Friday, April 18, 2014

Not Passing Over

Our Almighty Father,

Remember us for Good and not evil, for we pray that You would pass over us again as You did by the hand of thee Angel of the Lord in our parents sojourn in Egypt. For in this communion of prayer, we remember the Messenger of Your Salvation in the fulfillment of the Messiah in the Lord, Your only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.
The world has not changed from the days of Cain in thinking You owe them for their handing You a crumb from Your provision for them, in seeking to end the Righteousness of Abel in Your children, who confess all is Yours and all is a Gift bestowed upon us due to Your Love and nothing we could act, speak or think upon to earn nor demand this, for all things are blessings from God alone.

Egypt is now the global world, and we only know this by Your Holy Ghost Who Inspires us to know all things for our understanding of this world. We ask that You not pass over the world, no more than you did Egypt in the days of calamity, but that You pass over Your children, while You multiply, recompense and visit the sins upon those who reject Your Law and even more so, reject Your Gospel.

We speak of nothing which You do not know, for You know all things. We accuse them not, for they have Moses, and satan itself accusing them, with the mockery of Mohammed, Buddah, Marx and whatever else in false teachings and false messiahs, they have rejected Your Way, Your Truth and Your Life, to their chosen condemnation and eternal death.

What we ask Father is for the quick coming of the return of the Lord Christ, to fulfill the Last Days, as He fulfilled the first, and fulfilled the New Covenant for our Redemption, in which He will return as King of kings, Lord of lords and Knight of knights, to establish Your Law by leading the Heavenly Host as the world makes war upon God at Armageddon.

The people who are called by Your Name, in the exiles of the Northern Kingdom of the Lost 10, are sojourners as in Egypt and planted in the western lands and are the western peoples. They are now prisoners by regimes who bow to satan and have removed You and Christ's Churchf or a new order of ancient rites which has been seduced by satan to believe they can be immortals without needing God. Sin can not be immortal for sin is eternal exile from Life and eternal death.
Remember Your Spiritual children Almighty Father, for persecution and war is being waged upon them across the globe. Remember as in the days of the passing over of the Angel of the Lord, where all the labor of Your children was housed in the stores of the unbelievers and by Your command taken back as wages for Your children's labor.

We ask this return not for rights, but of necessity, for we have been robbed and pillaged, are named enemies of the state, and due to this organized piracy, of taxations, mandates and inflation, we are pressed for our daily needs. We ask Lord for You to return the wages of our hands, so that we may await in this Spiritual wilderness, in full provision of stocking supplies, building shelters and arming ourselves, as Your Holy Ghost reveals the time of Jacob's Trouble will come, so leave us not like the virgins who had not oil for their lamps, awaiting the Master's coming, but make our lamps full, as you secure for us a temporary light as we yearn for the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ to Lighten this world, delivering us from all darkness.

We command in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that all evil be bound from us forever. We pray for Your Holy Angels to minister to our needs. We pray for Your healing and restoration, of our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our emotions, and our Spirits, sown into us by Your Holy Ghost, for we confess that Jesus is Lord and profess with our lives born again, we are the Spiritual children of God.

We remember Father, by Your Holy Ghost calling us to remember this season of Passover known among the sons of Eber to the time of Christ, and in New Covenant by Christ, was fulfilled in no more passing over us in a temporary covering of blood upon our door posts, but as Immanuel in Christ with us as observed in the Christmas season to now God's Spirit in us at Pentecost.
This Easter as observed is remembering by Your command, through Your Son, the Lord Christ, Our Restoration to You Spiritually. The Lord Christ has fulfilled the Passover in the first High Day. The Lord Christ fulfilled the First Fruits in Your giving the Holy Ghost to us at Pentecost, and now we await to be delivered from Jacob's Trouble and the End Times for that Last Great Day, the Feast of Harvest, whereby all Your children will be caught up to Christ in His Second Coming, to receive then the Gift in our Reward for receiving all of this in Faith.

