Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump White Paper: Donors

I want to donate to Donald Trump and stop being a GOPtraitor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are following necessities which must be addressed by the Trump campaign and Paul Manafort has proven capable of getting the Trump children to submarine Corey Lewandowski, but has little intention of handling the donors who have been told to sit on their hands by the GOPliters to bankrupt Donald Trump.

This goes directly to Ted Cruz's benefactor, Robert Mercer of Breitbart, who throws words of support to Mr. Trump, after trying to arm rape him by Michelle Fields, and then Mercer sets up a PAC to siphon money from Mr. Trump and the Republican established Trump Victory Committee.

If any of you want to donate to Mr. Trump, either go to his site, or find the RNC TVC and make your donation there.

Trump Campaign Donation Link.

What the Lame Cherry suggests further is to put Tierra and the Little Lord Fauntlerboys to establish a multi tier system. PJ Manafort is not pulling the full load. It is pure nonsense for President Elect Donald Trump to have 20 donor names thumped down on his desk and ordered to beg for funds in listening to a bunch Wall Street sucklings.
This is what the Trump children are required to do. They haul in Reince Priebus and Paul Manafort, and in their board room, Manafort and Priebus MAKE the overture calls with the Trump children listening in. A gathering is being planned, these donors are coming, and the donor being spoken to is hereby ordered to attend.

There will now be offered Trump child 1, 2, 3 on one level of donations and access, along with concerns. If the concerns want to have a phone call and notice from Mr. Trump, then the matter requires a larger donation.
The donor will have it made clear that this donation does not allow them to be rude or think they own Mr. Trump. It is a matter though that 8 years is a very long time to be out in the wilderness with Mr. Trump remembering you along with the mob and Mrs. Clinton hating you with her mob.

In this gathering, there is the Don and Eric table, the Ivanka table, the Donald and Melania table, and then the nice gathering lounge afterwards that the big donors, are invited to.

It will be noted that the donor has a chair with a NAME PLATE assigned to them, and if that chair is filled with them or empty, it is up to them.

Mr. Trump needs  to employ a way to assist the TVC, in delegating a structure to this of carrot and stick. This is a rough draft, but the fact is if Paul Manafort put as much effort into twisting arms as he did in planting stories against Corey Lewandowski and Reince Priebus put as much effort into menacing these donors as he did voters for Cruz in Wisconsin, this all would be a non issue.

It must be mentioned that when Mr. Trump is elected, that this entire 2016 election in voting irregularities, interesting money funneling and antagonisms are going to be reviewed by a Justice Department team top to bottom, for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

It would be a shame if these ultra rich, sitting on their hands would be spending 5 million dollars in the next 8 years in court hearings and hauled before the Senate and House in hearing with lights blazing to become as well known as Bernie Madoff.

There needs to be a stick about as the ultra rich have proven they are already antagonistic. It is time to be refresh their memories as everyone has an axe to grind against them and everyone has secrets, to become the next star in their state and to be laughed at over cocktails.

I might suggest this right proper bastard to get the job done quietly and properly.

Phil Cox, executive director of the  Republican Governors Association, is photographed in his Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, office.   ap876124732100

Phil Cox, he looks the part and Governor Christie has him in speed dial.

Be a right proper bastard here spunky and you come back from oblivion to having those cucks kissing your ring on the first ring.

Best suggestion in a pinch as Tom Delay is prancing around on Dancing with the Stars.


Wasted Zombie on Ankara Airports

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I dislike when  Rush cuckerboy Limbaugh is scripted to put out false leads on the diplomatic venture at the Constantinople air port in Turkey, in this was "gay generated" or it was because the Jews signed a pact with Turkey.

Look, the world does not rotate on the issue of cocks  stuck up dirty bung holes of shit. Throw a couple queers of a building and suddenly it is like Jews getting gassed in America during World War II. Muslims have better things to do than hunt queers in that heat or worry about some Jew treaty with Turks.

None of this interests me as all I see is more good Turks in his event.

To set the record straight though as there  are donors who appreciate finding out what really took place, this is what inquiry said in the matrix.

Attackers kill 42 in scenes of chaos at Istanbul airport
ISTANBUL (AP) — Suicide attackers armed with guns and bombs killed 42 people and wounded hundreds at Istanbul's busy Ataturk Airport, apparently targeting Turkey's crucial tourism industry. The...
World News - Associated Press Jun 29, 3:48 pm CT
 • Attackers kill 42 in scenes of chaos at Istanbul airport
 • The Latest: Erdogan says Turkey will overcome terror groups

This was not "ISIS", because ISIS does not exist, except as a cover for Kurds to steal Iraqi and Syrian oil and truck it into Turkey, to fund Hillary Clinton's campaign as much as the GOPliter sabotage against Donald Trump.
That fact known, whether you believe it or not, I told you Muslim terror is run now out of 1600 Penn Avenue, and their conduits are Mossad who effectively direct the turban heads.

