Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Macy Maller

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I can never tell with terrorists as they all look the same to me, being a woman. I was wondering though as all them White folks look the same if the Macy Mall Terror Shooter was an employee of Glenn Beck, as Ted Cruz abandoning all of his boogers who were threatening to throw themselves off the cliff, might have triggered something.

I seem to recall that Matt Walsh when not as a good Vatican boy was not posing with volumes of liquor on his front porch like Bubba Bufford, he had purchased a rather sissy gun for girls to protect himself from Americans.




If you look at the above photo, the Macy Maller is carrying a puss gun. Looks in fact like a fag gun as it is colored all femmy, like those transsexuals buy in pink guns as they pee in little girl's stalls.

Just hard to tell as all them white trannies, carrying girly guns all look the same to people of color.

Never can tell what them foreign birthed leaders will trigger in their followers. One day it is Orlando and the next day it is Macy's.

Let us all support our Poe Lease State


The Inoperable Condition of Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We know for certainty that Hillary Clinton was affected by a blood clot in a vein at the base of her brain, which has caused all sorts of symptoms for years, beyond the concussion which she suffered at the same time.

From the continuous coughing, brain freezes, blood pressure problems, ability to control her body temperature and collapsing, eyes going queer eye, which resemble Parkisons Disease, it is evident that Mrs. Clinton has something in this same region which is manifesting with greater symptoms, especially in the last months of the 2016 campaign.

This can be a blood clot, an aneurysm, a scar tissue or a tumor which is causing this situation, as was first explored on the Lame Cherry, along with the reality of what is in Mrs. Clinton's brain, which is not supposed to be there, is the fact that whatever is inside Mrs. Clinton's brain is not being treated, as it is inoperable.

This is the jigsaw puzzle of the Clinton cover up in this, and her physician's false statements, because in inoperable brain tumors, there are last resort treatments which do not involve surgery. Even with Pituitary tumors which are in the same region, most are a process of entering through the sinus cavity to surgically remove the tumor.
The reason for focusing on this, is there are processes to deal with the types of medical conditions Mrs. Clinton is suffering from, and yet nothing is being done.

In exploring this, Mrs. Clinton could have a spider tumor, which is cancerous and is woven around all the important glands and brain, so that any attempt to remove it, would leave Mrs. Clinton in a terminal or worse condition, as that is the reason one does not perform surgery, is it will leave the person in a worse condition.

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health ...

Endoscopic pituitary surgery is the most ... special instruments through the scope to remove the tumor. ... is passed through to the back wall of the sinus.

There is a procedure in removing blood clots in vein's in the brain, and although each case is different, it is possible if Mrs. Clinton has a clot in her brain yet, that it would be possible to insert a surgical tube into vein and thread it to the clot and slice it to vacuum it out.

Surgery To Remove Blood Clot In Brain - HealthTap

... and complications: Dr. Nahm on surgery to remove blood clot in brain: ... however a blood clot can form in the veins ... Removal of blood clot would not ...

In this, it falls to the examination of an aneurysm on this vein, which indeed could be inoperable as what could literally be holding it together would be the brain tissue. There is a difference though in arteries and veins. An artery jets out a stream when it springs a leak, and the effect is as a garden hose in cottage cheese. A vein does not produce a jet, but oozes blood.
This was a vein where the blood clot was located, so it should be possible to treat this condition, if this is what Mrs.Clinton is dealing with. It would produce a perhaps a great deal of blood, but it should be possible as in heart surgeries with collapsed arteries to insert an insert which could then expand to be held in place, whereby the aneurysm, would have the pressure taken from it, while a vein collar was placed around it.

Brain aneurysm Complications - Mayo Clinic

Complications that can develop after the ... When an aneurysm rupture results in bleeding in the space ... This may occur from damage to the hypothalamus, ...
 There is one additional conditions to examine, and it was what the Lame Cherry first brought to attention and that is a "brain bruise", not in a concussion type, but which would take this form:

What if Hillary Clinton developed a brain clot, which caused her to fall. In that fall, she suffered a severe concussion. In the human body, the spinal column moves that bone up to the brain, which is the area where Mrs. Clinton is having problems in the brain stem area.
What if during this time, there was an additional brain injury to this area from the concussion, and she developed a brain scar or a brain lesion? 