We believe You God and give all thanks to You. We praise Your Name and the Gift of our being called as Your Namesake in Christians. We are wealthy without measure in Spirit, but like the crowds of 5000 fed by Christ in miracles, we ask for You to feed us in both Spirit by Your Spirit and Word and in body with making what You have given more than enough in overflowing in we being Your further blessing upon this earth, and to take from the evil rich whose reward has been, and give to Your children now for our Provision as has been Promised by You.
Let not these Provisions  become  a sin to us as the golden ephod of Gideon, because a stumbling block to the sons of Eber, but let us be like Mary Magdalene restored by You and Joseph of Aramethea faithful to You in these lives You have given us, to minister to the world by Your leading as an example of the blessings of God's Spirit in us.

Pass over not us in Your Goodness Father, and pass not over those who are evil, to unleash Your Consuming Flame, that the scales will be balanced Justly. Secure us to You and let us not be deceived by the evil one nor the coming son of perdition in the anti Christ for far too many were deceived by their shadow in the blasphemous false messiah set up in Washington.

We are Yours God Almighty and commit ourselves into Your hands, our bodies, minds, hearts, Spirits and all things. God bless us and keep us. God make Your Face to Shine upon us and be Gracious unto us. God lift up Your Countenance upon us, and give us the Peace which passes all understanding, keeping our hearts and minds in Faith, in the One True Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You, ever One God, Your Kingdom come and Your will be accomplished, in that same Name, of Jesus, we pray, Amen and Amen

Come Lord Jesus, let us dwell with You in Your Second Coming. Amen and Amen, come quickly.


The Man Behind the Last Supper

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.....

Upon inquiry, TL desired to know about the man who hosted the Last Supper of Christ and the disciples.

The identity of the person was, the same person who had possession of the ass and the colt which Jesus rode on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem.

He also is the one named in the Bible as Joseph of Aramathea, who is supposed to be Jesus legal gaurdian, as this Joseph was married to Mary of Magdala.

He was a wealthy man, who in the case of the colt and the ass, had taken possession of these animals due to a debt, and they were returned to the owner after Jesus utilized them for the Palm Sunday ride.

He also is the man mentioned in an upper chamber was prepared for Jesus and the disciples in the Last Supper.

In addition, he is the one who went to Pilate and took Jesus body and laid Him in his own grave.

nuff said

agtG 263


My children, I am going to post a story below about a dog to show a reality that most dogs, horses and cats will respond in a good way if you just talk to them.
While you can not do a great deal with cats in training them for useful things, the following is story about a dog named Pont, who was a mongrel and basically just a dog like most dogs are.

Some animals I am convinced after visiting a Humane shelter are psychotic or possessed by demons due to neglect or abuse. Most animals though are like people in being talented or untalented, but if given a chance they will seek to please you.

This story is about trapping, an occupation no different than if you are a plumber who brought his dog along or as I always had mine along with me, as they always became familiar with my activities and would help out.


Several years ago I had a partner who had a dog, part stag hound and the other part just dog, I think. One day he (my partner) asked if I would object to his bringing the dog to camp, saying that his wife was going on a visit and he had no place to leave the dog. I told him that if he had a good dog I would be glad to have him in camp.

In a day or two pard went home and brought in the dog. Well, when he came the dog was following along behind his master with tail and ears drooping, and looking as though he never heard a kind word in his life. I asked if the animal was any good and he replied that he did not know how good he was. I asked the name of the dog. He said, "Oh, I call him Pont." I spoke to the dog, calling him by name. He looked at me wistfully, wagging his tail. The look that dog gave me said to me as plainly as words that this was the first kind word he had ever heard.

We went inside and the dog started to follow, when his master in a harsh voice said, "get out of here." I said, "where do you expect the dog to go?" I then took an old coat that was in the camp, placed it in the corner and called gently to Pont, patted the coat and told him to lay down on the coat, which he did. I patted him saying that is a good place for Pont, and I can see that wistful gaze the dog gave me, now.