It is only common sense in 3 morons were doped up, strapped up and sent to Turkey to be extremely ineffective. I mean you got 3 dope heads and they can not match one Gay Muslim in Orlando, that really needs a great deal more training and coordination.

Anyway the reason for making more good Turks in this world, is their dictator Endrogan has been cuddling up to Vladmir Putin and apologizing for murdering Russian heroes. The Turks had to be taught a lesson on oil flow and this is the lesson, more good Turks.

That is the story behind this in this is just more image Obama and Merkel mafia politics thuggery. Terrorism is the diplomatic tool to punish nations not bowing at the waist. Awhile back it was Egypt and now it is Turkey, being blown up the 1600 Penn Avenue controlled terrorists, managed by Mossad. Just another 9 11 operation without John Kennedy brain splatter.

As stated, this interests me nil. I do not care about it, except this dick up the ass stuff is being raped into American Politics and that I will not condone, as it is ridiculous to poise every event on, "Of course Britain left the EU over anal sex as what else could it be".

So the new rule is, stop linking everything to dick up the ass shit, and I probably will not cover good Turk stories, as the Edomites are going to get it according to the Bible for being the spiritual bastards they are.

I don't even eat sulfur encrusted apricots any more as they make me ill, so what the hell do I care what happens to Turkey. Make it a nice nuclear bonfire and let's move onto Armageddon.
I would be ashamed to have directed an operation like this. Pitifully small, pitifully pussy in 1 zombie gets in, and two blow up the asphalt.....complete waste of resources and zombie.

Always the prob in cartel contracting out things. Hard to make an exclamation point when it is all the same period at the end of every zombie blood splat.

Enough of this...........oh tomorrow is a stand alone. Tie a can to a kitty's tail and watch her screech, after she thought she was miss puss n boots lapping from the toilet.


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Мне не нравится, когда Rush cuckerboy Лимбо является сценарий, чтобы потушить ложные выводы на дипломатическом предприятия на воздушном порту Константинополя в Турции, в этом был "геем генерироваться" или это было потому, что евреи подписали договор с Турцией.

Посмотрите, мир не вращается по вопросу о петухи застрял грязных закупорочные отверстий дерьма. Бросить пару педиков здания и вдруг, как евреи получать загазованности в Америке во время Второй мировой войны. У мусульман есть более важные дела, чем охотиться на педиков в том, что тепло или беспокоиться о каком-то еврея договор с турками.

Ничто из этого меня не интересует, как все, что я вижу больше хороших турков в его случае.

Для того, чтобы установить рекорд прямо, хотя, как есть доноры, которые ценят выяснить, что на самом деле имело место, это то, что сказал запрос в матрице.

Злоумышленники убивают 42 в сценах хаоса в аэропорту Стамбула
СТАМБУЛ (AP) - смертники, вооруженные огнестрельным оружием и бомбами погибли 42 человек и ранены сотни на загруженном аэропорту Стамбула имени Ататюрка, по-видимому, нацеливание важную индустрию туризма Турции. ...
Мировые новости - Associated Press 29 июня 3:48 вечера CT
• Злоумышленники убивают 42 в сценах хаоса в аэропорту Стамбула
• Последние: Эрдоган говорит, что Турция преодолеет террористические группировки

Это не было "ISIS", потому что ISIS не существует, за исключением того, в качестве прикрытия для курдов, чтобы украсть иракскую и сирийскую нефть и грузовиком в Турцию, чтобы финансировать кампанию Хиллари Клинтон столько, сколько GOPliter диверсии против Дональда Трампа.
Тот факт, известно, верите ли вы это или нет, я сказал вам, мусульманская террор бежать теперь из 1600 Penn-авеню, и их проводниками являются Моссад, которые эффективно направлять тюрбан головы.

Только здравый смысл в 3 дебилы легировались вверх, привязали и отправлены в Турцию, чтобы быть крайне неэффективным. Я имею в виду вы получили 3 головы наркотика, и они не могут соответствовать одному гомосексуалистам мусульманином в Орландо, который действительно нуждается гораздо больше подготовки и координации.

В любом случае причина сделать больше хороших турок в этом мире, является их диктатор Endrogan был прижаться к Путину и Владимиром извиняться за убийство русских героев. Турки должны были преподать урок на поток нефти и это урок, больше хороших турок.

То есть история позади этого в это как раз больше образ Обамы и Меркель мафиозного политика бандитизм. Терроризм является дипломатическим инструментом, чтобы наказать народы не кланяющихся на талии. Некоторое время назад он был Египет, и теперь это Турция, взорван 1600 Penn-авеню контролируемых террористами, которым управляет Моссада. Просто еще 9 11 работа без Джона Кеннеди плескаться мозга.

