be in shocking people with a new scare tactic, when George Knapp just two weeks ago went off on old women who were upset with him in not agreeing operation Jade Helm was the start of Obama image martial law.
Yes scare people with Armageddon, but not with Obama martial law in dismissing it.

Until I get this all sorted out, you richtards are just going to have to float along in this mine field of danger in your ignorance. You had no sympathy for me when I had to spend 3 hours of prepaid cell phone costing me 50 bucks to try and undo another plot against this blog when my phone was turned off by "accident" do not expect me to risk the popular girl for your drone fodder asses.

I am more impressed that the Mockingbird jumped that quickly in an attempt to confuse the cat in this again. One watches the reaction and is more impressed with the stage than with the actors.

I will provide a hint in this........the liar Nouri had on said that the first trumpets were World War I and II.............if they are misdirecting what the first signs are, and they are...........ok the first Seal is a likeness of Christ on a white horse who goes out and conquers the world.........

Get it, they desire you to be not looking for someone and instead believe that something has already happened...........

OK enough clues on many lives you got there rich kitty to burn up eh.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Putin Pie


First, I would like to address the issue that I do not care about world soccer in the least. I do care about violations of international law though and intimidations of nuclear powers which make pushing a button to vaporize Obamamerica as the fallout might be unpleasant for my Jersey calves in producing milk in the future.

This is about FIFA FIFI or whatever the soccer thing is which Vladimir Putin bribed to get the world cup at Russia in the next go round of games which the 3rd world and 2nd world fixates on. The ordeal in this is the image of Birther Hussein got the US Presidency for being a Nigger, got the Nobel Prize for being a Nigger, and somehow Obama thought just by showing up and wanting a pie that he was going to get the world cup as his legacy, so he could sit in the stands like Nelson Mandela..........another terrorist.

So Obama did not get the Olympics or something when the wife went there, and now Putin paid off a group of people to get the world cup. Big is legal in Russia if Putin did it.

So why is it that the US Justice is getting the Swiss to indict people........and the Obama regime is the one hauling them into America for prosecution.

Problem in this is..........the crimes did not take place under American Jurisdiction. These folks are not Americans. So this in not in any way is anything the Americans have any jurisdiction over. What has just taken place is the Swiss arrested people and then illegally handed them over to American kidnappers.

For those who think I have an Obama fix..........I stated the same thing when HW Bush hauled Mano Noriega, the President of Panama out of that country, tried him in American courts and threw him into prison. You can't do that as Noriega did not violate American laws in America.

If this is the precident then the Obama regime can arrest the Saudi royals for lopping of queer heads for being gay. That is a violation of self determination which all nations have, and you just can not go and arrest people just because Vladimir Putin paid a bribe that Obama thought he could get for being a Nigger in just showing up again.

This is serious, as these are nuclear states involved.

If this is so criminal, then the World Court is the place for this just like the Nazi was tried at Nuremberg.

This Obama outlaw regime is thee worst in world history. It is now not only drone striking Americans to murder them, but now has the neutral Swiss kidnapping people for them, all due to this being the Obama legacy has been lessened by not having the world cup, so the image can sit in the stands and take selfies with blondes again like at Mandela's funeral.
Look when the image of Obama is finally pushed out of the White House.........I do not want it around opening chicken stands, watermelon stands or showing up at world cup events acting like he is Nelson the terrorist Mandela.

I agree with President Putin. Bribery is a great  thing, and Americans used to bribe people all the time until Nancy Pelosi shut it all down as part of the cartel, and Americans lost a butt load of jobs in other nations got those contracts.

I leave this at that.


Hidatsa Moment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I often wonder of the ingrained stupidity of the American Indian. They believe propaganda from the cartel leftists in being too racist to read the actual history.

In the winter of 1877 AD in the year of our Lord, we find the Hidatsa account of the Sioux, coming to their camp and burning their lodges and stealing all the Hidatsa corn. Those who forget history, will be reminded that in June of 1876, General George Custer had been dispatched on a military expedition, because the Crow had petitioned the US Government for military rescue in the Sioux were trying to destroy the Crow.

We know what happened to General Custer at the Little Big Horn. The Crow had been attacked in 1875 and in 1877, the Hidatsa suffered the same fate.