All of you have witnessed bad scars or have them. They are raised like a pipe fitting. Fortunately most of us never have another injury to that scar tissue, but if it does take place, it compounds and becomes larger, with each additional injury.

Mrs. Clinton has had a number of falls this year, both known and unknown, and in this perhaps is the answer to what is really taking place in Hillary Clinton's brain.

Scar Tissue on Babies Brain - Mamapedia

Scar Tissue on Babies Brain. ... My daughter just found out yesterday her almost 2 year old has scar tissue on his brain. We have no idea where this came from or how ...

What if Mrs. Clinton has scar tissue or lesions in her brain. What if every time she falls or does something else as simple as laying down, grinds that tissue in friction, and her brain being reinjured constantly is swelling in normal response and her condition is compounding.

Now project this to a diagnosis of why Mrs. Clinton has an inoperable condition or a non treatable condition. If this was a blood clot it could be removed. Tumors can be cut out or burned out. An aneurysm is serious, but with Mrs. Clinton's connections this too could be remedied, and being a vein, it is  not as dangerous.
In examination of this, politicians would not be willing to be seen as weak, but with the lap dog press, Mrs. Clinton has fawning for her, this would be the greatest sympathy story in world history, and it would get her elected in guilt. So putting off a treatment is once again not logical, but could be exploited.

Enter now the reality of what if this is Hillary Clinton's brain that is scarred. What if it is increasing in size. The reality is then in this, how do you remove the brain when it is the problem?

That is the impossible in the inoperable condition which Hillary Clinton is it can not be removed, because it is the thing which is regulating balance, blood pressure, temperature, swallowing etc... Remove that and it is toe tag city for Hamrod.

Parkinsons is a wide shroud which covers a degenerative brain as Alzheimer Disease covers dementia. The symptoms are interchangeable as many Mrs. Clinton's symptoms do not quite fit all. The evidence points to a reality that Mrs. Clinton's brain is the problem and that in order to treat it, she would have to have her brain removed in the hypothalamus region and that is an impossibility.

It may be in the strange Hillaryworld, that she might be suffering from a number of the above underlying conditions and they are combining to the collapsing figure we are witnessing.  The logical assessment in this though is that Mrs. Clinton had a brain injury, which developed scar tissue, and in further falls, this has developed a scarring process which there is no treatment for, except perhaps remaining immobile in a coma state.

Hillary Clinton appears to be able to be revived in blood transfusions, providing she rests continuously. Then she is able to perform with coughs as at the DNC function for 55 minutes. The more time lapses though she loses energy quickly, and in the more she moves, the brain injury symptoms not only appear, but are manifesting to greater disabilities.

It does not make any difference what kind of voodoo Mrs. Clinton conjures up for the debate, because America and the world is going to have to deal with this situation as Mrs. Clinton naps until the election in appearing only 4 more times. The world is a place now on the edge too much from the Obama agenda. America simply can not have Hillary Clinton going vegetable after the elections, and  rely on the aged Bill Clinton or a Tim Kaine in waiting, or the turmoil of dealing with a presidential succession, in power fights like this, as Wall Street collapses, nuclear terror ensues and China and Russia become more aggressive.

America no longer has the luxury of ocean security or wars in Pearl Harbor and the mainland safe, because Germany and Japan are weeks away, while in this 15 minute nuclear missile age, America needs a President who is capable of leading.

It is treachery for Hillary Clinton to have stolen the election from a healthy Bernie Sanders and placed America in this dilemma of being uncertain about her health, and after Obama, America has no buffers any longer to deal with issues.