Как уже говорилось, это меня интересует ноль. Я не забочусь об этом, кроме этого Дика под зад материал насилуют в американской политике, и что я не буду закрывать глаза, как это смешно балансировать каждое событие на "Конечно, Британия вышла из ЕС над анального секса, как то, что еще она может быть ".

Таким образом, новое правило, остановить все ссылки на хуй в задницу дерьмо, и я, вероятно, не будет охватывать хорошие истории турок, поскольку Идумеяне собираются, чтобы получить его, согласно Библии, за то, что духовные сволочи они.

Я даже не едят серы инкрустированы абрикосы больше, как они делают меня больным, так что же, черт возьми, я все равно, что происходит в Турции. Сделать это хороший ядерный костер, и давайте перейдем к Армагеддону.
Мне было бы стыдно, чтобы направили операцию, как это. Жалобно маленький, жалобно киска в 1 зомби попадает в, и два взорвать асфальт ..... пустая трата ресурсов и зомби.

Всегда Prob в картеле контрактов вещи. Трудно сделать восклицательный знак, когда это все тот же период в конце каждого зомби знак крови.

Хватит об этом ........... ой завтра в одиночку стенд. Завяжите банку к хвосту котенка и смотреть ее визг, после того, как она думала, что она была мисс Puss N сапоги доводочные из туалета.


Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Ich mag nicht, wenn Eile cuckerboy Limbaugh scripted falsche Spuren auf dem diplomatischen Venture an der Constantinople Luftöffnung in der Türkei, löschte, in dieser wurde "Homosexuell erzeugt" oder war es, weil die Juden einen Pakt mit der Türkei unterzeichnet.

Schauen Sie, die die Welt nicht auf die Frage der Hähne drehen stecken schmutzige Spundlöcher Scheiße. Werfen Sie ein paar queers eines Gebäudes und plötzlich ist es wie Juden in Amerika im Zweiten Weltkrieg vergast zu werden. Muslime haben bessere Dinge als Jagd Queers in dieser Hitze zu tun oder etwas Jude Vertrag mit Türken befürchten.

Nichts davon interessiert mich als alles was ich sehe mehr gute Türken in seinem Fall ist.

Um den Rekord gerade wenn, wie es Spender, die zu finden, zu schätzen wissen, was wirklich stattfand, ist es das, was Anfrage in der Matrix sagte.

Angreifer töten 42 in Szenen von Chaos am Flughafen Istanbul
ISTANBUL (dpa) - Selbstmordattentäter mit Gewehren und Bomben bewaffnet tötete 42 Menschen und verwundete Hunderte auf dem Istanbuler Flughafen Atatürk beschäftigt, offenbar der Türkei entscheidend Tourismusbranche abzielt. Das...
World News - Associated Press 29. Juni, 15.48 Uhr CT
• Angreifer töten 42 in Szenen von Chaos am Flughafen Istanbul
• Das Neueste: Erdogan sagt Türkei Terrorgruppen überwinden

Das war nicht "ISIS", weil ISIS nicht existiert, außer als Abdeckung für Kurden irakischen und syrischen Öl-und Lkw-es in die Türkei, um zu stehlen, Hillary Clintons Kampagne so viel wie die GOPliter Sabotage gegen Donald Trump zu finanzieren.
Diese Tatsache bekannt ist, ob Sie es glauben oder nicht, ich habe dir gesagt, muslimische Terror ist jetzt erschöpft von 1600 Penn Avenue, und ihre Leitungen sind Mossad, der die Turban Köpfe tatsächlich leiten.

Es ist nur der gesunde Menschenverstand in 3 morons wurden dotiert bis geschnallt und in die Türkei geschickt äußerst ineffektiv. Ich meine, du 3 dope Köpfe, und sie können ein Homosexuell Muslim in Orlando nicht überein, die wirklich sehr viel mehr Training und Koordination benötigt.

Wie auch immer der Grund dafür, dass mehr gute Türken in dieser Welt, ist ihr Diktator Endrogan zu Vladmir Putin Kuscheln wurde und entschuldigte sich für die russischen Helden ermordet zu haben. Die Türken hatten eine Lektion auf Ölfluss und das ist die Lektion, mehr gute Türken gelehrt werden.

Das ist die Geschichte dahinter in das ist nur mehr Bild Obama und Merkel Mafia Politik thuggery. Der Terrorismus ist die diplomatische Werkzeug zu bestrafen Nationen nicht an der Taille beugen. Vor einiger Zeit war es Ägypten und jetzt ist es die Türkei, die 1600 Penn Avenue gesteuerte Terroristen gesprengt, verwaltet von Mossad. Nur ein weiterer 9 11 Betrieb ohne John Kennedy Gehirn Splatter.

