Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nigger Jigs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......

Peer pressure used to conform people to being normal. You went down to the stage to see oddities, as except some nice sounding recitation or singer, it has always been the odd which attracted attention at the Circus freak show.

The reason the black was an entertainer, was they were as strange as the man on the moon, as no normal human would act that way.

For example Jazz is not music, it is a gyration of sexuality, inducing a former coke high, the same way that rock n roll began as a sexual craze based on blackness.

I post here a quote from a New York City white patrician as example:

"I saw a crowd of the Indians about a lodge and strange noises proceeding therefrom. When I went over the folk made way for me. I entered, sat down, and found that they were crowded around a cheap gramophone which was hawking, spitting and screeching some awful rag-time music and nigger jigs.

I could forgive the traders for bringing in the gramophone, but why, oh, why, did they not bring some of the simple world-wide human songs which could at least have had an educational effect? The Indian group listened to this weird instrument with the profoundest gravity. If there is anything inherently comic in our low comics it was entirely lost on them."

Ernest Thompson Seton. The Arctic Prairies

Yes the great sin in this was exposing drum pounding and Indian wailing Aboriginals to the rag time and nigger jigs polluting their minds, as what would an Aboriginal know what to do with nigger jigs.

Canada was a good place for this as a study, as in Canada you had the leader, Lord Earl Grey, yes the same guy of tea time. Earl Grey is not some European blend, but a Canuck blend which took on royal tones being he was the big chief, and all the other mimicking minions just thought it was the cat's meow in all that was good.
Personally, Earl Grey is diluted Lipton Tea. If you want real robust tea, like bilin' the kittle which the Aboriginals do at all opportunities, you boil up some Lipton, as Earl Grey can not overcome a dose of canned milk and sugar the way Lipton can.

A snob drinks Earl Grey and thinks they have something they like due to the name, when in reality Earl Grey is a lesser Lipton. If you do not like tannin and strong black tea, then hose yourself down with some Ceylon as that is a placid tea which has little flavor as tea in having not tannin, and it literally hides from dairy and sugar in being obliterated.

Tea and entertainment have a degree of snobs not realizing what is tea or entertainment. There is nothing entertaining about Nigger things, no more than one is entertained by a freak show. It is as if one desires to see sex in a film, the perverted place to see it is France, the inflamed place to see it is in America, and the place to be bored by it is England.

It is past time to label all black "artistry" as a freak show, in having no talent, no more than watching a bearded lady. The words black and music do not exist.

Just because you see something black on media does not make it Presidential nor entertaining. The same is true in just because tea comes in a Wedgwood pot with some royals name on it, does not make it good tea.

nuff said


Nigger Freedom

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Al Sharpton has been outed as an FBI mole like Jesse Jackson, like Birther Hussein Obama is, all proving what this blog has published in exploring the issue of the Designer Negro to educate on subjects the "uncomfortable" fear to tread as they are imprisoned in their own mind gulags, it is time to explore the issue of Nigger Freedom in these United States, in the real issue that the freed black was nothing more and has been nothing more than an act of terror against the people of these United States.

Let us begin this with the reality that the Europeans, especially the British took over from the Portuguese, Arabs and Negroids in Africa the market of acquiring, transporting and selling humans. Humans in this class being  the ignorant nappy head who was less intelligent than the monkey in not fleeing away from those capturing them.

Slavery is nothing to redress here in what it was, except as an inefficient means to attempt to produce sugar, tobacco and cotton as cash crops to enrich ruling caste in Europe.
American inherited this trade, which was filled with inefficient labor as the Negroid of the coast would not work without constant prodding. Slavery hindered white human advancement for hundreds of years, because it blunted invention of machines to replace the Negroid which performed best at sleeping and sexual intercourse.

It is in that understanding, that Thomas Paine in his redress to King George in Paine's Common Sense or Crisis series of articles wrote the following to the British sovereign.

"That the very man who began the war, who with the most sullen insolence refused to answer, and even to hear the humblest of all petitions, who has encouraged his officers and his army in the most savage cruelties, and the most scandalous plunderings, who has stirred up the Indians on one side, and the negroes on the other, and invoked every aid of hell in his behalf, should now, with an affected air of pity, turn the tables from himself, and charge to another the wickedness that is his own, can only be equalled by the baseness of the heart that spoke it."