The modern Hidatsa, Crow, Arikara and Mandan have a fiction about them that the Sioux were somehow their friends as all Indians were victims of the white Americans. The problem is there were dominant tribes all over America, and they were carrying out genocide against the lesser tribes.

That is the reality. The Sioux of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull attacked the peaceful Hidatsa and left them all for dead. Crazy Horse, one of the worst terrorists in world history has  a monument built for him in South Dakota and hapless whites and Indians whose ancestors were slaughtered by these pirates of the plains go and worship that terrorist there like Muslims do Shiek bin Laden today.

That is the short lesson.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

M7 and T Mobile

I apologize for being short in this, but am juggling here. I just checked mail and noticed a few in there in suggestions about Internet, and yes we are looking into that venue. Thank you.

For Captain Kirk, the M 7 was not a hidden message to you, but a post. I am sorry I was not more clear. Your being a friend is enough. We are hopefully getting things unjuggled here enough to keep breathing the internet air.
I should be more stable sometime next week in knowing how it works out., TL is better with the tech of the various plans, and TL is working it out. It all hinged on satanlink and getting the phone back on.....talked to a government gal who said that she spoke to the company and the employee had never heard of anything like this in 20 years.
Yes being the popular girl is........I think I almost got deaf and a real headache from that damn loop music satanlink plays non stop.

To the people with Birthdays...........Happy Birthday. Sorry about all of this in being swamped. This is 3 weeks in trying to sort this all out, and we think we are getting there.

God bless you all.

TL and LC


As we are in the library trying to hook things up...........

This is for Richard and Stephanie.

It sounds like your dad and you have it logically discussed on the roof leaking in Texas. I was trying to think of the obvious which you two have not talked over, and you know that a roof is something that either is there or it is not, and fixes are a problem of pulling things up, whether in asphalt or tile.

I do not know the design of the roof, as those pretty angles are a major problem as much as one finds beauty in a flat ranch style roof.
I can not think of any tarps, as they would blow off, and unrolling paper and taking it on would be more money gone.

About all that can be done is getting the roof looked at, but in that I might have a suggestion if you have a Votech School which teaches kids how to carpenter, in maybe they could do it as a project, if you furnished materials.
I know I am preaching to the choir in you never know what the hell is under anything in a house until you get into it. That roof we were working on..........well the building was square, but LC, meaning me, neglected to measure kitty corner and oopppps there was a building 12 inches off, so of course that pretty straight tin did not want to follow that crooked.
Yeah do not look too close on that roof ok........yes it is crooked, but it does not leak.

Codes are all different in roofing. I follow the Gorilla Paper down first, after the roof is repaired. We are looking at metal roofing for Mom's house, as I do not want to replace that again ever. As long as the wind is not blowing, pre drilling and it is not 100 degrees to cook you...........yes,  that is what bloomed that fungus on my thigh was that nice bake oven roof I was on......that has healed up thank God.

I would that I could be down there to help out. I have run a potato fork in digging up shingles....and done enough asphalt of know I hate it, but I would if I could be there to get it fixed. As you are not having major leaks, I am guessing that most of the roof being plywood is sound in the 5/8's sheeting.

I would wait though until that monsoon that dumb ass from Texas I was reading in a post who was praying for a hurricane to get Texas wet, stops raining. I am guessing as I have not inquired that it will stop raining there soon enough.
The dry weather line is moving back into the plains.........humidity yes, but the rain is not falling, except in reports there in if it is heavy or hitting the ground at all.

The jet stream shift should get that moisture out of Texas, and the tornadoes into the Ohio in the next weeks. It depends on those massive Canuck cold fronts which have been slamming the upper tier quit or not. I suspect you will get hot and dry this summer and there is a pattern set up of cold Canuck fronts which will then bring big storms to that Kansas, Illinois, Ohio etc... line.......dips further south and the baman's will get blasted.

I have to post some stuff now, and apologize I am about as worthless as tits on a boar for any of this.

God bless you and hugs to you both.



To the Few

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will have a more complete story about what we have just been put through at Centurylink, but it was nothing short of terrorism. I spent the past 4 days with phone service cut off. Spent 5 hours on the phone, on hold, with Mexicans (this is who employs Mexicans in mass who transfer you to Asians) and as you have your phone turned ON twice, well Centurylink turns it off within an hour.