Wie bereits erwähnt, interessiert mich das gleich Null. Ich kümmere mich nicht um sie, mit Ausnahme dieser Schwanz in den Arsch Sachen in die amerikanische Politik vergewaltigt wird, und dass ich nicht gutheißen, da es lächerlich ist auf jeden Fall zu balancieren: "Natürlich Großbritannien die EU über Analsex als das, was links sonst könnte es sein".

So ist die neue Regel wird, zu stoppen, alles zu dick auf den Arsch Scheiße verbindet, und ich werde wahrscheinlich nicht decken gut Turk Geschichten, wie die Edomiter werden es bekommen nach der Bibel für die geistigen Bastarde sind sie sind.

Ich esse nicht einmal Schwefel verkrustete Aprikosen mehr als sie mich krank machen, so was zum Teufel ist mir egal, was in der Türkei passiert. Machen Sie es ein schönes Atomlagerfeuer und lassen Sie uns auf Armageddon bewegen.
Ich würde mich schämen, eine Operation wie diese haben gerichtet. Jämmerlich klein, kläglich Muschi in 1 Zombie steigt ein, und zwei der Asphalt ..... reine Verschwendung von Ressourcen und Zombie sprengen.

Immer das prob in Kartell Contracting Out Dinge. Fest ein Ausrufezeichen zu machen, wenn es am Ende eines jeden Zombie Blut Splat alle die gleiche Zeit ist.

Genug davon ........... oh morgen ist ein Stand-alone. Binden Sie eine Dose Schwanz Kitty und zuschauen, wie sie kreischen, nachdem sie dachte, dass sie n Stiefel Miss Mieze Läppen von der Toilette war.


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

Je n'aime pas quand Rush Limbaugh cuckerboy est scripté pour éteindre fausses pistes sur le risque diplomatique au port d'air Constantinople en Turquie, dans c'était "gay généré" ou il était parce que les Juifs ont signé un pacte avec la Turquie.

Regardez, le monde ne tourne pas sur la question des coqs coincé des trous de bondes sales de merde. Jeter quelques queers d'un bâtiment et tout à coup il est comme les Juifs se gazés en Amérique pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Les musulmans ont de meilleures choses à faire que queers de chasse dans cette chaleur ou inquiéter quelque traité Juif avec les Turcs.

Rien de tout cela me passionne comme je ne vois plus de bons Turcs dans son cas.

Pour rétablir les faits même si, comme il y a des donateurs qui apprécient de trouver ce qui est vraiment eu lieu, voici ce que dit l'enquête dans la matrice.

Les pirates tuent 42 dans des scènes de chaos à l'aéroport d'Istanbul
ISTANBUL (AP) - Les attaques suicidaires armés de fusils et des bombes ont tué 42 personnes et des centaines de occupé l'aéroport Atatürk d'Istanbul blessés, apparemment cruciale ciblant l'industrie du tourisme de la Turquie. Le...
Nouvelles du monde - Associated Press 29 juin 15h48 CT
• Les attaquants tuent 42 dans des scènes de chaos à l'aéroport d'Istanbul
• Le Dernier: Erdogan dit la Turquie surmontera les groupes terroristes

Ce ne fut pas «ISIS», parce que ISIS n'existe pas, sauf comme une couverture pour les Kurdes pour voler le pétrole et le camion qu'il irakien et syrien en Turquie, pour financer la campagne de Hillary Clinton, autant que le sabotage de GOPliter contre Donald Trump.
Ce fait connu, si vous croyez le ou non, je vous ai dit la terreur musulmane est géré maintenant hors de 1600 Penn Avenue, et leurs conduits sont Mossad qui dirigent effectivement les têtes de turban.

Il est seulement le bon sens en 3 crétins ont été dopés jusqu'à, attachés et envoyés en Turquie pour être extrêmement inefficace. Je veux dire que vous avez obtenu 3 têtes de dope et ils peuvent ne pas correspondre à un gay musulman à Orlando, qui a vraiment besoin beaucoup plus de formation et de coordination.

Quoi qu'il en soit la raison de faire plus de bons Turcs dans ce monde, est leur dictateur Endrogan a été câliner jusqu'à Vladmir Poutine et présenter des excuses pour le meurtre de héros russes. Les Turcs ont dû être enseigné une leçon sur le débit d'huile, ce qui est la leçon, plus de bons Turcs.

Telle est l'histoire derrière ce dans c'est un peu plus l'image d'Obama et Merkel mafia politique banditisme. Le terrorisme est l'outil diplomatique pour punir les nations ne s'inclinant à la taille. Awhile retour il était l'Egypte et il est maintenant la Turquie, étant fait sauter les 1600 Penn Avenue des terroristes contrôlés, gérés par le Mossad. Juste un autre 9 11 fonctionnement sans John Kennedy cerveau éclaboussure.