After we had our supper I asked my partner if he wasn't going to fix Pont some supper. "Oh, after a while I will see if I can't find something for him." I took a biscuit from the table, spread some butter on it, called the dog to me, broke the biscuit in pieces, and gave it to the dog from my hand; then I found an old basin that chanced to be about the camp and fixed the dog a good supper.

After the dog had finished his supper I went to the coat in the corner, spoke gently to Pont, patted the coat, and told him to lay down on the coat. That was the end of that, Pont knew his place and took it without any further trouble.

The next morning when we were about ready to start out on the trap line I asked Pard what he intended to do with Pont. He said that he would tie him to a tree that stood against the shanty close to the door. We were going to take different lines of traps. I said, "What is the harm of Pont's going with me?" "All right, if you want him, I don't want any dog with me." I said, Am, (that was Pard's given name, for short) I don't believe the dog wants to go with you any more than you want him to. Am's reply was that he guessed he would go all right if he wanted him.

I said. Am, just for shucks, say nothing to the dog and see which one he will follow. So we stepped outside the shack and the dog stood close to me. I said, "Go on Am, and we will see who the dog will follow." He started off and the dog only looked at him. Am stopped and told the dog to come on. The dog got around behind me.

Am said, "If I wanted you to come, you would come or I would break your neck." I said, "No, Am, you won't break Pout's neck while I am around; it would not look nice." I started on my way, Pont following after I had gone a little ways.

I spoke to Pont, patting him on the head and told him what a good dog he was. He jumped about and showed more ways than one how pleased he was, and from that day until we broke camp, Pont stayed with me. He showed plainly the disgust he had for his master.

It so happened that the first trap I came to was a trap set in a spring run, and it had a 'coon in it. I allowed Pont to help kill the 'coon, and after the 'coon was dead, I patted Pont and told him what great things he had done in capturing the 'coon. Pont showed what pride he took in the hunt, so much so that he did not like to have Am go near the pelt. I saw from the very first day out that all that Pont needed was kind treatment and proper training to make a good help on the trap line.

I was careful to let him know what I was doing when setting a trap, and when he would go to smell at the bait after a trap had been set, I would speak to him in a firm voice and let him know that I did not approve of what he was doing. When making blind sets, I took the same pains to show and give him to understand what I was doing. I would sometimes, after giving him fair warning, let him put his foot into a trap. I would scold him in a moderate manner and release him. Then all the time I was resetting the trap I would talk trap to him, and by action and word teach him the nature of the trap. Mr. Trapper, please do not persuade yourself to believe that the intelligent dog cannot understand if you go about it right.

In two weeks Pont had advanced so far in his training that I no longer had to pay any attention to him on account of the traps. The third day Pont was with me he found a 'coon that had escaped with a trap nearly two weeks before. My route called me up a little draw from the main stream. I had not gone far up this when Pont took the trail of some animal and began working it up the side of the hill. I stood and watched him until the trail took him to an old log, when Pont began to sniff at a hole in the log. He soon raised his head and gave a long howl, as much as to say he is here and I want help. After running a stick in the hole I soon discovered that the log was hollow. I took my belt axe and pounded along on the log until I thought I was at the right point and then chopped a hole in the log, and as good luck would have it, I made the opening right on to the 'coon, and almost the first thing I saw on looking into the log was the trap. Pont soon had the 'coon out, and when I saw it was the 'coon that had escaped with our trap, I gave Pont praise for what he had done, petting him and telling him of his good deed, and he seemed to understand it all.

Not long after this Am came into camp at night and reported that a fox had broken the chain on a certain trap and gone off with the trap, saying that he would take Pont in the morning and see if he could find the fox. In the morning when we were ready to go Am tried to have Pont follow him, but it was no go, Pont would not go with him. Then Am put a rope on to him and tried to lead him, but Pont would sulk and would not be led. Then Am lost his temper and wanted to break Pont's neck again. I said that I did not like to have Pont abused and that I would go along with him. When we came to the place where the fox had escaped with the trap Am at once began to slap his hands and hiss Pont on. Pont only crouched behind me for protection. I persuaded Am to go on down the run and look at the traps down that way while I and Pont would look after the escaped fox.