What America has left is best medical conclusions on the symptoms and information available concerning Hillary Clinton. There is something which does not belong in Hillary Clinton's brain and it is inoperable. We know this, because she had a stage 2 cancer tumor on her tongue removed. If there was a treatment to cure Mrs. Clinton, it would have been taken already. She knows exactly as do her platoon of doctors what is wrong with this woman and causing all of these problems.
All of us have to protect ourselves from Mrs. Clinton as only her inner circle know what is causing her serious condition. None of the reasons Mrs. Clinton is collapsing or having wandering eyes, have a solution. That leaves Americans with their only solution to so landslide vote against her, that there can not be any election theft or anything else to endanger us.

It is Hillary Clinton's right to endanger herself in a payment for power. Mrs. Clinton has absolutely no right though to endanger Americans or the world in her medical condition.

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton? It deduces to a brain lesion which is compounded and degrading her life.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


The Trump Debate Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump will be President, beyond vote fraud by the Obama Clinton mechanism.

In this, there is the reality that the only thing which could install Hillary Clinton into the White House is a Hail Hillary event, like the infamous Hail Mary pass in football going against all odds.

Logic dictates that it would appear on one of three fronts, as we witnessed the Obama Hail Mary on September 11th in 2012 against Mitt Romney in the attempted hostage taking of Chris Stevens, which Mrs. Clinton oversaw and lied about.

We have already noted State One on Hillary Clinton's 9 11, where the Secret Service appeared to have left openings in her security, as if expecting some event to activate whereby it would be blamed on a Donald Trump supporter for sympathy in attacking an old sick woman.
It is concluded that Mrs. Clinton because ill too soon and threw the time table off on that sympathy event.

It was already inquired over that there appeared to be some Asian event, where Hillary Clinton would rise from her death bed on October 24th to a hostage release, and thereby be given the cover for an e fraud surge to steal the election by another "Truman beats Dewey  Miracle"

The third segment in this is what Joel Skoursen mentioned on the Rense program where the Hillary Press would focus on details no human would know and badger Donald Trump with this to attempt to make him appear uninformed. In the progression of this, the Lame Cherry would conclude that Mrs. Clinton would have an earwig whispering reminders to her, in the questions which were provided her sometime during the DNC convention months ago.

There can always be situations overlooked in the money trolling for dirt on Mr. Trump by David Brock which was a diversion to what was really taking place, but we have all witnessed the 100 Days smearing of Donald Trump by the GOPliters, to know that they realize that Mr. Trump's polling is so strong now that a 15% election flip to steal it for Mrs. Clinton will not work. So therefore a desperate sin and a prayer in staged events are the only cover this group has to steal this election from America and Donald Trump.

Once again by posting these realities it is hoped that the more people who become aware and in prayers and rejection of this type of scheming will undo it, as things predicted here months in advance tend to lose their "act of messiah Obama" miracle status when someone attempts to bring them to fruition.

It is my hope that the next weeks will be a celebration of Americans, surging in joy in going to the polls to landslide Donald Trump to their Presidency, and establish again a Government, by the People, of the People and for the People.

Donald Trump does not need or require advice on any of this, for it is the advice from Day One in let Donald Trump be Donald Trump, and trust in the hand of God upon him as His servant.

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Obamacare Waiver Information

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those in need of the Obamacare Waiver as the rich Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and whatever is on the left bowing to Hillary are not going to post this information as they do not know.


In 2015, you could go to the site, and print up the form and fill it out, but in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, that has all changed, as if you try to download the form, you get a page that blocks you and tells you to DOWNLOAD ADOBE as the PDF file will not load.
I tried this with my little PDF reader and got the same message.

So when Homeland Security visits you and tells you the government is not spying on you and it is all line traffic and hackers, that when you try to download Adobe in following government instructions, your high speed internet from AT&T goes from 128 kbs to 10 kbs and it takes hours to do the download, it requires a bit of time to comply with regime orders.

I am making this point known in those who need Waivers to not wait until December 31st in thinking it is like 2015 as it is not.

Once you get Adobe, you then fill out the form on your computer........yes it must be electronic now, as apparently no one in the regime can read American handwriting. This of course includes your Social Security Number.......and if you are like me, I do not have a printer, so I have to go to the public library to print things, which means I had to save the PDF file to a flash drive, and then ask the librarian for permission to print it, or I was certain Homeland would be called again in their wondering what I was doing sticking a flash drive onto their computers.