Comme indiqué, ce qui me intéresse nul. Je ne me soucie pas, sauf que cette bite les trucs de cul est violée dans la politique américaine et que je ne vais pas fermer les yeux, comme il est ridicule de Poise chaque événement sur «Bien sûr la Grande-Bretagne quitte l'UE sur le sexe anal comme quoi d'autre est-ce que ça pourrait être".

Ainsi, la nouvelle règle est, arrêter reliant tout à dick la merde de cul, et je ne sera probablement pas couvrir de bonnes histoires Turk, les Edomites vont l'obtenir selon la Bible pour être les bâtards spirituels qu'ils sont.

Je ne mange même pas de soufre abricots incrustées plus comme ils me font mal, alors ce que l'enfer me importe ce qui se passe en Turquie. Faites-en un bon feu de joie nucléaire et passons sur Armageddon.
Je serais honte d'avoir dirigé une opération de ce genre. Pitoyablement petite, pitoyablement chatte en 1 zombie monte, et deux sauter l'asphalte ..... gaspillage des ressources et zombie.

Toujours le prob en cartel traitance choses. Difficile de faire un point d'exclamation quand il est tout de la même période à la fin de chaque floc de sang zombie.

Assez de cette ........... oh demain est un stand alone. Attachez une boîte à la queue d'un chat et de regarder son cri strident, après qu'elle pensait qu'elle était mademoiselle puss n bottes clapotis de la toilette.


Trump White Paper: Medicare Genocide

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is an issue which most of you could  care less about, and most of you will be tuning out looking for some other porn to tantalize you, but the fact is this is one of the many Obama stealth policies designed to end the lives of Americans, when in any other form it would be legally classified murder.
This affects all of you, because it affects your inheritance and how much your parents and grandparent run up bills, because the Obama regime has been extorting money from them.

The genesis of this begins in a very efficient plan of President George W. Bush with a bi partisan Congress passed the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 AD in the year of our Lord.
MMA had included in it, MA or MEDICARE ADVANTAGE, which was a self funded program in which Senior Citizens could choose to participate in this additional coverage for pharmaceuticals to eye care coverage.

Since passage of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, seniors enrolled in the Medicare prescription drug program have been guaranteed access to “all or substantially all” of the drugs in several classes of pharmaceuticals.

This program though immediately became a fixation for Senator Obama from Illinois, as much as Obama's benefactors who lusted to regain control over this new program.

To make a complicated story, easy to understand,  the basis of this is simple. Everyone found this to be one of the government programs which worked and it became popular. It was working as it should, until Obamacare began being mandated, and two factors began inflicting on this program.

First: Obama looted 500 million dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare.

Second: Obama began funding all of these invaders pouring into America, sucking up all of the funds which should be allocated to American Seniors, actually paying for this program.

It might not sound a drastic cutback in funding at .9% which began last year, but one has to understand the issue behind this. Take for example your local grocery store probably feeds 3000 families. The system is working, until Obama came along and took half the food out of the store for illegals, took money from your account to buy groceries and then placed another 1000 illegals into your grocery and expected there to be enough food.
So when your grocery starts jacking up prices in the store, due to demand, and you end up paying for less in this death sentence.

Literally the elderly who need medication to survive, and it begins with what the Obama regime was  targeting in auto immune drugs and drugs to treat schizophrenia. It has now expanded in all sorts of "cuts" or price increases, which has been a hallmark of the Obama regime crimes against Americans from the price of sugar, price of gas and your electric bill, which were all kickbacks to the Obama supporters.
In this case, the kickback is for Obama Mexicans and Obama Muslims sucking up all the resources which are supposed to be keeping Gramma alive.

This is something which is not some Republican issue or Democrat issue, as it was Charles Schumer who was protesting this with Idaho Senator Michael Crapo last year to no avail.

A bipartisan group of 19 Democrats and 21 Republicans in the Senate sent a letter last week urging the administration to keep payments at current levels.
People in the private plans “enjoy better health outcomes and receive higher quality care than their counterparts” in traditional Medicare, said the letter, drafted by Senators Charles E. Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, and Michael D. Crapo, Republican of Idaho.

This entire Obamacare scam was precarious from the start. It raided Medicare in gutting it to attempt to finance it, but when this system starts having hundreds of thousands of illegals and hundreds of thousands more Mark Zuckerberg green card employees taking American jobs, it simply imploded and the sound of it is the literal death nail for American seniors.

The reality is, this is not some surprise to the Obama regime. Their teleprompter writers have been captured in interviews laughing at writing Obama speeches remembering the lies they told Americans in being able to choose and keep their doctors. Health and Human Services did not just appear out of the mists in this being unknown to image Obama, Michelle Obama, Val-erie Jarret, Joe Biden etc... The entire Obama regime received reports on this, was briefed on this, and knew blessed certain that Senator Charles Schumer, the 3rd most powerful Democrat in the Senate was against all of this rationed death to Seniors and the burden it places on their families.