Thomas Paine

I desire you to note the hidden little charge of King George was not only a terrorist, scorched earth in America and gang rape of American women in such states as Connecticut during the Revolution, but that the King was well known in stirring up Indian terrorism, but that King George was busy stirring up a Negro rebellion to terrorize whites.

Virginia actually had a mass slave revolt take place. We now see the relevance of this in it was the British Government who was behind the use of blacks as a terror weapon against these United States.

This blog broke the story that the Europeans were behind the "abolitionist" movement in America and helped elect Abraham Lincoln as the fuse to cause the Rebellion of the Civil War, as electing Lincoln was a declaration of war on the South which would annihilate those States.

During that Standing for States Rights, Abraham Lincoln himself, unleashed the Emancipation Proclamation, not to free slaves, but to use the freed black in the same way that King George intended as a terror weapon.

In researching the real history, President Andrew Johnson, a Republican, was impeached, because he was rolling back the use of blacks as a terror weapon in the South against the whites there. Congress in response passed the "Reconstruction Laws" to break up the established white governments in the South to cripple that population in being a threat to Northeast interests, which is what this entire terror act was about.

If you care to bother with real history, the first person in Congress to start the American Civil War, was an ousted President, elected to the House. His political retalation based from Massachusetts was the slave issue and the man was John Quincy Adams, and he was using it as a terror weapon against the political powers that were ruling Congress at the time.

The GOP wanted freed Niggers to vote for political annihilation of Democrats. By 1950, the leftist Martin King was risen up and this Nigger Freedom movement was hinged to the communists of Eurasia, and soon seized as a terror weapon against the Republicans and the Solid South for liberal political gain.

Can anyone looking at the Emancipation of Barack Hussein Obama, a foreigner installed by European interests as a "designer negro" to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, given a Nobel Peace Prize, not admit that B. Hussein Obama was the biggest black terror weapon ever unleashed by the ruling elite, in he has overseen the genocide by black children in Africa and America through aborticide, is importing more prosperous Mexican slave labor to rid America of the black voting class, and that Mr. Obama Chin has been culling non cooperative terrorists and rewarding coopertive terrorists with Arab lands like Libya and al Qaeda opium trade out of Afghanistan, in the biggest terror event in human history all run out of 1600 Penn Avenue by a "black" in the White House.

This is the real historical fact of Nigger Freedom. Some might prefer it termed Afro American Freedom, but that is pure ignorance as people in Africa are Negroids without an Afro nor American whiteness in them.
The history of "Freeing blacks" has been every time employed by some political movement, answering to the European aristocracy and financiers, for the expressed purpose of terrorizing Americans from Virginia uprisings from King George to black wilding in Wisconsin from Birther Obama.

The American Afroid has always been a weapon unleashed against white people. They are a 98% voting Obama race prone to such herding operations as they stampede in mob.

The reason all of this heinous terrorism continues is the same reason Eric Holder can threaten a Texas Congressman in committee questioning on Holder's crimes, in Holder threatening back, "You don't want to go there buddy!!!!"
It is because the timid are uncomfortable with facing the reality and the bully is thugging the issue to silence.

There never has been such a thing as a free black. All there has ever been are pet blacks and terror blacks, all housed in Nigger Freedom to be exploited as a political weapon, as it is less noticed when Hank Aaron is running down the street with a baseball bat, than if Hillary Clinton is to get a Clinton thrown into prison for terrorism.

Thomas Paine called a spade a spade in King George, outing him as running a terror network in America from Buckingham Palace. That same black terror network of the police state to Obama al Qaeda is still in employ in America in the 21st century.

Face the reality.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Article I: Stops the Obama Regime's Invasion of America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I fail to see the gambit on the focus of impeaching the image of Barack Hussein Obama and John Boehner suing the occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue, when Congress already has full authority provided in Article I of the United States Constitution.


To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States;

To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;

Article II deals with the executive, and in no content do the States or People of these United States grant in any form, executive orders, mandates or the President in the Executive any authority to issue any such "laws".

Laws originate in the Congress as bills and become laws only by Presidential signature or 2/3rds over riding votes in Congress of Executive vetoes.

So the reality is, if someone had bothered to actually read the Constitution, that only Congress has authority on immigration in any form in how people are naturalized or how they become Americans.