Printing is simple and one simply disconnects the flash drive in following computer instructions, pays your printing fees and that is it.

Oh I did sign my form with my mouse, as my handwriting sucks any way, but that part you could probably do, but I suspect if you do not fill this out electronically, they will be upset with you, so just follow the new rules which penalize poor people without computers, printers etc...

The rest is all the same in just furnishing your proof of the Waiver, and then you can mail it.

I post this, so people who do not know what flash drives are or whatever else in this seems confusing, can get someone they trust to help them get this form completed and printed, as in my case I need 3 sheets, but if you file jointly or are claiming a dependent, you will need to file an additional sheet on that person.
It is nothing monumental and can be done in about 5 minutes. It is just the printing part and the Adobe  part which takes time..........then again most of you probably do not have "hackers" or "line speed" problem in the middle of nowhere for downloads, and it will all go well enough for you.

I hope this helps, because no one gives a care now about people having to deal with Obamacare yet, in they are making it harder on poor people to file for waivers again.

(Flash drives cost about 16 bucks and the plug into USB ports on your computer. You can erase what you put on them or store most things on them. I use the few I have for my books and for programs I download so when I have to reload data on another computer, I do not have to waste time downloading.
If it is all Greek to you, Gaytube probably has some digital on it to explain, and some 3 year old can probably can explain it to you as grandchildren know how to install operating systems before they are potty trained now.)

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Trump Reformers: President Grover Cleveland

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump is going to face monumental reforms in all areas of domestic American policy and American foreign policy relations after the disaster of the schizophrenic George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama "neocon years" of forming the world in their own image by tearing it down and apart.

In this we must look to the past, and it will surprise both Democrats and Republicans, that the Lame Cherry is going to champion one of the greatest Presidents in world history, because he is a Democrat. I will tell you that this Democrat was a forerunner of Ronald Reagan on steroids, and yet I could offer you ten guesses who this President is, and you would never guess, because he has been so obscured by history, as he was beyond even the reforms of John Kennedy.

The President was Grover Cleveland, the first Democrat elected to the Presidency after the Civil War and the genocide which had been unleashed on Confederates for a decade by the heinous zealots of the North, who were not content with Lincoln and Johnson compassions, but drove to grind the South perpetually to oblivion.

Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell, New Jersey to a Presbyrteran minister in a family of 9 children and was raised in upstate New York, and was a lawyer in Buffalo.
At age 44 he was elected as Mayor of Buffalo, and a year later he was elected the refrom Governor of New York. His tools were the veto and ending political corruption in that State.

Along with Democrats, Grover  Cleveland gained the support of the Mugwumps, or Reform Republicans as America was suffering endlessly from insider control. He won with 29,000 votes.

President Cleveland transformed himself in the White House, although being a common man in tastes. Being a bachelor, he married the gorgeous 21 year old Frances Folsom, whom he would have 5 children with.

Where President Cleveland surpassed all was his stalwart focus  to end corruption and graft in the United States Government. No one was immune.
When 10,000 dollars was appropriated for drought stricken farmers in Texas, he vetoed it. When Congress tried to cover disabilities not caused by the Civil War to Veterans, Cleveland vetoed that too. The public money as Davy Crockett was lectured to by one of his constituents years before, is not for Congress to hand out to any special interest of the time, whether it was needed or not, because every person has a special interest for free money.

The wrath of the powerful railroads came upon President Cleveland when he forced them to return 81 million acres they had chiseled out of the Government for building railroads. In 1887, Cleveland signed the Interstate Commerce Act to monitor the railroads.

He next went after business with the high tariffs. One must understand that tariffs are a correct thing in protecting American business and raising tax money for the Government from foreign imports so the people are not taxed. What had taken place in the years after the Civil War though to Grover Cleveland's time, was big business was gouging Americans in their products and tariffs were making prices higher on imported foreign goods.
If you look at the Gun Faction in America under the Obama regime, you are viewing the same monopoly. Obama stops importing cheap foreign guns from Russia, and the American companies owned by European companies, get cheap Turkish made guns, put American labels on them, and gouge American gun owners with high gun and ammunition prices.