Consider the facts in this, that with millions in Obama vacations, Joe Biden just on a vacation on taxpayer money to Ireland trying to be President, and Hillary Clinton not saying a word about this rationed death to Americans by gouging them to death in they can no longer afford medications, none in this conspiracy of the "change they believe in" has tried to protect American Seniors.

This honestly is like having scrambled eggs and trying to put them back into being eggs. When this came to my attention, I recoiled in a massive brain ache, as it is not acceptable in these times to just get behind a microphone like Rush Limbaugh and comment on things. These times require absolute solutions which Americans are looking for, because they are bewildered, scared and have no idea what to do, because there is no one inside government they can turn to, in this caustic crony Obama capitalism of the 1% who have the money like Hillary Clinton get the treatment and the medications and the 99% are put on the ice berg and told to float off and die.

I am seldom moved to write on subjects like this, because no one cares, and no one will read articles like this, as the majority only care about the big headlines. I believe  though I have the only solution in this, but it is a solution which dovetails into everything Donald Trump as President is going to enact.

The fact is America barely has enough money to fund it's own medical treatments. The remedy is then that these TB infected Muslims and Viral infected Mexicans must be denied treatment, no matter what the liberal courts try to implement. Americans are not responsible for treating other nation's diseased human refuse inside or outside America.
The first step then is America must prioritized Medicare, and the first step is to end the Obamacare seizure of all Medicare funds. The second step is then that Americans are given priority for treatment at hospitals and clinics. There are known data sheets on illegal cost and American costs, and this must be broken down weekly and when an American needs their medication for that week, the American receives the funding first, and if anything is left over, then the illegal could be treated, but the reality is they should be back in Mexico or Syria to be treated by their own medical funded clinics by the United Nations. Third, Medicare must be prioritized in a sub part group, that situations where someone going to the eye doctor every year, can make it 5 years, for the simple reason, someone needing heart medications will die if they do not receive them, and lower priorities can wait, as no one is going to be impaired to death in only visiting an optometrist every lustrum.

As stated the greater part of this will self rectify with Donald Trump as President and Paul Ryan primaried in August. Build the wall and the invasion stops. Place a moratorium on Muslims and the human traffick stops. Deport the refuse which is diseased and endangering America and place them on United Nations care in their host nations, and cut off all funding for illegals, and they will self deport.
Additionally place a per head license on conglomerates like Disney who import foreigners, and make Disney pay for these additional costs such as Obamacare at 20,000 dollars per employee in a sir tax, and these conglomerates will stop importing foreigners and American who are 95 million unemployed will begin working, paying into Social Security.
I would add that no IRS refund checks will be granted to illegals or non citizens. That stops that money drain on resources.

With Mr. Trump and Congress addressing Obamacare in it's genocide or as Sarah Palin predicted and it is the rationed death, once again the entire weave of this genocide of Americans begins to unravel and Americans begin to be cared for again in their old age and employed in their working age.

Heritage Foundation records that it costs America 54 billion dollars in these illegals alone in costs to America. That money should be funding our Senior Citizens who worked for a retirement and security in America as that is what Social Security promised them. All of this can be fixed, and in this Trump White Paper it would require a few assistant secretaries to prioritize the coverage for Americans first, and then allow President Trump and Congress to begin the process of stopping this Obama vampire feeding on Americans in the type of change that Obama and his cronies believe in.

This is more than taking  America back, more than making America great again, it is making Americans first again in their own country to be employed and cared for.

This is criminal in what the Obama regime has engaged in, as much as the John Roberts Supreme Court has conspired with, because the Constitution guards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of all Americans. Any law, executive order or agency mandate which infringes or impedes upon that is murder by collusion.

All of our elderly are being gouged in rising Medicare payments and supplemental insurance, while the Obama regime is handing out a reportedly 20,000 dollars to every illegal being dumped into America. Americans must be the priority to end this Medicare Genocide.

This is the Trump White Paper on this.

Nuff Said


The Grove

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the flambeau of Anthony Scalia has worn off, it should be noted that his St. Hubertus of the Vatican was launched or initiated into the rites at the grove.

Most of you have no idea what a grove is, or what its power is. This originates with Nimrod the fire god consuming life blood from the fountain of his wife Semiramis in her offspring.
Nimrod became the various Molech cults and Semiramis would become the cult of fertility, in Ishtar or Ashteroth of the groves.

This was the fire and the water. The temple of man and forest of earth of woman. The Priestess cult would castrate the male bulls and wear the testicles of fertility around her neck.......hence the legend of mutli breasted women of Marco Polo, but what he was viewing was testicles. Testicles from the male bull, whose form was the Priest of Molech the horned bull god, upon whose hands the children were delivered to slip into the fiery pit to be consumed.