This satanlink was Homeland, and other demoniacs trying to shut this blog off. It is been absolutely beyond frustrating. As the lineman who phoned this morning and got the phone back on, "You sure been given the run around haven't you."

He is the one person I will miss in this. I was helped by one black gal who spent 50 minutes fixing this on Tuesday to have it turned back on, a guy at Customer Service who repeated the process......and it all went off again in an hour.

I will never do business with Centurylink again, ever. As a notice, I have learned that no one should ever hook up to Hughes Net either as it is a nightmare in hooking you up, then leaving you to speak to nasty Filipinos for customer service, and if you try to get off that satellite, you end up with a 200 dollar to 400 dollar fine.

I have heard good things about LOCAL hook up in Dish Net, but help there is Pakistan....but it does have good internet, but it is too much for me and I am not wasting my life watching television again.

We have something in the works, and if it works I will be able to get back online. Still putting it together in this nightmare. We have to check things, get things back to satanlink and then making this work out.

I have to phone the government, plant things, find things, get to town and back all the other things............gotta jet.

PS I am trying to get up at least one post a day for the next week or so. It just depends on the net access. This note is for the few who care. The rest you will get your pharisee Judgment before Jesus Throne.


lame cherry non tropical fungal disease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK this is interesting in I had something which has no explanation, except for reasons I do not ..........ok I will tell you this as this is personal. See TL and I not being wedded, are celibate, but someone who does not want us together who is a relative is such a hot little number flowing with unctions that they do not believe we as Christians can control our sexual natures and love with God this person with satan gave me a ........something on my thigh which was really interesting.

See I happened to notice surprised one afternoon that I had this blotch on my thigh about egg was dark red and looked like a rash............I did not know if a spider bit me repeatedly or what the devil it was.
It did not simply appeared and it was not sore.

I tried putting on it peroxide and that did seem to help. Thing is I had that roofing to put on, and it was hot up there and a great place for things to grow and it certainly did grow as it chafed with walking.

So you got it that it grew, and got to Gilligan Island type size......and it started putting out these little islands that spread.

I put on it a ........well I put the recipe here and thought all was going well, until the epidermus in numbers of layers started peeling off. The edges started getting red and sore, so I knew I had a lovely bacterial infection starting.

It was a great biological experiment to study, as I inquired in this was nothing no one had ever seen, and I certainly had been no where to be exposed to anything like this.

As this was going on, Mom in Spirit as much as TL in Spirit said to me what the Spirit said to me......"That xxxxxx did not want you having sex with TL." Yeah that was it from three sources, but I was amused at it all, as the culprit should have waited until after the honeymoon and not when we are in betrothed Christian mode.
I will be honest here. Both TL and I have had some pretty shitty tools of stan hurt us, and it has been beneficial to us for where we are going in marriage to not have any of the immorality clouding the Holy Ghost's work in making issues and setting things back.
I like being with TL 24 7. I like TL as my best friend. I like doing things with TL.......fact is sex wears out and that is why most people have problems in they have nothing built in a relationship but lust.

So anyway this non trop fungal disease. It is interesting in it reminds me of cancer in requiring a fungal toxic acidic soup for that virus to grow. This fungus was reverse in needing a bacterial field to expand out of. You know like maggots only live in the soup they foul.

I used up around 4 tubes of anti biotic and now have this neat series of red brands on my thigh. Each one sluffed off a great deal of skin, so it was not the original brew doing this, but a manifestation of this fungus. It kills the skin and the body gets rid of the skin and wiht a little anti biotic to confine the spread, it all just leaves red marks.

Yes TL and I are always going to be together. The person responsible for this really has shown their psychopathies in their weaknesses as the attack was the most ineffective possible.

For those who do not believe that satanic attacks on good people like Job do not happen in the 21st century........they do and I am certain of the experience I just had again. God preserves though and I learn and become more effective in the trials.
I used to think when I was stumbling with sin, that it was the sin that was the problem in why I was being attacked.........obviously satan and it's dark lights are focused upon destroying me and sin has never been the issue. Having a clear conscience though helps me in this as I know I am right with God.

It is just one more tear until the final Joy in Christ is fulfilled.

Nuff said