That is what was taking place in America, in a like Obama depression was being experienced, because of no growth, gouging American consumers and the economy was stagnating.

For his reforms, America rejected Grover Cleveland and elected Benajamin Harrison, who 4 years later was rejected and President Cleveland was re elected by the American People.

He was a monumental man, because in returning to office in the Depression of the 1890's, he was diagnosed with a malignant growth on the top of his mouth, which was removed and as he recuperated on a yacht, no one knew the entire story for 25 years.
In the meantime, President Cleveland set about to end the depression by ending the Sherman Silver Purchase Act which was driving up inflation and with Wall Street Loans maintained the Gold Reserves to stabilize the economy.

President Cleveland would not be bluffed. When Coxey's Army marched on Washington seeking welfare in unemployment relief, the President had their leader Jacob Coxey arrested for walking on the grass..
When the first wave of communist riots hit Chicago  in the Pullman Rail Car strike, which was nothing more than ignorant workers making demands beyond what was available, Cleveland authorized the Army and Navy to put down the riots by force, as he obtained an injunction against the strike.
President Cleveland announced, "It it takes the entire Army and Navy to deliver a postal card in Chicago, that card will be delivered."

On international scene, President Cleveland invoked the Monroe Doctrine to settle the boundary of Venezuela and British possessions.

None of President Cleveland's policies were popular, but all were good for America. His closest counterpart was President John Adams in moving beyond political factions and Governing as President for the best of the country.

Upon his death, this President's last words were, "I have  tried so hard to do right", and this President succeeded at every turn. This is the type of reform which America must have to resurrect herself from the Obama Abyss and the majority of the American People are going to have to support President Donald Trump in like reforms or it will be their genocide.

Democrat President Grover Cleveland was the epitome of American Virtue and if Democrats in the 21st century were of his caliber, America would be a successful nation, and if these Republicans of the Paul Ryan type had the character of Grover Cleveland, America would have prosperity.

The Lame Cherry presents the Trump Reformers to cut through the bullshit which we are plagued by in political parties, and principled conservatives and neocon leftists, in President Grover Cleveland was what all would define as a Ronald Reagan Republican, and Mr. Reagan began life as a Democrat. Our political parties have been so corrupted by the cartel of oligarchs that they loot the Treasury the same and get bribes from the same coffers. According to Grover Cleveland's example, it does not matter what the populist Donald Trump fits or does not fit, because his proclamation is for the good of the American People in fixing things, taking American back, and making America Great Again.

If the Clintons and Obama were like Grover Cleveland, Americans would have a great life and race would not be an issue, but their policies are the same neocon policies of HW and W Bush in this crooked system of graft and bribes. America needs Donald Trump in the reforms he will unleash, because America is finished and will never arise again if Hillary Clinton steals this election.

President Grover Cleveland is one of the greatest of American Presidents, and no one knows of him, but if one listens to the echoes of his time and his policies, they are exactly the remedies which Donald Trump is advocating for America.

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Friday, September 23, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have mentioned I have a unique relationship with the Holy Ghost and I wanted to share this in response as a thank you for the puppy pictures, nice notes and donations. I believe the Holy Ghost wipes the memories of the nice things, so I do not start believing things I should not........the last part will make more sense in a bit.

As I have mentioned, the Holy Ghost often enough in the quiet of the morning as I am contemplating, praying or just embalmed in the morning, He says things to me, or makes me ...........the Holy Ghost gives me answers to things.

This is concerning the recent visitors we had here, to the farmstead in the homeland, as none of it made sense and the event was quite troubling, sort of like my neighbor who had  the Indians kicking in her door at 3 AM which terrified her. Odd how one thinks Indians are more welcome, as at least something can be done about them.

What has been bothering me has been many things which did not make sense in the betrayal, the lies and how none of it made sense. At least I believe part of it made sense by the Holy Ghost explaining things this morning.
So there were two events which were trying to be stopped and were stopped. The thing is the visitors never mentioned the main event, but focused on the second event. That seemed odd. It was odd until the Holy Ghost brought something to mind.