Ashteroth was the consort of Molech. Her forests brought forth the fire to sacrifice to.

The groves or forests planted provided the frequency which all cultures gravitated to, in this outdoor cathedral. It is where the energy of life or fertility bore fruit for the temple of man to generate death, in the symbiotic relationship of birth and death, but generating the powers on which the frequencies were enhanced.

This is where the Bohemian Grove became the cult which propagated other cultis of power.

Bohemian Grove

The society’s U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most well-known secret societies in the country.

The International Order of St. Hubertus

The Grove initiates each year in July, the Cremation of Dull. This is a re enactment of the River Styx in the ferryman bringing Dull Care in effigy. Dull Care is the mirror image of the initiants involved, for Care is Conscience. In essence, this order is bringing their morals to the Owl, the haunter of the night, to be rid of them by dedicating them to her by fire.

In order to understand this, you need to know who the Owl is as the haunter of the night. Her name is Lilith, and she was the "first wife of Adam", the succubus of Adam in legend.

I will explain this in terms so you comprehend this, as Lilith is a demon of sex dreams in the night, which causes men to ejaculate on the being the first "wife" or place where man deposited his seed, and why such things are forbidden in Scripture. Those verses about spilling seed might make more sense as it was the basis of the rites.

It might make more sense why Richard Nixon on witnessing Bohemian Grove called it the goddam most fag thing ever. That is because it was, as it was a sodomite orgy included in all of this inhibitions lost or sin unleashed.

The Grove of the male order, is like Hubertus, a group of powerful males void of females, whose outlet is sodomy or pedophilia. It is of interest in this that the Fire and his Consort are not of this, but a different order of power is initiated in sexual energies not for procreation, but sodomite pleasure.

Lilith is the earth between satan's underworld and man's above world, for when Lilith produces from her muddy earth in joining with satan, the Goat of Mendes is the offspring. Anyone having been around goats knows they are creatures who have nothing but oversexed sexed drives.

Lilith seduces men by night and in the day her offspring are seen in orgy in the herds of goats in unceasing sex.

Mark Twain detested Bret Harte, one of the founders of the Bohemian in America with this quote:

"Harte is a liar, a thief, a swindler, a snob, a sot, a sponge, a coward, a Jeremy Diddler, he is brim full of treachery... To send this nasty creature to puke upon the American name in a foreign land is too much"

From this has arisen the most powerful group of men who choose Presidents in America in the midsts of Warlocks performing the arts of this order.

The rumors continue, the facts remain.


The Twitter Town Hall

Donald J. Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have something for you to watch, which will provide you more insider information and more explanation of what is going on in America than all the time you waste on Facebook, or even 15 minutes on the Drudge Report.

What I would suggest is simply going onto Twitter, and reading what various important people are posting. I mean like President Elect Donald Trump. He will tell you everything in a few words what the media makes you suffer for.

In that, I do enjoy the psychological profiling revealed there, as the day I am writing this, Jeb Bush had crawled out from under the rock and was draping young cadets around him, pretending he loves America.

You can judge all sorts of things, like Ted Cruz disappearing, or something hilarious in  Rush Limbaugh thinking he could Tweet, but was driven off by some twitterers that Limbaugh could not handle.

I do not recommend the idiots, the self promoters, the morons who tweet everything profane to how moronic they are. Tweeting is a talent, like blogging......and no I do not have a Twitter account, nor do I have time to mix it up for fun.

Here are some of the stupid people:

May 27
To all the women and girls across this country, let me say this: do not let others define you.

 If women need to be told this, they might as ill go to the jungle and become the great ape harem, and for men........more short sighted man hate from Carly Fiorina.

Then there is brain insane moment by Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Retweeted Peter Shumlin
LGBT kids are perfect the way they are. They deserve love—not harmful "conversion therapy." Thanks .

There’s nothing more important than protecting our kids. If we fail at that, it doesn’t matter what we get right.

Yes, let's have dirty old men watching little girls pee in the restrooms and not tell 5 year olds they are wrong for thinking they are the opposite gender. 
......and this is Hillary Clinton after Huma and a team of lawyers policing her tweets.

Then there is what Twitter should be about, a nice mix of sugar and salt.

See Rubio does a great job in having fun, and posting interesting things, including reach outs to South American trouble spots like Venezuela.
These are his birthday cards on May 28.

You can find what you are interested in, but all of this means things. Some are naturals like Rubio, some are great at Twitter like Donald Trump, some run and hide like cockerboy Limbaugh, some are just users like Ted Cruz, some are idiots like Carly Fiorina, and some are so boring that moths eat holes on their tweets like old Hillary Clinton.