As soon as Am was gone I began to look about where the fox had been caught and search for his trail, and soon Pont began to wag his tail. I merely worked Pont's way and said, "Has he gone that way?" Pont gave me to understand that the fox had gone that way and that he knew what was wanted. The trail soon left the main hollow and took up a little draft. A little way up this we found where the fox had been fast in some bushes but had freed himself and left and gone up the hillside. Pont soon began to get uneasy, and when I said hunt him out Pont, away he went and in a few minutes I heard Pont give a long howl and I knew that he had holed his game. When I came up to Pont he was working in a hole in some shell rocks. I pulled away some loose rocks and could see the fox, and we soon had him out, and Pont seemed more pleased over the hunt than I was.

There was scarcely a week that Pont did not help us out on the trap line. Not unfrequently did Pont show me a 'coon den. I had some difficulty in teaching Pont to let the porcupines alone, but after a time he learned that they were not the kind of game that he wanted, and he paid no more attention to them.

I have had many different dogs on the trap line with me, and I can say to any one who can understand dog's language, has a liking for a dog and has a reasonable amount of patience and is willing to use it, will find a well trained dog of much benefit on the trap line, and often a more genial companion than some partners one may fall in with. But if one is so constituted that he must give his dog a growl or a kick every time he comes in reach, and perhaps only give his dog half enough to eat and cannot treat a dog as a friend, then I say, leave the dog off the trap line.

Oliver Hartley. Hunting Dogs / Describes in a Practical Manner the Training, Handling, / Treatment, Breeds, Etc., Best Adapted for Night Hunting / as Well as Gun Dogs for Daylight Sport


I have had numbers of animals and they were all different. Some were worthless at tasks, but they all gave it go.
Ruby my setter was an upland dog who would not hunt in range as she was bred AKC and they instill that. So I hunted with her by letting her loose and while she was tearing through the brush, I would move ahead of pheasants and head them off. She could not be made to hunt with scoldings or spankings, so I changed to what she would do.

She had an excellent nose and refused to use it. She would not retrieve either.

Being a setter, she was not a cattle dog, but she was most delighted to help me in barking at the cows which got them moving and then barking at their heads in heading them off, which did not help, but it was all Ruby could muster.

She loves baby kitties, to the extent of to death. She started out on baby tame rabbits which she found and was too exuberant with them also.

In that Ruby was a fur dog for some reason, as she did battle with woodchucks, one of which I saw hanging from her face one day as I ran to kill it. She also had an affection for killing skunks even when sprayed.

I can still see her around baby chickens in moving deftly from one side to the other in pointing at them with such intensity, while pounding old roosters to exhaustion.

She was disciplined as I could tell her to sit while in a frenzy and she would drop. It was just who Ruby was. She was beyond polite in sitting to crawl under my computer table in not saying a whimper, but waiting for me to move for her to get where my feet were.

Unless an animal is dangerous or heinous, you sort of just have to deal with the animal you get. They all have something in them and are always willing to help in some way and they all enjoy something in life, and with dogs it is some form of hunting things in which they really come alive.

I hate seeing dogs locked in kennels, as they belong on a rug by you where you are. Ruby was a big dog, but she never misbehaved ever in our home.

Animals behave when they are looked after and animals misbehave when they are not looked after.

nuff said


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Message

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Alright you stupid people, as you are being led about by Ukraine, visit the future where I reside, as your heads are so far up your Obama abyss in Big Frac Limbaugh, that you do not even know the war you are in.

This is why you need Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and Vernon Walters, but you have none, and all you have is Lame Cherry in foreign policy to know this field, as this is not about stuck on stupid Ukraine, but all of this is about POLAND, you ignorant brats.