You must understand that my mind operates on Inspiration, and by the volume of things which come out of me, I often do not remember what I am writing many times, as my focus is on the next post. If prompted I can remember some things, but usually not the entire post. That is what happened in the events, and it was something else that held the key.

In this, the Holy Ghost brought to mind that FIB brought this to the attention of their superiors who appeared here. That is what the Holy Ghost was explaining to me, in the inquiry kept saying that FIB was not in the loop and it was that transit thing which was running the operation. It appears the different departments are in charge of different things again and FIB was desiring to know what was going on as they were apparently in the dark.
I conclude there must be protocols in not sharing information, or something more in FIB asked transit what was going on, and transit told them to bugger off. So it was kicked up to the home on the range, who looked into it.

What is deduced from this is something more, in the first event was not brought up as that would have confirmed it. The second event was focused on as there was interest in transit keeping information compartmentalized, which reveals that there are not just Suboperational Groups set up by the Bush family to conduct business, but there are security groups operational which can be creative as they never get questioned by Congress. It is the way of hiding things from oversight.

It should be pointed out that the Holy Ghost deliberately kept me clueless for almost a week, so I would not blurt things out on the blog and ignorance is bliss as God protects me in the role of ignorant bumpkin of American Gothic paintings.

It was puzzling to us, in why it could have all been up front, as we are honest, and always would comply and help the government, as it a citizen's duty. It is our flaw in being honest, as it is not how we operate as lying confuses things in the amounts of information and I could never keep things straight. It is a hindrance and sad, as I expect Matt Dillon being straight forward and me answering plain as I watched enough Gunsmoke to be conditioned to that response.

I appreciate the Holy Ghost explaining this part, as it is unsettling to know something does not make sense and have it in the back of your mind.

It has been a most interesting experience I intend on never repeating. It has been an interesting hour too as this laptop was working wonderfully, and suddenly it stopped in the Wifi. So after trying to troubleshoot it all, I accessed in another computer, and learned the Dell D430 has a WIFI switch on the right hand side of the computer. It has never been turned off. Never bothered in years. Never move and somehow it turned off, and I swear I never touched it.

I much prefer the pretty green WIFI alert on this laptop all lighted up. I hope for a time when like Elisha just saw things, but then the King of Assyria was sending out the police state to chase him around too.

I am remembering the words of Billy Dixon in how his world was complicated after the buffalo plains, and how all he wanted again was a quart tin cup, coffee and buffalo steak, cooked over a chip fire, and sourdough bread baked by his French cook.
It is different having God in the life He gives, in the Truth has you thinking of a pond, a leanto tent, a fire of wood and a fire of stars in the sky, with all the luxuries of Billy Dixon.


....and then came Ted

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I suppose I should say something about Ted Cruz, but Sean Homo Hannity was doing his best in trying to heal the wounds which were inflicted upon the Republican Party, so I would rather say something about the Republican Voters, who had supported Ted Cruz.

I believe that 95% of the former Cruz voters had already decided that Donald Trump was who they were going to vote for. I mean that space cadet Gary Johnson is like putting Tommy Chong in charge of nuclear bombs with a room full of weed. It has always been Donald Trump, and Republican Voters have never been about being insane like those who singled out Sarah Palin to keep politically raping her, in that psychopathy of hating the pretty girl.

So the former Cruz supporters have already made the only decision possible which I was led to by God months ago. My antipathy has always been against the manipulators who lied to these people and traumatized them for months. They took advantage of good patriotic Americans and then assaulted them by Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro and Dave Blount for months, telling them ludicrous things about the convention and attempting to ruin 2016, all so this same oligarch funded mob could make money off of net traffic again for the next 8 years.