Secondly Congress, has full authority to protect the National Borders. It simply calls forth the milita or state military as Ronald Reagan began rearming, to suppress insurrections and repel invasions, which is exactly what the image of Barack Hussein Obama has engaged in.

Nothing could be more clear than this. Speaker Boehner simply has to produce a vote and force Harry Reid in the Senate in democrats to call out the State militias in California, Arizona, New Mexico and  Texas.

No state can deny any non felon Citizen from serving in the militia, so even a liberal Jerry Brown could not stop Californians from serving in a militia to shut the borders down there.

This is more than Senator Sessions calling for Americans to melt down the Congressional switchboards to stop the image of Obama on executive orders for illegal invaders, when Congress holds all authority in this to stop Birther Hussein, using United States Citizens and Congressional Constitutional authority to deal with these invaders.

Apparently the Lame Cherry is the only Constitutional Law Source now or the only girl who can read the United States Constitution.

nuff said


Liberal Kansas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a political ad for a Republican skirt in Kansas which has this 1000 year old man, who sounds like he is on his death bed. It is pathetic and it is nothing the least in inspirational..........the speaker is Bob Dole.

This is why you never see Bob Dole nor hear of him any more as this guy really gives you concern at what time checkout will take place.

You might remember GOP Senator Sam Brownback. He became Kansas governor and is now around 5 points back of the democrat running in the race. It is why Obama is prowling around Kansas.
Thing is the GOP is saying they will vote for the liberal in numbers.......and this is the same Kansas GOP which is against Brownback for cutting funding and yes, part of not allowing Kansans to open carry on 2nd Amendment firearms.

For those who wonder how the state of Bob Dole could have elected that Sec. Sebelius to Obamacare, this is why. Kansas is a mirror image of those "I would kill that person if that happened to my kid" Dana and Parks which follow Rush Limbaugh, as I have written of here.

Kansas is the same Obamacans as that criminal Dennis Daugaard in South Dakota.....problem is South Dakota is not going to oust that fraud and his mutard regime, but with Obama's image in office,  the reality is that Kansas is a name in Republican form only. You can get liberals to vote the way this GOP does, and when this Brownback plodders comes along, they want nothing to do with him any more than Boehner and Rove want anything to do with an image of Sarah Palin.

Do not worry about Mexicans being dumped in America, as a state like Kansas is feudal already in sucking as many front tits as it they can.

I am sure that it seemed like a great idea to have Bob Dole make that political ad, as what could be better than having that legend back you..........unless of course it is him sounding like a codger who can barely think, breathe and do other geezer things without depending on assistance.

Bob Dole always was a moderate. It is why he lost against Dotcom bribe Bill Clinton in the public had to too good on crack whore credit cards, and what was the sense of replacing boom time Bill with a Bob Dole Bob, who was in most cases the image of Clinton.

None of this GOP subterfuge happens by accident, no more than Chris Christy just happened to be submarined in the GOP 2016 race.

But first Rush Limbaugh is speaking of a right wing voting for the GOP in November to show the nation is against Obama.......yeah until the elections are flipped those 10 points again, and all the right wing is once again blamed for not showing up or some other excuse as the boiling temperature in the pan boils you the frog in this more election delay.

Now meanwhile back in liberal Kansas, in Brownback might run.....might not as being more boring than brown bread, but he might in an alternative universe ticket be a Vice President. As having a guy who cuts union spending and backs carrying guns on the hip, that would get in the way of the already jockeyed tickets involving Latino Lites on the GOP tickets.
Ok if that shows up I demand royalty rights and other monetary gains the day the Marco Rubio pepe's start being branded Latino Lite, compared to the full bodied worm in the bottle dark brown Mexican cactus juice.

Kansas like most states is ruled by the metro mob. Kansas City and other liberal enclaves have too great of population that overcomes outstate rural voters who are Conservative. It does not matter if it is the Twin Cities of Minnesota or the California metros, these states are already flipped forever to the Obama overthrow of America.

It is how absolutely far gone America is. America is not a divided nation, it is a city state ruled nation. The few city blocks rule the many sections of land.

"America is a feudal nation ruled by liberal city states."