I was the only one who covered the story of the assassination of the Polish Patriot Government on Russian soil by Vladimir Putin as the cartel with Obama handed over to the Kremlin, Ukraine, Poland and the Slavic peoples, and Mr. Obama remained silent with no investigations into how that Polish diplomatic jet crashed. It was a coup plotted to buy off the Kremlin, so the cartel could sow communists into Muslim lands, regain al Qaeda to run it out of 1600 Penn Avenue, and then turn on Mr. Putin, the same way Col. Khadaffi was assassinated by this regime of terror.

Mr. Putin is acting the part of Christian now and in that as leader of the Russian Orthodox faith, has put a stop to the Obama conspired Syrian slaughter for another al Qaeda terror state as the Caliph is to be the terror enforcers to the world, once the Neo Roman and East Empire are cemented into place.
Mr. Putin is a contender in this, and with Russian resources is to be divided up as Hitler intended, and as Stalin implemented for the cartel exploitation of Slavs and their natural resources for the central European Empire

So you know that background as only revealed here, we now progress to the reality of Ukraine.

What is in Ukraine? Russians by birth and nativity. It has been Russian property for centuries as part of their empire and Soviet. That is why the Ukraine is in the balance as the cartel took Ukraine from the Soviets, disarmed it so that the Europeans would not have armed Slavs to contend with as they made them a vassal people, then gave them back to the Kremlin in 2009 as an Obama terror deal, and when Putin stopped the slaughter in Syria, they took Ukraine back from the Kremlin, and intended to use this and the Olympics to have Putin dragged through the streets.
Russians are in Crimea and Ukraine. That is why they desire by vote and arms to be Russians as that is what they are.
So while you watch Ukraine, the real issue in this is Poland.

Ukraine was disarmed by the cartel as stated so they would not threaten the central Europeans. The are Slavs and always have been part of the Russian Empire. Should they have self determination? Yes they should, but as they have not fought for it in centuries, and have been whores of the cartel or whoever had the biggest check in selling their rights of self determination, that means America has no responsibility in fighting for someone who will not stand up for themselves, nor for placing America as a nuclear flashpoint, as Ukraine could have armed all their people like Switzerland, but did not over the decades.

Ukraine has Belarus on the north which is Russian. Romania on the south, which is traditional intrigue. On the west is Poland, and that is where the balance in this lies.

Poland has been empire. No one said a word when they were given and annexed Prussia, as in Germans who were thrown out of their lands a century ago. No one said a word when the Poles changed all the German names to Polish names.
The Poles now have in place an Obama cartel initiated leftist who likes the Kremlin. That is the balance of things, because while I pray Mr. Putin remains a tool in the hand of God as a Cyrus to contend with the anti Christ of the European order, the Polish leftists are their own problem to the world, as if ascending they may become an adversary of Russia, in empowering the anti Christ central Europeans, and either be a conduit which brings forth a Russian invasion or be part of a structure which attacks Western Europe along the old axis lines.

That is why this is all about Poland as I inform you to wait for the other shoe to drop in this, as this is the piece of thee entire board, whether it is anti Christ, Vladimir Putin or intrigue in between.

I will remind you that FDR gave eastern Europe to his good friend, the butcher Joe Stalin. I will remind you that when Stalin remarked that 10 million Germans should be exterminated as a war booty that Winston Churchill was aghast and Franklin Roosevelt laughed over it.
I will remind you that FDR and Harry Truman oversaw in the invasion of Germany, the mass rape by Russian cocks of thee entire female population of German women in what would become East Germany.

This mass rape created an entire mongrel Russian race in East Germany by blood and training. Angela Merkel is East German.

Now as this starts to dawn on you, connect the dots in this. Ukraine is full of Russians in physical will majority. Poland had installed a pro Kremlin leftist by Obama when the Polish Patriots were all mass assassinated.
Germany has half a population of Russian mongrels. Even if East German Merkel is allied now with the Pater Pope of Rome, for the Neo Order of Europe, this strategy paper in another Lame Cherry exclusive just by ethnic lines and regime structures, just moved Vladimir Putin to the banks of the Rhine.