You can learn a lot just observing the zoo.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Being Pimped By Michael Reagan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I state this with all honesty and credulity. Those who contact me or who have ever donated, have never and will never receive spam from me or anyone else, because I do not put ads on this blog to track you, do not sell email lists and I do not make money sending out emails into people's accounts in order to gin up traffic or generate revenue that way.

That is why I block the major sites from my email accounts, due to things like most of us experienced in that Ted Cruz purchasing our "sign in emails" from Breitbart to assault us. I never sign up for emails if I can help it and that includes the American Spectator, which keeps emailing into my account, even when it has been moved to the junk file.

So tonight I clicked on the UNSUBSCRIBE and that is when something really interesting popped up in American Spectator is not making money off of mailing people, but it is REAGAN NEWSLETTER EMAILS.

It is of course the conclusion, that this is that little cuck prick Michael Reagan, who was unleashing all of that propaganda against Donald Trump and against each of us. You remember his final ultimatum in saying his dead adoptive daddy would not vote for Mr. Trump, because Michael Reagan is not voting for Mr. Trump.
It is just amazing that adoptive son Reagan, channels his old man, and just knows that Ronald Reagan would be joined with the people like Bush fam and Romney fam who sought to destroy Ronald Reagan, and have effectively hijacked the Reagan Revolution.............the very things all Americans are rejecting are the things that Michael Reagan is for.

To explain this, Michael  Reagan is a bottom feeder, a E Vampire. who sucks the life out of all of us by using each of us as a marketing block to exploit, profit off of, and manipulate. This is big business and it dovetails to the reality that Michael Reagan in his "Reagan email accounts" must be  marketing every person who is paying for that service.

Michael Reagan is absolutely no different than those globalists like Mark Zuckerberg who exploit every Facebook user, just like Jeff Bezos at Amazon does. Those cookies they set amaze me, as I ordered a few hot water  heater thermostats (that would be for homemade incubators and seed germinators) and for weeks I get nothing but ads from Amazon telling me about them on every site.........just like those who are on Amazon get non stop emails about things they simply looked up on that site.

At this moment, I loathe Michael Reagan for his betrayal of Ronald Reagan's America. I loathe him for his going over to the dark side with the other traitors. I loathe him for being an E Pimp, trying to whore every single one of us, because Michael Reagan owns a "newsletter service" that spams all of us.
Seriously this man feeds off his dead father's corpse. This man has a great income, his bills paid, is set up for retirement in his family is taken care of, and it is not enough. No, Michael Reagan has to be an internet marketer lurking around behind the scenes selling service contracts to Conservative sites apparently and gathering up all of our emails.

Of all the kids Ronald Reagan and Jayne Wyman could have adopted, they got stuck with this cuck. Hell they could not have done worse if they had got Virginia Kelley's little bastard.

I loathe the feeding off humanity's trust that Michael Reagan is.


Cuckservative Hijack Under Way

You there, what do you think you are doing with those tits?
Harness them up because the Cuckservatives know how to use them. 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a head's up in things being tracked which the Lame Cherry noted sometime ago in how Ted Cruz was sent into to hijack the Sarah Palin Tea Party, which was drooled over by Karl Rove, until it was MKULTRA fagged out of existence, and now Ricky Vaughn is noting that National Review for the CIA has implemented a hijacking of the Alt Right movement.

So it is no surprise now that David Limbaugh has posted all over the internet a way to "harness" the movement all of us are a part of.

I will point out, who in their sane mind, looks at the freedom blossoming around the world in BREXIT and the Trump Campaign, LePen in France, and they think "How can we control this and direct it to our Big Brother use"?

Yes the same group that backed Ted Cruz, is behind the thought process now of applying more litmus tests to political movements in the EXACT terminology of Bill Buckley at National Review, whose main idea in life was the people were too stupid to live right, so it was up to the regime to direct funds to make people live like Bill Buckley patricians dictated.........for their own good.

Can We Harness the Worldwide Populist Movement? | People's ...

You are here: Home / Opinion / Can We Harness the Worldwide Populist Movement? ... David Limbaugh is a conservative political commentator, lawyer, ...

This is what is infiltrating in PJ Manafort or Manacourt or whatever that death trader is called. It is as the Lame Cherry reported why the donors are threatened to not donate, why the elite are trying to blackmail Donald Trump to pick some Jed Crush on the ticket, in order to put Mr. Trump down after he wins the election. It is all about these smarmy and slimy, Hillary Clinton types who could never win anything on their own, as people reject it, and have to tie themselves to a People's Movement by embedding themselves in it, and hijacking it.

That is the game now, and it is apparent by this cuckservative Limbaugh blathering this, that the insider discussion now is, they have been beat, so how like this Ashkenaz financier rapine of the world, can we marry into the respectable families and take control of the movement that way.

OK now you have been warned what the MOG's are up to and how they are already in place infiltrating all of this People's Revolution from the tyranny of the feudal few who fund this trash like David Limbaugh.

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