- Lame Cherry

That quote along with Latino Lite is the reality. Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reason all of this has meaning is an article I happened to read awhile ago in the Reader's Digest, about the Carr Beasts. For those unaware of this Kansas duo, the Carr Beasts, about a decade ago, performed a home invasion of a Kansas Home in which five white people were surprised. These Afroids, and yes they are black, even if the Kansas media refuses to note this was a heinous black on white crime, proceeded to gang rape the women in the nome repeatedly for hours.
The Carr Beasts robbed the people, made them literally rape each other at gun point, and then loaded them up in a car, took them to an athletic field, covered with snow, made them strip naked, kneel in the snow, where upon the Carr Beasts blasted the five people in the back of the head.

One woman, shot in the head, happened to survive by miracle, and the Carr Beasts ran the victims over as they drove off. She got on her feet, and in winter cold, with a hole in her head, ran for her life, where she came upon some of her fellow citizens, who were horrified and gained her help.

The Carr Beasts were caught, and then sat in the court room smugly as their Afroid womb provider cried out, "not my babies", who had been these beasts with absolute evidence.

The Kansas appeals court today threw out all of the charges, save one, for murder in the first degree, as Kansas will not execute criminals with only one homicide count.
The reason for this was the Judge did not give separate trials and did not provide correct instructions to the jury in the penalty phase.

This is liberal Kansas, in beasts like this are saved from just execution, costing a fortune, and now this surviving woman is going to have to appear at new sentencing procedures, being put through this again.

Think the families in this in now they sit at home and wonder, "Gee I wonder if my child is the one they are guilty of murdering, or is my child nothing but a cum dump left on a soccer field who deserved to be tortured for for hours?"

There is no doubt these evil creatures committed these mass crimes. Only their womb provider like all Afroid sperm and egg donors are in denial of the beasts they set upon the world. Yet liberal Kansas saved these creatures and of course are far too civilized to state this was black on white heinous crime.
Yes George Zimmerman the "white latino" is hounded by the police state for fighting for his life in black on  tan crime,  but in Kansas, the police state saves the beasts.

What the Carr Beasts did is equal to the sadistic brutality of the Manson Family or the infamous Richard Speck of Chicago. There is a great deal of heinous crime in history, but the Kansas reality is the reality of liberals allowing murders on rampage elude sentence.

You will not hear the image of Birther Hussein Obama, nor any other liberal condemning this. You will be alerted though that Dana and Parks in a public bar I obtained the show feed off of, stated in the whiney male, "if we were in court we would be climbing over to get these two to kill them".

Instead of rectifying the source of this problem in their "liberal rightism" in setting absolute boundaries in no foreigners in the White House, no sodom rights and not any degradation of US Laws, this bunch thinks they can violate law and order, and then just advocate lynching people in being as lawless as the criminals.

"Justice is after the verdict, protecting the assaulted, and not the convicted."

- Lame Cherry

I have news for you people and you my children, which you had better remember and quote me on.

"America is a place, with misplaced blacks, now populating prisons in the numbers of millions. The numbers of black inmates will triple in the direct proportion to the number of Obama imported Latino invaders, who will further take black jobs, and force more blacks to be disenfranchised from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

- Lame Cherry

I fully suspect that some Drudge article will appear with this reality in the future, where the plagiarist will take credit for it, and it appeared here first, as is usually the case.

Where are the blacks in this, but 98% lock step for Obama, and only this blog has been dealing with the reality of Obama policy.

Liberal Kansas is the tip of the iceberg.

  1. KAKE ‎- 7 hours ago
    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas Supreme Court has overturned the death sentences of two brothers convicted of capital murder in the ...



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Oregon Trail, as much as the voyages of the Huegonots, the Crimean Germans, the Chinese rail laborers, to the Vikings, all point to realities, that graves are the common denominator in all.

The last great mass exodus of peoples has been this insane Obama regime supplanting of American for Mexican forced labor. That trail out of Mexico has produced a stench of dead Mexicans, as the reality is people on the move, are exposed to nature, germs and death, and they end up dead.
The Germans fled before the raping Soviet hordes, and the annals of the real history point to a massive German die off after World War II was ended.
The French and Lowland peoples had their same fun. It is always this way.

As this Obama Faux Pax, or false peace, builds into war, people are going to have to comprehend before that war, that all is not going to be sugar and spice and everything nice. It is always a plus minus world, by this I explain, there are always two scenarios as Adolf Hitler repeated like a parrot.

Either you will stay where you are or you will be a refugee.

This then becomes a pyramid of if you stay, you will be forced to fight or to die in your captive hold.