Do you assess that France will do anything but socially bend over for Moscow as her Muslim hordes riot in Paris?
How about those Norwegians awarded Obama a Nobel Prize or Sweden, do you think they can stop the Kremlin?
What of that socialist Spain which would welcome a leftist Kremlin?

Without one shot, the Kremlin will stretch to the Atlantic, by the will of the peoples and not by invasion.  This will divide Europe as the north is incapable of resistance, England is thatched roof of straw withtout Lady Thatcher, and all that remains is the cauldron of Southern Europe.

Before you jump to your wrong conclusions again though, progress this out to the German point, in what if Vladimir Putin is a tool in the hand of God and would protect Christians from martyrdom.
What if Germany would become neutral in a sort of Swiss aliance with the Scandinavians, leaving the Bourbon houses of Spain and France in their passions and under English influence.

This board then means an anti Christ would not have German power behind it's Babylon.

Return now to the east. What is the Serbians blown to hell for Muslim annexation of their lands by Bill Clinton, would remain as a pro Russian flashpoint.
Prophecy states the coming anti Christ empire will be of Roman resurrection. It will be a confederation of 10 nations, welded together by the Vatican. There is one verse in the Bible that hints the anti Christ might be of Greek origin. The Jewish scribes have stated they thought the anti Christ would come out of Dan.  Dan actually migrated through much of Europe in exile, including Greece.

I do not state this is the 10 nation confederacy, but what if it is based on Greece and Italy, in the Greek and Roman Empires. Add to that, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and the assorted Balkan states, and regrettably the Czechs and Slovaks with Hungary and it becomes easily an old Holy Roman Empire.

This beast without the teeth of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, is not the same beast as one which is German Italian standing upon those two legs.

As I keep writing of this with Inspiration, I play the big chess board which matters, as that is what the cartel, satan and the anti Christ are engaged in. It is Newtonian science in the more powerful a Christian Vladimir Putin is in contending with an anti Christ, the less power an anti Christ has to slaughter Faithful Christians, and just maybe, these United States do not get drawn in again by a treacherous Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt and become a nuclear target in this coming global war.

That is what Lame Cherry is about. Saving hundreds of millions of Christians. Having a Slavic zone protected by a Christian favoring Vladimir Putin for them to flee to so they do not become martyrs, and for the flashpoint to be in the lands of the anti Christ and not sodom America.

America stays to hell out of this leftist cat fight, unlike World War I and II, and pumps her Big Frac oil, gets her finances in order, then she is as George Washington mandated a peaceful trading partner to all.

This though is the danger zone. If Mr. Putin remains in God's hand, which I pray, he can run the board and deflate the Mark of the Beast. If he is successful, it will mean Prague will not be ploughed in it's most beautiful and peopled areas will not become nuclear wastes in this war.
This is what I strive for as Obama ivory towers try to assassinate Vladimir Putin and Limbaugh's Big Frac try to make oil slaves of Europeans in repeating world war history which was completely against Washington, Nixon and Reagan policy.

You see when you have someone Inspired who resides in the future, all of this sorts out to a few simple moves which make complete sense, and you win easily. There are no adults playing this game in the west or east and Mr. Putin requires someone to work with who can assist him in seeing the board, beyond his necessity of Russian survival against it's planned genocide.

I leave this as your Easter message my children. Every action or mistake now amplifies in time. Any scenario now can be the one which becomes the focal point. One degree of deviation will mean billions dead instead of millions in this movement toward  Armageddon.
Mr.  Putin needs to be kept in God's hand, and America needs a Christian leader by God to lead the west correctly according to George Washington principles.

All of this should be easier for you now, as you are once again shown the ship of fools you are, and how your information rudders have been steering you toward the storm, instead of clear of it.

The Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives prefers assisting Mr. Putin, so he in God's direction will deal with Eurasian entanglements and not America. That stupid Sarah Palin in her selling her cream and spilling our milk has cost the west dearly. I do not know if one can arise in this or not, and I am not looking for the job. It should be enough that my Poor Richard, educates the ignorant so they start behaving as loyal Americans.