The Lame Cherry is honest and I am going to be honest in how I assess this Ted Cruz announcement, so the former Cruz voters will hopefully see it for what it is for.
When Mr. Cruz blew up the Republican Convention and tried to hand America over to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the oligarchs shunned him. That meant the money was gone.
Later, Mr. Cruz tried to keep the Cruz supporters stirred up, but those Americans simply had, had enough of this drama, and wanted their lives back as Americans. So the base support was gone.
As the oligarch press continued to be traitors, one by one from Mark Levin to Ben Shapiro, reading the paycheck on the wall, fell away, so Ted Cruz had no press for his coup.
Now with Bill Krystol wringing his hands that Hillary has blown it and the Hillary people knowing they are defeated, is Ted Cruz coming out on a Friday for effect, in a cleverly worded statement which is nothing more than a campaign statement for 2020 if Hillary steals it, and a submission to Reince Priebus legal threat  that Ted Cruz was going to be legally bound to his keeping his word in supporting Donald Trump.

That is what I assess Ted Cruz's principles as. Senator John Cornyn and all of GOP Texas has had it with Mr. Cruz and he is out of a job.

I would also submit for pondering in Ted Cruz had one ace in the hole to always fall back on, in Heidi Cruz, at Goldman Sachs for a job. I honestly believe this was explored and Goldman told Ted Cruz that he would never work there if had a trillion dollars invested there.

So this is what Ted Cruz was left with, he could do the right thing for the first time in this election or he could be Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz did what was right, but in his statement, you can read between the lines that he can not help but try and manipulate the electorate for that outside 2020 chance.

No one is going to fall for this. The Trump Campaign will be magnanimous again, which it should of, but think of the world it should have been if Ted Cruz had been genuine two months ago, when he still had supporters who were fired up for him, and he could have been Vice President, and if not that, think of Ted Cruz barnstorming around America as the attack dog of the Trump Campaign, who would be rewarded with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz reminds me a great deal of someone in a movie, who led out an army, got it wiped out, lost his horse, his sword, his sandals, his assistant, and in too worn clothes appears at the city gate, after leading the enemy to it, telling them, "See what a great leader I am, for I returned home and brought the enemy to your gates so that now you can fight them here".

I not in any way intend this to rub Ted Cruz's former supporters noses in this, as I tried to protect them for months and have always stated they are Patriots. I have only a problem with the system of crime which funded Ted Cruz and Cruz took the money and manipulation. It is the same for Jeb Bush and John Kasich. If you listen to the reversals of David John Oates, you hear a reference to Kasich saying something about the mafia. This is why I do not believe that Kasich or Bush will bother in their family mafia, because Kasich I believe is part of the old Taft mafia of the GOP, and has some job waiting for him.
I could not vote for Ted Cruz because he was not Natural Born, and when I could not support Obama in any way on this issue, then I could not support Mr. Cruz in the least, and it became worse as assisting in stopping him, drained a huge amount of my energies from which I have not yet recovered from.

To close this out, when you have a short guy like Ben Shapiro, two weeks ago, starting to write pro Trump pieces, the Ted Cruz Friday Night Lights, just is like a dim bulb as it came months too late and his supporters had already become Trump supporters, as they saw the light long ago.

Mr. Cruz's worth in the Senate has proven worthless these past weeks in he accomplished nothing, but gaining defeats, as he did for the previous years in the Senate. I would hope that the people of Texas will primary him or he would show a semblance of respect for America and simply resign from office. I am certain that Mr. Trump could find a place for him in one of his associates businesses to provide for Heidi and the girls.

As I ponder all of this, it all comes down to the fact that when it mattered, Ted Cruz harmed us, and now that the victory is at our grasp in all the Cruz, Trump, Kasich, Bush, Carson, Perry, Christy etc... voters who have been working hard this past month, it is Ted who appears to take credit for that work, but he can not just be gracious. No, Mr. Cruz has to lecture at us like we are children about the Supreme Court and everything else, all the while his real intent is to save himself as all have abandoned him, and to hold out his real intent that he hopes Hillary Clinton wins, so he can run in 2020.......and he will tell everyone, "See I told you so" as he did it at the Convention, and that is what is at the heart of Ted Cruz.

As the Republican Voters have already put Ted Cruz behind us a month ago, our objective is to finish off politically those anti American forces arrayed at the destruction of America. Because the fact is, in 5 years Ted Cruz will not be in any of your thoughts as he will have faded away.

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