If you flee, you will be forced to fight or to die on the move.

You will notice something in this in a common denominator, that death is the equal option, to fighting.

I have made mention of the American Historian Francis Parkman concerning the Old Regime in Canada, which was French Empire. How the French arrived, and died. American germs, elements and Indians killed numbers of colonists now with streets and houses built upon their long forgotten graves. The American highway system is a reality that one can not travel one mile without being out of sight of unmarked graves.
Elizabeth Custer mentioned this on a train ride after the Indian Wars, in the entire Oregon Trail was nothing but one mass line of graves on the plains. These people were not reburied. They still decay there unseen or driven over in one of the most heinous tragedies in American reality.

Let us return to the plus minus. You are making decisions now, either you are preparing or not preparing. The reality is, it is easier to have a cast iron or better a stamped metal cooking pan with long handle for open fires, than trying to build one. It is easier to have a hatchet or pruning shear to make pointy sticks for your biscuits and meat to burn on an open fire, than to try and gnaw them off with your teeth, whereby you get splinters in your gums, they get infected, you do not want to eat, the infection spreads, you get weak and you die when some citizen beats you over your head for your blanket.

"Yes we have a survival retreat built in a rural area", ..............yes you try to make it to that retreat as the one thing about rich people is the reality they wait around in cities like Jews in a ghetto, thinking their money will save them or not wanting to flee from their nice homes, so when the time comes, there is a traffic jam or a wall built up around you to lock you in.
"Yes we have relatives we can go and stay with"......yes you try walking 20 to 1000 miles, and see what happens with bug bites, heat, cold, snakes, spiders, your spraining ankles, your getting dysentary from drinking local water or some local figures out rape and robbery is an easy living.......just like the Obama Latins are finding out how much fun the Dreams of Obama are.

If you have something you are going to have to fight for it, from life, family, food or possessions, and that includes from the police state as the regime always confiscates from those who have.

I was mentioning to TL in the metro how in 50 years even cities like Raleigh, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Billings, Cleveland and Hattiesburg will vanish. American cities are wooden and wood burns, as the fire departments are not there to stop the fires which will spread.
I was noticing in the new metro estates, all built too close and how they will make a nice cyclone inferno when the time comes.
It is not just the burning, as I sit here watching all of these little trees sprouting in the street cracks here. Yes for now they are from activity being driven over and checked, but stop the cars, and suddenly there is going to be an asphalt and concrete forest in a few years.
The piles of rubble of Babylon are the piles of rubble of modern cities. It does not take that long to vanish anything.

There is a lesson in this in Albert Speer, the Reich architect and Adolf Hitler. Mr. Speer studied the great ruins of the Greeks and Romans, and built into his principles the idea of "form" which would last 1000 years and beyond, in the decay of civilization, as a testimony to the greatness of Germany. Structures were to be left in place which would resist decay and leave form. In short, if you are going to build a survival shelter or home, it had better be of stone and concrete and not wood....and it better have drainage so you are not swimming in groundwater.

I always pay attention to what pioneers had, as those are the materials which a person should have four of. They had axes and hatchets, with draw knives to make knew handles....files to sharpen things and stones to put edges on things like knives in more than one.
There were firearms, and yes extra blankets and clothes, as cloth and shoes wear our horridly in the real world.
There was the means to make fire in flints and the box of medicines......needles were as vital as ammunition and a pot holder and that thing no one ever considers in SOAP and SALT.

Try being filthy for a few weeks and ponder what would have priority in your world in soap, salt and something to wipe with, or, a 90 pound Alice Pack filled with rations breaking your body down carrying it.

Dual locations are a luxury for the rich, as in two survival locations, but do not think that plagues, atomic bombs,  riots and meteors are not going to blow your burrow out of the ground.

Oh and for those who "think" that they are safe in their basements or storm shelters in the backyard, there is a reason I place here realities like Hamburg which was created by American and English bombers. Those German families huddled in their cellars, and were frozen in position, as the firestorm which was created requires oxygen, and in the cyclone it sucks air to it, meaning people suffocate in their shelters and  then were burned dead.
So one may have a nice tornado and hurricane shelter, but just know that like the American thermobaric bombs that ignite fuel in the atmosphere and suck all the air out of enclaves, that a forest inferno or city inferno will suck the air out of your shelter and suffocate you. You are going to have to have a way to shut ventilation off, and hopefully a second sealed room for air, to give you a few hours until the situation clears outside.