I require the big donation though from that one wealthy person, so I can continue on with this, as the above should prove just how witless you folk are in not comprehending any of this in nuance or moves. You are dim bulbs and will fall to your deaths unless the Inspired Light is there to guide you, as the illuminated one of satan will come and sacrific the total of you.

It is time one of the rich stepped up and paid for what they owe.

agtG 278Y

A Little Creek and Taters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......

The interesting part of real history is the reality of it in how perverse it is. History when learned is always more startling than the fiction which is portrayed.

There was a war in America in the early 1800's called the Creek War. The Creeks were a powerful group of southern Indians and in the Solid South they went onto a butchering spree against Americans. This was the war which cemented Andrew Jackson as a military leader.

There was an even more famous American in the making in this war who left his two little boys and wife at home, in Davy Crockett.
Crockett was sent out as a Scout into the war country with a group of Rangers. Eventually they were sent into Alabama where the capital now sits as that was once a Creek village.

The Army volunteers made as surround and a battle and surrender took place by the Creeks. As Davy and the others came up to a Creek house where they had seen a group of warriors go into, a squaw on the porch pulled a bow and killed one of the Rangers.
The Americans were incensed over it and pretty well riddled the squaw with 20 bullets. The warriors or terrorists hiding inside were lit up as the house was started on fire, and some were shot down including a 12 year old boy who crawled outside and had the grease rendered out of him by the heat of the fire.

In an observation, the Creek must have been fat Indians to have the fat rendered out in that amount.

What followed the next day was something of interest, as Davy had been hunting for the command for some time, as they were low on food, and his group was on half rations of parched corn.

The quote as follows:

However we went back to our Indian town on the next day, when many of the carcasses of the Indians were still to be seen. They looked very awful, for the burning had not entirely consumed them, but given them a very terrible appearance, at least what remained of them. It was, somehow or other, found out that the house had a potatoe cellar under it, and an immediate examination was made, for we were all as hungry as wolves.
We found a fine chance of potatoes in it, and hunger compelled us to eat them, though I had a little rather not, if I could have helped it, for the oil of the Indians we had burned up on the day before had run down on them, and they looked like they had been stewed with fat meat.

Davy Crockett. A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee

I doubt that there has ever been another Congressman warrior who ever due to war starvation ever had a meal of fried potatoes created by human fat.

Ray Bradbury made infamous that wood burns at 451 degrees. So that Indian fat was rendered at, at least the temperature, and it ran down into those potatoes in the root cellar and cooked them well enough.

It was probably a better high energy meal than the Irish potatoes with milk as the Emerald Isle dined on, in grease and spuds was something that stuck with the ribs.

America just did not happen in all sugar and spice. It was a savage wilderness and the above is just one recorded example which would have been lost, except that Davy Crockett who had a hankering for telling the Truth of the matter, just happened to be there and record the reality as it was, like the majority of Americans experienced but never wrote it down.

"We commenced eating the beef-hides, and continued to eat every scrap we could lay our hands on."

Davy Crockett


An American Election

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......

I place before you the real history of how Davy Crockett ran his legislative contest and funded it against a Dr. Butler who was the son in law of General Andrew Jackson.
The reason being, the politicians had nominated Davy Crockett to make sport of it and him as a strawman to knock down, being Crockett was poor and uneducated.

"I told him that when I set out electioneering, I would go prepared to put every man on as good footing when I left him as I found him on. I would therefore have me a large buckskin hunting-shirt made, with a couple of pockets holding about a peck each; and that in one I would carry a great big twist of tobacco, and in the other my bottle of liquor; for I knowed when I met a man and offered him a dram, he would throw out his quid of tobacco to take one, and after he had taken his horn, I would out with my twist and give him another chaw. And in this way he would not be worse off than when I found him; and I would be sure to leave him in a first-rate good humour.