None of you are so confident now are fact the ones who thought they had all their ducks in a row, are finding out there are so many things they had no idea of in something they overlooked is  going to kill them.
It is all the plus minus.

The time to build a fireplace and a cistern is when it is cheaply done by others and machines, instead of you trying to do it in 20 below weather or digging holes in the rain.

There is time yet in all of this, but each of you should not be looking at how people survive, but how they die, because that is what kills people in mass.

The one object you want to have in focus is to not do anything. That is going to puzzle readers, but activity draws attention. You will be surprised how far the scent of cooking food travels to the nostrils of hungry people. You will want to cook enough of foods which will keep days, to even not alert others to the idea you have your little light and house, means you have something the mob will be cherishing in a dry place to sleep, and what better place to sleep than in your bed.

All of this is mentioned to make things easier, as those who will die will die, but for the living which is the hard part, to view the world as something looking to kill you and that everyone is looking to take from you which you have.
For those who conclude they will fight.......yes and you may be wounded, and odd thing about fighting in, if you do not kill all those fighting with you, they come back with more numbers to kill you, and if you do kill those seeking to rape, rob and murder you...........well there is more work in that as 200 pound dead bodies are heavy, they need burying which contaminates ground water, and if you get lazy and toss them in a ravine, they stink so all can smell it, and then the bears, wolves, coyotes and cougars learn that humans are food, and they start showing up eating your babies and you.

Yes it would be a much better world if all just went to Church, elected Conservatives and hung all your criminals, but that is not the reality as immorality and decay is building and Obama plague upon the globe which will manifest in time to killing billions.

I do not state these realities to trouble people, but to make them aware of what is coming one day. Only by that can one steel oneself and at least have the sense to make things easier, and not be the pretty darling with the BMW, plastic pots and debit card as their hedge against the world. Sure she will probably survive by having her pussy raped for food she thought a smile would con out of the grubbers, but then there is that little bastard sucking life out of her body for 9 months, and the problem she will have in just dumping the kid in the ditch as some pack of dogs eats her snatch off as they are hungry for the smell of just probably would be better to think ugly now and not pay with the pretty later.

With that, I leave might be surprised in all those plastic vitamin and pain reliever bottles will be handy for seeds and saving things you do not want the mice to eat or the rain to get wet.

We shall see.


Pon Ride

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry points to a chain of evidence in the downing of the French Ambassador's jet. The French were on the trail of exposing the Obama regime in running terror, dope and whatever in Africa out of 1600 Penn Avenue.
The regime downed this jet inquiry points to a remote control device from a cell phone in the cargo hold.

The Ukrainian puppet of the cartel has been ousted by the cartel, due to evidence  Vladimir Putin had acquired concerning that plague jet. Ukraine is to be handed over to the Kremlin.
Do not think this is a victory as the cartel's method is to draw Russian into Ukraine and then provide and avenue of attacking the west to bring about the Kremlin's decapitation.

It is been too rough on me. I do not feel like playing. Need to be away from this world and the scream of it all and just recover, but how do I get home when I do not even have the means to arrive. I just want to a child and not remember.

Ride the pony later if the pony is around.

agtG 214y, 327Y

Newerra Ellia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......

I like Sir Samuel Baker. I realize that most of you will not know what a Sir Samuel is, but by the same token what is that, as in not knowing what something is, does not discredit it's being.

Sir Samuel was a mocked man really in literature of the 20th century, as I know he had a rifle named Baby which was a 2 gauge cannon that give him a concussion each time he shot it, and he might have been the boy who was eating ass steaks off of Africans, broiled for him by other Africans, but with all of that, I like Sir Samuel as he was like Pitt, Standish and La Salle in liking the idea of planting people like tobacco into wild locations and seeing no real difference in them.

Sir Sam was a hunter wanderer, like a number of English chaps were who had some cash on hand. You remember Stanley and Livingston in Africa, Sir Sam was lurking about those parts too, as these men penetrated the most awful savage areas and just thrived in them where entire armies died.

The subject of this is Sir Sam in Sri Lanka, when it was Ceylon back in the day of 1845. See Sir Sam got jungle fever and it damned near killed him, but he came to this foul dirty mountain retreat called Newera Ellia and he regained his health.
Ceylon was like most things British in the British just got too much land at the same time and not enough Americans to develop it, so it would thrive under some Governor, and then just languish under others who thought riding ponies and sipping sundowners was a better way to earn a paycheck from the crown.

Sir Sam though decided he was going to make the Garden of Gloucester or something in the mountains of Ceylon as he was going to make Ceylon his whole hunting paradise. I like that kind of idea as it is the kind of idea I would like.

So for livestock Sir Samuel got 11 Englishmen and women, which included a prize of a blacksmith and a baillif. Yes he bought all kinds of harness things to put them to work like farming tools, so that was very well planned of him, and he also brought a Bull Durham Hereford along with cow, and 3 ram sheeps of different breeds of liecester, southdown  and cotswold, including a prize thoroughbred bred from Charles XII, along with a pack of fox hounds and one greyhound named Bran.

This is of interest to me, as Sir Sam was prepared in being wise enough to know that animals die and it is a good thing to take along a wide variety of animals to figure out what will live or not, including people.

The problem in this was a Mr. Perkes, who lost an eye to a horse kicking him so he wore a black patch. There was no need for satan in Ceylon as Mr. Perkes was the entire demonic horde. Being sent back to fetch up an imported carriage and Australian horses, he got drunk, drove the carriage over wild roads, and dumped it into an 80 foot gully.
Perkes was not injured of course, but the horses died and the carriage looked like America after two terms with Obama.

Perkes was not done yet, as Sir Sam sent a crew to go fetch the carriage in the gully. Perkes then decided to ride the accompanying elephant in the heat, then stopped to get drunk, and then ran the elephant some more to death.

I personally would have hung the son of a bitch, along with the other settler who was wheeling him around drunk in a cart, but then I was not Sir Samuel. No Sir Sam found Perkes talents was in f*cking the maidservants which I suppose is a trade in itself, and when not drunk Perkes was honest and industrious.
I guess he was an industrious sex machine who gave an honest screw.
In any case, the immigrant stock soon was in mutiny, so Sir Sam threw two of them into jail which got the others into harness or the bamboo bed chamber for some real work.

I did like Sir Sam's farming methods though in he had a Lord Ducie cultivator, which was pulled by an elephant. A skimmer pulled by another elephant and a wood plough drawn by 8 ox. It must have  been something to see elephants farming in a sort of Garden of Eden thing.

People forget what it took to colonize as all they see are the dead Indians or the white people sitting in mansions, but the record of Sir Sam was typical.
To add to the dead shorthorn cow which contracted something on the way to his settlement, and the two dead horses...........the stags and pigs ate most of the oats crop. Grubs ate the potatoes which were planted.
Upon planting clover, the Southdown ram over ate and died. The other two rams having such great fodder, decided to fight for control of Ceylon and the Leicster killed the Cotswold.
The bull was half starved due to lack of feed, and 26 bullocks died in a few days from some pandemic as well as 5 more Australian horses.

Of the human stock, the baillif's wife was buried from illness. She was a particular loss in being a fine farmer's wife, probably as valuable as the elephant which Perkes ran to death....perhaps as the pacaderms were very gifted when trained well in moving huge trees for bridges or doing the work of several harness animals in planting crops.

In planting crops, Ceylon has no magnesium nor lime, meaning it is an acid soil, so wheat would not grow and no Indian corn crops would produce anything.
Peas, beans, cabbages, turnips though would grow in the soils, and potatoes too providing grubs did not eat them.

Sir Sam got his settlement, but all the two legged stock broke off on their own. It was a good living in one immigrant earned 300 pounds which was a tremendous sum in three years worth of work.

In the great Sir Sam garden, the one ram produced a fine flock of offspring as did the bull mated with native cows. The gardens grew and even a nice beer garden sprang up as the heights were found to make good beer.

There was even a Church built.

This is the work which thousands of colonials accomplished in French, Spanish and English bloodlines. They risked a great deal for a chance at life and in most cases they died. The survivors though produced a great asset to the world, and the cartel has been stealing it back ever since without prosecution.

You do know that God was a colonial, as that is what the Garden of Eden was. Probably why the competitor messiah removes all traces of the real One from Christmas trees and detests colonialism as all feudalists do.

You learned something again today in an enjoyable lesson, what not eh.

It would be nice if the people with money would learn to donate that 350,000 dollars for my own garden experiment.