He said I could beat him electioneering all hollow. I told him I would give him better evidence of that before August, notwithstanding he had many advantages over me, and particularly in the way of money; but I told him that I would go on the products of the country; that I had industrious children, and the best of coon dogs, and they would hunt every night till midnight to support my election; and when the coon fur wa'n't good, I would myself go a wolfing, and shoot down a wolf, and skin his head, and his scalp would be good to me for three dollars, in our state treasury money; and in this way I would get along on the big string. He stood like he was both amused and astonished, and the whole crowd was in a roar of laughter.

From this place I returned home, leaving the people in a first-rate way; and I was sure I would do a good business among them. At any rate, I was determined to stand up to my lick-log, salt or no salt."

Davy Crockett

Yes David Crockett funded his political career with coon hounds and wolf bounties. It would be a grand reset if American politicians had to fund campaigns on the coons they killed by their hounds and the wolves they made bounty of. Certainly end these traitors and foreign agents now infesting America with a regime.

Oh and Davy Crockett won his four way race by 247 votes.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I take quotes of this from Captain Mahan in his review of the Naval War of the American revolution. It not my purpose to engage in examining battles in this, but to focus upon something in the Battle of Ushant, between the French and English which is lost on most Americans.

There were English like Edmund Burke who were equally pro British and pro American. It would surprise most people if they read Benjamin Franklin's memoirs, that he refers to himself as English and his main thrust was to join English leadership to American expansion, in a sort of dual empire in which America would be a full partner.

At the Battle of Ushant, the French were to sail 30 days and basically avoid battle under orders. The British set sail to engage in battle, under Admiral Keppel whose junior was Vice Admiral Palliser.

The following quote sets the stage.

"Vice Admiral Palliser was a Tory, and had left the Board of Admiralty to take his command. Admiral Keppel was so strong a Whig that he would not serve against the Americans; and he evidently feared that he was to be betrayed to his ruin."

Is not that a most interesting statement in history in here the leader of the British in European Naval warfare, and he was there, because he would not fire on the Americans.
His second was an active Tory who apparently had no love for Americans, but this digressed into something more as Keppel distrusted Palliser, to the extent that Palliser in the battle with the French refused or stated he did not see orders to come into battle line against the French.

A great deal of this became public and a court martial was convened for the two in the next year. It was found basically no man did anything really wrong, but more as Mahan writes:

"The Vice-Admiral's behaviour seems that of a man in a sulk, who will do only that which he can find no excuses for neglecting. In such cases of sailing close, men generally slip over the line into grievous wrong."

The following historical reality might surprise numbers of Americans, as in the John Adams presentation it appears the British all hated Americans, when in reality at the time of Keppel's hearing, the public was very much in favor of him, and he was pro American in being a Whig.

"Public opinion running strongly for Keppel, his acquittal was celebrated with bonfires and illuminations in London; the mob got drunk, smashed the windows of Palliser's friends, wrecked Palliser's own house, and came near to killing Palliser himself. The Admiralty, in 1780, made him Governor of Greenwich Hospital."

I thought that part thoroughly amusing in the mob was pro Keppel, and pro American, and not Tory, to the extent they gave a sound drubbing to Palliser's friends, his house and almost killed Palliser.
It was the reality that the English hated the French more in Palliser not killing them, than hating Americans.

It concludes with the following ending to this tale of the British Whig:

"After this, Keppel, being dissatisfied with the Admiralty's treatment, intimated his wish to give up the command. The order to strike his flag was dated March 18th, 1779. He was not employed afloat again, but upon the change of administration in 1782 he became First Lord of the Admiralty, and so remained, with a brief intermission, until December, 1783."

It is odd that Keppel faired that well with his German sounding name in being pro American and not taken out and shot. He never did sail again, but actually was made head of the very body which had caused him problems.

This is one of the most overlooked footnotes in history in many Americans were Tory British and ended up in Canada, and numbers of British were Whig pro American in not desiring to take up arms against their own people, seeing the shortcomings of the crown against Americans, and not desiring to make the situation worse.

More history you never will hear in the Ken Burns cut and paste leftist propaganda which is PBS and HBO fare.